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Your Child, Their Journey, Our Focus Feb 2018 Issue 154 eh’s only monthly magazine

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10/01/2018 10:00:08

Win with ‘Guess the Eatery’ • Valentine’s Gifts that delight We review Gurkha Square • What’s On and much more…



WINTER GREEN FEES 1ST NOVEMBER - 28TH FEBRUARY North Hants was established in 1904 and is widely recognised as one of the South East’s very best heathland courses. We offer a friendly and warm reception to all golfers who visit the club and are confident our superbly presented golf course and excellent clubhouse facilities combined with our friendly professional and clubhouse staff will ensure your visit to North Hants is a memorable one. Why not come and experience for yourself what North Hants can offer?

For all enquiries please contact Katie Fewster on 01252 616443 or

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8 Restaurant Reviews


25 | We review the new Gurkha Square



Feb 2018


Every Month

8 | Guess the Eatery Win a £25 voucher to spend at this winning restaurant!

6 | Words from a Tiny Room

4 | Editor’s Note

10 | A comprehensive ENT service for children and adults

22 | What’s On

26 | Guess the Eatery January reveal

14 | Rosie’s Good Reads

Special offers 15 | Ovenclean Valentine’s Offer

19 | Creative Blinds and Shutters 20% off 24 | Gurkha Square 10% off*

13 | Care Matters: Talking About Care

26 | Elvetham Heath Parish Council 28 | Local Health & Fitness Classes in Fleet

16 | Decided to go Solo? You’re not Alone!

29 | Useful Numbers

18 | ehd meets…

33 | Elvetham Heath Primary School News

21 | Tenant Fee Ban - coming soon! 33 | Rebranding or Why I’m Doing what I “Shouldn’t” 35 | How to buy a Valentine’s Gift that delights

30/31 | Church on the Heath

36 | The Harlington Timetable 38 | The Key Centre 40-43 | Local Groups, Clubs and Societies 44 | Community Notice Board 46 | Index of Advertisers ehd February 2018 | 3

Hello... ...and welcome to the February issue of the ehd.

With Valentine’s Day approaching it got me thinking about love and what it actually means. Not just in the context of partnerships but also with the people around us; our children, our friends and our community.

Our March issue will be delivered to you late February. If you would like to have something included, please let us have the details by Friday 2nd February.

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4 | ehd February 2018



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Issue 82

This Month..

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exercised � Not for a while? to exercise or injury? how � Unsure medical condition with a or mainstream like gyms � Don’t classes? and fitness health exercise aged personalised and women to We offer for men are ready over who change through programmes old or lifestyle physical therapy. althandfitne 40 years positive make a nutrition and/or m richard@rshe exercise, magazine


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� Not exercised for a while? � Unsure how to exercise with a medical condition � Don’t like or injury? gyms or mainstream exercise classes? We offer personalised programmes health and fitness for men 40 years old or over and women aged who are ready make a positive to lifestyle change exercise, nutrition and/or physicalthrough therapy.

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March copy deadline: 2nd February 2018

Have a great month.

It doesn’t take much to show someone you love them, and it’s the thoughts and efforts that go a long way. Random acts of kindness, however small, have the power to at the very least put

a small smile on someone’s face. In the US they will be celebrating Random Acts of Kindness day on 17th February, which could serve as inspiration to us all? So even if you don’t have a special someone in February perhaps you could have a go at extending some love.

richard@rshealtha Jan 2018 Issue 153 eh’s only monthly magazine New Year

This Month...

– New You • Offers What’s On • New competition • ehd meets… ‘Guess the Eatery’

bigmagazineco. little celebrating 10 years at the heart of your community @HartCouncil

Search for Radio Woking on google to listen. Drop me a note during the show for a shout out @royallaway @radiowoking; live every Tuesday at 8pm.

Steve Forster - Councillor @cllrstevef

A successful businessman, Steve now seems to genuinely want to make Fleet a better place. There are specific radio rules about talking about politics so we didn’t. We did talk about a great charity @FleetPhoenix and improving facilities for young people was on Steve’s ‘list’ as well as buses, roads, planning & houses. I also asked him what we can do about the ugly entry into Fleet from Norris Hill Road around Velmead. It was already on his list! As a self confessed petrol head from age 15, Steve has embraced modern electric vehicles but still swoons about that Lamborghini Countach from the 80s! Steve is one of those ‘Elite Facebookers’ as I call them, where every post or comment is backed up by reasoned thought and evidence and / or links on

Words from a Tiny Room said subject (or more usually argument!). And Steve gave one of the best descriptions of his favourite songs, saying that ‘Jardin D’Iver’ by Kerry Ann “Slides down your ears”. To be fair; it does!

Maggie Howell

A very healthy show to start the year. Firstly, lovely Maggie talked about the antiinflammatory and brain helping properties of turmeric (or tumeric as I remember it). When taken the right way it can be absorbed across the brain barrier and helps remove synapse blocking detritus. Widely used in India, they have much lower levels of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Maggie created an instant drink by experimenting on her 5 boys, well 6 including supportive husband Phil. The real key to her success was that she set a date when she was going to pitch her new product to Holland & Barrett at an exhibition in London. She won and from there she now has Turmerlicious (latte with no caffeine or dairy, in 4 flavours Choco, Chilli Choc, Ginger or my fave Vanilla) in over 150 stores, including Holland & Barrett, and is No. 1, 2 and 3 in coffee alternatives on Amazon. Give it a try, or maybe you have already, turmeric was in the Top 10 for Google searches in 2016.

Maggie is still one of the foremost authorities on natal hypnotherapy and her courses are available @natalhypno. Her own birthing experience using the techniques were very positive and she’s helped over a quarter of a million births. She grew up in Nairobi and has lived in Tokyo and California, has a Danish Mum (with lovely bacon) and loves dancing, namely Lindy Hop and Ceroc and became a vegan this year. You do not need meat to get the protein you need. Animals eat plants! Her brood can have meat but they have to cook it! However, they are mostly supportive and who wouldn’t benefit from a properly cooked plant based diet?

Sponsored by life insurance company Hart Securus Ltd. Voted ‘Best insurance brokerage run by a very small man 2018’. Contact us for a free health risk assessment. 01252 931 444. Hart Securus Ltd are an appointed representative of The Right Mortgage Limited, which is authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority

ehd February 2018 | 7

Welcome to our new monthly competition for 2018. The answers can be found right here in Fleet!

Guess the Eatery

Each month we’ll show you a photo of a table setting in a Fleet pub or restaurant. All you have to do is ‘Guess the Eatery’ to be in with a chance of winning. If the venue doesn’t immediately look familiar, search for clues on the table, in the decor or even in the signature dish if shown. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch and tell us which Fleet pub/ restaurant this is.

T h is m o n t h yo u c a n w i n a £ 25 vo u c h e r* t o s p e n d i n t h is l o c a l e a t e r y *The prize is a voucher worth £25 to spend in the eatery featured. The winner will be drawn at random from all the correct entries. This voucher is valid until 31st March 18 and entitles the winner to food and/or drinks to the value of £25. Terms and Conditions apply. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

If you know in which restaurant the above picture was taken, then enter our competition with the restaurant name in the subject line by emailing your answer to Closing date is 19th February 18 when the winner will be notified and announced on our facebook page The restaurant will be revealed in our March 18 issue.

No more mowing, No more mud, No more hassle!

8 | ehd February 2018

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02/11/2017 09:58

A comprehensive ENT service for children and adults James Mitchell is a Consultant ENT surgeon offering a comprehensive adult and children’s ENT service. He was trained at London hospitals including Great Ormond Street Hospital. Hearing loss in children may have clear correctable causes such as glue ear, infection or impacted wax. Sometimes the cause is less clear and may be present from birth. Signs of potential hearing loss include; turning the TV volume up loud, answering questions incorrectly or not replying, and complaining of pain or noise in the ear. Glue ear is a common cause of hearing loss in children usually occurring in the winter or after catching a ‘cold’, often settling without treatment. Prolonged glue ear however, can affect a child’s hearing, learning, balance and behaviour. A simple day case procedure to drain the fluid and place tubes (known as grommets) in the eardrum will remedy the problem. Ear infections are extremely common in children. Up to 70% of 3 years olds will have had at least one significant ear infection. Most middle ear infections resolve without treatment or use of simple analgesics. Repeated infections may cause hearing loss and

Problems with the ears, nose and throat can cause pain and misery for children, anxiety for their parents, disrupt their school studies over months and even lead to poor exam results with potential to impact on future prospects. Many of these problems can be remedied by an ENT expert expeditiously. grommets and adenoid removal may help reduce the number and severity of these infections. Repeated smelly ear discharge can be a sign of an uncommon serious condition of ingrowing skin of the eardrum (known as Cholesteatoma). This is a serious condition, which if left untreated, can lead to permanent damage to the delicate ear structures. A runny and blocked nose with mouth breathing may be a sign of allergic rhinitis or enlarged adenoids. Less common causes include structural changes following injury, polyps and foreign bodies in the nose. An ENT specialist is the most suitably qualified person to evaluate the blocked nose if treatment initiated by your GP doesn’t seem to help. Tonsils are glands of the immune system situated at the back of the throat. They tend to grow in size up to the age of six years. After this age, the throat grows quicker than the tonsils, so effectively the tonsils become

smaller. Children suffer with two tonsil problems; tonsillitis and blockage of breathing in sleep. Recurrent tonsillitis causes pain and misery for children. Enlarged tonsils and adenoids can also block the upper airway breathing when the throat muscles are relaxed during sleep. Snoring with pauses in breathing and gasps or laboured breathing, awakening and daytime tiredness or hyperactivity can be signs of sleep apnoea. The quality of sleep is effectively as if someone is waking the child every few minutes. Removal of the tonsils and adenoids is almost always curative.

James provides a Saturday service to ease work and school commitments and can normally offer an appointment within 72 hours. Please call 01252 895490.

Children’s services Our team of expert paediatric consultants offer a paediatric surgery service for children aged three and over plus out-patient appointments from birth. We provide a wide range of treatments in the comfort of a private hospital environment. We are able to provide treatment for both privately insured and self-funding patients, and a GP referral letter is not always necessary.

Our children’s services include: • Allergy investigations • Dermatology

• Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) • Orthopaedics

• General paediatrics • Paediatric general surgery

• Plastics and Cosmetic surgery • Maxillofacial

For more more information, information, please please ask call at reception For reception

01252 895 490

ehd February 2018 | 11

Home owners often ask us how they can make the most of their home. Home owners often ask Today we look at us how they can make the conservatories and the most of their home. highly rated e e owners often ask Guardian™ roof. we look at w they can Today make the conservatories and the st of their home. highly rated day we look at Guardian™ roof. ervatories and the highly rated uardian™ roof.


