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County: RV Park = Subdivision

Angel Aguilera and Fernando Saucedo will represent Reagan County in the Regional Powerlifting Meet this Saturday, March 10, in Sundown. Angel Aguilera will compete in the 242 weight class; Fernando Saucedo will lift in the 165 weight class. - PHOTO BY J.L. MANKIN

Reagan County Commissioners met Tuesday morning with Attorney Chad Elkins in a special called meeting to discuss the county's subdivision regulations as they pertain to RV parks. There was some question during the commissioners' last meeting if an RV park would fall under the county's subdivision regulations. Elkins said that he researched the topic further and came across a few attorney general opinions that say an RV park would be considered a subdivision in Texas. Elkins said it would be his opinion that all RV parks built in Reagan County would fall under the current regulations, which were approved in 2002, even though RVs are not specifically noted in the subdivision document. Developer Matt Salazar was on hand with questions about the county's regulations. Salazar said he and his partners are looking to build an RV park just east of Big Lake on a five acre piece of land that stretches from the county line just south of Highway 67 to the west edge of Reggie's Trucking. Elkins said that the current subdivision regulations are extensive and cover every question

imaginable and provided Salazar with the 30 page document. Commissioner Ron Galloway said that he wanted to review the regulations with Elkins because he has received calls from multiple parties looking to build an RV park around Big Lake. "I'm completely for growth in Reagan County," Galloway said. "I just think that it needs to be orderly growth. We have seen what disorderly growth looks like up on Ostrich Road." Salazar said that he was not coming before the court to get out of anything, and that he was OK with paying fees and doing the job right. "I just want to see exactly where we stand," Salazar said. "If it is between spending $100 or $20, well I'd rather spend the $20." Salazar also said that he was concerned that the regulations would set back construction by a considerable amount of time. The court told Salazar that they would be ready to review the plat for the land by their next regular meeting on Monday. "We want to work with all developers," Commissioner Tommy Holt said. "We just have to SEE COUNTY ON PAGE 3


City Council is the only contested race Four candidates will vie for two city council positions in the upcoming local election in May. Those positions are the only contested race on the ballot Deadline for filing ended Monday, March 5th, for the City of Big Lake and Reagan Hospital District elections. Terry Jones was the lone candidate to file for the office of Mayor. Incumbents, Robin Collins and Cliff Miller both filed for re-election. They will be joined on the ballot by Sandy Armstrong and Sandra Thompson. All city council positions are At-Large - the top two candidates receiving the most votes will be declared the winners.

Three places on the Reagan Hospital District board were open this year. Those being SMD 2, SMD 3 and SMD 5 (At-Large). Three candidates have filed, one for each district. Ron Galloway has filed in SMD 2, Ann Schneemann filed re-election in SMD 3, and Robin Russell filed in SMD 5 (At-Large). Reagan Hospital District will not be required to hold an election in May since no other candidates filed. Galloway, Schneeman and Russell will officially hold those positions on the board in May. Early voting will begin April 30 - May 8. Election day is Saturday, May 12, 2012.

DPS advises against Spring Break travel to Mexico The Texas Department of Public Safety is again urging Spring Breakers to avoid traveling to Mexico as a result of continued violence throughout the country. “The Mexican government has made great strides battling the cartels, and we commend their continued commitment to making Mexico a safer place to live and visit,” said DPS Director Steven C. McCraw. “However, drug cartel violence and other criminal activity represent a significant safety threat, even in some resort areas.” According to published information from the U.S. Department of State: * - 12,903 narcotics-related homicides were reported the first nine months of 2011 alone. - The number of U.S. citizens reported as

murdered in Mexico increased from 35 in 2007 to 120 in 2011. - U.S. citizens have fallen victim to transnational criminal activity, including homicide, gun battles, kidnapping, carjacking and highway robbery. - Rape and sexual assault continue to be serious problems in resort areas. Some bars and nightclubs, especially in resort cities such as Cancun, Acapulco, Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas, and Tijuana can be havens for drug dealers and petty criminals. Crime and violence are serious problems throughout the country and can occur anywhere. The State Department now urges U.S. travelers to defer non-essential travel to all or parts of 14 SEE DPS ON PAGE 5

