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Big League Dreams Sports Complexes Become a Trend Centrally located cities in California, Arizona, and Texas have begun to recognize the earning potential of a Big League Dreams sports complex and are inviting them into their communities. Big League Dreams (BLD) has designed its baseball and softball fields as replicas of famous stadiums around the country, but on a smaller scale, providing a unique and exhilarating tournament experience for players of all ages. But what has really attracted the interest of cities such as Manteca, California, is the potential of earning $300,000 to $500,000 from BLD proceeds, while also saving up to $500,000 per year on maintenance. Manteca now enjoys six softball fields and an indoor soccer arena, attractions that have brought additional investment opportunities from Bass Pro Shops and Great Wolf Resorts. Additional locations where Big League Dreams complexes are thriving include Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. BLD has begun reaching out to cities in colder regions as well, offering retractable domes so that teams can play year round.

Big League Dreams Sports Complexes Become a Trend