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ANSWER It's all down to the heat loss through your conservatory roof. You can fit blinds but the best solution is to replace the roof with a lightweight, fully insulated Guardian™ roof. It will also help to keep your conservatory comfortable during summer.

Home owners often ask us how they can make the most of their home. Today we look at conservatories and the highly rated Guardian™ roof.

Want the look of a traditional timber window frame with all the advantages of PVCu? The Liniar flush sash window was developed for the more traditional property where the sash needed to be fitted flush into the frame – and which, with foiling, could look just like a timber window.

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When should you start talking about care needs? If you’ve noticed anything from a drop in personal hygiene to recurring forgetfulness or even weight loss, then it’s probably a good idea to think about bringing up the subject of care with your loved one. There’s no ‘best’ time to do it but bear in mind some basic points to help: • Try to chat to someone in the morning when they are likely to be most alert. • Try to create a nice relaxed atmosphere so that things feel very comfortable and normal. • Above all, you need to try to remove the confrontational aspect of ‘you need help’.

What sort of thing you should say Remember that care can be a sensitive subject. Some people will really not like admitting that they need extra help and will have many anxieties around the topic. Reassurance is so important so talk about care positively and focus on all the benefits that having some extra help would bring. For example: • Wouldn’t it be great not to have to worry about the cleaning/chores etc? • You could get out and about a bit more and see your friends. Try not to use closed questions. So rather than ‘do you think you need some extra help or care?’ instead ask what would it feel like to have a little help around the house? Talking to

Care Matters

Talking About Care Care for the elderly is constantly in the news, but it’s a topic we often find hard to talk about with the people for whom it really matters - our elderly loved ones. People need care for all sorts of reasons, from support with

everyday tasks to more advanced requirements such as dementia. But how do you begin the conversation?

people in this open manner encourages them to be more open and accepting in return.

What not to say Your loved one may see their situation very differently to you for a whole host of reasons. Don’t try to convince them otherwise. Instead try imagining the world through their eyes. It will help you to communicate effectively and sympathetically. Never use accusatory or negative language. Avoid phrases like: ‘You can’t cope anymore’, ‘You are causing me stress’, ‘If you don’t sort something out you will have to go into care’ as this is likely to cause feelings of fear, anxiety and guilt. Also, don’t talk “about” your loved one in front of them however innocent your intentions. They may understand every word that is being said, but struggle

to articulate their own wishes. Another important topic is choice of care and we’ll be discussing how to talk about the available options next month.

Leaders in live-in care Promedica24 is Europe’s largest, dedicated provider of live-in care, offering a genuine and affordable alternative to a residential care home. If you would like to have an informal chat about live-in care, please get in touch with Leigh Slocombe, our local regional partner. 0118 315 1257 0790 5778212

Rosie’s Good Reads The Lady’s Slipper by Deborah Swift is post English civil war historical fiction. Alice Ibbetson is an artist and keen horticulturalist. A rare orchid had been discovered in a nearby wood and Alice has plans to cultivate the seeds and save it from extinction. But the plant causes an avalanche of bad luck for Alice, culminating in her wrongful imprisonment for a different crime.

Three Hours Past Midnight by Tony Knighton is hard boiled crime fiction set in Philadelphia. It’s highly atmospheric without being wordy or overly-descriptive. Telling the story through the eyes of the violent thief anti-hero. Gripping, sharp, not too long, with excellently observed dialogue and convincing secondary characters.

Jonah by Carl Rackman is a WW2 naval thriller. Mitch “Lucky” Kirkham, is a gunner who seems fated to survive when others around him die. His peers insist that Mitch is a Jonah (they believe he is bringing them bad luck or worse and want to throw him overboard), this book is gripping and atmospheric, ideal for anybody who enjoys a ripping good read.

Confessions Of A Pirate Ghost by Jo-Ann Carson is a paranormal romance and a quick read at just sixty-seven pages. Taking a swim at night in the cold North-West Pacific wouldn’t have been Harley Davis’ first choice, but the art forger was in a spot of hot trouble, and it was a means of escaping a mobster. 

Ruby Slips and Poker Chips by Heather Kindt is a romantic comedy and modern-day version of The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz. This book is filled with plenty of teasers to delight the reader. Dottie Gale is a teacher in Quandary Elementary, Kansas. When a tornado blew through town, she swore it dropped off Maxine Westward, the new Headmistress.

For more book reviews

Rosie blogs at With a new Book Club resource. Twitter @rosieamber1

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ehd February 2018 | 15

The first working Monday of January, dubbed “divorce Monday” by many, sees huge numbers of couples end their marriages. It seems many couples wait until after the seasonal holidays before initiating a separation and we see a surge in queries from spouses planning to break up. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimate that 42 per cent of all marriages end in divorce with around half of these divorces expected to occur in the first ten years of marriage. The most recent data on marriage breakups shows that 106,959 divorces of opposite-sex couples were granted in England and Wales in 2016 and 112 divorces of same-sex couples. The comparatively low divorce rate of same-sex couples can be put down to the fact that they only account for around 0.2 per cent of the population and have only recently been possible in England and Wales with the first same-sex marriages taking place on 29th March 2014.

Decided to go solo? You’re not alone! those require a period of separation of at least two years: desertion of two years or more; separation of two years with both parties agreeing to the divorce; or, five years’ separation. If a spouse does not wish to wait for two years, and understandably many do not, the only other options available is to claim that the other spouse has committed adultery (which is often not applicable) or, behaved in such an unreasonable way that the other cannot be expected to live with them.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the ONS claims that unreasonable behaviour is by far the most common fact used for both opposite-sex and same-sex couples when seeking a divorce. This is certainly true from our experience where, even in cases of adultery, it is not uncommon for the party who has been unfaithful to file a divorce petition citing their spouse’s unreasonable behavior, blaming them for the fact that they have committed adultery.

So, what are we likely to tell you during an initial divorce enquiry? Well, we regularly see clients who want to divorce because they have simply grown apart from their spouse. Sadly, these clients are very often faced with the reality that unless they wait 2 years in order to obtain a divorce they will be required to blame the other.

Earlier this year the media widely reported on the Court of Appeal case involving Tini Owens, who sought to overturn an earlier court decision refusing her application to divorce her husband, Hugh Owens. The petition cited his unreasonable behavior but the judge found “no behaviour that the wife cannot reasonably be expected to live with the husband”. The application to appeal the decision was refused as the law had been applied correctly and, for the time being, Mrs Owens remains married!

This is because, since 1971, the only ground for a divorce is the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. The person seeking a divorce must show that the marriage has broken down irretrievably by claiming one of five facts. Three of

In reality, most divorcing couples won’t find themselves in the same position as Mrs Owens. Certainly, the pressure being placed on the Government by legal professionals to change the law and allow “no fault” divorce is increasing and it

16 | ehd February 2018

seems that change could be afoot. The President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, denounced the current law as “based on hypocrisy and lack of intellectual honesty”. That being said, change takes time (particularly in the law) and statistically speaking, those clients that wish to obtain a divorce will be citing their spouse’s unreasonable behavior for the foreseeable future. Family lawyers must therefore continue with the fine art of preparing a “behaviour petition” in a relatively mild way that will not upset the receiving spouse but is still sufficient for a judge to legitimately grant a divorce. At Neale Turk LLP, we are committed to the constructive and efficient resolution of family disputes. We are members of Resolution, an organisation of 6,500 family lawyers and other professionals in England and Wales, who subscribe to a Code of Practice which is geared towards encouraging a constructive and non-confrontational approach in all family matters. When preparing a “behaviour petition”, we will always attempt to agree the contents with a client’s spouse. This usually paves the way for cooperation and sets a positive and practical tone when resolving any remaining issues such as matters regarding finances and children. Look out for our next article: The Common Law Spouse: Fact or Fiction?

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New Year – richard@r Jan 2018 shealthan Issue 153 dfitness.n eh’s only et monthly magazine New Year – New

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ehd February 2018 | 17

ehd meets...

Denny Davies, Musical Director of Elvetham Community Choir with an eclectic love of musical genres and big plans to hold a 2018 flash mob! Hi Denny, thank you for taking time to chat to ehd meets. Please tell us a bit about who you are and what you do? I am the Musical Director of Elvetham Community Choir in Fleet. I have been involved in music all my life, having been brought up in a very musical family. In my working career I have been Head of Music in four different schools and now have my own private piano practice and teach piano in schools. I sing in three other choirs and guest conduct when the opportunity arises. How did you come to be the musical director of the choir? I first came upon the Elvetham Choir as an accompanist and took over as MD five years ago. Has running a choir always been something you wanted to do? I have run many choirs over my career, but ECC is my first Community Choir. Everyone is welcome, no auditions - just a willingness to sing and have fun. It is such a great job! What are the biggest challenges of running a choir? There are a few challenges in running a choir like ECC. You need to recognise and manage the expectations of the choir in 18 | ehd February 2018

terms of learning new music: when it’s important to push on and when it’s time to go with the flow. It’s also challenging to find music that’s at the right level - not so hard that it will put people off yet still requiring learning and progress.

thrown in for good measure.

What’s your biggest achievement since being in post? My biggest buzz is probably when we have tackled something really hard over several weeks and it suddenly slips into place. The look of stunned delight on everyone’s faces is worth all the struggle!

community events on Elvetham

A pretty eclectic mix really! Where can the people of Fleet see you singing in 2018? 2018 should see us singing in The Hart Centre, Elvetham Church for our annual Spring Soirée and, hopefully, some Heath. Check out our Facebook page for more details. Any big plans for the choir for the year ahead? We are hoping to do a flash mob at some point this year watch this space!

Who is the choir aimed at? What sort of people can and should join a choir? ECC is aimed at anybody who wants to sing as part of a group. We are a friendly bunch, often having social time as well as rehearsals. You don’t need to be able to read music - just be willing to come along to rehearsals and take part in performances both large and small.

What do you like about Fleet?

What’s your favourite genre/ song/style of music to direct the choir to sing? My favourite styles of music cover show songs and jazz standards with a liberal smattering of pop and classical

dreams and that everything

I’m a regular visitor to the town because I enjoy the great mix of shops, in particular the local individual businesses that thrive there. It’s also a good place to meet with friends for food or a drink - there’s such a variety of options on offer! What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given? The best piece of advice I have been given is to follow my is possible.

