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New Contractor? Take on Paint Removal the Easy Way! If you’re new to contracting, you’ll want to establish yourself in your area and find ways to attract new clients. This means that you’ll want to utilize the most efficient methods when going about tackling common home improvement projects. One thing that you will certainly need to complete while working as a contractor is paint removal. Whether it’s preparing the surface to be repainted or simply stripping off the paint for another reason, the right paint stripper can really make this task much easier. Know the Market Not every paint stripper is the same, and not all of these products are comprehensive. Products like Peel Away 1 are perfect for any contractor since they can cut through multiple layers of paint with great ease. You’ll want to know how to use products like these because being able to expedite tedious jobs like paint removal will provide you a much smarter option than someone who goes about the same process in a less efficient manner. Know the Product Nothing is worse than knowing HOW a product works, but not exactly how to use it. This can lead to big headaches because sometimes inappropriate use can lead to damage that can’t be reversed! Products like Peel Away 1 aren’t complicated to use, but it’s important that you have a handle on them prior to using them on a client’s space. Fortunately for you, the Peel Away brand focuses on non-toxic ingredients which makes them a much safer alternative overall than some comparable products. By simply knowing things like these, you can make smart decisions for both your business and the project you’re tackling! It Takes Time Being a new contractor can feel a bit overwhelming, simply because there’s a lot of competition out there. But don’t expect miracles to happen overnight! By taking on projects like paint removal or other around the house jobs with professionalism will build a reputation that will speak for itself. By taking your time to do the homework necessary, you’ll be on your way to building a fantastic network both inside and outside of your community! PO Box 158, Little Chute Wisconsin, 54140 United States Telephone Number: 1-800-495-5390 Email: URL:

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Peel Away 1 removes up to 30 layers of stubborn old paint in one single application for almost all surfaces, wood, brick (as long as prime c...

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