Friends, family and community members left flowers, teddy bears and other tributes as a show of sympathy and support for the family of two-year-old Francisco Hernandez Jr., who passed away Friday after an accident at the family's home at 304 N. Texas Street. The child was reportedly run over in the residence's driveway by an SUV driven by his father in an accident that Chief Deputy Jeff Weatherby called terrible and tragic. Paramedics and deputies were on scene within a minute of receiving the call at 12:59 p.m., but Weatherby said there was nothing that could be done to save the child. - PHOTO BY J.L. MANKIN

Letter Carrier commended for helping injured citizen

Big Lake Postmaster Garry Goff, Melissa Gonzales, and daughter Zoe Gonzales. - PHOTO BY MARLA DAUGHERTY

Melissa Gonzales, US Postal Letter Carrier in Big Lake, was recognized in a small ceremony last Friday for displaying heroic conduct during an emergency situation. Mrs. Gonzales was on her daily route January 18th, when she encountered an elderly lady who had fallen in the street. Melissa says she was turning onto Pennsylvania Street when she heard someone holler to call 9-1-1. An unidentified male was standing over the lady. Melissa called EMS and went to the aid of the injured lady, covering her and making sure she was coherent until a deputy and EMS arrived. Dorothy Howard had gone to check her mailbox when she fell off of the curb and hit the pavement. Mrs. Howard suffered a major head wound, a broken cheek bone and a broken pelvis from the fall. "To me, it's part of the job. Anything can happen out there and we are out there on the streets every day. I'm just glad I was there at that time," said

Mrs. Gonzales. Georgia Brown, daughter of Mrs. Howard stated "We are so thankful she stopped to help mother, as well as the gentleman. They were lifesavers." Brown was out of town at the time of the accident. Big Lake Postmaster Garry Goff commended Melissa, and presented her with a framed letter from the Postmaster General, Patrick R. Donahoe. The letter read: I want to personally commend you for being a conscientious employee and citizen. When you discovered a woman lying in the street with injuries to her head, you immediately called emergency personnel and stayed with her until help arrived. I know she appreciated the care and concern you showed her. Thank you for coming to her rescue and displaying such heroic conduct during this emergency situation. The Postal Service has played an integral role in the daily lives of American citizens for 236 years. Through

the faithful completion of their daily rounds, and by going the extra mile for customers whenever needed, letter carriers maintain and strengthen this proud tradition. Your efforts remind us all of the ties that bind communities and our country together. We are fortunate to have a employee of your caliber as part of our postal family. Well done! Goff said Melissa was commended by the National Association of Letter Carriers President, Office of Personnel Management, as well as the Postmaster General. She has been a letter carrier for 11 years for the US Post Office. Georgia Brown added that after a weeklong stay in a San Angelo hospital, her mother’s recovery has been slow from the traumatic fall, but she is improving. ‘We appreciate Melissa, the community and the churches for their continued prayers, and food brought to Dorothy,” she concluded.



Court order sets May 29 as date for primary election AUSTIN — Dates put on the calendar make the prospect of party primaries seem more concrete now. An order by a threejudge panel of the U.S. District Court, Western District of Texas in San Antonio, set May 29 as the date of the 2012 general primary election and July 31 for the primary runoff election. Despite continuing questions and objections over redrawn state House and U.S. congressional districts, the order written by Judge Orlando Garcia and dated March 1 includes a list of primary–related deadline dates for federal, state, county and local offices. In a long list of requirements in Garcia’s court order is the reopening of the filing period for candidates. Filing was set to begin March 2 and end at 6 p.m. on March 9.

Furthermore, the order waived the state law requiring that a runoff election be held no earlier than the 20th nor later than the 45th day after the final canvass of the main election for any municipal, school, or other political subdivision election held on May 12. It also suspended the requirements of any home-rule city charter relating to runoff election dates to allow for compliance with the order.

