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A-Z Amusement Parks  By: Aaliyah Keiter 

Image taken from Best Amusement Parks in the United States

A​ is for Animal Kingdom


taken from tripAdvisor        

Animal Kingdom is located 2901 Osceola Pkwy, Orlando, FL​ 32830. This roller coaster is called  Expedition Everest.     

B​ ​stands for Busch Gardens  

Image taken from Mr.

This is a map of Busch Gardens where you can find all kinds of rides even for younger  kids. 

C​ stands for Cedar Point

Picture taken from OSU.EDU

This is a picture of Cedar point from Lake Erie. 

D​ stands for Disneyland

Image taken from Tablet

Disneyland is so fun you get to ride rides and see your favorite Disney characters.  

E​ ​is for Epcot

Image taken from MiceChat

At Epcot you can ride rides and have pretty lights all around the park.  

F​ is for Fun Spot America Orlando

Image taken from Groupon

Attractions include roller coaster, kiddie rides & bumper cars plus go-karts and arcade games. 

G​ is for Go Bananas

Image taken from tripadvisor  

At this place you can go on a jungle adventure with your friends 

H​ ​is for Hershey Park

Image taken from Hersheypark

Hershey Park has water slides, roller coasters, drop towers, and even kiddie rides. 

I​ ​is for Indiana Beach  

Image taken from TravelIn  

This park has water slides and a little type of a ferris wheel. 

J​ ​is for Jolly Roger

Image taken from SBY BUSINESS JOURNAL  

Jolly roger has a lot of fun and cool rides that make you jump out of your seat.

K​ is for Kokomo's family fun center

Image taken from

This is the roller coaster the Serpent but there is arcade games to. 

L​ is for Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix

Image taken from Lassvegaspass

This place has go karts and roller coasters.


M​ is for Morey's Adventure Pier

Image taken from inpark magazine

At this place it has wooden roller coasters.

N​ is for Nascar SpeedPark

Image taken from

Nascar SpeedPark has go Karts and roller coasters that are shaped like Nascar cars. 

O​ is for Oasis Lanes  

Image taken from theme park review

This is one roller coaster that is metal and for younger kids. 

P​ is for Puyallup Fair  

Image taken from tripsavvy

This is a park that has a whole bunch of rides that makes vacations fun but it can be a little  crowded. 

Q​ is for Quassy Amusement Park

Image taken from tripadvisor

At Quassy there are wooden roller coasters and also there is water slides. 

R​ ​is for Race City PCB

Image taken from Panama City Beach

This is the park at night. You can see that this park is so amazing and fun. This park has  roller coasters and Go Karts. 

S​ is for Sam's Fun City

Image taken from tripadvisor

This park has water slides, a pool, and roller coasters. 

T​ ​is for That Fun Place

image taken from that fun place

This place has an arcade and it also has roller coasters. 

U​ is for Universal Studios Hollywood

Image taken from universal studios

This is one of their roller coasters called the simpson roller coaster. 

V​ ​is for Victorian Gardens at Wollman Rink

Image taken from a view on cities

This is the park when it's lit at night time and there is food and rides. 

W​ is for Wonderland Park

Image taken from tripadvisor

In the amusement park it has roller coasters and a ferris wheel. 

X​ ​is for X-Flight

Image take from Coaster Critic

This is one amusement park that has a couple of roller coasters but this red one is  called X-Flight.   

Y​ is for Yellowstone Bear World Roller Coaster

Image taken from Tripadvisor

This is a roller coaster that turns on the tracks​.

Z​ is for Zonkers

Image taken from negative G

This roller coaster is much for younger kids but adults and other kids can ride it too.         

Book Summary These are the amusement parks in  the US. There are also some  amazing and interesting amusement  parks. SOme of them have arcades  and other things but some are just  roller coasters. That's all that I want  to share with you. 

A-Z Amusement Parks  

These are the amusement parks in the US. There are also some amazing and interesting amusement parks. Some of them have arcades and other th...

A-Z Amusement Parks  

These are the amusement parks in the US. There are also some amazing and interesting amusement parks. Some of them have arcades and other th...