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By Arbaz Fahad

old Waves ravished with callous ferocity yielding the dark, fuliginous night as an unbearable companion. The deafening Silence enumerated the horrors, an occasional frosty bone-chilling wave would break the jinx of silent notes. High Profile politicians assure these itinerant, peripatetic destitutes of succor and assistance. A glimmer of hope rises, but vanishes instantly akin sunlight on a cold January afternoon. They are left alone to wander in ignominy, amidst shades of their vague future and memories of their hazy past. Which God was responsible for the cataclysmic event that befell their family? A Nida Fazli couplet fizzes through my psyche ... "Insaan main haiwan yahan bhi hai wahaan bhi, Allah nigahbaan yahaan bhi hai wahaan bhi. Hindu bhi maze main hai musalmaan bhi maze main. Insaan pareshaan yahaan bhi hai wahaan bhi,"

7 years old, Arsalaan Khan scavenges around in the suburbs of the Shamli refugee camp to satiate the indispensable entity of human existence-Hunger. Food supplies in the refugee camps are meager and scanty, and there are a million mouths to feed. A perfect illustration of the Neo-Darwin, Wallace and Malthus theory-STRUGGLE FOR EXISTENCE. His Family was killed in the Muzaffarnagar riots. Life has taken dense summersaults for Arsalaan. Ammi ke 21

Bakhabar : January 2014

haath ke Paraathe have been substituted with stale and Fusty food. The Euphoria and elative screech, running around in his home, A stroll in the fields on his Abba’s shoulder!- The best Safari ever for a seven year old. All these abstract beatitudes of a seven year old have been swapped for isolation and desolation, anguish and despair in a harsh, despondent environment repugnant to the ideals of compassion and affection. Sobs and laments, cries and snivels have been resonating in Arsalaan’s ear’s since he stepped in this Refugee camp. To counter his fear, he follows his Late Ammi’s advice; She used to say “Beta, Jab Dar laga Kare to Allah ko Yaad kar lia karo”. In moments of anxiety and turbulence, he murmurs in a soliquyic tone a prayer taught by his mother

“Allah is Sufficient for Us; and he is the best Disposer of Affairs” Quran 3:173 Arsalaan’s life is overshadowed with austere shades of incertitude and ambiguity, a future canopied with reminiscence of a traumatic past. He sparsely speaks, he has learnt to camouflage his fears and apprehensions-his reticent and stoic personality is a testament to the rough lessons he has learnt in life. All these burdens on the poor soul’s conscience due to- A split moment of insanity, instant when puritanical superlatives outweighed altruistic values in a plethora of religious zeal and extremism, a moment when people thought they could prove the sin-

cerity of their allegiance to Ram or Allah, A farcical delusion!!.

Arsalaan grows up, his youth nurtures in sinistral shades. He entertains grudge and rancor against a particular community and makes a firm resolve to avenge his family’s death..Does any one of us ponder over the far looming repercussions of these communal riots? Else, let’s approach this conundrum in a different manner-Have we ever realized, what coerces a normal human being to disown all heavenly virtues of forbearance and benevolence and turn into a blood thirsty terrorist? All of us have been born endowed with the same essence of God Consciousness, What is it that impulses some of us with the saintly and ascetic virtues of Mother Teresa and others with the depravities as such of Hitler? Clear your mind of all obscure notions and contemplate succinctly over the matter.

As Jesus said “Seek Ye The truth, and the Truth shall set you free” (John 8:32).

In his noble discourse to Arjun, Shri Krishna re-affirms the necessity, to strive for the truth with an unbiased psyche, devoid of all apocryphal notions.

The disaster-destined are driven by false ideas about the world and about themselves. They lack prudence - knowledge (of what they are in reality) and the firm resolve to free themselves of their false ideas. And they become lost. - Bhagavad Gita, 16.9.

Bakhabar, January 2014  

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