Interim Committee on Alzheimer’s Disease, an assembly of lawmakers tasked with studying the economic impact of the disease over the next five years and working toward mobilizing assets to combat it. Standing with the Royals were celebrated Texans Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey. State Health Commissioner Dr. David Lakey estimated 340,000 Texans suffer from the disease and the state’s minimally funded Alzheimer’s disease program was cut by 50 percent by the Legislature. While most of the estimated $65 million cost of Alzheimer’s treatment in Texas is covered by Medicare, Lakey said, many Alzheimer’s sufferers don’t receive needed services. Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services Deputy Commissioner Jon

Coach puts face on Alzheimer’s Darrell K. Royal, head coach of the University of Texas Longhorns football team from 1957-76, appeared in the state Senate Chamber on Feb. 28 to promote efforts to understand and deal with Alzheimer’s disease. Royal, 87, suffers from Alzheimer’s. Royal’s wife Edith spoke to the Joint

Weizenbaum estimated d there are 2.7 million Texans providing informal caregivver tasks for Alzheimer’ss sufferers. RRC elects new chairman The Texas Railroad Commission on Feb. 28 elected current Commissioner Barry Smitherman chairman. Smitherman, who joined the agency in July 2011, succeeds former Commissioner Elizabeth Ames SEE CAPITAL ON PAGE 3


Iran’s Terrible Rationality The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, thinks that Iran is a “rational actor.” He is indisputably correct. Tehran couldn’t have made itself into the world’s foremost exporter of terror and extended its tentacles throughout the Middle East without resorting to rational calculation. That’s obvious. What Dempsey is implying, though, is that a regime capable of such calculation can necessarily be deterred if it gets a nuclear weapon. That’s an unsupportable leap. If the Soviets, the famous “evil empire” bristling with thousands of nuclear weapons, could be deterred, why not Iran? The Soviet leadership became more pragmatic over time. After Nikita Khrushchev renounced Josef Stalin, it didn’t believe that war with its enemies was imminent and inevitable. Iran’s religio-ideological fire, in contrast, is still burning hot. From our perspective, there is no point in establishing a theocracy, killing innocents abroad, pursuing sectarian war, crushing protesters, denying the Holocaust and threatening Israel with annihilation, either. From the point of view of the Western liberal tradition, the Islamic Republic itself makes no sense. Yet there it is, withstanding punishing economic sanctions to pursue the weapon that the regime wouldn’t want in the first place if it accepted international norms. A highly ideological leadership with a sense of desperate urgency is the enemy of deterrence. In 1941, Dean Acheson rightly said: “No rational Japanese could believe an attack on us could result anything but disaster.” Except the Japanese -- driven by a sense of honor alien to us -believed that they only had two choices: getting squeezed out of China by the U.S., or launching a risky war. Even in the Cold War, deterrence almost failed. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the airstrike and invasion pushed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff might well have unwittingly prompted a nuclear exchange. The defense secretary at the time, the late Bob McNamara, maintained that “we lucked out.” Ah, yes, that crucial backstop to deterrence -- luck. The Israelis can be forgiven for not feeling very lucky. Do we think Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei will establish a “red telephone” to smooth out misunderstandings after Iran goes nuclear? The Iranian regime is factionalized, and it is sure to be the most fanatical elements that control the nukes. It also is prone to bouts of popular unrest threatening its existence. If the regime ever believes it is going down, national martyrdom might look gloriously alluring. In March 1945, Adolf Hitler gave his infamous Nero Decree, essentially calling for the destruction of Germany. After the first U.S. atomic attack on Hiroshima, the Japanese war minister mused about how wonderful it would be if his nation were destroyed “like a beautiful flower.” It is in this tradition that former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani -- a relative pragmatist -- said that “even one nuclear bomb inside Israel will destroy everything. However, it will only harm the Islamic world. It is not irrational to contemplate such an eventuality.” On his own perverse terms, Rafsanjani’s reasoning is unassailable. He’s just another “rational actor.”

