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Snooker & Pool Tables – Fun for All! Do you love cue sports and want to own a snooker or pool table? Well! BIGshop has a huge collection of discount pool tables that are suitable for your home. These contemporary style pool tables add to your home décor. Not only your home, but the modern look makes it perfect for a bar or office. You can pick a 7 ft x 3 ft Pool Table at BIGshop with either a deep blue or cool green felt playing surface with matching chrome-coloured corners. They have a height adjustable chrome finish feet too. Above all, the construction is rock-solid! These discount pool tables have an automatic ball return system and you needn’t walk up to the pockets and retrieve the balls. If you want a slightly bigger table, there are 8 ft pool tables as well. To add a classy touch to your room, you can opt for the solidly constructed 8 ft pool table with a rich green felt. The highlight of this table is that it is finished beautifully with wood grain. Further, this pool table looks absolutely fabulous with its net ball pockets. We have 5 ft tables too for those who want smaller ones. These discount pool tables too are come with either a blue or green felt playing surface for you to pick your favorite. And if you want a versatile pool table, you can pick the Pool & Air Hockey Table. You can play both these on this 2-in-1 combination package. You needn’t look anywhere else to buy pool table accessories! BIGshop offers a range of pool table accessories and billiard supplies with these discount pool tables. They include cues, balls, chalk, triangle and brush. If you want to buy a pool table and pool table accessories to go with it, then shop at BIGshop. You’ll find a range of tables and accessories well within your budget.

Snooker & Pool Tables – Fun for All!  

BIGshop presents a range of snooker and pool tables that is so elegant but inexpensive. You’ll find pool tables ranging from 5 ft to 8ft. Th...

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