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I’m an body transformation coach and weight loss expert in working with people in the morbidly obese category to get their life back on track, lose an unimaginable amount of weight and completely change their life through healthy eating and exercise. Unlike other fitness professional’s, I only work with people who are severely overweight and who are trapped in a life they simply cannot escape due to the severity of their condition. This could be the result of a disorder, past experience or simply a reason that is not known to them. The people I work with struggle with simple aspects of their everyday life, weight loss, their clinical obesity and have extremely low self confidence and self esteem.

The people I work with typically like to lose up to 10 stone and beyond, they want to increase their self confidence, improve their social bonds and relationships and completely change every aspect of their life. These people are ready to drastically change their life over the next 6-12 months and forever more.





Is Your Thyroid Holding You Back? My Interview with Hormones Expert & Functional Medicine Practitioner Michael Hilton


Is Low Carb Good For You? By Toby Trundle


Thinking In A Certain Way by Theresa Fowler


Why Can’t I Stop Comfort Eating?! By Toby Trundle


Depression & Stress – Is it contributing to your weight gain? By Paul Moses


‘I’m On A Mission to Lose 14 Stone & I’m doing it the Healthy Way’ I’ve Lost 2 Stone 2 Lbs in my first 4 weeks!


Weight Loss is just like playing Jenga By Tom Elliott


How to stay super focused - Day in, Day out! By Toby Trundle


‘I Lost 6 Stone & I haven’t even been on a diet’ Save My Life Program SPOTLIGHT Sarah’s Story.


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As a result of this, the clients that join the ‘save my life’ program have trouble maintaining an effective weight loss regime and look for the easy way out through other methods such as surgery. They often struggle forming new and maintaining close relationships, shut themselves away in their own bubble and feel like there is no one out there to help them. Society tells them it is their fault so they simply feel they do not deserve help.



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HELP ME LOSE WEIGHT FAST By Toby Trundle One of the most common questions I get asked by everyone I speak to is; what is the fastest diet to lose weight?

In short; the answer to that is a HEALTHY, BALANCED and MAINTAINABLE one! Yes you can get results fast on FAD diets (and exactly the same results on healthy ones too!), but in the long run you are going to spend more time on and off the FAD’s – which in the long run is actually going to take you longer to hit your goal and cause more damage to your body. A diet that cuts out refined sugar, processed foods, toxic additives and replaces them with good sources of energy, the right vitamins and minerals and plenty of fibre, good sources of fat and protein, is the most effective on any level of weight loss. HOWEVER it’s something you have to commit to, a lifestyle change – I GUARANTEE you; you can get faster results than ANY other commercial diet if you do it right and are disciplined with yourself, but like anything, if you don’t give it 100% you are going to be disappointed. Don’t go expecting huge weight losses every week either – it has taken time for you to put all that weight on; it’s going to take time to get it off again! Sorry but it’s just how it is! So what exactly do you need to eat on this new – ‘fastest diet to lose weight’ AKA healthy eating diet? Well you need to cut out the CRAP

- Carbonated Drinks, Refined Sugars, Artificial Sweeteners/Colorings and Processed foods. All of these elevate blood sugar levels, upset hormone balances and store toxins in your fat cells. What prevents you from losing weight in fact causes you to gain weight! So how do you know if your food falls into one of these categories? – Here are 3 rules September Edition - Page 3

your hormone levels, meaning your metabolism with increase, allowing you to burn more calories during the day or when exercising. Better quality 1) If it comes in a packet and it can be micro waved meats will improve your digestive system and help your body to repair quicker from exercise. – it will be processed. Don’t touch it! 2) If the label has more than 5 ingredients on it Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for weight loss or you don’t know what any of the ingredients – YOU MUST eat good fat in order to lose the bad are – they are more than likely hidden sugars and fat. Make sure you introduce plenty of olive oil, preservatives. Don’t touch it! oily fish, nuts, avocados and coconut oil (among 3) If it contains any ingredient ending in ‘ose’ or others) into your diet. Finally, drinking more water will help shift the fat and toxins out of your body, ‘syrup’ it contains hidden sugars. Don’t touch it! keep you hydrated and keep your energy levels The fastest diet to lose weight, a healthy one, up! I cannot emphasise enough HOW IMPORTANT also requires you to eat more real FOOD, fruit water is! Make sure you are drinking between 2-3 and vegetables, organic or better quality meat, litres per day at least. and Omega 3 Fat sources. Drink more water! By eating a larger variety of fruit and vegetables your Make these changes and I can guarantee you will body will get all the nutrients it needs in order to start losing FAST but also you will get sustained maximise your energy production and balance results for the foreseeable future. you should take into consideration when doing your shopping:

is your

Thyroid Holding YOU BACK

My Interview with Hormones Expert & Functional Medicine Practitioner Michael Hilton

Hi I’m Toby Trundle the UK’s number one obesity weight loss coach and I’m here with Micheal Hilton who is an expert in dealing with hormones, nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner. He works with people to get stress free, depression free, lose weight when they are struggling and increase the quality of their life by getting to the root causes of health complaints. Today we are going to talk about the thyroid gland, because it is something that I hear about all the time. People tell me that they’ve got an underactive thyroid which causes you to gain weight and possibly makes it harder for you to lose that weight in the long term.