Spending Time With the Dragon

Rolling Along


St. Paddy’s Day Madness Green is okay. It’s not my favorite color. It’s not my least favorite. But wouldn’t a nice azure blue or sunshine yellow be just as good as green? Why did it have to be green? I’d love to support our Irish friends on St. Patrick’s Day, but I have absolutely nothing green to wear. I’ve come to the conclusion that nobody does unless they bought it for a St. Patrick’s Day party ten years ago. There is a rule written in stone somewhere (perhaps this Blarney Stone I keep hearing about) that you cannot go to a St. Paddy’s Day party wearing anything other than green. Additionally, you take the risk of getting kicked out if you dare show up in orange, which is very… not green. Nobody wants to get kicked out because there will be shamrocks… and beer. Lots of beer. There’s a rule about having to drink beer on St. Paddy’s Day too, but I choose to ignore it. Beer makes me nauseated. What can they do? Send a leprechaun to make me drink? … Bring it on, little green man. I think I can take you. By the way, the leprechauns did not sprout from the St. Patrick legends. The little party-crashers simply took over the holiday because St. Patrick was a bit boring. In fact, it is very unlikely that he ever drank beer, sported a monochrome wardrobe, or ate corned beef and cabbage until he puked. In fact, the modern corned beef tradition sprang from the original meat used to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day: bacon. I

can see how people who drink large quantities of beer might make that mistake. (“I wondered why that darn pig was mooing!”) But whose sick idea was it to combine corned beef and cabbage with kegs of beer, anyway? Aha! That’s where the green comes in! After voluminous amounts of corned beef, cabbage and beer, the only green you’d see is the green around your gills around 2:00 am. After waking from a coma next to the commode in a bar to which you don’t remember going, one has to further test his intestinal fortitude by going to the parade with a hangover. And yay! The parade has bagpipes! Lots of bagpipes. Because, apparently, the friendly Scots support the Irish madness with an instrument that looks like one of the alien patrons of a Star Wars pub. It sounds like one too. Of course, after ruining your only green shirt with the contents of your stomach, you would have to brave the parade in a color other than green. There are consequences for blatantly breaking the St. Paddy’s Day rules. Now, every Irish grandmother in the city will subject you to an “affectionate pinch”; which is an oxymoron. There really is no such thing. However, if somebody’s grandmother pinches you, you are not, I repeat, NOT, allowed to slug her. Another St. Paddy’s rule written in stone. So, yes, I wholeheartedly support our Irish friends, and even those who are only temporarily Irish. But, gee, I just don’t have anything to wear. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Laura on Life

by Laura Snyder

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I was visiting with a Rotary friend last summer and we were talking about recent books we had read. He said he had just finished the third book in Stieg Larsson’s THE MILLINNEUM TRILOGY, published in Sweden in 2005, 2006 and 2007. His fascination with the three books caught my attention. I had heard about the series, but hadn’t paid much attention to it, although the titles indicated to me that this was something I needed to read. THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATOO, THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE by Tumbleweed Smith AND THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNET’S NEST practically jump out at you from the bookshelf. The conversation about books made me feel almost ashamed that I hadn’t read the series, which was the talk of the literary world. Steig Larsson died in 2004 shortly after delivering the three manuscripts. I bought the first book and after just a few pages I was hooked. Not since reading Thomas Wolfe in college had I just absolutely jumped into a book. I was caught up in the love story, the family saga, the financial intrigue and the mystery. The story is about a journalist, something I could identify with at the outset. I may have set a record for reading THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. It was difficult to put it down. While I was reading it and after reading it, the images conjured up in my mind about the characters stayed there and I wanted to find out what was going on with them. Of course I bought the second book, THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE, before I finished the first. I devoured the second one also, fully engrossed in the ongoing story. The first two books were paperbacks. I read the third book, THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNET’S NEST, on a Kindle. Reading from a machine had the same excitement, if not more, than reading from a conventional book. My wife Susan read the series right along with me. Work, play, home life, outside activities were ignored occasionally to stay up with the story. When we visited our son in Dallas we were talking about the books and he told us that a Swedish company had made films of the three books and he had seen them all. When we got back home we went to Blockbuster and rented the first one. Wow. The characters and locations were just as I had imagined them. The film was true to the book for the most part and stayed with the story. We watched one of the movies on Monday, the second one on Tuesday and the third one on Wednesday. We finished watching the movies about the time the American version of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO hit the theaters. We were impressed with the American version. I personally like the ending better than the Swedish version. While the lights were coming up in the theater, we were discussing the movie, talking about the subtle differences and similarities between the Swedish and American versions. The person sitting a seat away from Susan began talking to us. Of all things, he just happened to be from Sweden. Our conversation lasted well into the lobby of the theater. We’re waiting for the next two American movie versions.

