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women were not to come out so easily from their respective positions in their homes. The surety of bread and status in the family and society was not so weak to be broken easily. So, to drag out the women from the shell of safety there was need of very strong philosophy of life which could not only be attractive but also driving force to break the shell. The slogan of gender equality which was floated by western scholars after French Revolution of 1789, based on freedom of women, brought drastic change in the thinking of the women. Numerous movements were launched to achieve the equality through political empowerment of the women. But unfortunately women did not get right to vote-the basis of political empowerment, before 1946 in France. The other western nations gave right to vote only in early 20th century.

Later in 20th century, under the banner of Socialist and Communist movements, economic equality was floated in the thought formation for empowerment of women. The philosophy of “freedom of women� from social bondage through economic empowerment was stressed with the passage of time. In 21st century, the empowerment of women through economic means has been working .Women have been given equal right in inheritance, wages, jobs etc. The gates of restricted areas have been opened for them. The power of media and faulty education system made the women vulnerable to market forces. The dignity of society and family were handed over to the market forces. The pride of womanhood has been sold for a price as a commodity which brought multiple and speedy changes in the status of women. The women should be happy. But the data of atrocities against them is not allowing them to be happy. The market forces which turned them as commodity made them prey of market players. The dreams to be dignified and empowered have been put on stake. The rising trends of atrocities against women have made them to decide what role they want to play in the society-as a commodity or as a dignified member of a society. To attain both is not impossible but indeed difficult for the women. The movements which are running for empowering the women should decide how they are going to help them. Till now the movements have been stressing on assigning a dignified role to the women in the society without considering the nature of women, purpose of their creation and outcome. In future those societies will assail whose members have successfully accepted their assigned status on the basis of purpose of their creation in the society. The women should be given their due 26

Bakhabar : January 2014

rights and men should be limited to their rights to meet the goals of society.

In case of Muslim society, the time is very critical. The bringing of Arab Spring by the youth of Islamic countries comprising of both genders has indeed been carving a new path of more liberty to the women. On the one hand there is demand of a modern society and on the other hand there is demand of Islam. The Muslims have to be very clear on the demands for both. They have to decide what they prefer for their society? A society based on the whims of modern life or a society on the will of Allah or the assimilation of both? They have to face the outrage of other societies in the form of condemnation by not allowing their societies to be modeled on modern way of life or the wrath of Allah Rabbul Alameen by neglecting His will.

In present time the crisis of Islamic society related to the rights of women is due to the mute spectatorship of Ulemas who have not been delivering timely guidance based on the synthesis of modern life and Sharia. The world is changing dynamically. And to coup with this world there is need of dynamic Sharia too. A static Sharia cannot meet the challenges of a dynamic society. The need of time is IJTEHAD based on Quran and Sunna.

The time has come for the members of Islamic society to synthesize the modernity and Sharia on priority basis to give true direction to the march of Islamic society. The time has come to actively stop the movement of the society in the wrong direction. Otherwise they would present the same scene what the West has been depicting for centuries in the absence of guidance from the pious people. The present trend of the Western society shows that now they are moving towards a change for dignity of women through Islam. That is one reason why Islam has been accepted by women in large numbers? If they can move towards a better society after destruction of family and society by hidden weapons of modernity then why we not stop that destruction before it happens? Have we not courage to do so? Have we forgotten the wrath of Allah who destroyed many such societies in the past?

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to decide what we want? But this should be certain that our women should be our pride. We cannot remain dignified by humiliating our women. Minto circle, A.M.U.Aligarh <>

Bakhabar, January 2014  

BaKhabar is the monthly magazine of Bihar Anjuman, a network of those who care for Bihar, India and Muslims. Website: http://bakhabar.bihara...

Bakhabar, January 2014  

BaKhabar is the monthly magazine of Bihar Anjuman, a network of those who care for Bihar, India and Muslims. Website: http://bakhabar.bihara...