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Toby: In terms of the thyroid gland Micheal, what is the thyroid gland? How does it play a part in sort of our bodily function? Micheal: Ok so the thyroid gland just sits by the Adams apple and it is pretty much the engine of the room of the body and it can be affected in many different ways. You know you can’t really speak about the thyroid gland without speaking about the adrenal gland as well because they are so closely linked. The thyroid and the adrenal glands are the main energy production of the body, the glands of the body supplying like 98% of energy to the body. You know if you didn’t have these glands you probably wouldn’t be able to get out of bed, you would have no energy to be able to do anything. So when people are looking at the thyroid and they just look at the thyroid they are missing a key element to it because with regards to the adrenal and thyroid, the adrenal gland is the fuel and the thyroid gland is the energy production; you put those two together and then you get energy in a nutshell. T: Ok so how does that impact us in terms of our weight? M: One obviously is our energy levels and our capacity to burn calories when we are exercising and stuff, but does it also happen with things like your metabolic rate and things like that in terms of the energy that we expend during the day just doing normal everyday things? Yes. These two glands work closely together. In technical terms, the adrenal glands

release simple sugars into the body which serve as fuel for the thyroid, the thyroid gland takes the fuels and ignites them like a car engine. The thyroid gland is like the spark plug really in the car and it ignites these simple sugars and uses them as energy so these glands need to be working optimally. So if one of these are out of balance, it is going to have an effect on your metabolic rate, it is going to have an effect on how you lose weight. If you are putting on weight as well, you know some people put on a hell of a lot of weight. Some people struggle to lose weight and also some people lose a lot of weight very quickly if the thyroid is overactive. In my personal experience, I had an underactive thyroid. It caused a lot of problems with regards to energy, energy could be the main thing and I really struggled but it could come in many different forms but it will have a knock on effect on your ability to burn fat, to give you energy, to give you that get up and go really. When some people think there is something mentally wrong with them they say ‘I have no get up and go’ and it can actually be the thyroid gland is underactive what is causing that to not function properly. T: On that point obviously you just mentioned that it is also men that have a problem with their thyroid as well as women. Because we tend to find that it is quite female dominant in terms of problems rather than in males. Is it quite common for males to have that problem

as well sort of underactive and overactive? M: Yes, it is very common. I think it is the new thing for the pharmaceutical companies you know they are just chucking out T4 Thyroxin tablets like sweets now. Women suffer with it but when you understand the correlation with the hormones, women do suffer a lot more than men; men can tend to get away with a lot more than women can when it comes to hormones, but women do tend to struggle a lot more with it. T: Can you sort of briefly explain the difference between overactive and underactive. M: Ok so, underactive is when your thyroid is not functioning optimally. Overactive is when it is hypo and it is over working so people can be losing a lot of weight very, very quickly because their thyroid Is overworking. When the thyroid is hypo, if you dig deep there is some kind of, not all the time but the majority of the time, there is some kind of auto immune disease going on there. Something may be aggravating the thyroid, where the antibodies are attacking something in the body and that can usually cause leaky gut syndrome where food particles break through the digestive system. It could be a gluten sensitivity, food sensitivity, or chloride in the water from taps. T: Ok so there is a range of different things which can cause damage, is it anything to do with vitamin and minerals, like deficiencies in certain vitamins? September Edition - Page 5

M: So the main ones are calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. They are the four main tools that really get the adrenal glands and thyroid glands functioning properly. Those can be out of balance. Selenium is another one that helps to convert T4 to T3; some people don’t ever get tested for selenium. So definitely minerals can play a major part in causing the thyroid to be out of balance and not functioning properly. T: If the thyroid is out of function and not working as it should be, is there any dangers at all linked to that? M: Well yes. I’ll give you some signs of an underactive thyroid; Fatigue Weight gain or the inability to lose weight Mood issues Anxiety and depression Hormone imbalance - PMS, irregular periods, Muscle and joints pains and carpel tunnel syndrome are the most common ones I find with people. If someone tends

to have cold hands, feet and their hair is brittle and falls out a lot, there is a tendency to have an underactive thyroid. Body temperature, anything below 98.5, dry, cracked skin, Constipation. Now constipation can be really dangerous in the sense that when you are going to the toilet, you are releasing all those toxins out, all the heavy metals, all the excessive oestrogens and the hormones out of your body. Now if you are constipated and you are not getting regular bowel movements like my personal experience, I wouldn’t go sometimes as long as 12 days without having a bowel movement. I used to get really bad brain fog, I couldn’t concentrate, had really bad memory problems and stuff like that because of all those toxins moving about in my body. Now if you are not having a bowel movement and you are not releasing those toxins, you can become very toxic, again that can kill you over a period of time.

T: And especially in terms of the people we deal with, if your body is in a toxic, and I am presuming acidic state, then it is not going to in the long term let go of the excessive weight that has been caused by whatever the problem is because obviously those toxins are going to hold us back in our bodily function; our bodies are not going to take in the nutrients that it needs and work to its optimum level in order to allow us to lose a considerable amount of weight. M: You tend to find there are a lot of people who are very overweight are usually more toxic because you know they are eating toxic foods, they are using toxic oils and these toxins get into the body and get stored into the fat cells. You tend to find it isn’t just necessarily all time, it isn’t just necessarily eating bad foods makes you fat, you can be very toxic from all the toxins and you know eating a lot of vegetable oils and things like rapeseed oil and things like that they can be very toxic as well and they get stored into the fat cells of the body.

To see this un-missable full video interview go to Micheal Hilton - Nutrition and lifestyle coach and functional medicine practitioner, specialising in helping my clients overcome addiction, digestive problems, mood, stress, hormones, energy and sleep challenges. Website:

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‘ The Save My Life Program is a weight loss programme for people who are over 14 stone and who are ready to make a permanent lifestyle change in order to lose weight fast and effectively. We work with people who have typically tried every weight loss and diet programme out there, who are stuck in the yoyo diet mentality and simply have had enough of putting the weight back on!’ Toby Trundle is a specialist in working with obese and morbidly obese Individuals and is the UK’s Number 1 Obesity Weight Loss Coach. Toby featured with Jesse Pavelka as a trainer on SKY TV’s FAT: The Fight Of My Life (A Year To Save My Life Series 2) in July 2013 – whereby his participant Darren Mir lost a staggering 10 Stone in 8 Months.