Interview by Emily Gregory of Baby Love Photography,


2 0 2 OF0% O F% FF

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Tenant Fee Ban - coming soon! On the 1st of November 2017 the Government introduced the Draft Tenant Fees Bill to Parliament. As a member of ARLA, The Association of Residential Lettings Agents, Honey Lettings keep up to date with the latest rules and regulations regarding the residential lettings market. The discussions regarding banning of fees to tenants have been going on for some time and we now have the detail of the proposal. As you may have read in the press, Landlords and Letting agents are seen as racketeers who charge unfair levels of rent and fees. This view, propagated by the media, along with high rents particularly in the London area have lead the Government into taking action. The proposed action will affect the way that the market operates and the way that the management of renting a property is financed. At present tenant’s, on acceptance by the landlord, pay an up front fee to process their credit and referencing checks. With Honey Lettings this charge is also used as a commitment to rent the property. The tenant is also charged for half of the Inventory costs and half the cost of renewing a tenancy. All of these charges will not be allowed under the new proposals. It is proposed that a potential tenant pays a refundable holding deposit of one week’s rent that would be returned unless false information is supplied or the tenant withdraws their application. This new bill may take at least 9 months to work it’s way through parliament and the indication is that the bill is likely to be passed as both major parties support change. Similar changes, including the banning of fees to tenants, have already been implemented in Scotland. The Government are also looking to crack down on rogue landlords and agents and financially encouraging local authorities to check that the rules are being kept. Unlike the current system where fines to landlords and agents are paid directly to the central coffers the new system will allow the local authority to keep the fines. With all changes to regulations we endeavour to be up to date at Honey Lettings and fully compliant. We are already implementing changes to take into account the new legislation and would be happy to advise how you can do the same.

A specialist letting agent like ourselves at Honey Lettings can advise you on issues like this. A tenancy agreement between the landlord and tenant will incorporate who is responsible for what, and should clearly explain the obligations of each party.

& 01252 622052 LETTINGS


What's on in Let us know of any events you would like to publicise, listings are FREE for non-profit organisations 2 February | Hype Disco at The Harlington (children aged 11-16) 7.30 – 11pm is organised by volunteers and is a safe and fun event for teenagers. Tickets from Serendipity, 295 Fleet Road, 10am to 5pm, 7 days a week 3 February | Fleet Weekly Market at Gurkha Square car park, Fleet. Every Saturday morning, 9am – 2pm. Fruit and veg, bread, meat, fish, plants, household goods, flowers and much more. 3 February | Live Music at The Falkners Arms, Ancells Farm 9pm – midnight, Vintage Sound Collective are playing Funk/Soul/Disco. 10 February | Fleet Weekly Market at Gurkha Square car park, Fleet. Every Saturday morning, 9am – 2pm. Fruit and veg, bread, meat, fish, plants, household goods, flowers and much more. 10 February | Elvetham Heath Market at The Key, Elvetham Heath 10am – 1.30pm. 10 February | The Band of the Hampshire Constabulary Charity Concert in aid of Phyllis

Tuckwell Hospice. 7.30pm at the Church on the Heath, The Keys, Elvetham Heath, Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 1HA. Back again by popular request – The Hampshire Constabulary Band (with Director of Music Major Pete Curtis) performing their special brand of popular band music. Tickets (£12) are now on sale from the Hospice Shop in Fleet, by calling 01252 683540 / 01252 684456 or book online at 10 February | Live Music at The Falkners Arms, Ancells Farm 9pm – midnight, FunkLine are playing Funk/ Soul. 15 February | Fleet Flower Club Demonstration by Graham King – “Experimental” at Crookham Memorial Hall, Sandy Lane, Church Crookham. Doors open at 7.15pm for an 8.00pm start. Visitors welcome; £6 on the door. 17 February | Fleet Weekly Market at Gurkha Square car park, Fleet. Every Saturday morning, 9am – 2pm. Fruit and veg, bread, meat, fish, plants, household goods, flowers and much more. 17 February | The Pelly Concert Orchestra Family Concert at Church on the Heath, Elvetham Heath, Fleet, GU51 1HA, 4 – 5pm. The



programme is to include: Star Wars Theme, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic Park, Bob the Builder… and more. All tickets are £5 – babes in arms, free. Tickets can be bought on the door or reserved on 0345 269 4619 or email For more information and to buy tickets online visit 17 February | Live Music at The Falkners Arms, Ancells Farm 9pm – midnight, Groove Republic are playing Soul/Funk. 24 February | Fleet Weekly Market at Gurkha Square car park, Fleet. Every Saturday morning, 9am – 2pm. Fruit and veg, bread, meat, fish, plants, household goods, flowers and much more. 24 February | Live Music at The Falkners Arms, Ancells Farm 9pm – midnight, Groove Republic are playing Soul/Funk. 24 February | Live Music at The Falkners Arms, Ancells Farm 9pm – midnight, The Lee Aaron Band are playing Indie Pop/Rock.

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ehd February 2018 | 23

Restaurant Review

The Gurkha Square The Gurkha Square on Fleet Road is under new ownership and management with a new chef and a menu change and since the handover on 13th October last year, the restaurant is quickly rising to become one of the most popular in town. The interior is intimate and simple – crisp white linen tablecloths, a few authentic Nepalese paintings on the walls – but it’s the aromas from the kitchen which are attention grabbing and you know this restaurant is all about the food. We visited on 2nd January expecting to be the only diners – besides, January is a month synonymous with lulls for restaurants when people are committed to New Year’s resolutions of spending less and eating healthier – but the restaurant was impressively lively which gave us an inkling we were in for a treat. Staff were attentive and knowledgeable. New management, along with 24 | ehd February 2018

the chef, met while working together for an international 5* hotel chain and have a wealth of industry experience, technical knowledge and passion between them. They are able to talk through the new menu extensively (65% of the old menu has been retained) and are keen to talk about the new fusion dishes created by their talented Nepalese chef. The Nepali Shank has apparently proved so popular it’s earning itself a reputation locally and with the chef cleverly combining unexpected ingredients such as North African Harissa in the dish, it’s easy to see why. The interesting and varied menu is superb value for money and has enough to attract vegetarians as well as a complimentary children’s menu for under 5’s. My dining companion has some food intolerances and an

impressive, fully comprehensive breakdown of all the dishes and their ingredients was swiftly presented. So, after a pile of fresh, warm poppadoms with chutneys we were ready to choose our dishes. I started with a generous portion of Vegetable Spring Rolls with Tamarind Ketchup which were perfectly crispy and fragrant. My friend had Bhuteko Jhingey – a starter recommended by the staff. A huge bowl of shrimp arrived cooked in a spicy tomato and onion sauce and served with a rhubarb chutney. Declared ‘delicious’ on first taste, the rhubarb chutney is a perfect example of how the Gurkha Square chef is giving his dishes a clever twist. I opted for the Gurkha Special Sizzler as a main course – halloumi grilled over coals and served with chilli flakes and

sizzling onions, peppers and tomatoes. This fusion dish was inspired by the chef’s time in Cyprus. The cheese was meaty and packed full of flavour a plate which was very easy to finish. My friend had Bhasker Chicken cooked with kaffir lime leaves and chilli in a cream sauce. The chicken melted in the mouth and the

sauce was deliciously sweet and subtly fragrant. The superb wine menu at the Gurkha Square highlights the collective knowledge of the team gained while working around the world. My friend had a glass of Gewürztraminer, a wine more typically enjoyed as a dessert wine in her native Germany, but recommended here to accompany her curry and it worked beautifully, much to her surprise. Our meal was completed with a heavenly, palette cooling

dessert of Pancha Amrit – a yoghurt with maple syrup, saffron, cream, orange, sugar and scattered with nuts. It’s easy to see why the Gurkha Square is gaining such a following serving fresh, clearly differentiated dishes with a clever twist. What a culinary gem right here in the heart of Fleet.

Reader Offer

10% Discount* with this voucher.

(*Food only. T&C’s apply)

Guess the Eatery Reveal: Gurkha Square

Authentic Nepalese & Fusion We are looking forward to welcoming you! 10% Discount on collection. Free delivery within 5 miles radius minimum order £20.00

GURKHA SQUARE Taste of Ghurkas

Nepalese Cuisine

T 01252 810286 / 01252 626552 327 Fleet Rd, Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 3BU

We are open 6 days a week, 6 - 10.30pm & closed on Mondays ehd February 2018 | 25

Tel: 01252 819204 Email:

Elvetham Heath Market

Elvetham Heath Market returns to The Key this month on Saturday 10th February from 10am. Dates for the rest of the year are on the enclosed postcard and on our website.

Get fit in 2018

With 3 courts available for tennis during the day or floodlit in the evening and available to book for netball, you can keep those New Year fitness resolutions going right here on Elvetham Heath. Young at Hart & Townswomen’s Guild tennis groups meet weekly and are always looking for new members and there are regular netball groups with new players always welcome. Fitness classes from aerobics to Zumba run throughout the week in the Key Centre. For more information check our website.

Elvetham Chase / Pale Lane Farm planning application

We are awaiting a date for this application to go to Hart District Council’s planning committee. Hart District Council officers are drafting a report which is a long process, given the size and complexity of the application. For latest updates check our website or go to

26 | ehd February 2018

Are you passionate about your local community? Local elections take place in May 2018 when the 7 positions on Elvetham Heath Parish Council will be up for election so please consider getting involved. More information will be available on our website or you can contact the office or one of the current parish council members to find out more.

