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Some Important Information about Stripping Paint Any type of paint removal project will probably require the assistance of some type of solvent that will help make the stripping process a little bit easier. But with products out there, ranging from Peel Away 7 to Smart Strip, it can be slightly confusing to know which one is right for your project. Even experienced contractors struggle in this department, which is why we have compiled a brief list of characteristics that you should look for in a quality paint removal product. While your needs may vary, be sure to check packaging for specific qualities and determine what is most important to you. Some of the things that will ensure quality and safety in the Smart Strip product you to choose include, but are not limited to: If you’re going to be taking on a paint removal project for the first time, you may want to look into something like the Peel Away 7 removal kit. This comprehensive package comes with everything you need to efficiently remove layers of paint without having to wonder whether or not you missed something. It’s truly the best route to go if you’re unsure about which one to take in the first place! Toxic ingredients are no longer the standard in paint removal products, so don’t use them if you don’t have to! Some stripping products will actually promise no fumes or flammable ingredients, which can be a big plus no matter how big or small your project may be! Check out which brands offer safer alternatives and go with those, especially if you’re working in a space that is frequented by children, pets or the elderly. Finally, you’ll want to make sure that you’re choosing a remover that is compatible with the type of surface you’re working on. Some people may forget to consider this, but it’s possibly the most important element when choosing a stripping product. Products that may be designed for wood may not give the same results if used on concrete. Be sure to carefully consider all elements of your project and cross-check on labels before making PO Box 158, Little Chute Wisconsin, 54140 United States Telephone Number: 1-800-495-5390 Email: URL:

Peel away 7 provides PEEL AWAY 7, which is an environmentally safe paint remover used to remove oil and latex paint. Works well when r...

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