The Save My Life Program is specifically designed for people who: • • • •

Are Over 14 Stone Have tried every weight loss programme or diet there is Want to lose up to 10 stone + Need a structured, long term diet & exercise plan that’s easy to stick to • Need guidance, encouragement and 24/7 support • Want to be surrounded by people just like them • Who want to change their life – both short term and long term

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Is Low Carb Good For You? By Toby Trundle

Low Carb Diets are among the most popular diets out there at the moment because of the fast weight loss that occurs when cutting out the sugar completely. People have discovered that carbohydrates are the one thing that they need to cut out of their diet in order to lose weight. But why? What effect do carbs have on our body that causes us to gain or retain weight? And why do we drop weight so fast if we cut them out? Well I’m going to give you a quick insight into the world of carbohydrates, what they are, what they do, why we need them and WHY LOW CARB IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU! Carbohydrate is a posh word for ‘sugar’ and we can split carbohydrate (and sugars) up into two categories - Complex and Simple. Complex carbohydrates are foods which are a bit more complex in their molecular make up (they have more things in) for example – breads, pasta, rice, oats and grains are all examples of complex carbohydrates. A few examples of simple sugars would be – fruit, honey, glucose, and raw cane sugar. The sugar we get from all of these foods is either 1) stored as fat or 2) stored in our muscles (as a substance called glycogen). Now the body stores carbohydrates to be used as energy for whenever we need it (for exercise, bodily processes etc) – carbohydrate is our body’s fuel and this is a reason why it is important to have it in our diet. It is also worth mentioning that when sugar is stored in our body this also causes us to hold water in the cells (this will become important later).

are burning sugar all the time, through processes like breathing, digesting our food, walking around and exercising. This causes our sugar stores to start to deplete (first in the muscle) and as the sugar starts to be broken down and used as energy, water is released from the muscle cells and other body cells – the majority of the weight you lose in the first 37 days on a low carbohydrate diet will simply be water – NOT FAT! If you keep to a low carb diet for 7-14 days, you will start to deplete your muscle glycogen stores completely, which means your body then has to get its energy from somewhere else during exercise and everyday tasks. This is when any weight you lose will be a result of your body burning its secondary store of sugar, fat!

Ok so you’re on a low carb diet, you’ve burnt off your sugars and now you’re in the fat burning zone! Woo hoo! Surely this is the place you want to be? – Well no, NOT So why do low carb diets work REALLY! Our bodies have primarily initially? Quite simply when you adapted to using sugar, not fat as a cut carbs out of your diet you primary energy source through the immediately start to starve the process of evolution. This is WHY body of its primary energy source low carb diets make you feel tired, so the body finds it hard to keep lethargic and under-energised, the its sugar stores topped up. We body does not respond well to just

burning fat stores, it’s a slow process and not one that can keep up with our busy lifestyles. This is why most people cannot maintain a low carb diet for more than a few weeks; you will get tired, you will get grumpy and you will get stressed out because you are not giving your body the correct nutrition it needs to function properly. This is when 99% of people relapse and give in to carbs – and it makes them feel normal again! This type of diet is unsustainable, especially if you are exercising. Yes you may have lost 1 stone in the last two weeks, but as soon as you fall off the wagon because you can’t handle the energy lows anymore (and they are bad) you will eat carbs, retain water and I can safely say put 6 lbs + back on just over the course of eating back to normal for a day. Carbohydrates need to be monitored accordingly to even out sugar levels and stop them from going too high, not completely cut out from your diet. Besides ... the body cannot actually burn fat without sugar – because by mixing sugar (carbs) and oxygen we burn fat (but that’s another blog for another day!) Low carb diets are FAD and you will get a huge weight re-gain guaranteed if you go back to normal eating whenever you relapse – and it will happen! September Edition - Page 8

by Theresa Fowler

Thinking In A Certain Way Your thoughts cause your feelings and your feelings cause your actions. Read that sentence again a few times until you really understand what it means. Think about it this way: how do you feel about your weight, your body? How do you really feel? Do you talk negatively about yourself? (‘Do I look fat in this?’, ‘I can’t do this or that because of my size.’, ‘I’m not slim enough.’, ‘I’m not meant to be skinny because I’m big boned.’. ‘This is how I’m meant to be.’) Do you doubt your ability to lose all of your excess weight? Do you hate yourself for being in this situation? You may call the above ‘reasons’ as to why you struggle with your weight, but they are simply excuses or self-limiting beliefs. I know this sounds harsh, but it’s true. And I know because I used them myself in the past. My family myth is one of big bones (which don’t exist, by the way), so I used this ‘reason’ to convince myself I was meant to be overweight because of my ‘genetic trait’.

However, this was nothing but simply that you’ve allowed your an excuse and self-limiting belief, mind to believe this is how it is. even though I didn’t see it that More than likely there is a way at the time. psychological reason why you began putting on extra weight. Embrace The Change Everyone has the ability to You may not be able to remember embrace the change needed to the exact point, but some event or successfully lose 2, 5, 10 or even situation triggered the issue. Self15 stone. I’m not special. And yes, limiting beliefs can be caused by I admit that the change needed emotional triggers or traumatic to do so is scary, especially if events, which create negativity you don’t like ‘rabbit food’, don’t in your weight loss mindset. want to give up your favorite These blocks create an ‘anxiety junk food, don’t want to drink short circuit’, which cause you to green juice, hate exercise, don’t overeat, but this only calms the want to embrace the change. anxiety temporarily and adds to Having been there, I understand your waistline, because let’s face this resistance. But you need it, when one overeats, it’s never a to understand that your body’s healthy salad! default mode is health. You weren’t born overweight, It has also been proven that because you’re not meant to be. emotional eating is a by-product of Being obese is uncomfortable a stressful childhood. The Adverse and painful (physically and Childhood Experience (ACE) Study, mentally) at the best of times. It’s which began in the US in the 1990s September Edition - Page 9

and studied 30,000 obese patients, was created to acknowledge the underlying emotional and mental components that prevent most people from losing weight. It found that the more trauma one experienced in childhood, the greater the likelihood for them to have chronic illnesses and emotional problems as adults because they used overeating as a way to cope with the stress experienced. When the patients were asked “How old were you when you first began putting on weight?” parental loss through divorce was an extremely common answer. The emotional issues behind weight gain are ignored by the

diet industry, which is only in the game of making profits for its shareholders. The great thing though, is that you can train your brain to want health. You can train your brain to live as a healthy person, which in turn gives you the power to make healthier choices, such as taking up exercise and eating well. One way to do this is to visualise how you want to feel. Every day for the next 30 days, and at least once a day for 5-10 minutes, take time out of your schedule to visualise yourself in a favourite outfit or on the beach or whatever you want. Just make sure that the image feels good to you. Add as much detail to the

vision as possible. For example, what colour is the outfit you’re wearing? Is the sun shining? What can you hear, smell, taste and touch? Another way to supercharge your positive weight loss mindset is to use EFT, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique. A combination of Western psychology and Eastern meridian therapy, EFT is being used with great effect to aid with permanent weight loss. I’ve used it to great effect myself to combat sugar cravings. Read all about how EFT can help you lose weight for good in Chapter 8 of Feel Like Sh*t? How to Stop Being Fat.