Clear Thinking Family Law

At Watson Thomas our approach is simple. We offer clear, expert advice in family law, all at a fixed or capped price. We understand that during a difficult time, you need a clear way forward. That is why at Watson Thomas we offer: Expert and specialist advice

Our Services Include:

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Collaborative Law




Approachable solicitors who work with you to find a specific solution to your problem in the most cost effective and conciliatory manner possible

For a free initial appointment, however long it takes, call 01252 622422 or email

Watson Thomas Solicitors

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Local Health & Fitness Classes

To list your class in both ehd & Fleet Life for just £8 per month email Class Name

Day Time



Contact Details

Fitness Free Power Mon 9.30 - 10.30am Departs from Oakley Andrea Bremner Walking class Park on Albany Road

01252 614332 or

Ladies Dance Fitness

Ancells Farm Community Centre Tina Robinson or 01252 614639

Ballet Tone Wed 7.30pm

All Saints Junior School, Danielle Knight Fleet and 07896 603805

DDMIX Dance Wed 8.15pm Fitness Class

All Saints Junior School, Danielle Knight Fleet and 07896 603805

Tue 8pm

Children Street Dance for Thu 5.30 - 6.15pm Crookham over 11’s to 18yrs Memorial Hall

Tina Robinson or 01252 614639

Drama and Sat 9.15am Crookham Park Lauren Dinnick Musical Theatre class (4yrs to 18yrs) or 01252 614639

Dance Ceroc Modern Thu 8pm The Harlington, Fleet Julie Manning Jive Beginners and Intermediates followed by social dancing or

Health and Nutrition Herbalife Nutrition Tue 7.30 - 8.30pm The Wellness Studio, Karen Hobday Free Taster Tuesday Crookham Road & Stephen Slater and 07737 780891 or 01252 5676956

Tai Chi Jing Sung Tai Chi Mon 6 - 7pm St Philip and St James Gordon Hardless Church Hall, Kings Rd, Fleet

01252 628334 or

Jing Sung Tai Chi Tue 7.30 - 8.30pm St Philip and St James Gordon Hardless Church Hall, Kings Rd, Fleet

01252 628334 or

Yoga Isvara Wed 8 - 9.10pm All Saints Junior School, Babs Lehner-Platts Fleet or 01252 5676956

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New Year –

M artCaniKs L







Mindfulness Mindfulness various TBC Please contact Babs Babs Lehner-Platts Training Course for more information


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exercised � Not for a while? to exercise or injury? how � Unsure medical condition with a or mainstream like gyms � Don’t classes? and fitness health exercise aged personalised and women to We offer for men are ready over who change through programmes old or lifestyle physical therapy. althandfitne 40 years positive make a nutrition and/or m richard@rshe exercise, magazine





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� Not exercised for a while? � Unsure how to exercise with a medical condition � Don’t like or injury? gyms or mainstream exercise classes? We offer personalised programmes health and fitness for men 40 years old or over and women aged who are ready make a positive to lifestyle change exercise, nutrition and/or physicalthrough therapy.

07766 116529


your communi heart of at the



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richard@rshealtha Jan 2018 Issue 153 eh’s only monthly magazine New Year

This Month...

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Telephone 07842 350070


Useful Miscellaneous BT Faultline Gas - Emergency NHS Direct NHS 111 Service

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0800 800 151 0800 111 999 0845 46 47 111

Local Numbers CAB 01252 617922 Fleet Library & Learning Centre 01252 612709 EH Parish Council 01252 819204 Hart District Council 01252 622122 Hart Leisure Centre 01252 629974 Police Station 0845 0 45 45 45 (Non emergency number)

The Harlington

01252 811009

Transport National Rail Enquiries StageCoach (bus)

0845 7484950 0870 6082608

Hospitals BUPA Clare Park Fleet Com. Hospital Frimley Park Hosp.

01252 850216 01252 813800 01276 604604

Schools All Saints Junior School Calthorpe Park School EH Primary School Fleet Infant School Tavistock Infant School

01252 01252 01252 01252 01252

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ehd February 2018 | 29

Regular activities at The Church on the Heath MONDAY


8.30–12 & 2.30–4.30 Coffee Bar All welcome

8.30–12 and 2.30–5.30 Coffee Bar All welcome.

10–12.15 U3A Line Dancing Contact 08458 723623

9.55 Monkey Music Pre-school music. Contact Sue 501910

10.30–11.45 Bumps and babies Coffee and chat for parents or mums-to-be. Just come along

10–12 Ladies’ Group Contact Ruth 622846

1.30–3.30 U3A Painting Group Contact 08458 723623 TUESDAY

8.30–12 Coffee Bar All welcome 9.20 Monkey Music Pre-school music. Contact Sue 501910 10–11.30 U3A French Group Contact 08458 723623 1.45–2.45 U3A Creative Writing Group Contact 08458 723623 3.30–4.30 Youth Café An after-school café, for young people 11+, term-time only. Just drop in or contact Yener WEDNESDAY

8.30–12 & 2.30–4.30 Coffee Bar All welcome 9.30–10.15 Zumba Gold Latin dance moves, party atmosphere. For the active older adult generation. Contact Daphne 676517 10.30–12 CAMEO Activities, games, crafts. Come and make friends at a new group for retired and older people. Contact Elaine 690582 (first and last Wednesday of the month)

2–3.30 U3A Ukulele Group Contact 08458 723623 4.30–6.30 Dance Focus Academy Contact April 07957 328516 7.30–9 Gospel Choir Contact Sophie at 7.30–9.30 NCT Ante-Natal Class Contact Tara 020 8752 2476 7.30–9.30 Positive Parenting Contact Diana 679249 FRIDAY

8.30–12 Coffee Bar All welcome 9.30–12.30 Sing & Sign Helping baby to ‘talk’ through singing, music and signing. Contact Becky 01483 767372 9.45–11.15 Noah’s Ark Parent and toddler group. Contact Debbie. (term-time only) 4–6.30 Dance Focus Academy Contact April 07957 328516 SATURDAY

7.30–9 Men’s Breakfast Contact Office 400236 (monthly, 2nd Saturday)

12.30–1.30 Lunch All welcome, sign up in Church (monthly, 2nd Wednesday)

9–10 Spanish Classes for Children Contact Ana 640227

2–3 U3A Reading Group Contact 08458 723623 (monthly, 1st Wednesday)

9–12 Coffee Bar All welcome

2–4 U3A Health and Wellbeing Group Contact 08458 723623 (monthly) 4–5 Rainbows Contact Karen 07900 394121 5.30–7.30 Brownies Contact Nicola 674465 6–7.30 VIBE youth group (10–14yrs) Contact Yener 7.30–9 Guides Contact Vanessa 07758 578480

9–1.30 Dance Focus Academy Contact April 07957 328516 SUNDAY

10–11.30 Morning Service All ages welcome, including crèche, junior church and youth group 6.30–7.30 Evening Service All welcome. Start the new week with a relaxed service of songs, prayers and teaching from the bible.

Love, love, love With Valentine’s Day upon us and Harry and Meghan’s wedding just around the corner, it’s a good moment to reflect on the word ‘love’... If the word love seems to be somewhat over-used, this might be because we only have one word for it in the English language, whereas the Greeks have four: Eros, Philia, Agape and Storge. They each have a different meaning and they all have an important part to play in lasting relationships. Eros is the romantic love that inspires the Valentine cards, most of our love songs and is the love that got Harry down on one knee to propose to Meghan. The problem, however, is that Eros won’t last without the support of the other kinds of love: Philia – friendship love, Agape – sacrificial love, and Storge – family love. Yes, Eros makes the heart beat faster and turns our world upside down, but it lacks staying power, and sooner or later leaves quietly by the back door. It may return (and often does) but, on its own, Eros cannot sustain a lasting relationship. Love that lasts is built on friendship formed through shared experience, honest conversation, battles fought and won together, and bonds forged with both immediate and extended family. It is built on shared memories, laughter and tears, saying sorry and finding forgiveness, and choosing to stay when you would rather go, because you promised that for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, you would always be there.

Rev Patrick Butler

‘ Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.’ In the Bible, in 1 John 4:7, a simple request is made: ‘Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.’ The kind of love it talks about is agape love, or sacrificial love: the love expressed by Jesus on the cross; the kind of love that will not give up on us, though we may turn our backs. This is the love that comes from God. So whilst it’s good to celebrate the romantic love that brings us together, let’s also celebrate the kind of love that keeps us together – not just for Meghan and Harry, but for all of us.

Credit: Alexi Lubomirski

Contact the church office on 400236 or email

Elvetham Heath Primary School News

Welcome to Year Three!

School trips are always a highlight of the school year and we loved our trip to Butser Ancient Farm (even though it was a little bit cold and very muddy!). Our history topic was The Stone Age so it was fantastic to visit the replica Stone Age house and take part in some exciting activities to help us to learn more about the lives of people who lived thousands of years ago. Here are some of our favourite parts of the day: Erin - My favourite activity was jewellery making. I used pliers to bend copper wire into a spiral and then wound it around my finger to make a ring. It was tricky and I had to show perseverance but I think it looks lovely. Tom - I really enjoyed the archaeology. I went to a special field where there were squares marked out on the ground. Then I used a trowel to dig artefacts out of the ground. There were flints, shells and bones. There was even a jawbone that still had teeth in it. Apparently, the Stone Age people would have used it as a comb! Yuck!

32 | ehd February 2018

Ruby - I had the most fun doing wattling. We made a fence by weaving willow sticks around some posts in the ground. I liked it because the sticks were really long and bendy so you had to cooperate really well with your partner. The fence was so strong that a person could stand on it and it wouldn’t break. Maia - My favourite activity was cordage. We made our own string by twisting raffia together. Then we threaded a bead onto our string and tied it onto our clothes. Mrs Rapley Grahame class teacher

Many readers will have noticed the distinct lack of “Branding” in my last article and found it quite odd. If you recall, it was an article, such as this, with only a title and my name at the bottom. There was no indication of my business name or what I actually do. My “Branding” was missing. In the current marketing world, Branding is considered to be absolutely vital. It should convey your business, be memorable, come with a snazzy motto and a sleek logo. The aim is to be remembered. That is fair enough. It is also big business. From every direction is marketing advice about Branding, sales strategies, how to increase your visibility and have your page liked on Facebook and have your Tweets retweeted. The ultimate goal is the number of likes and the number of followers. That is fine and well, but where in the marketing is information about the quality of work you do? Yes, of course, there are the reviews on verified sites like, Facebook, Google etc. But many clients don’t leave reviews. Reviews are a “faff” and people find it important to express how they feel in a way that doesn’t sound cringe worthy (to them). That isn’t easy, I know.

