Page 61

Hocker 40

Hocker Couch 40/160

Hocker 70

Hocker 90

Halve Hocker 90

Paal 9

Fire to place

Custo bench 200

Double Beam table

BBQ Lounge

South Beach Table

Strunk Table 40

Beach Table 62

Triple Beam Table



Low Seat

Sun Lounger

Bar chair

Slim Couch

Ploer XL

Blow Bloc windsreen

Heavy Beam table 73

Heavy Beam table 90

Heavy Beam table 110

Massif Wood Couch 300

Massif Wood Couch 200

South Beach 200

South Beach chair

SB Chaige Lonque

Long couch 300

Coast Watcher 240

Lounge Couch 100

Lounge Couch 200

Lounge Couch 100

Lounge Couch 200

LC Table

LC Table

Soft Couch


Modularity Couch

Slow Swing Couch

Tepanjaki plate Outdoor

Sit Around

Sit Around Couch

Midle Block MWT

Podium bed

Sun Sleper



Mini-bar - LED Light

Wall Couch


Halve Big Pillows

4 in-line Pillows

Throw Pillows

Big Pillows

5 in-line Pillows

Medium Pillows

Small Pillows

Front Line Pillows

3 in line Pillows

6 in line Pillows

Low Seat Pillows

Back rest Pillows

Back rest straight

Sun Sleper Luna

Mattress 8cm

Big Pillows Outdoor Furniture & Cushions Geniet van de zon, het buitenleven. Pak een momentje voor jezelf. En mocht je dit van plan zijn? Laat je door ons inspireren.

Back rest straight


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