Special offer Get a FREE digital download of Feel Like Sh*t? How to Stop Being Fat (RRP £7.99) as well as the new Feel Like Sh*t? Lose 10lbs in 14 Days Diet & Detox Plan for £19 using special coupon code SAVEMYLIFE0714 at Coupon expires 31 August 2014.

About Theresa Fowler Theresa Fowler is the author of Feel Like Sh*t? How to Stop Being Fat and the UK’s Only No Diet, No Calorie Counting Real Food Expert. She is also a public speaker, health coach and broadcaster, sharing her story of 100lbs weight loss to inspire others into living healthier lives. @sizedrop

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Why Can’t I Stop Comfort Eating? By Toby Trundle

Why can’t I stop comfort eating? This is one of the BIGGEST questions I get asked by A LOT of people!

You may be thinking that is all psychological and that there has to be a medical explanation; Well... the chances are that you are NOT a food addict, a stressy binge eater or fast food opportunist simply because there is something psychologically going on in your head! There is in fact 3 things you need to know about that could possibly be the answer as to why you grab the foods you are not suppose to, specifically sugary stuff! The 3 things are the 3 S’s; Stress, Sugar and Sporadic eating – and here is why they all play a HUGE part in why you can’t stop comfort eating! As you have already probably guessed, stress is a key factor in emotional eating and it tends to be the dominant driving force for a lot of the actions a binge eater or food craver will take in terms of their eating patterns. Now what you have to understand is that this isn’t just because you simply have a ‘weak mind’ or ‘lack of focus’ – it can be far from that and in fact all be down to what’s going on chemically in your body. Hormones play a BIG part in how we react unconsciously to certain situations; they depict how our brain functions, how we feel about ourselves and how clouded our thoughts and actions are when presented with a moment of stress. Stress (physical or mental) causes a huge hormone reaction in our body, by which a hormone called Cortisol is released. This is a natural response and is the body’s way of getting us ready for a ‘flight or fight response’. Cortisol will automatically cause you to crave sugar and a source of energy (by speeding up certain processes in the preparation for the fight or flight response. As a result of this Cortisol will also increase the amount of insulin in the blood (our fat storage hormone) and this is where it all goes bad! Research shows that we develop a state of ‘stress’ a lot quicker when we are tired and our sugar levels have dropped too low because we haven’t eaten correctly throughout the day (I will talk a bit more about this

in a minute). Over the years our bodies have become accustomed to use sugar as an energy source, this coupled with an increased Cortisol level will then cause us (unconsciously) to grab for sugar as a ‘quick energy fix’ which our brain over time has associated with a sense of happiness and an immediate ‘pick me up’. (This is caused by a release of dopamine in the brain, but that’s another article for another day!) As a result we grab for sugary foods to make us feel better. However this is probably the worse time we could want a sugar high as Cortisol also causes an increase in insulin levels – which will instantly cause the sugar consumed during the ‘stressful’ moment to be stored as fat! – This is how stress and, on a more serious level, depression is linked to weight gain and obesity. Sporadic eating also plays a massive part in why you can’t stop comfort eating. How often you eat plays a part in the regulation of Cortisol and insulin regulation. Dips in sugar levels cause increased insulin sensitivity and as we know insulin is a fat storage hormone, the higher your sensitivity to carbohydrates (sugar) the bigger the insulin spike and the more of the sugar you are going to store if you don’t burn it off straight away. The less often you eat, the less able your body is to regulate your sugar levels effectively. If you leave too longer periods between eating then your will have random sugar highs throughout the day after every time you have eaten, you need to level these out by eating little and often (every 2-3 hours) and by keeping to lower GI sources of carbohydrates (slower absorbing = less of a sugar/insulin high = less fat storage). By eating little and often you won’t have big dips in your sugar levels throughout the day, meaning you won’t have energy lows (opportunities when stress can’t take over you), you won’t feel as tired (your body wont crave that sugary ‘pick me up’ or ‘make me happy’ feeling) and you won’t feel hungry late at night (which is typically when people tend to bind or crave food because 1they are tired or 2- because they are bored.) Eating little and often will eliminate all of these issues. September Edition - Page 11


& Stress

Is it contributing to your weight gain? By Paul Moses

September Edition - Page 12

All of us will feel depressed at one moment or another, but for many of us, thankfully, these feelings dissipate and go away. However, in quite a significant number of people depression can be difficult to deal with and even life altering. Depending on your symptoms and underlying causes, you can have mild, moderate or even severe depression. We have to understand that this is a medical condition and treatment, in one form or another, is definitely needed.

If you have been feeling depressed for a long period of time, but are unable to explain why or know what to do about it, you need to take action. Sometimes you need significant lifestyle changes. If you have a tendency to drink, over eat or use prescription drugs this is almost certainly contributory. If you have a lot of time on your hands then you can often let your racing and maybe negative thoughts take over. Lifestyle changes can help to make a difference.

What do we need to learn about depression? It can manifest itself in many different ways. You might have a feeling of hopelessness which can lead to withdrawal, inactivity and a complete lack of productivity. You might feel as if you’re not able to concentrate at all and just can’t get down to work as you used to. You might also feel as if you’re tired, have no motivation or energy whatsoever, yet have considerable difficulty sleeping. Do you lie awake in bed for hours on end, only to find that when you do get to sleep you have difficulty waking up and listening to that alarm bell?

Have a good look at what you eat. Are you getting the right amount of vitamins, nutrients and minerals? Many advocate a diet that is rich in vegetables and fruit and has a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Make sure that you get out and about as much as you can and soak in some of the warm sunlight, within reason of course. This might be the time to take up a new activity or join a group, try to seek out people who are invariably happy, positive and upbeat.