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County: RV Park = Subdivision CONTINUED FROM PG. 1

RCES Students/ Teacher/ Parent of the Month to learn. Representing Second Grade is Roxanna DeLeon. She is the daughter of Teresa and Hector DeLeon. Roxanna can always be counted on in everything she does in school. Her grades are fantastic! She has made every A/R Reading goal for the entire year. She is always looking for ways to help her teachers and other classmates. Her teacher says, “If I need to rely on a student to help me with a task, she is the first student I look towards.” Clarissa Flores was chosen by Third Grade as Student of the Month. She is the daughter of Marcos and Clarita Flores. Her favorite subject in school is Science. She always has a great attitude inside and outside the classroom. She achieves her goals and helps other students succeed. Fourth Grade Student of the Month is Hannah Cervantes. She is the daughter of Clementina Ramirez. Hannah was selected as the 4th grade student of the month because she excels in all of her classes. She always works hard and tries her best. Hannah has scored well on all of her benchmark tests. She works well with her classmates and is a pleasure to have in class. Rounding out the group is Julian Robles. He is the son of Christy and Julian Robles. Julian is constantly participating in class, always striving to do his best in every subject. He always has a

RCES has another group of “owl”-standing students to show off during the month of March. This month the focus quality was achievement in school. These students do well in the school environment. They make good grades, participate in class, and have good attendance rates. These students make good scores on tests, AR, daily work assignments, etc. They work in cooperation with their peers and are a good classroom citizen. Jake Hruska is the PreK Student of the Month. He is the son of Jed and Ginna Hruska. Jake does well in the school environment. He participates in classroom activities. He is a good listener and a good classroom citizen. He likes to play at centers and on the playground at school. Kinder Student of the Month is Levan Aguilar. He is the son of Aurelio and Blanca Aguilar. Levan is always enthusiastic about school. He works well with others and always tries his best. He always participates in classroom discussions and pays close attention to the lesson being taught. He tries his best and never gives up. Jaydyn Reyes is the First Grade Student of the Month. She is the daughter of Blanca and Jason Reyes. Her favorite subject is Reading. Jaydyn takes pride in her work and always does her best. She is a hard worker and a fast learner. Jaydyn always comes to class prepared and ready

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positive attitude and demonstrates good teamwork skills with his peers. Julian has been going above and beyond to reach his AR goal with a total of 309 points for the year so far!! Teacher of the Month is Third Grade Teacher, Lacey Epperson. Mrs. Epperson uses innovative teaching strategies, is very reliable, and develops positive relationships with students and parents. Mrs. Epperson is a value to her students and to her staff. She is ready and prepared to teach her students with a good attitude. You can look at her students and see how much they appreciate what she does for them. The RCES Parent of the Month is Daniel Fraga. He is the parent of first grader Osiel Fraga and sixth grader Gustavo Fraga. Mr. Fraga and Osiel enjoy reading, writing, and math together. Osiel is very proud to show his dad his good grades, AR test grades, and accomplishments they work toward in class. We appreciate the way he supports his child as well as the school.

make it fair for everyone. The good 'ol boy way of doing things is thrown out the door. These regulations are in place to give our county some protection in the future. It also gives us as a commissioners court something to hold your (developers) feet to the fire. My main concern is that everything is safe, orderly and sightly. I think that is something we can all agree with." Elkins said that the appropriate action for developers to take when placing an RV park in Reagan County would be to first pick up a subdivision packet from the county clerk's office. The developer would

Happy Homemakers meet Happy Homemakers met Thursday, February 23rd at the A.L.E. Building. After a brief business meeting the program was turned over to Charlene Belew, County Agent from Glasscock County, and Shantay Claswon, County Agent from Odessa. A fun craft was demonstrated by the agents and made by the members present, who were Arla Schwertner, Jeanne Warriner, Margie Blake, June O’Briant, Dorothy Wille, Argie Perez, Janice Randle and Hermit Dittman.

