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they are poor, they don’t go to schools and colleges, they study in Madarsa, they only memorize Quran, they are orthodox, etcetera. Whatever population of the community studies in schools, colleges and universities- Let me categorically ask this questionwho has curbed their aspiration to pursue advanced research in science? Muslims are not beggars only. They are engineers, doctors, teachers, civil servant, businessman, bankers, politicians, kings, dictators, everything but not scientist (illa masha_Allah!). I dislike the act of boasting about the cultivation of science by Muslims in 8th century (pedram sultan bood!). As if we are dying to claim the intellectual royalty for the contribution of our ancestors! There are many ignorant (I don’t like to call them orthodox) in our community who are devoid of any realization on this issue, there are others who rightly take the pursuit of scientific knowledge as a worldly necessity, while there are others who consider the pursuit of scientific knowledge as a religious duty. Many enthusiastic debaters from the third category (I don’t mind to call them morons) probably fail to understand that the religious duty of such high level are farz-e-kifaya on the community as a whole and not farze-ain on any individual. I appreciate everyone from the second and third category, subject to a criterion that they demonstrate a balanced attitude in their thought.

Now I would like to risk and disclose to the readers, my personal opinion, which might sound, quite immature to many, or even absurd to them who are fond of obsession of a particular type. To start with let me recite a portion of the Quranic verse (3:185): 24

Bakhabar : January 2014

“Innamal hayat-ud-dunia illa mataa-al-ghuroor… ..”

“As regards the life of this world, it is merely a thing that deceives”. Islam deputes a moral guard on every beleiver so that he doesn’t get lost in his worldly affairs, forgetting the purpose of his own creation. And the purpose of his creation is outlined in the Quranic verse (51:56):

“Wama khalaqtul jinnah wal insa ila liyaabudoon… .” “I have not created the jinn and the men except for this that they worship Me”.

Science is a blessing but scientism is a curse. Fear of the curse might be keeping us away from the benefits of a blessing. The barrier of fear is probably a psychological trial and the best thing would be to pass this trial in order to reap the benefits of the worldly bounties of Allah without being disqualified of ultimate success. However, in my humble opinion, if one is unable to pass this test and the reason of his failure is his genuine fear of getting lost in the affairs of this world, I believe he would not be disqualified at the ultimate level. After all, no matter how huge it might appear to be, the loss would be of limited extent and one would not be wrong to cherish the hope of pardon by mercy of Allah on the day of resurrection. (

Bakhabar, January 2014  

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