When you are feeling depressed, you tend to push other people away from you and it’s unfortunate that many people are not able to recognise the symptoms of depression in others, or to be sympathetic. As we are all supposed to be “tough” in this society, people have a tendency to tell you to “snap out of it,” or something similarly unhelpful.

Never be afraid to reach out to friends, counsellors or professionals if you think that you cannot cope any longer with this depression. Recognise selfdestructive behaviour, especially over reliance on alcohol or food as a prime example and seek help if necessary to control this, too. Depression is definitely treatable whether through exercise, alternative medicine, counselling, lifestyle changes or a combination of all of these. Y

Paul Moses. Business consultant and creator of 
I work with entrepreneurs, small business owners who typically struggle with time, motivation, long working hours and social or family commitments, and would like to stop doing the things in their business that take up too much time so they focus on the things they love.



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‘I’m On A Mission to Lose 14 Stone & I’m doing it the Healthy Way’ I’ve Lost 2 Stone 2 Lbs in my first 4 weeks!

September Edition - Page 14

Why did you decide to lose weight in the first place? ‘I have always had low self esteem and confidence in myself because of my weight. I have always been surrounded by negativity from others and I think that bad relationships with close family and friends in the past has always had more of an impact on me than I realised. I was always told that I have a weight issue from both my GP and my family; I have been dieting since I was 12! Now I am in my early thirties I live in fear that my weight may hold be back from reaching my full career potential but the one thing that has always been in the back of my mind is being able to have a family because of my weight; 1) because at the moment I can’t and 2) because I wouldn’t want to bring my children up in the same environment which has made myself so unhappy. I’m tired of feeling like that and now is the time I need to do this for myself.’

to eat rubbish, just not as much. I didn’t want that, I wanted a lifestyle change and I know that it is possible with the right support. I am convinced I will do this the healthy way. Learning about food as I go also allows me to educate others around me and hopefully my future family about food, so they don’t grow up to be in the same situation as I am now.

What do you think caused you to pile the weight on in the first place? ‘A mixture of a lot of things! Predominantly a hectic lifestyle – which if I’m honest is a bit of an excuse that a lot of people use! Looking back at my old eating habits I have realised I used to binge after work and eat a lot of convenience food. I would snack on savoury and sweet stuff at my desk during work hours and when I got home in-between making dinner. I was never one for eating rubbish like McDonalds or a lot of takeaways, but I never realised how much the combination of I did look into losing the weight sporadic eating patterns, sugar through surgery but for one; the spikes and skipping meals made implications that can occur scared me pile on the pounds! I used me and I don’t like hospitals, but to get sugar cravings in the also having thought about the evenings simply because I wasn’t whole process – In my opinion eating right during the day and it is a tool which still allows me in times of low energy after a

busy day of work and stress our body automatically craves sugar – but not because we are weak psychologically, because of the amount of sugar we eat during the day. The fact that I was always too lazy to exercise didn’t help! What methods and diets have you tried before to lose weight? EVERYTHING! You name it I’ve done it ... I suspect like most people who are like me have! I have got the best results from shake and bar diets in the past; particularly Lighter Life which I lost 4 stone on a few years ago. I also tried The Cambridge Diet and lost 2 stone. The problem with these diets, is that all the weight goes back on again and some! Every time I have tried a shake or juice diet I have always put the weight back on again once I go back to normal eating, even with Lighter Life I put 5 stone back on over the course of 2-3 months!. The problem with them is, I think, that they are very un-maintainable; you are filling your body with chemical rubbish; which in the long term puts strain on your body and to an extent you are going to the extreme. Anyone who has tried them will also tell you they are very expensive!

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I have tried all the normal slimming clubs and online diets (Slimming World/Weight Watchers). Yes they do work for people, but the weight loss is slower and the diet itself is not necessarily designed for those of us who like our food. It’s ok restricting the calories if you’re looking to lose 6-10lbs in the short term, but if you’re looking for long term and large weight loss over 3 or 4 stone, I found them too flexible and easy to cheat on. The way they are constructed still allows you to eat rubbish food if you want to. They don’t take into consideration what you are eating, just the calorie count. I have learnt over the past 4 weeks the calorie counting or ‘points’ is a no no! There’s a difference in how your body uses 200kcals of chocolate and 500kcals of nuts, the nuts won’t cause you to gain weight no matter how many you eat!

me it was easy to fall off plan, you can always go to a restaurant and keep to your points so it’s a bit restrictive and does allow you to enjoy life as you should – everything in moderation! You can fill yourself up on rubbish as long as you are within the restraints of the diet which for me is too flexible. Structure, discipline and support in my opinion is something you need if you are in this for the long haul! I get a cheat meal every week on the Save My Life Program – where I can eat out or have a takeaway, anything that I want! But because my eating is so on plan and healthy during the week, it acts as a reward and I don’t crave rubbish after I have had it. I suppose it’s just what works for you, but I don’t know of any other plan where you can have a full blown 3 course meal with alcohol every week and lose 2 stone in 4 weeks! Which I have so far. The way I am eating now doesn’t control my life, its healthy, Why don’t you think other diets allows me to be sociable at the worked for you? weekends and doesn’t control my The shake and bar diets are life – it’s easy! just unrealistic to keep to for a sustained period of time and are All I will say is just chose mega expensive! something that works for you, fits in with your lifestyle and allows With the commercial diets; for you to enjoy your life and get

results at the same time! If you not happy with it and it doesn’t fit with you, you are not going to stick to it long term. What was your turning point in deciding to do this? I am now 32 and to be honest I don’t want to continue to worry about the everyday things that I feel hold me back! If you’re big you’ll know what I’m talking about. The everyday things like getting on the bus and feeling like everyone is looking at you, not being able to shop in a high street store for normal clothes, getting out of breath and into a sweaty mess every time I have to tackle a set of stairs! I don’t just want to exist anymore I want to live, have a good life and be happy. The big turning point for me was that at the weight I am, I can’t get pregnant. That is my main driving force. But my motivation came from the TV series FAT: The Fight Of My Life; particularly Jenny Hall’s journey who managed to lose a huge amount of weight who has now managed to have a child. That is what I want! The programme lead me to Toby Trundle who is now my weight loss coach (even though we work together at a distant) – he worked