Most schools are accredited State law gives the Texas education commissioner authority to impose sanctions against any school district or charter school that receives a lowered accreditation status. This year, 97 percent of school districts and charter schools earned state accreditation based primarily on academic and financial performance. In a March 1 Texas Education Agency new release, Education Commissioner

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Robert Scott said 1,185 out of 1,220 districts and charter schools met the requirements. Accreditation status for each district and charter can be found at accredstatus/. Phony email targets citizens Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott on March 1 warned citizens not to open attachments, click on links or respond to fraudulent email that looks like it came from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. “Tax season is a particularly active time for identity thieves, because it provides an opportunity for criminals to create fraudulent emails and websites to trick taxpayers into divulging their sensitive financial information,” Abbott said. “Taxpayers should remember that the IRS does not use email or text messages to contact taxpayers about issues related to their income tax returns,” Abbott added. This year, the deadline for filing federal income tax returns is Tuesday, April 17. According to the IRS, the filing deadline was moved back because April 15 is a Sunday and April 16 is a holiday in Washington, D.C.

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Capital Highlights . . . Jones as chair. Ames Jones resigned from office last month to run for a state Senate seat. “As Texas energy production is increasing at an unprecedented rate, the Railroad Commission must continue to maintain a fair and predictable regulatory climate in this state,” Smitherman said, and expressed eagerness to work with the state Legislature and the Sunset Advisory Commission in the 83rd regular session, scheduled to convene in January. The Railroad Commission will undergo Sunset review, a process that scrutinizes each state agency and recommends whether an agency should continue or be dissolved.

water. The commissioners also noted that none of the regulations pertain to RV parks within the City of Big Lake as they have their own set of rules and regulations. The court finished up their meeting by asking Elkins to draft an addendum to the subdivision regulations to include RV parks. The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 a.m.

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then need to produce a plat stamped by an engineer for commissioner approval. After that construction can commence with oversight from the county's road supervisor. Elkins also said that if the developer is receiving water and waste water service from the City of Big Lake they would have to provide the county with a letter from the city stating that the city's services can handle the extra load. Elkins said that developers that do not receive services from the city will have to contact TCEQ for their on-site waste water and the underground water conservation district for fresh

When your physician tells you that you need inpatient skilled services, come home to Reagan Memorial Hospital. Our Swing Bed program is designed to provide additional inpatient care to those who need extra time to heal or strengthen. Quality, personalized care in your own hometown – we consider you family- we are YOUR hospital! Reagan Memorial Hospital – Your Partner in Health!

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Owls nine top Crane tournament: Keep McCamey at bay

Reagan County’s Rosemary Davis and Zoe Gonzalez advanced to the state powerlifting meet in Corpus Christi after strong performances in the regional meet held in Monahans Saturday. Davis took first place in the 165 class with a total weight of 845 lbs. Davis had a squat of 350 lbs, a bench of 145 lbs., and a dead lift that matched her squat. Gonzales took third place in the 123 class with a total weight of 735 lbs. She had a squat of 325 lbs, a bench of 120 lbs, and a dead lift of 290 lbs. The pair will travel to Corpus Cristi on March 16 for the state powerlifting meet held at the American Bank Center. PHOTO BY J.L. Mankin

RCMS; RCHS Boys Track Reagan County Jr. High Boys Track Results. Location – McCamey 7th Grade Results: 2400m run – Tyler Bastin 5th; Tyler Rardin 6th 800m run – Chris DeHoyes 1st; Robert Howell 2nd; Turner Stark 5th 110 hurdles – Jose Salas 1st; Riley Henson 3rd; Zach Adams 5th 100m Dash – Johnathan Gallegos 1st; Antonio Rico 2nd 800 relay – Reagan County

