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Surgical Equipment Market - Analysis, Growth, Industry Overview, Global Share, Size, Trends Opportunities and Forecast 2012 – 2020 Surgical equipment and tools have come across evolution over the last decade owing to their ability of minimizing medical trauma, making procedures safer, and ensuring shorten recovery time. This is the reason why the demand for global surgical equipment is soaring high. Increasing aging population will result in significant growth in the demand of surgical services for ageing-related diseases. Older people are more susceptible to chronic and degenerative diseases (60-75% cases), which is why they occupy a majority of patients undergoing surgical procedures. Besides this, rising number of hospitals performing surgeries, continuous need of surgical instruments by hospitals, and high healthcare expenditure are the key drivers of this market. Over 50 million in-patient surgical procedures are conducted in the U.S. alone. Even, rising use of minimally invasive techniques in surgeries, improvement in healthcare services, reduced accessibility barriers, and high patient affordability would continue to drive this market. However, the concern with surgical equipment lies in the unavailability of an accurate and precise test to measure the suitability of reusable surgical instruments. This is the reason why sanitation of such instruments - before their return use into the incision activity - is highly recommended. Quality assurance is one major issue for surgical device manufacturers, which has led to relatively lower usage of reusable surgical equipment. Besides this, specialized technical expertise - pertaining to approvals and patents – escalate the cost and time to market any new product, which may serve as restraints for this market. Although regulatory issues exist, companies are focusing to make the most of this market owing to its expected exponential growth and already high demand. Get Full Access On: The global surgical equipment market is segmented into markets by products, types and geography. The surgical equipment product market is segmented into scalpel blades, saw blades, wecprep blades, saws, and scalpels. Surgical equipments are of two types, namely disposable and reusable. On the basis of geography, this market is segmented into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and RoW. Market attractiveness analysis, compares various products and surgical equipment types within their respective markets along with factors responsible for the most attractive market. Market attractiveness analysis for the most attractive geographical region worldwide is also considered and has detailed study of factors responsible for rapid growth in the regions. Various economic factors which are significant in

determining market trend, buying decisions and market attractiveness had been analyzed for market estimation and forecasting. Detailed elaboration of drivers, restraints and opportunities in the report will enable in strategic decision making with perceptive to identify potential market. In addition to this, the study also discusses various environmental and regulatory factors critical for the market growth. Thus, estimation of market numbers, with due consideration to all these factors has helped in enhancing the scope of the report. This analysis will support stakeholders such as manufacturers and distributers in identifying and capturing markets with high potential. Historical data is provided for 2011, 2012 whereas forecast is available through 2020 in terms of revenue ($million) for each and every segments. The global surgical equipment market is categorized into the following segments: Products • Scalpel blades • Saw blades • WecPrep blades • Saws • Scalpels •

Types • •

Disposable Reusable

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