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BICYCLE ADVOCACY IS about people and their love of bicycles and their community. Advocacy is one of the most diverse parts of bicycling with advocates differing in backgrounds and perspectives. Advocacy can come from obvious sources like a bike club but also from businesses, universities, schools, agencies and neighborhoods. The Bicycle Friendly America (BFA) program has seen this passion create a positive influence in several distinct ways: 1. Awareness of the Issues: Many times a barrier to bicycling can be overcome by simply raising awareness. It may be that a planner or engineer doesn’t even know that there is a barrier. Bicyclists have the on-the-ground knowledge and need to share their perspectives with others. You’ll often find that you are not the only one that noticed the problem in the first place. 2. Education and New Ideas: A problem to one person may not be a problem to another. Advocates have to work to educate others about bicyclists needs. A great way to do this is to invite leaders in your community for a bike ride. This is a chance for people to experience what bicyclists experience every day and gain an appreciation

MEDICAL & HEALTH BICYCLE FRIENDLY BUSINESSES: Your next partner for better bicycling

Look for this icon and check out our Medical and Health BFBs on pages 56-61 to see if any are from your region. No health-related BFBs from your community on the list? Reach out to local hospitals, clinics, and obesity prevention and wellness groups and get them involved.

18 Bicycle Friendly America Guidebook 2012

American Bicyclist March/April 2012  
American Bicyclist March/April 2012  

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