Rebranding or why I’m doing what I shouldn’t... That pretty much leaves marketing and branding as the main avenue to attract clientele. Much research goes into just how that is done effectively. People attend university to study how to follow that path as a career – to advise others. Most of the time, they do an outstanding job. But, sometimes, the “Brand” just doesn’t “fit”. The advice I followed was good and sound advice. Put the name of your town and your business in the website name so it comes up in Google. The problem is, that isn’t really what I do. Many people come seeking hypnotherapy because they think I have a magic wand and can make them do what they don’t really want to. I tell them, “If I had a magic wand, I would be young, thin, beautiful and rich. I obviously don’t have a wand.” In addition, many others still hold the false belief it is some kind of magic or mind control or even evil. Cognitive-Behavioural-HypnoPsychotherapy isn’t quite right either, although it’s closer than just “hypnotherapy”. That tends to be quite dry and analytical. I consider myself an Empowerer I teach skills, like Problem Solving

Worry Techniques Mindfulness (Awareness) Recognising Thoughts Understanding the Mind Challenging Fears Making Positive Changes Taking Care of Self (in order to be able to care for others) I play the role of an impartial point of view, and of course, hypnosis. So what am I doing which I shouldn’t? Almost everything, (including making therapy a time of laughter). Rebranding, making my own website, doing it MY way, not the “professional” way, putting my own wacky ideas into action, DOING. Yes, I will make mistakes. But they are MY mistakes. Einstein once said, “The only person who never makes a mistake is a person who never does anything.” I imagine I will make quite a few mistakes, as I intend to do a lot! I hope you join me on the journey. Warm regards,

Freda Minton Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Trainer and… (Rebranding, TBA) 07834 161858 ehd February 2018 | 33

BUTLER’S GARDEN MAINTENANCE Friendly, Professional, Reliable, Local

P arents-tak eaw el ldes erved ti meo ut 0 1 2 5 26 5 1 32 9 s finn@l i ttl ek i c k ers .c o .uk

• Lawn Mowing • Hedge Cutting • Ground Clearance • Pruning • Weeding • Tidying & Mulching • Border Design • Creation • Planting and Maintenance Years of Experience and Fully Insured Call Graham Butler today for a Free Estimate

01252 852596 or 07568 085916 Email:

JAF Roofing Ltd Flat Roofing Specialist

Approved secoTHERM applicator F un fo o t bal lt raining fro m1 8 mo nt h s-5y e ars

Stuarts Plumbing Services Quality Plumbing @ Realistic Prices All Plumbing Work Undertaken From a leaky tap to a full bathroom installation

No job too small. Call for free estimates. Fully Insured. Tel: 01252 315640 Mobile: 07717 750939 Email: stuartsplumbing Aldershot Based Company 34 | ehd February 2018

Fascia • Soffit • Guttering (Cleaning or Replacement) • Tiled Roofs & Repairs Flat Roofs & Repairs • Repointing Moss Clearance • Leadwork • Flat Roof to Tiled Roof Conversions • Velux Windows All work is guaranteed Full Public Liability & Roofers Insurance 25 Year Experience All quotes are FREE Phone now for a competitive no obligation quote Phone: 01252 620755 Mobile: 07947 675894 Email:

At this time of year, you’ll see anxious men in shops, unsure whether to buy the woman in their life red roses, chocolates, a diamante bracelet or satin

How to buy a Valentine’s Gift that delights (very on-trend at the moment).

underwear. The latter

Think about her scale - a tallish or large boned woman looks best in larger statement pieces whereas finer delicate pieces suit a petite woman. If you’re in doubt, a bracelet or earrings can be a safer choice.

was the choice of an exboyfriend of mine - in two sizes too big! As you can imagine, Valentine’s was a frosty day…

Gift Vouchers What is Valentine’s Day about? According to legend, back in the mists of time, the Roman Emperor Claudius decreed that young men should not marry because he believed single men made better soldiers. A romantic priest named Valentine defied Claudius, secretly marrying young couples. For his troubles, he was martyred and Saint Pope Gelasius chose 14th February to honour him. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, here’s some advice to men on choosing a suitable gift.

Lingerie Many men want to buy lingerie for their partner but they just don’t know how to go about it. Whilst women are probably better off buying their own underwear for the best fit, this guidance might help… Colour - which colours suit her best? Maybe a beautiful teal or midnight blue if she has darker skin; Rose pink or a delightful peach if she’s got fairer skin. If she has blue or green eyes, choose a colour that matches her eyes (to score extra points for thoughtfulness…) Brand/design - take a peek in your partner’s underwear drawer. What brand does she favour - is she and M & S lady? Or does she favour Fantasie, Victoria’s Secret,

Bravissimo, Agent Provocateur? Make a note of whether she wears a full cup or balcony, underwired or padded. Size - check the label of a bra for band size (30 to 46) and cup size (A up to H). Be aware that sizes vary according to the brand. Take the bra with you, if in doubt. Always get a gift receipt! Briefs - ideally should match the bra. Does she wear a full brief to cover her stomach (Bridget Jones style) or a mini-brief or thong (a la Pamela Anderson)? It’s amazing how fabulous a girl feels when she is wearing matching underwear!

Jewellery Choosing jewellery can be a minefield. Does she wear silver or gold? Statement or delicate? Silver jewellery looks best on a cooler skin whereas gold flatters a warmer skin. If you’re not sure of her skin tone, you can always opt for mixed metals or rose gold

These can be a wonderful treat it’s thoughtful to go for a beauty treatment, such a facial or body massage. How about a Signature Image gift voucher for a personal consultation to find her best colours or clothing styles? Or some help with wardrobe weeding or a personal shopping trip?

Flowers and Chocolates These are the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts so could be seen as lacking in creativity. Red roses are the best-known romantic symbols and yet it’s the worst time of year to buy them, given that the price can spike up to 50% due to increased demand. Make sure your partner isn’t cutting back/out chocolates before you go down the confectionery route! Whatever your choice, rest assured that what us women most appreciate is the thought that has gone into a gift. Good luck!

Jane Lewis is qualified in colour analysis and personal style by Colour Me Beautiful. She offers colour and style consultations at her home studio in Fleet, plus wardrobe weeding and personal shopping. See or email


EVENTS IN FEBRUARY 2nd HYPE – Under 16’s Disco 5th National Blood Service – Blood Donation Sessions 7th Fleet Townswomen’s Guild 10th Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band (TICKETS ON SALE) 12th Fleet Film (TICKETS ON DOOR)

14th Daytime Games & Fun on Skates (TICKETS ON THE DOOR) 14th The Arts Society Hart (DFAS) 16th Roller Disco (TICKETS ON THE DOOR) 17th Stand Up For Saturday Comedy (TICKETS ON SALE) 20th Fleet Jazz (TICKETS ON SALE)

REGULAR TIMETABLE OF EVENTS Monday 09.30 13.30 14.00 16.00 17.00 17.30 18.00

50+ Aerobics Tots Dance Tots Dance Junior Ballet Mini Street Dance Boys Street Dance Boys Street Dance

Saturday 09.30 Bodyline Aerobics 09.30 Len Tyler Music School 10.45 Tots Dance 11.15 Mini Street Dance 11.45 Street Dance 12.15 Junior Ballet 13.00 KC School of Dance

Tuesday 10.45 Tots Dance (with mum) 11.15 Tots Dance 13.00 Baby Weighing Clinic Wednesday 08.45 50+ Aerobics 13.30 Preschool Dance 14.00 Tots Dance 19.30 Rock Choir Thursday 09.30 Tots Dance (with mum) 10.00 Tots Dance 10.00 Weight Watchers 10.30 Pre-school Dance 11.15 Fitsteps 15.45 Len Tyler Music School 18.00 Adult Tap (absolute beginners) 19.00 Adult Ballet (beginners) 20.00 Ceroc Dancing 20.15 Yoga Friday 09.30 09.30 09.30 10.00 10.30 11.30 12.30 18.00

50+ Aerobics Len Tyler Music School Tots Dancing (with mum) Tots Dance Preschool Dance Adult Ballet Adult Tap Fleet Youth Theatre

For further details and booking information, please visit our website, 01252 811009, The Harlington 236 Fleet Road Fleet GU51 4BY

21st Fleet & District U3A 23rd The Great Pretender & HRH Band (TICKETS ON SALE) 24th 90s Rewind: The Dance Anthems (TICKETS ON SALE) 26th Fleet Film (TICKETS ON DOOR)



Monday 09.15 Ancells Farm Community Pre School 14.00 Fleet & District U3A - Art Class 16.00 Tiger Tots Childrens Martial Arts 18.30 Pilates 19.30 Martial Arts 20.30 Max Walsh – Yoga Tuesday 09.15 Ancells Farm Community Pre School 14.00 Seated Pilates 16.00 June White Academy of Dance and Drama 19.45 June White Academy of Dance and Drama Wednesday 09.15 Ancells Farm Community Pre School 09.30 Body Blast by Fitness Training Solutions 13.20 June White Academy of Dance and Drama 18.30 Zumba 19.30 Totally Hooplass - Adult Hula Hoop Exercise 19.45 National Federation of Spiritual Healers 20.50 Totally Hooplass - Open Hula Hoop night every 3rd Wednesday Thursday 09.15 Ancells Farm Community Pre School 10.00 Totally Hooplass - Adult Hula Hooping Course 13.30 Tea Dance 16.30 6th Fleet Beavers 18.00 6th Fleet Cubs 19.45 6th Fleet Scouts Friday 09.15 Ancells Farm Community Pre School 09.30 Totally Hooplass - Adult Hula Hooping Course 16.30 6th Fleet Beavers 18.00 6th Fleet Cubs 19.45 6th Fleet Scouts Saturday 08.30 Fit Camp 09.00 June White Academy of Dance and Drama Sunday 11.00 Kala The Arts – South Asian Dance: Kathak Classes

For further information or to hire a room, go to and look under “Ancells Farm” or call the Centre Supervisor on 07702 834701

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Village Cleaning Services

Domestic Cleaning & Ironing Service Weekly • Fortnightly • One Off’s Reliable & Trustworthy Cleaners Public Liability Cover Please Phone Kathy Tel: 01252 842278 or 07940 352171 Email:

Our virtual admin services offer everything an in-house PA can and more: • • • • • • •

Secretarial and administrative support Social Media Management Diary and email management Typing quotes and invoices Answering and making calls Minute Taking/Transcription Arranging meetings and appointments

Julia Cheeseman M: 07514 780025

Will Writing Professional, friendly service

Probate Work & Lasting Powers of Attorney @StarfishSupport 01252 629642 | 07768 188141 Becky Feeney BSc (Maths), Grad Dip Law. Aff SWW


The Complete Tree Service

Chartered Accountant practising in Fleet and London Let me assist you with: Self Assessment Tax Returns Revenue & Customs Investigations Tax Planning & Advice Accounts Preparation Personal & Limited Companies VAT & PAYE Matters By appointment on Freephone 0800 644 3500 or email

■ Tree removal, thinning & lifting ■ Scrub clearance & hedge trimming ■ Residential & commercial work ■ Stumps removed Fully trained & certified staff £10m Public Liability Insurance

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Teams all over Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and the South

01256 763 162 • 01252 624 702 Images, video footage, client lists and more at:


HANDYMAN Tim Gillman Mobile: 07851 229081 Plumbing, painting, decorating, Tiling, flat pack assembly etc. General house maintenance email: web: ehd February 2018 | 37