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with Darren on the programme, who lost the most amount of weight in the series; 10 stone in 8 months I think it was! Toby continues to work with morbidly obese and obese individuals so his Save My Life Program was the logical choice as it mimics the same weight loss principles as the participants used in the show. Do you have a specific target weight or goal you want to achieve? Yes, I want to get down to a comfortable 11 stone so that’s a total of just over a 13 stone weight loss with a BMI of 30. I’m pretty sure that would get me into a clothes size 12-14 so I could shop anywhere I want to! I don’t care how long it takes me to get there but I will. I just want to feel healthy and well in myself. How much weight have you lost so far? I have lost 37lbs so far and have been on the program for 5 weeks – that’s the most weight loss I have had in such a short space of time (it’s not slowing up either) and that’s just by keeping to my healthy diet with NO exercise. I have had consecutive losses of; 12lbs, 7lbs, 11lbs, 3lbs and 4lbs.

What is the secret to losing so much in so little time? Obviously the food I am now eating is the main thing; no refined sugar, little caffeine and no processed junk but in all honesty the key change for me has been to get my life organised and prioritise myself! I make sure that all the right food is in the cupboard so there is no excuse to have to grab rubbish because I have nothing else. Frozen veg is also quick and easy for the nights I get home late and can be bothered to cook fresh. I also pre-prepare most of my meals and map out exactly what I am having for each meal of the week. Snacking used to be a big problem for me, so making sure I have healthy natural snacks with me; for instance carrying an apple and a handful of mixed nuts in my handbag for when I get peckish is a useful thing. Eating little and often is something I also had to get used to, as I would often miss breakfast and not eat till lunch time, which is no good for your metabolism and burning calories during the day. I make my lunches the night before and if I don’t get time, I make sure I check out the local area so I know where I can buy fresh salads and soups (Pret

is a God send by the way!). The hardest thing I have found I needed to sacrifice out of my diet was diet coke. I used to be an addict often drinking 8-10 cans per day! If you are the same; honestly just go cold turkey – it’s the best way! Try it 6 weeks later once your taste buds have changed and I guarantee you won’t drink it again! – Too sweet. Replace it for water which aids weight loss no end – I often drink between 3-4 litres per day. How are you finding The Save My Life Program? It’s great and the support from Toby and others on the programme in phenomenal! The diet fits in perfectly with my lifestyle. I feel I have total control of what I am doing because the whole plan is so flexible – it’s just right for me! I have had no cravings or sugar binges. I’m sleeping better, my skin has cleared up and I have so much more energy. I really am in a great place at the moment. Because I can have a cheat meal every week I’m not worried about going out and socialising; I don’t feel guilty. I know in myself if I am good 80% of the time and on plan, I will lose every week. I have confidence

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in myself and what I’m eating and I know I can eat anything in moderation! I’m getting a little bit apprehensive about adding in exercise this coming month, but we’ll see how that goes! What would you typically eat in a day? Breakfast would be porridge (gluten free) with a handful of mixed berries. Mid morning – an apple with a few rice cakes (love them!) Lunch – either salmon or chicken salad with couscous, red onion and peppers. Mid – afternoon snack – a 100% whole food snack bar (eg. Nak’d bar) with another piece of fruit. Dinner – Chicken, mushroom and vegetable omlette.

If I get picky later on then I might treat myself to a few more rice cakes with peanut butter! How are you feeling in yourself right now and about the journey ahead? I am feeling so much better in myself! I don’t feel low all the time. I have more energy than ever before and I am loving it. My everyday confidence is growing but it’s going to take time. People are noticing the 3 stone I have lost more so than I am – but I can see the changes in my face having looked back at a few pictures I took at the start of this journey, I haven’t had any cravings or binges for rubbish food, even after my cheat meal because my sugar levels and diet

have been so balanced. I don’t feel hungry at any point during the day either which I used to. I am feeling happier in myself, I know I can do this now and am staying in the present moment and enjoying the journey. Not thinking about the future and taking it one step at a time. I realise I have a huge task ahead of me and I’m not expecting it to be easy but I know I am off to a great start and am surrounded by the people who are going to get me there. I don’t want to get complacent but deep down I know I am making a real difference to my life every day for the long term. I want to lose 1 stone per month if I can, I know what I need to do and I am going to focus on one week at a time!

If you want to follow my story – follow me on Twitter: @savemylifekerry. I will update you all on my progress in next month’s issue! Until then – keep going, we are in this together!

Kerry’s Top Tips: »» »» »» »»

Don’t give yourself a time frame – healthy eating is all about a lifestyle change. Don’t look at what others are doing, just focus on what works for you. Learn about food, how it reacts in your body and how certain foods help you to gain or lose weight. Make sure you are ready mentally before starting a weight loss programme – if your heads not in the right place and you don’t really want it you are just going to fail and start Monday again! »» Make sure you get the support you need, invest in yourself heavily. There is no shame in asking for help and it could be your key to unlocking the life you always wanted – it’s working for me.

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Weight Loss is just like playing Jenga By Tom Elliott

What does Jenga have to do with Weight Loss? You must remember the game as a kid? Or even as an adult. 54 rectangular wooden blocks that you stack up and have to, piece by piece, remove to make your opponent take one out hence knocking the Jenga tower down. Now, before you scrunch up your face and go to the next article thinking I’m not all there, let’s dissect the rules of Jenga. Take one piece out at a time, and don’t let the whole thing come crashing down otherwise you lose. Take one piece out at a time… Think back to when you started your journey into weight loss. How sustainable was it to start exercising, eat the right way, sleep perfectly from 10pm-6am etc? I can guarantee it was tough. And

