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Urban building    

These are  2  of  the  same   photo  but  the  second  one  I   have  changed  it  to  black  and   white        

I have  cropped  the   picture      I  picked  this  picture  to  be   in  black  and  white  because   I  thought  it  will  really   stand  out  in  black  and   white    

But the  thing  I  like   about  this  photo  is   that  you  can  see  the   paBern  of  the  bricks    

The composi;on  of  this  picture  is  balanced  because  there  didn't’t  really  mix   a  lot  of  things  to  this.    

I have  edited  this  picture  on  photo   shop  and  the  only  thing  I  did  was   put  light  screen  on  the  picture,  but   you  can  tell  it  looks  really  different.  

In the  leE  hand  there   is  a  lot  of  posi;ve  side   on    the  picture  

I took  the  top  of   it  because  it  had   a  lot  of  paBern   on  it,  it  has   triangles  ,   diamond  etc.    

If I  was  to  reshoot  this  o  would  take  a  picture  of  the  whole  building  so  I  can   right  about  the  angles  and  if  there  was  too  much  light  or  less    

These are  all  the  same   picture  but  I  have   changed  the  colour  and   the  filter  in  most  of  them    

The thing  I  liked  about   this  picture  is  that  is   made  out  of  all  pencils   and  colouring   penciling    

The composi;on  of  this  picture    really  strong  because  the  person  has  put  lot  of  stuff   together      

This is  the  picture  of   a  half  skull  and  I   filtered  it  with  line   drawing  because  I   think  it  really  works   with  this  picture  

The colour  around  the  skull   really  makes  the  white  on   the  skull  stand  out  a  lot    

Evaluate My  inten;on  when  taking  this  photograph  was   to  capture  the  picture  that  look  really  unique   and  that  really  stands  out.  I  took  some  picture   that  if  you  edit  it  there  will  be  a  lot  to  write   about.    

Grant Smith   St.  Paul's  

City of  London        

Margaret Difford    

The Gherkin,  seen  through   the  city  of  London    

Urban spaces  

a presenation