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Local Groups For a free listing call us on 01252 711810 2nd Fleet Boys’ Brigade. We are part of a National & International uniformed organisation for boys from the age of 5 –18 years and meet at Fleet Methodist Church, Reading Road South, during term times. Tel: 01252 653038, Email: bb-2ndfleet@ for more information. Accessible Boating is a charity offering opportunities for disabled people or those with access difficulties to go boating on the Basingstoke Canal from Colt Hill Wharf, Odiham. Contact us on 01252 622520. New volunteers welcome. Air Cadets for boys and girls from 12-18 years old with a spirit of adventure and an interest in aviation. Contact Flt Lt Lynda Bradley 01252 515143 also Albert Social Club welcomes new members Club has Pool & snooker tables. TV on 10ft screen. Bingo on Mondays at and poker on Wednesdays at 7.30pm. Private function room for hire. Details go to or contact secretary on 07876 568617. Aldershot Branch, British Model Soldier Society meets on the third Thursday of each month, except Dec., at 7.45pm at Willis Hall, Sandy Lane, Church Crookham. Call 01252 621056 or e-mail Aldershot Militaria Society We meet on the last Thursday of every month. New members welcome. We have speakers/ members giving talks on various subjects. We meet at Holy Trinity Church Hall, Galin Hall, Windsor Way, Aldershot. Contact the chairman Colin Day on 01784 491695. All Saints Ladies Group meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month in St Philip & St James Church Hall at 8pm for a speaker, games or quizzes. For more information contact us on 01252 627848. AMICA is a friendly 50+ social group for the Hants/Berks/Surrey border communities. We extend a warm welcome to single and unattached people interested in wide-ranging weekday and weekend events. Visit www. or contact Pauline on 01483 502331. Ancells Dance Club Ballroom, Latin, Sequence. New members always welcome, Tea Dance Thursdays 2 - 4pm, dance outings and holidays arranged. Contact Rosemary on 07803 047009. Avondale Tennis Club. Situated behind Redfields Garden Centre, Church Crookham where we have 6 floodlit all weather courts and play social and league tennis all year round. Coaching available for all ages including Mini Tennis for children 3-10. Phone 01256 702340 for membership or see website


Basingstoke Canal Society act as guardians of the Basingstoke Canal and welcome new members to help with maintenance and improvements, crew the ‘John Pinkerton II’ trip boat and to participate in talks and other social events. Members receive a quarterly magazine and a bimonthly bulletin. Contact Doreen Hornsey on 01252 623591 or visit

Bowenhurst Bridge Club. Friendly, social, duplicate Bridge Club meets Thusdays 9.45am – 12.45pm at Church of Our Lady, Kings Road. New members welcome. Contact Wendy Hylden, Secretary, 01252 711919. Bowling at Pyestock B.C. is fun, friendly and competitive. Located at Cody Sports & Social Club with a bar and function rooms. We welcome all ages and abilities to one of the friendliest clubs in the area. Contact Sec. Mick 01252 650916. Care Charity Brendoncare runs 4 weekly clubs for older people in Fleet providing fun, friendship, stimulating activities, speakers and trips. New members always welcome. Call 01962 852133 or visit Church Crookham Garden Society We are a friendly club for gardeners of all abilities. Two shows are held annually in the Spring & Summer including novice classes. Activities are organised throughout the year, including an annual guided RHS tour. Visit Church Crookham WI, warmly welcomes visitors. A varied programme of speakers is organised. We meet on the 1st Thursday of the month at 2.15pm in the Memorial Hall Sandy Lane. Call 01252 672358. Cody Farnborough Amateur Operatic Society An award winning local musical theatre company, producing two productions each year at the Princes Hall in Aldershot. We rehearse at Velmead Junior School on Tuesdays & Thursdays and always welcome new members. Cody Sports and Social Club We are looking for new members and have a function/meeting room for hire. Well behaved dogs and children welcome. See or contact Anna on 01252 543009. Crondall Entertainers is a thriving dramatic group, with three productions per year (plays, revues & pantos). We rehearse in The Old Gym (behind Crondall Village Hall). See website or tel 01256 765538. Crondall Petanque Club A friendly club who play all year on a terrain at Bowenhurst Golf Club. New members are welcome – no experience necessary - come along for a practice session (boules provided). Call Brian Armes on 01252 650994 or visit

Crookham Street Social Club welcomes new members. Friendly Atmosphere, Snooker Room and Pool Table, Main Hall and Function Rooms available for hire. For further information contact Maureen Beagly 01252 664371. Crookham Village Duplicate Bridge Club is a small friendly club and would welcome new members. We meet every Monday evening in the Zebon Copse Centre and on Friday evenings at the St. John’s Ambulance Hall. Contact Chris Harnett on 01252 546342. Crookham Village WI. A small friendly group, meeting on 1st Wednesday of the month, 7.45pm in WI Hall. Speakers, outings, social events, fun and friendship. Call Secretary, 012152 625259. Dogmersfield Cricket Club are looking to recruit players for our senior Saturday/ Sunday teams as well as all our Colts teams. A friendly club set in a picturesque village setting. Contact Jeremy 07850 279113 (Adults). Steve 07966310772 (Colts).

Elvetham Community Choir We are a friendly, non-auditioned choir which meets on Tuesdays, 7.45pm, at the Key Centre on Elvetham Heath. Our repertoire includes pop, folk, musicals and light classics. Call Richard 01252 642259. Farnborough Bowling Club warmly welcomes new members. Coaching available. For details visit our website, email or telephone Michael Andrews 01252 811281. Farnborough District Motor Club organises and promotes local club-level sporting events for road-going and specialist cars. Get involved by being a Marshal, Volunteer, Officiate, Spectator or Competitor. Family friendly & accessible to everyone, you do not need to have car. Farnham Geological Society The Society holds meetings at The Maltings, Farnham every second Friday of the month at 8pm. Call to find out more contact our Membership Secretary Sally Pritchard on 02392 783465 or visit www. Farnham Mixed Social Touch Rugby Club. Ladies and Gents aged 18 - 60+. Wednesdays 7.30-8.30pm at Farnham Rugby Club, Monkton Lane, Farnham, GU9 9ND. No experience necessary, a great way to have fun, make new friends and keep fit. Contact: David Jeffs 01252 684858 or facebook. Farnham U13 Ladies Rugby Club meets 6-7pm on Tuesdays at FRUFC, Monkton Lane, Farnham, GU9 9ND. For further details contact David Jeffs on 07786 226396 or

and Societies You could also visit www. clubs/Farnham, FRUFC U15 and seniors ladies rugby also available.

Fleet 41 Club is an all-gentlemen group that meets twice a month for social and local fund raising activities, e.g. dinners, speaker meetings, sports events etc. Contact Dave Olivey on 01252 621857 to find out more. Fleet and District U3A is a voluntary organisation for retired people providing study groups, recreational and social activities varying from Art to Walking. For details, please access our website www. or phone 0845 872 3623. Fleet & Crookham AC The friendly running and athletics club for all ages 8 - 80 years. Meet at the Club HQ, Peter Driver Sports field behind the Tweseldown Pub 7pm Tuesday and Thursdays. Organisers of the Fleet 1/2m & 10km races. For more information visit www.fleetandcrookhamac.

Fleet & Church Crookham Society We promote a community spirit in Fleet & Church Crookham and take an active interest in issues that affect residents. New members welcome. Fleet & Crookham Local History Group We provide a focus for those with an interest in the area in and around Fleet by researching, recording and preserving its history. Monthly presentations and visits are arranged, held, usually, at United Reformed Church Hall, Kings Road, Fleet. Contact: Pat Mackenzie, tel 01252617084, email, www.fclhg. Fleet Art Society A society of 200 local artists, holding demonstrations and workshops for members’ advancement. An annual exhibition of their work supports Friends of Fleet Hospital, charity no.261384. Secretary 01252 792542. Fleet & District Dog Training Society train at Crookham War Memorial Hall on Tuesdays (for Ringcraft, show ring) and Wednesdays (for Obedience). Contact the secretary on 01252 614846. Fleet and Ewshot Hockey Club, we runs 4 mens, 2 ladies, u14, u12 and minis sides. Training on Thursday’s at the Army Hockey Centre, Princess Ave, Aldershot and matches at weekends. for all details. Fleet & Farnborough Family History Group is a group of like-minded people interested in Family History part of the Hampshire Genealogical Society. Meetings are every 2nd Thursday of the month, 7:30 pm at the United Reform Church hall in Kings Road, Fleet. Contact David Broomfield on 01344 761375 or fleetandfarnborough@ Fleet Choral Society meets every Tuesday,

8pm, at All Saints Junior School, Lea Wood Road, FLEET, GU51 5AJ, during term times. New members welcome. Contact details and further info see

Fleet Community Orienteering From 28th April to 14th July, Mondays 6-7 pm, various venues around Fleet. First 2 sessions at Oakley Park. For more information email Sue & Dawn at Fleet Cricket Club Calthorpe Park are seeking new members. Seniors: contact Juniors age 7-16: contact Andy Martin 07747 118696 or Or visit fleet. Winter nets are run from January. Large licensed bar also for hire. Fleet Cycling is friendly non-competitive cycling group which organises social cycle rides every Sunday, Thursday, Friday and some Saturdays for a range of abilities from beginner to experienced cyclist. We campaign to improve cycling infrastructure for all by working cooperatively with the town, district and county council. Contact Colin on 01252 677909 or see www. Fleet and North Hants Philatelic Society welcomes you if you are a stamp collector. Meetings held on the last Tuesday of every month at the St John’s Ambulance Hall, Clarence Road, Fleet. Contact John Holmes on 01252 845758. Fleet Falcons Junior Badminton Club is a Junior Badminton Coaching Club for young people between the ages of 9 & 16. We hold sessions on Saturday & Sunday mornings at Hart Leisure Centre in Hitches Lane. Contact us on 01252 615637 or visit www. Fleet Film Society Join us to see the very best films from around the world and for a great social experience. Screenings on alternate Mondays throughout our season at The Harlington. Fleet Flower Club A friendly club meeting on 3rd Thursday of each month at the Crookham War Memorial Hall, Sandy Lane. We have a varied programme of events, please visit our website for more details or contact 01252 625080. Fleet Folk Dance Club meets on the 1st, 3rd and 4th Wednesdays of the month, from 8-10 pm at The Catholic Church Hall in King’s Road, Fleet. Contact: Secretary Fran Risius 01252 409175 or MC John Hale 01252 621692. Fleet Lions We have been serving the local community since1974. If you interested in joining us contact us on T. 0845 833 7558 or visit Fleet Morning Townswomen’s Guild Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month (except August) at The