I can also guarantee there were So the practical aspect of this is, a few times you failed along the your weight loss journey is about way. to begin, change one thing at a time. Make it, as of Monday The reason people do fail or “I’m going to start exercising struggle to the point of almost once a week”. As simple as failure is because they put so much that. Continue that until it’s pressure on doing everything sustainable and manageable at once. How many times have and doesn’t even feel like a I heard “Monday morning I’m chore anymore, then maybe add going to the gym 5 times a week, in another session where it fits or eating nothing but lettuce and tighten in your nutrition. going to bed perfectly at 9pm” See where I’m going with this? only to be followed up a few days Starting to notice I’m not as loopy as later with “Ok, now next Monday you thought I was. I’m going to start it all again” If you throw everything at it I’m not criticising people’s desire straight away, just like Jenga and motivation to change and unfortunately it will come make a healthier and more crashing down and no one wants awesome life for themselves, I to lose like that. applaud and admire it. I just want to point out how much easier and So what does happen when sustainable it is to start slowly and you lose and all those wooden with one step at a time. blocks come tumbling down? You September Edition - Page 19

build them back up again, and start over. This time hopefully just thinking and planning a little bit more. So here’s 3 simple steps you can take you create a solid foundation for your weight loss journey: 1. List - It will take 5 minutes of your time but will formulate your plan. Write down all the changes you and your coach think you need to make. From nutrition to sleep patterns etc. everything that needs to change. Create an order of importance and then straight away you have something to work on. Straight away your brain will start creating a logical way to achieve these things. We now have something to work from, we have the beginnings of a plan. 2. Memos - It is all very well creating your list and having an awesome plan. Sticking to it is the tough part. There will be times when you want to branch off, let loose and drop out. Creating motivational memos that can go in everyday places to keep you focused will subconsciously drill yourself into staying on the right path. 3. Make someone else accountable - Self criticism is tough, because we are all too nice to ourselves. We may beat ourselves up about certain things but it’s a long way away from physically and mentally changing because of it. Get someone else to do it for you. This is where a good coach or trainer comes into play. They will make you accountable, they critique you and any good trainer will be brutally honest because let’s face it, we all need someone to One wooden block at a time, keeping the balance, sometimes be blunt and truthful even though we you may have a wobble, but the tower will still stand occasionally don’t want to hear it. and you will reach your goal. Weight loss isn’t a race, it’s not one morning And it will be awesome! you wake up and are at your goal. It’s a slow and Tom Elliott is a sports sometimes painful journey. We now live in a world performance coach of “5minute Abs” and “Movie Montages” when the and nutritionist. He has reality is completely different. Everyone has to take their first step, and I know the first step is hard. Or if you’re already on your way but you feel it’s all getting too much, take a step back and make sustainable changes like I’ve wrote here. Formulate your list, motivate yourself daily and get help from someone you respect and trust.

experience over the years with weight loss clients, sports athletes and training military personal. His approach to coaching anyone follows a simple yet effective philosophy making sure he extracts only the very best from his clients. September Edition - Page 20

How to stay

super focused Day in, Day out! By Toby Trundle

Weight loss motivation in my opinion is one of the least touched upon subjects out there surrounding the world of weight loss. There is so much information out there telling people what to do and how to do it, but as we all know keeping on track 24/7 is really not that simple! There seems to be a lack of information out there telling

us how to keep on track with unlimited motivation and drive to get to where we want to be. But is it physically possible to keep yourself motivated 100% of the time? In my opinion no, simply because life will always throw you a curve ball to try and send you completely off track – it’s just how it works! Unfortunately there are often

more important things to focus on than our own health and wellbeing and whether that is right or wrong it is reality! However, in this article I want to give you a few top tips on how you can stay motivated and focused on your goals 80% of the time. I teach these techniques to both my one to one clients and groups – so listen up if September Edition - Page 21

you want some huge results, it is not, then subconsciously extreme focus and a big dose your brain will tell you that of positive motivation! you won’t be able to achieve it and I can guarantee you won’t! The first key to unlimited Achieving big weight loss is weight loss motivation is more mind over matter than knowing EXACTLY what you what you think ... – trust me! want to achieve. How can you Here’s an example of a specific expect to achieve anything if goal, use the same format and you don’t know what you’re write it down on a piece of aiming for? Now... here’s the paper for your specific goal: important part, your goal has to be meaningful to you. Its ok ‘It is now {enter goal date} and saying “I want to lose weight” I am so happy and grateful I but the question is why and have lost {enter target weight how much? – Think about to lose} and can now fit into how losing that 1, 2 or maybe my green and black, size 16 5 stone would make you FEEL? dress from the Save My Life What impact would it have on clothes store.’ your life? What impact would it have on somebody else’s Note: This goal is in the past life? What would it mean for tense – the brain cannot you to lose that amount of depict between something weight? Once you know what you have or not have achieved you really want – it’s then time yet! By setting goals in the to set your goals. past tense you can ‘trick’ your brain subconsciously (the part Most people work best with of the brain which ultimately shorter term goals, so I would controls our actions) to believe say setting a 30 day goal is best it has already achieved the as it gives you a time frame to goal – if you think, know work to, but if you are the sort and feel you have already of person who finds it easier achieved something it is more to visualise the end result and likely to happen and you will not ‘time stress’ yourself then automatically take the correct do that! Now, your goal must steps to get there – sometimes be SPECIFIC TO YOU! Go back without even noticing you are to your thoughts about what doing it! – For example just you really want to achieve and making healthier choices and make your goal as specific as ignoring cravings! you can. The more specific, the better, because your mind The last step towards then knows exactly what it continuous weight loss is aiming for, why its aiming motivation is then taking your for that target and how it’s specific goal and manifesting going to make you feel once it, or in other words, keeping you have achieved it. You goal extremely focused on it and must also be realistic but a ‘bit taking the necessary steps to of a stretch’. The reason your do the stuff and achieve it. To goal must be realistic is that if do this, we need to constantly

remind ourselves of the goal, how we will feel once we have achieved it and why we want to achieve it – if you didn’t get clear on these points back at the start then go back and do it again or I assure you, you will not reach your goal and that will make you even more unmotivated! What I want you to do now is to write you specific goal (in the same format as above) on 6-8 goal cards. A simple slip of paper or card that you can stick somewhere. Stick the cards up in places around your house where you will constantly see them at least once per day! For example above the cooker, in front of the toilet or even on your bedroom ceiling so it is the first thing you read when you open your eyes in the morning! Every time you see a goal card, for the next 30 days, you are going to look at it, say it out loud 6 times and then shut your eyes for 30 seconds and think about how achieving that goal would make you feel. IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT LOSING WEIGHT THEN YOU WILL DO IT! – Trust me this stuff works but you have to be consistent with it. What this is going to do is train your subconscious brain. If you can do this for at least 15 days, you will find that you will AUTOMATICALLY take the steps you need to (without even thinking about it) to reach that goal. You won’t snack, you won’t binge, you’ll keep active and you will hit your weekly weigh in targets, I GUARANTEE IT! Just give it a go... what have you got to lose? September Edition - Page 22

