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The idea for a new rifle was born one October afternoon in 2007 in a hunting lodge in the Thuringian Forest. With fresh concepts perfectly supplementing the cultural genes of the old gunmaking town of Suhl, the ambitious goal was laid out – to develop a hunting gun for the 21st century. A straight-pull bolt action rifle that sets new standards in terms of safety, ergonomics and handling. A gun for modern-day hunting. This concept now has a name.

Helix Carbon: straight-pull bolt action rifle with carbon stock. Here: with classic barrel.




Helix carbon with carbon barrel

HELIX CARBON The use of carbon, the stuff of diamonds, in hunting guns is a subject of intense fascination. For the first time, a rifle series has been produced with stocks made from carbon fibre and a carbon-coated barrel. Up to 300 grams of weight are saved, with excellent recoil compensation thanks to the high levels of elasticity on the indestructible high-tech material.

CARBON BARREL The optional reduced-weight HELIX barrel is also new. Five layers of carbon laminate are applied to the steel under the exclusion of air. This results in a lighter barrel with low-vibration shooting and absolutely identical heat dissipation properties.

Merkel Helix Carbon  

Merkel Helix Carbon

Merkel Helix Carbon  

Merkel Helix Carbon