Harlington, Fleet from 10.30am to 1pm. Contact Pam Howard 01252 624745 / Anne Baker 01252 624271 Fleet Town Girls and Ladies FC is looking for new players. If you are aged 3 – 10 why not give it a try? Training continues through the summer and there are summer tournaments as well! Contact Gary Niblett on 01252 626291 gary.p.niblett@ for further details or visit www. Fleet International Folk Dance Group Term-time Tuesday evenings at URC Hall, Kings Rd. Learn some dances from Europe and beyond (no partner required), led by a friendly, experienced teacher. Contact Elizabeth on 01252 616950. Fleet Jazz Club puts on monthly jazz performances from some of the UK’s finest jazz musicians on the third Tuesday of the month. Find our programme on our website and tickets are available from The Harlington or on the door on the night. Fleet Knitting Club for machine and hand knitters. We meet on the 1st Tuesday of most months (not August and January) at the St John’s Ambulance Hall in Clarence Road, Fleet at 8pm. Visit www.fleetknittingclub. or call on 01252 676276 for more information. Fleet Language Circle Chat in French, German or Spanish. Free membership for native speakers. Phone Nick on 01252 676385 or visit www.fleetlanguagecircle. Fleet Orchestra is a small friendly group meeting in Fleet on Wednesday evenings. We welcome new members, particularly strings players! Contact Donald Fraser on 01252 641322. Fleet Pond Society The active group for the protection and voluntary management of Fleet Pond Nature Reserve. Join our monthly tasks or just support our work for the Pond’s future through membership. Contact Colin Gray on or 01252 616183. Fleet Sirius Lions Club - a branch club of Fleet Lions, we are a small and friendly mixed group in our twenties and thirties who enjoy organising and supporting community events. Please contact us at: sirius@fleetlions. or or or twitter. com/siriuslions Fleet Social Bowling Club We are a friendly, yet competitive club, for all ages. We welcome both beginners and experienced players, and can provide coaching to assist you, whatever your ability, to learn or improve your game. An added bonus is the membership of our fully licenced club, with many activities. Lawn Bowls season: April to September. www.

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Local Groups

Clubs and Societies Contact 07917 798499 or

Fleet United Bowling Club Whether you are a beginner or an experienced bowler you will be welcomed at our friendly Bowls club where we can offer you bowls all year round, outdoor in the summer and shortmat inside our clubhouse during the winter, free coaching is available. fleetunitedbc@yahoo. or call 01252 621069. Friends of Ancells Farm We aim to work towards maintaining and improving the play parks on Ancells Farm for the benefit of the local community in partnership with the local Council. Friends of Basingbourne Park. Group of local residents working with Fleet Town Council to make the park and surrounding woodlands a better place for people to visit. New members always welcome. Contact or visit www. Friends of Calthorpe Park A voluntary group made up of local residents and users of the park committed to the preservation and development of Calthorpe Park, in partnership with Fleet Town Council, for the benefit of the wider local community. Friends of Oakley Park A not-for-profit community group run by a committee of volunteers and funded by members’ subscriptions, plus donations and grants. Fugelmere Ladies Probus Group A friendly group of semi-retired and retired ladies, who meet for lunch, followed by a Speaker, at Peppone’s Restaurant on the A287, on the third Monday of each month. Contact us on 01252 620471 Fugelmere Probus Club of Fleet is a friendly club for retired gentlemen. We meet for lunch, followed by a speaker, at The Lismoyne Hotel, Church Road, Fleet on the second Monday of each month. Contact our Secretary Simon Hackett on 01252 684346 or visit our website Hants North East NCT Branch is the local support network for parents and parents to be in the Fleet area. Our events and activities are open to members and non-members. Visit our facebook page ‘Hants North East NCT Branch’ for details of all our events. hants-north-east Hart Bridge Club welcomes new members on Tuesdays, 7 - 10.30pm, Fleet Methodist Church Hall, Reading Road South, Fleet. Contact Andrew Lewis at 01252 629123. Hart Creative Stitches Our friendly group of embroiderers meets at 2pm on 2nd Friday of each month (excl. August) at Victoria Hall, Hartley Wintney. Beginners and experts welcome. Contact Miriam Ward 01635 867927 or Pat Roome 01252 877965. Hart Decorative and Fine Arts Society Members meet monthly at The Harlington to enjoy illustrated lectures by guest speakers on subjects related to the arts as well as having the opportunity to take part in guided

42 | ehd February 2018

visits to places of interest. Further information is available on our website:

Hart Health Walks run six Hart health walks each week. These are aimed at people who would like to walk at a gentle pace in a safe and social setting and are open to all. For further details Contact Hart Voluntary Action on 01252 815652 or visit Hartley Wintney Good Friends Club Come and join us for a variety of activities, guest speakers, games and other entertainment. The Baptist Church Hall, High Street, Hartley Wintney, Hampshire, RG27 8NY. Run by Brendoncare. 1st and 3rd Tuesday each month 2pm-4pm. Call 01962 857099 for further information. Hart Lions Club an all-ladies group who serve the community. If you are interested in joining us please contact us on 0845 833 7353 or through our website: Hart Road Runners - your local friendly running club, cater for runners of all abilities. Meet at Hart Leisure Centre, Hitches Lane, Fleet at 7.30pm on Tuesdays and 7.00pm on Thursdays. For more details go to: Hart Swimming Club, your local competitive swim club. New swimmers welcome from age 5–85. Trials held first Sunday of the month. For more information visit or email membership@ Hart Voices Mixed-voice choir directed by Roy Rashbrook. Rehearsals every Wednesday: 8pm – 10pm at All Saints Church Hall, Church Road, Fleet. New members ALWAYS welcome. Find out more at Heath Hoops Netball Club Friendly and successful netball club; 3 squads playing competitively locally. Experienced players as well as returners to netball welcome. Please contact for more information. Heathuns WI a friendly, fun group of women who meet in The Key Centre, Elvetham Heath 3rd Weds of each month at 7.30pm. We have a varied programme of speakers & activities. www.heathunswi. , email or call 01252 504292. Hook Eagle Morris Men We dance at major festivals, events and pubs from April to January and practice in Hook from October to April. No experience required. We guarantee a warm welcome and lots of fun. Visit or call John on 07900 886855. Hook Kurling Club A friendly club that can get quite competitive over a game indoor kurling! We always have a laugh so come and join us. Hook Community Centre, Ravenscroft, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 9NN. Run by Brendoncare. Every Tuesday, 10.30am - 12.30pm. Call 01962 857099 for further information. Jill’s Fundraising Journey (JFJ) Charity

raising cancer awareness and fundraising to provide free holiday home respite., Kindred Spirits Choir for anyone who has had treatment for Breast Cancer. Meets every Thursday, 7.30pm at Cove Methodist Church, GU14 0EL. New members welcome. Contact Lani 07530 849921 or email Log Cabin Quilters We are a friendly group of ladies who meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month in Hartley Wintney to make quilts, to natter and enjoy tea and cake. Contact Pepita on 01252 844337 or Brenda on 01252 660653. Morris Minor Owners Club The Surrey Hants Border Branch of the MMOC now meet @ Crookham Street Social Club, The Street, Crookham Village, GU51 5SJ. 8pm 1st Monday of the Month (NOT Bank Holidays). More info Tony 01252 629575 or NFSH - The Healing Trust, Fleet. Wednesday Afternoon Group Meeting: 2-4pm Crookham War Memorial Hall, Sandy Lane, Church Crookham, Fleet, GU52 8LD. Wednesday Evening Group Meeting: 7.45pm for 8.00pm to 9.15pm, Ancells Farm Community Centre, Farm Drive, Ancells Farm, Fleet, GU51 2XF. For further information visit or telephone Maggie Gifford on 01252 628714 or email Noah’s Ark Parent and Toddler Group meet weekly during school term time from 9.45am - 11.15am every Friday at The Church on the Heath, suitable for under 4’s. North East Hants Miniatures Group Need inspiration or just purchased your first dolls house? Then join our small group in Church Crookham, on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Contact Anne Munday on 07974 422819 or anne.munday1@ North East Hants RSPB Local group warmly welcomes new members. Come along to our monthly indoor meetings to enjoy our experts’ nature talks and friendly company. Visit uk for all details. North Hampshire Organists’ Association A friendly association for people who enjoy playing and/or listening to pipe organ music, or maybe have a desire to learn to play. Contact the Secretary Gillian Lloyd on is 01483 570586. North Warnborough & District Garden Club warmly welcomes new visitors. During the year a varied programme of speakers is organised and we meet every 4th Thursday of the month. For further details please telephone 01252 626524. Parkinson’s UK Have Parkinson’s? Need help and support? Try the local branch monthly meeting at Shawfield Centre, Ash. Also Seated Pilates classes at Ancells Farm, Fleet on Tuesday afternoons and Exercise classes at Badshot Lea on Friday mornings. Contact Lyn White on 01252 657027.

Local Groups

Clubs and Societies

Phoenix Probus Club is a friendly group open to retired couples and singletons who meet at North Hants Golf Club on the last Friday of the month at 12.00pm for 12.30pm for lunch followed by a speaker. Contact 07710 571310 or 01252 621164. Pinewood Badminton Club is a non-league, social badminton club for experienced players (not suitable for beginners). We play every Monday evening at Hart Leisure Centre from 7.30pm. Contact Matthew on 07974 000980. Railway Enthusiasts We welcome those who are actively modelling railways, wishing to know more about the subject or who have an interest in railways in general. We meet at 109 Horley Lane, Farnborough every Tuesday night from 7.30pm onward. www. Rotary Club of Fleet Please visit www. or email info@fleetrotary. to find out more about your local Rotary Club, where we meet, what we do and how we can help. Royal Voluntary Service organisation enriches the lives of older people. We deliver a package of services and support to help them live independently through the power of volunteers. Tel: 01264 317080 www. Rushmoor Synchronised Swimming Club (British Champions 2013) welcomes

girls aged between 7 and 12 to join our fabulous club. To find out more visit www. or email Sea Cadets Farnham, Fleet & Aldershot For ages 10 – 18, we meet Mondays and Fridays at Sea Cadets, TS Swiftsure, Lower Weybourne Lane, Farnham, GU9 9LG. For more info see or email info@ SeeAbility’s now offers day activities. Sessions available Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Baking, drama,pottery, woodworking, music therapy, crafts. Further details please telephone 01252 815256.

