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Uses for Portable Steel Storage Containers


• The process of moving and storing possessions has caused more than a few people some sleepless nights over the years. • The concepts seem simple enough, but we always seem to find a way to make it more complicated than it has to be.


• That’s part of the reason companies like Big Steel Box do so well. They have simplified the process of moving and storage to such an extent that most of the stress is gone. • They provide heavy gauge steel storage containers that customers can rent when it’s time to move, or for a variety of other reasons.

Moving Containers • One of the primary uses for steel storage or moving containers is naturally for moving. • Most companies that offer this service will drop off the container at your house when you decide, then they will transport it to your new home when it’s time to move.

Moving Containers • You pack the container yourself, and the main benefit is that you can start packing it as early as you like to get a big head start on moving day. It also enables you to start clearing out your house earlier than you would if you used conventional movers. • Using a container doesn’t mean your stress will be eliminated, but you will be able to thin it out over a longer period of time so it’s barely noticeable.

Mobile Storage • Storage is the second element of moving and storage and another one that can cause some stress in the whole moving process. • In a conventional scenario, you have to call ahead to your new city or town or country and book a storage unit, hoping that it’s actually as close to your new home as you think it is.

Mobile Storage • Many moving companies offer temporary storage, but that’s going to add to your moving bill while you wait for the real unit to be ready. • Companies like Big Steel Box simplified this part too, because the moving container is also the storage container, and it’s mobile.

Mobile Storage • Those steel storage containers work well for any extras that won’t fit in the new house, but you can bear to throw away. • They also work for seasonal items like fishing gear or snowmobiles or boat motors.

Construction Site Storage • Of course, steel storage containers don’t only work for residential moving and storage. Construction sites utilize these boxes to store tools and equipment safely and securely. • Having the ability to pack all that stuff into a unit right there on the construction site makes the workdays less stressful and more productive.

Construction Site Storage • It’s the fact that the boxes are more or less impenetrable that makes them so effective for use on a construction site. • Any builder would be wary just leaving valuable tools right on the site and going home for the day, but these kinds of containers dispel those fears pretty quickly.

Temporary Housing • Perhaps the last thing anyone would think of using a steel storage container for would be a house, but in some cases they can be used for those too. • According to Big Steel Box, the containers work perfectly for temporary housing because they can be moved whenever you are finished with them.

Temporary Housing • They typically don’t require the same permits as oversized trailers, and they are more affordable and secure. • For these reasons and because they are easily modified, they make great housing for work camps or any other kind of camp that requires temporary housing.

Renovations • When people decide to do home or business renovations, one of the issues that usually comes up is ‘where am I supposed to put all my stuff?’

Renovations • For many renovations, it’s necessary to clear out a lot of furniture and other items to get the job done properly. And your choices are usually moving the stuff to another part of the house, moving it into a garage or shed or renting a storage unit off your own property.

Renovations • A steel storage container works great for this purpose because it’s all right there, you can store your tools and furniture, and you can add or remove items as you please. • They also work well if you’re planning on a big spring cleaning or de-cluttering of your home. Just make sure you take the time to get the proper size of container so you have plenty of room, and ask the people at the company if you’re unsure.

Uses for Portable Steel Storage Containers  

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