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Riding with a Theme Song There’s nothing like your favorite playlist to keep you pedaling in high spirits even through the toughest rides. But space is limited while riding a bike, so here a few of the most portable options.

Earbuds It all comes down to personal preference, but the most common ways people listen is through earbuds.They do a great job because they fit snugly into your ear (eliminating a lot of wind noise), are light and collapsible, and don’t need an additional power source. The downside of earbuds is they can limit your ability to hear your surroundings. We take for granted how much our auditory sense contributes to our perception of the world. If you want to use earbuds it’s best you use just one. Most media devices will allow you to shift all sound to one earbud, leaving your other ear open and keeping you safe.

Speakers Another simple option is to use the speakers in your phone and an on-bike mount. This option works okay, but sound quality and battery life end up being an issue. Another popular choice is to use a portable speaker. Lots of riders are find it easy to mount a speaker to their bike or person. This option maintains good sound quality, while allowing you to hear the world around you. The volume can also be adjusted so that those out of your immediate vicinity won’t hear your choice in boyband.

Rock Out Responsibly Whatever you choose, remember to be responsible. Be responsible to yourself by not eliminating your ability to hear the world around you, and responsible to others who want to enjoy all the sights and sounds uninterrupted.


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