Starburst Theatre is a local theatre company that welcomes members of all ages and performers from the age of 8 upwards. If you are interested in becoming a member of Starburst please go to our website for further details. The Friday Club A friendly, informal social group for people of 50+ in the Camberley, Farnborough, Farnham, Fleet and Yateley areas. Couples welcome. We meet Friday evenings and weekends for interesting walks, leisure pursuits, theatre visits, dining out, holidays and more. Contact either Andrea 01276 24885 or David 01252 404365. The Hart Poker Club needs new members! Fun, friendly, cheap and local - Learn the game, make new friends and win some of

the £250 weekly prize pool. For details email Susan on The Pelly Concert Orchestra rehearses most Tuesday evenings from 8.00 to 10.00pm in the Community Hall at Samuel Cody Specialist Sports College), Ballantyne Road, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 8SS. We would love to hear from any violin or viola players, grade 6 or above, French horn and tuba players of Grade 8 and above who may be interested in joining this local, friendly orchestra. Please email or telephone 0345 269 4614 if you are interested. The Royal Voluntary Service for Retired People How about coming to our friendly Lunch Club on Mondays and/ or Thursdays from 12-1.30 behind The Harlington. Call our office on 01252 628634 for details. Totally Hooplass - Hula Hoop Club Meets Weds Eves at Ancells Farm, 8.30pm. All welcome. Contact tel: 07818 412360. URC Mother and Toddler Group Kings Road, Fleet. Drop in sessions Tuesdays and Fridays 10.00 - 11.30am every week. Open during the school holidays for under 5’s. Yateley Archers are looking for new members. We are located at Frogmore Leisure Centre, phone 07534 173153

Say “Goodbye” to Chores and Hassle Say “Hello” to a Better Lifestyle • Ironing and cleaning • Odd jobs and repairs • One off projects and personal assistance

• Arranging a special treat • Travel arrangements • Gardening

...and so much more! Call Joan on 01252 612033 or visit our website

Community Free entries for non-profit organisations

Noticeboard Fleet Town Colts u15’s Reds football team require players to join them in Div 2 of the NEHYL. We are a great pro active team looking to expand current squad numbers so have this exciting opportunity for lads who enjoy playing football at a competitive level. Please contact Simon Banham on 01252 694623/07899 968101 or email

Fleet Library & Learning Centre is something for everyone at Fleet Library this tips, discuss their latest books and answer questions. FREEThere bag ofWebooks: Is the your child aged 18 and 30 months? New Year. will be hosting following events so Flowers in Springtime – Wednesday 21 March 7 to guarantee a place visit: or – 8pm Tickets £7.50. Fleet collaboration Visit Fleet library or the mobile library on the Heath toLibrary pickin up their with call the booking line on 01252 612709. Fleet Flower Club will inspire you by demonstrating 3 free Bookstart + bag. Please bring7.00pm, your child‘s red health record Verse and Various – Thursday 8 February different springtime designs using seasonal book. flowers and Tickets £5. Local actress Rowan Suart will bring

foliage. By the end of the evening, you could be the

in this informative and exciting workshop. Pete will

improve your wellbeing with Yoga or Meditation, visit

themselves. Ages 4+

in advance.

literacy to life with her dramatic and entertaining lucky owner of one of the designs. Come along for an The Mobile library recital of poetry, prose and plays by a selection of enjoyable demonstration with those that love flowers. authors. Heath every SundayWe are now -taking bookings for a wide range of comeswell to known Elvetham 10:00 13:00 Pete’s Pet Emporium – Friday 16 February 10 – courses and workshops starting in January. bringing you latest inhisbooks, CDs, DVD's, videos much more 11am, Ticketsthe £4. Join Pete and amazing animals If you are keen to learn aand new skill, a language or

introduce the animals, sharing facts and outside handling onlineHavilland shop come and see us next Sunday theour De Arms or call our tips, giving everyone the chance to have a closer look booking line on 01252 612709. Places must be booked

it's your library! Fiction for All Tastes – Tuesday 6 March 7.30pm, For full details of what we have on offer, pick up Tickets £5. Authors Annie Murray/Abi Oliver, Melanie a copy of our new Spring 2018 brochure from the Tel 01252 614213 Whipman and Helen Matthews will be ready to share Library next time you visit us. Fleet Library & Learning Centre, 236 Fleet Road, Fleet GU51 4BX. Located inside The Harlington. Call 01252 612709 for course bookings. All library enquiries call 0300 555 1387.

Newborn, Baby, Child and Family Photographer

Website: Facebook: babylovephotography2014 Email: baby_ love _ Telephone: 07891 908319

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Amenity Beds Beds Amenity

Providing NHS patients with Providing NHS NHSpatients patientswith withaa a Providing private en-suite room privateen-suite en-suiteroom room private

Would you like the privacy of a single en-suite room Wouldyou youlike likethe theprivacy privacy of of aa single single en-suite en-suite room Would whilst whilstreceiving receivingNHS NHSTreatment? Treatment? whilst receiving NHS Treatment? Amenity to Amenitybeds bedsare areavailable available to to NHS NHS patients patients who who wish Amenity beds are available to NHS patients who wish to pay a single payfor forthe theprivacy privacyof single en-suite en-suite room room during during their pay for the privacy ofofaasingle en-suite room during their stay the stayat the hospital. hospital. Treatment Treatment remains remains with with the the NHS NHS stay atat the hospital. Treatment remains with within withinFrimley FrimleyHealth HealthNHS NHSFoundation Foundation Trust. Trust. within Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust. What the Whatis thecost costof ofan anAmenity Amenity bed? bed? What isisthe cost of an Amenity bed? AApayment ofof£385 isisrequired per payment £385 required per night. night. This This includes: includes: A payment of £385 is required per night. This includes: • •AAsingle en-suite room with complimentary toiletries and single en-suite room with complimentary toiletries and • A single en-suite room with complimentary toiletries and towels towels towels • •Private Privatemenus menusfor forbreakfast, breakfast, lunch lunch and and dinner dinner (special (special • Private menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner (special dietary dietaryrequirements requirementscan canbe becatered catered for) for) dietary requirements can be catered for) • •Complimentary Complimentarytea teaand andcoffee coffee for for you you and and your your guests • Complimentary tea and coffee for you and your guests • •Daily newspapers Daily newspapers • Daily newspapers • •Television Televisionand anddirect directdial dialphone phone • Television and direct dial phone • •Complimentary parking for you Complimentary parking for you and and your your guests guests • Complimentary parking for you and your guests Are Are there there any any reasons reasons why why II may may not not be be able to Are there any reasons why I may not be able to transferto toan anAmenity AmenityBed? Bed? transfer transfer to an Amenity Bed? Yes,the the main main reasons reasons are are listed listed below, below, however, however, it is Yes, Yes, the main reasons are listed below, however, it is worth contacting contacting the the Parkside Parkside Suite Suite directly directly to check worth worth contacting the Parkside Suite directly to check eligibility. eligibility. eligibility. norooms roomsare areavailable available • •IfIfno • If no rooms are available yourconsultant consultantdoes doesnot notagree agree to to the the transfer transfer • •IfIfyour • If your consultant does not agree to the transfer youare areconsidered consideredaavulnerable vulnerablepatient patient or or you you require • •IfIfyou • Ifspecialist you are considered a vulnerable patientcare, or youintensive require nursing, such such as: coronary coronary specialist nursing, as: care, intensive specialist nursing, suchcare as: or coronary care, intensive care, high dependency strokes, you will not be be care, high dependency care or strokes, you will not care, dependency care or strokes, you will not be abletohigh totransfer transfer theParkside Parkside Suite able totothe Suite able to transfer to the Parkside Suite

Is having an Amenity Bed the same as being a private Is having having an an Amenity AmenityBed Bedthe thesame sameas asbeing beingaaprivate private patient? patient? No, as as no no fee fee is paid paid to the the specialist, your your treatment No, no fee is is paid to to the specialist, specialist, your treatment treatment remains with with the the NHS within within thehospital hospital andyou you willnot not remains with the NHS NHS withinthe the hospitaland and youwill will not have access access to to faster faster treatment. treatment. have access to faster treatment. You are are not not guaranteed guaranteed an amenity amenity bedthroughout throughout your You not guaranteed an an amenitybed bed throughoutyour your stay. If the bed bed is is needed needed for forprivate privateadmission admissionyou you willbe be stay. If the stay. If the bed is needed for private admission youwill will be transferred back back to to an anNHS NHSward, ward,charges chargeswill willbe berefunded refunded transferred transferred back to an NHS ward, charges will be refunded necessary and and no additional additional chargeswill will bemade. made. ififif necessary necessary and no no additionalcharges charges willbe be made. Can you you book an an AmenityBed? Bed? Can Can you book book an Amenity Amenity Bed? Yes, but but amenity amenity beds beds are are subject subjecttotoavailability. availability. Youwill will Yes, Yes, but amenity beds are subject to availability.You You will need confirmation confirmation from your your consultant that that they are are need need confirmation from from your consultant consultant that they they are happy for for you to to be located located withinthe the ParksideSuite. Suite. happy happy for you you to be be locatedwithin within theParkside Parkside Suite. the pathway pathway forAmenity? Amenity? What What is is the the pathway for for Amenity? requiring an an amenity amenity bed bed will need need to contact Patients requiring Patients requiring an amenity bed will will need totocontact contact secretary of of their NHS NHS consultantdirectly. directly. Onceyour your the the secretary secretary of their their NHS consultant consultant directly.Once Once your consultant has has agreed agreed to to your your admission admissiontheir theirsecretary secretary consultant consultant has agreed to your admission their secretary will advise advise the the Parkside Parkside Suite Suiteof ofadmission admissiondetails. details. will advise the Parkside Suite of admission details. It is worth worth noting noting at at this this point point that that amenity amenity beds beds are are It is worth noting at this point that amenity beds are subject to to availability availability and and itit isis the thepatient’s patient’sresponsibility responsibility subject to availability and it is the patient’s responsibility to contact contact the the Parkside Parkside Suite Suite24 24hours hoursprior priortotoadmission, admission, to contact the Parkside Suite 24 hours prior to admission, to check that that the the room room isis still still available. available.Full Fullpayment paymentwill will to check that the room is still available. Full payment will be required required at at this this time. time. be required at this time. When will will II need need to to pay? pay? When will I need to pay? Full payment payment will will be be required required on on or or prior prior totoadmission. admission. Full payment will be required on or prior to admission. You You may may be be discharged discharged earlier earlier than than expected, expected,ififthis thisisis Youcase may be will discharged earlier difference than expected, ifShould this is the the case you you will be be refunded refundedthe the differenceininfull. full. Should the case youextended will be refunded the difference in full. Should your your stay stay be be extended payment paymentwill willbe berequired requiredininfull. full. your stay be extended payment will be required in full.

For furtherinformation information call 01276 01276 604895 or or visit our website For For further further information call call 01276 604895 604895 or visit visit our our website website

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