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Bring tiny thought to the great design for your real project. Beginning from a small printing manufacturer which produces inkjet vinyl, inkjet stickers, signage,...processed acrylic, printing materials, etc., ..Big Pen Group.has,qualities..and services. With emphasis on quality, full service and high-end tools, we provide services for designing, producing and removing exhibition booth constructions. We have become a wedding planner, an event planning service provider and an organiser who also provides light and sound productions. From our professional services, we have become known from one customer to another, ensuring those who receive services from us that we will never disappoint them and that, with our professionalism, we can create whatever they possibly need.


Exhibition Booth Wedding Booth Stage & Light and Sound Event and Organizer Printing Display Product Laser Cut Building and Renovate 3D Graphic Design


Exhibition Booth From our experience in designing and producing exhibition booths, we are well equipped with metal, woods, plastwood sheets, etc., allowing us to create perfect works as requested by customers.Withour professional teams, we can also provide suggestions on what materials should be proper to your work to guaran tee that you could get the best exhibition booths ever.

Wedding Booth Even small wedding events with a limited budget or grand, spectacular wedding booths with galleries, photo booths and stages, we can certainly create for you to make your wedding a memorable day and special.

Stage & Light and Sound We can manage to get you lights and sounds according t o t h e s t a n d a rd f o r yo u r events, including to provide stages.for..both..acoustic performances...and....those which are fully equipped .

With our professional staff whose qualifications and care are primary attributes, who can provide you with amazement and confidence, we can organise a perfect event and exhibition for you, no matter it is a small-scale construction work or a big scale one, by guaranteeing your satisfaction of our reliable time management and goal to meet your expectations, allowing you to feel ensured that we are able to provide exactly whatever you might need.

Event and Organizer

Printing By..high-end..printing machines which can produce from tiny stickers to large scale printing materials such as vinyl and billboards, and with our massively cumulative experience, we offer you full services of printing works.

Display Product With..experience more than 10 years, we provide productions..of..qualitative coulorful printing materials, including display forming works and standies for you to virtually show your products to your customers and also the best of guidance from our professional staff to get your products widely of printing works.

Laser Cut The..high-grade innovation of our laser cutting machine which allows us to cut even MDF wood sheets and whatever you possibly need.

Building and Renovate constructions like houses or condominiums, we have a designer team who can manage to create and renovate your buildings to be just as you want.

3D Graphic Design Using a 3D graphic design softwares, we also have a highly experienced team who can professionally design..constructions.for your real constructions in advance..through..3D graphics, even they are interior...renovations..or large-scale accommodations, to..guarantee..that...your works will eventually be as expected.

Thank you. For more infomation please contact us. Website : E-Mail : Tel : 082 464 5844 Khun Baitoey 092 387 5566 Khun Gam ------------------------------

Big-Pen Group Co.,Ltd. 265/174 Ratpattana Rd., Ratpattana, Sapansung Bangkok 10240 buildings to be just as you want.