‘I Lost 6 Stone & I haven’t even been on a diet’

Save My Life Program SPOTLIGHT

Sarah’s Story Before I started the Save My Life Program I was at the heaviest weight I had ever been. I was constantly tired and just carrying out simple physical tasks was difficult. I had fooled myself for so long pretending that I was happy but in reality I was so miserable. I hated going clothes shopping and would be reduced to tears standing looking at myself in the reflection of the mirror. I hated the person that was staring back at me.

I had attempted other diet programs but had failed miserably after shifting only a stone – the weight loss was extremely slow and lost interest after not seeing results. A visit to my GP with health related issues was my wake up call. We looked at how much weight I had gained over the course of a few years – I was classed as being clinically obese.

I joined the Save My Life Program on 16 July 2013 – signing that piece of paper was the best thing I have ever done. The Save My Life Team have reeducated and supported me in the way I look at food and have helped me make better food choices rather than stuffing down high sugar, processed foods. Being taught what gluten, chemicals and bad fats in processed foods do to the body is September Edition - Page 23

on the Save My Life Program plus I attend an independent Kettlebell’s class once a week. I I used to suffer a lot with my am starting to see muscles that digestive system which the GP I never knew I had – I love it. I had diagnosed as IBS but since I would now rather have a buzz have cut out processed foods and from exercise than from food gluten my stomach problems or alcohol. have completely vanished. My stomach is no longer constantly So far I have lost almost 5 ½ stone bloated and I am comfortable on the Save My Life Program and have dropped 4 dress sizes. My once again. level of fitness has dramatically I used to hate exercise but now improved and I have so much I cannot get enough of it. I more energy. It’s like I have been participate in 3 classes per week given a whole new lease of life. a real eye opener. I will never go back to eating how I used to.

There is no greater feeling than people commenting on how well you look and to finally be able to go into any high-street clothes shop to buy clothes rather than buying from plus-size shops. I am 100% more confident and am now just classed as being ‘overweight’. Every day for me is a step in the right direction – that one step closer to achieving my goal. I am never going back to where I was just over a year ago. Sarah Norcott

Q & A with Toby Send me your questions:

Obesity Weight Loss Specialist & Transformation Coach Toby Trundle Answers YOUR QUESTIONS. Q1. Why should I be watching sugar not fat? Sugar is the real cause of weight gain. You need to keep your sugar levels as even as possible by eating little and often (every 2-3 hours). This will cause you to stop craving sugar at certain times of the day. When your sugar levels are even, you will drop weight – I promise! Sugar spikes caused by refined sugar or processed foods; as well as sporadic eating patterns cause a hormone called insulin to be released. This is your fat storage hormone! If you are not burning that sugar off straight away through exercise then your body will store it as FAT to then be broken down for fuel later on – or never at all until you need it. Q2. How can I lose weight on my legs? - Unfortunately you cannot target where you burn fat. Just by doing lots of leg exercises doesn’t mean you are going to lose weight there! The body will burn fat wherever it finds easiest first; this varies from person to person and is a highly individual which is determined by a range of factors; genetics, hormone imbalances, lifestyle, past exercise history etc. burn off the fat until your body starts

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to let go of the weight from your legs, for some people this will be fast, for some it may take a little longer but we can speed up the process! You should try to incorporate cardiovascular exercise which predominantly uses the legs (i.e. jogging, cycling) and that is explosive – this means you have to incorporate some kind of interval training. You can then start to incorporate some toning exercises to hurry up the process a little bit! Here’s a few ideas: »» Squats »» Lunges »» Glute Raises »» Side leg lifts »» Inner thigh squeezes Q3. Can you give me some healthy snack ideas please? You should be snacking between meals – it keeps your metabolism high. Try to choose high fibre or protein based snacks. Good examples; nuts, seeds, fibrous vegetables (e.g. cucumber, carrot or celery sticks with hummus), fruit and rice/oat cakes. Q4. Is porridge good for breakfast? Yes, porridge is a great choice for breakfast as it is low in sugar. It’s key that you try to keep your sugar intake as low as possible in the morning as your body is more susceptible to fat storage first thing. Try and go for a gluten free porridge option (available in most supermarkets.) – This will stop you feeling bloated afterwards and helps the body with improving the digestive processes, again

increasing your metabolic rate (allowing you to burn more calories.) Q5. What about diet coke, is that ok to drink? This is one question I get asked all the time. And I’m afraid you’re not going to like the answer... A lot of the clients I work with start off with the Diet Coke ‘addiction’ – some have drunk up to 4 litres a day before starting my programme! It’s something you have got to kick NOW! – Just because it doesn’t contain sugar does not mean that it’s ‘ok’ for you to drink it. Most diet sodas will contain sweeteners rather than sugar to make them taste similar to the full sugar version. Now you may think that this is a better alternative to sugar but it is not... sweeteners and toxins (addictive’s) found in diet sodas are just as detrimental to weight loss as sugar and here’s why: 1) Sweeteners will cause the same hormonal response as sugar does because your taste buds have adapted over time to the sweet taste of sugar – this means your insulin levels will raise when drinking diet soda. If you eat food which is a source of sugar at the same time, you will have a big sugar spike, meaning it will be stored as fat. 2) Sweeteners are toxic to the body and some such as aspartame are said to be carcinogenic. Diet sodas are not good for your general health because of the additives they contain. 3) Any added toxins in food will be stored along with sugar by the body in the form of fat – these toxins will then line the outside of your fat cells, making it harder for your to lose weight long term.

My Advice Go cold turkey and give up diet soda! It will be holding your weight loss results back without a doubt!

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