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Reflecting a Passion for the Outdoors Known for both timeless classical and California contemporary architecture, Biglin Architectural Group weaves together architecture and nature to deliver dream homes that celebrate their clients’ lifestyles. ight is a giver of life, creating connections between home and site, and integrating the outdoors with the indoors. It is a hallmark of timeless architecture,” says Brian Biglin, founder and principal of Biglin Architectural Group, a high-end Westlake Village architectural firm recognized for designing high-quality custom homes that inspire. “For the homeowners Biglin Architectural Group works with, there is an intimate relationship between architect and homeowner that allows us to deliver a sense of luxury and stylized comfort. We work tirelessly to create designs that fit their lifestyle.” The firm’s design aesthetic is rooted in classicism and modernism, a dichotomy that allows the team to flex their creative

muscles and design homes in a variety of styles throughout Southern California, the U.S., Canada, and Asia. Biglin describes classicism in architecture as beauty through architecture, materials, art, and garden that idealize a formality of shapes and structures, symmetry, and a sense of proportion, creating a connection with the garden through alignments and centerlines, loggias, and courtyards. It’s an aesthetic that leaves plenty of room for the integration of indoors and out. “Contemporary and modern design, however, rely more on minimalism, creating a material connection with the site, blending function and form, and emphasizing a natural and easy flow between the interior and exterior of a home,” Biglin notes.

Beverly Hills Contemporary In one of Biglin Architectural Group’s most celebrated contemporary homes, outdoor elements dominate and fulfill the client’s wishes to be able to live outdoors. “One of the home’s most sophisticated features is an outdoor living and dining room, complete with a retractable skylight, drop-down screens, and heated floors to protect from the elements,” Biglin explains. “The rear of the home opens to an inviting resort-style garden, and the lanai room is notable for its living wall. Unique features—fire, water features, water walls, and the use of natural stone and wood finishes—are consistent elements that add warmth, literally and figuratively.” The interior of the home delivers on the promise of an open living environment through the integration of the spectacular views seen through immense walls of glass that retract at a touch.

The Viceroy Home Also located in the Los Angeles area, the Viceroy Home exemplifies 18th-century French architecture reimagined for the 21st century. Resplendent with such unique features as a wellness spa with a salt therapy room with Himalayan pink salt bricks, massage room, and a red light dry sauna; both a French bistro kitchen and a French chef’s kitchen; and a fully functioning

organic farm, including bees, chickens, and produce, the home includes 35,000 square feet of living space on 33 acres. “The homeowner’s love of Monet’s garden led to our interpretation of the same, which includes a pond complete with water lilies, fish, and ducks. A traditional stone mill house and water wheel are additional outdoor features that add life and warmth to such an expansive space,” Biglin says. Additional elements that contribute to the natural flow between indoors and outdoors include traditional French gardens at the rear of the home, numerous intimate outdoor seating areas, a more casual outdoor dining room, and myriad windows that bathe the interior in sunlight. “With a lot of projects, an architect’s work stops at the window,” says Biglin. “Our clients, however, allow us to go beyond that.”

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