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Business Meeting


October 23, 2012

The School Board of the Center for Advanced Learning conducted a Business Meeting at the Center for Advanced Learning on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 starting at 4:30 p.m. Board Members Present: Robert Fowler, Chair Sam Breyer Linda Florence Michael Hay Jim Schlachter

Business Representative Superintendent, Centennial SD Superintendent, Reynolds SD President, Mt. Hood Community College Superintendent, Gresham-Barlow SD

Staff Present: Carol Egan Jerry Jones

Director Treasurer / Fiscal Agent

Visitors: 0 Media: 0 School Board Chair, Robert Fowler called the Business Meeting to order at 4:39 p.m. Motion 13-07 – Meeting Agenda It was moved by Robert Fowler, seconded by Linda Florence and carried 5 to 0 to approve the meeting agenda with the following change: moving Action Item A2 to C. Robert Fowler opened the meeting for public participation and comments at 4:42 p.m. Being there were no members of the public present public participation was closed. Michael Hays reported that the Governor and state representatives visited MHCC and reviewed their machinest lab, during his visit he commented that he likes what charter schools like CAL are doing.

School Board  Business  Meeting  

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BOARD COMMUNICATION Individual Board Member comments

October 23,  2012  

Director Carol Egan reported on the following: • The vandalism in the parking lot has been dramatically reduced. She recognized the Gresham Police Department and TriMet for their help. She reported that security cameras are up and operating. •

Over the last few weeks she has met with ACE to clarify course offerings. She has also met with representatives from the partnering high schools to discuss student enrollment, recruitment and scheduling issues.

The federal government is offering a grant to community colleges and high school students on cyber security, CAL maybe interested in pursuing the grant and feels this is a great opportunity to enhance their technology program.

October 25th is Gresham-Barlow’s Annual Principal for a Day program; CAL is excited to welcome Alison Hart, CEO of Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce. She gave a brief overview of what her day will look like at CAL.

Students from the digital media department went to MetroEast and performed “pitch” presentations in front of three judges.

Students from health sciences to start their clinical rotations next week. The students will visit elders at home and in care facilities.

Director’s Comments

DISCUSSION ITEMS Board Membership/ Vacancy

Director Carol Egan updated the board on the search for new board members to fill current vacancies. She currently has two candidates who are very interested in the positions and would like to conduct interviews at the November board meeting. Jim Schlachter recommended the board changed the way it has done CAL director evaluations and set up something similar to what ACE is doing. He would feel more comfortable having the evaluation process overseen by one of the partnering district’s Human Resources Department. Board Chair, Robert Fowler, suggested Centennial School District, Sam Breyer will take the suggestion to his cabinet for discussion and will revisit the topic at the next board meeting. Director Carol Egan updated the board on the common core alignment. Her goal is to align their practice with common core, MHCC for college credits and current standards for informative, explanatory and argumentative writing. They will also examine the core standards around speaking and presenting as it relates to preparing students for the senior capstone. School Board  Business  Meeting  

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Director’s Evaluation

Common Core Alignment

October 23,  2012  

Jerry Jones provided the board with a financial update. He noted that the ending fund balance will be brought down due to the need for more staff members and that lower then projected enrollment resulted in a drop in state funding calculations. He also stated that at future meetings he would provide an update on the Mount Hood Cable Regulatory Commission Grant funds.

Financial Report

The following item(s) were included in the consent agenda: 1. Approval of Board Meeting Minutes, September 25, 2012


Motion 13-08 – Consent Agenda It was moved by Jim Schlachter, Sam Breyer seconded and the motion carried 5 to 0 to approve the consent agenda. Motion 13-09 – Enrollment & Recruitment Charter Director Carol Egan presented to the board for first reading the goals and objectives she would like see result from implementing an enrollment and recruitment charter. The charter is designed to create structure and help to identify what is lacking and what goals need to be set for the coming years. It was moved by Linda Florence, seconded by Jim Schlachter and carried 5 to 0 supporting Director Carol Egan on moving forward with an enrollment and recruitment charter. Motion 13-10 – Routine Personnel Matters It was moved by Sam Breyer, seconded by Michael Hays and carried 5 to 0 to approve the extra duty contract for Barb Meyers, associated with additional work resulting from the Mount Hood Cable Regulatory Commission Grant. November 27, 2012 Board Meeting – 4:30 p.m. Center for Advanced Learning Partnership Room There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:57 p.m.



Michelle Hobbs, Recording Secretary ____________________________________ Robert Fowler, Chair

School Board  Business  Meeting  

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October 23,  2012