2nd 400m run - Robert Howell 4th; Turner Stark 6th 300m hurdle – Jose Salas 1st; Riley Henson 2nd; Zach Adams 4th 200m Dah – Angel Rico 4th; Eddie Cemental 5th Pole Vault – Robert Howell 3rd; Zach Adams 5th Long Jump – Johnathan Gallegos 1st; Anthony Rico 2nd; Shot Put – J.D. Esquivel 4th 8th Grade Results: 2400 m run –Marcos

Cervantes 3rd 1600m run – Marcos Cervantes 3rd Shot put – Baylee Barton 2nd 7th Grade Placed 2nd overall with a total of 117 points. Varsity Boys The varsity boys competed in the Cristoval Relays last week. Zach Ramirez had a great day placing in all event that he entered. The results are as follow Zach Ramirez 1st -Triple Jump *with a jump of 39’ 4� 2nd -200 meter dash 3rd -High Jump 4th-- 400 meter dash Julian Perez - 6th -3200 meter run 5th- -1600 meter run

The Reagan County Owls’ added another feather to their cap this past weekend by bringing home the championship hardware in the Crane Tournament. In game one the Owls faced the Ft. Stockton Panthers. The Panthers struck first in the top of the 2nd inning going up 1-0. Then the Owls responded with a run to tie the score 1-1 in the bottom half of the inning. In the 3rd the Owls took the lead 3-1. The Panthers then cut the lead in half with a run in the top half of the 4th bringing the score to 3-2. Ft. Stockton then rallied with 3 runs in the 5th to take a 5-3 lead. In the bottom half the Owls tied the game at 5 all. The Owls then scored 5 runs in the 6th to take a 10-5 lead going into the last inning of play. The Panthers made it interesting scoring 3 runs to bring the final score to 10-8 in favor of the Owls. Cristian Sanchez picked up the win going the distance while striking out 6 batters and walking 4. In game 2 the Owls played the Van Horn Eagles. The Owls quickly found themselves down 2-0 after 2 innings of play. In the 3rd, 4th and 5th innings the Owls scored a run in each to take a 3-2 lead after 6 innings. Then, in the top of the 7th, the Owls added 3 more runs to seal a 6-2 victory. Trenton Gardner had a complete game victory while striking out 7 batters and walking 2. In the Championship Game the Owls faced the Ft. Hancock Mustangs who were defending champs. After a quiet 1st inning the Mustangs struck first in the top of the 2nd going up 1-0. The Owls battled back and scored 2 runs to take a 2-1 lead after 2 innings. Both teams failed to score in the 3rd because

of great defensive plays by both teams. In the 4th Ft. Hancock scored to tie the game at 2-2. The Owls then erupted for 7 runs in the 4th to take a commanding 9-2 lead. Then in the 5th inning the Owls added 3 runs on a double by Benji Gutierrez that ended the game 12-2 for a CHAMPIONSHIP victory for the Owls. Luis Gonzalez pitched the entire game picking up the win while striking out 2 batters and allowing only 2 runs. Sophomore Trenton Gardner made the ALL TOURNAMENT TEAM. Senior Cristian Sanchez was named TOURNAMENT MVP. Other players having a good tournament were: Benji Gutierrez 8 for 11, 3 runs scored and 6 RBI’s; Edgar Lopez 4 for 8, 4 walks, 5 runs scored, 3 RBI’s and 4 stolen bases. Next action for the Owls will be at home Mar. 8-10(THUR-SAT) in the 1st Annual Reagan County Baseball Classic. Bracket below. This past Monday Mar. 6, 2012 the Owls hosted the McCamey Badgers. After 1 inning of play the Owls were up 1-0. In the 2nd inning the

Owls scored 4 runs to go up 5-0. Both teams were quiet in the 3rd. Then in the 4th the Badgers put up their only run of the game bringing the score to 5-1. After that the Owls put up 6 more runs to cruise to an 11-1 victory. Pitching for the Owls were: Cristian Sanchez 7 strikeouts and 7 walks in the win; Lorenzo Benitez 3 strikeouts and 1 walk in relief. Players hitting well were: Laz Rodriguez 2 for 3, 2 runs scored and 2 RBI’s; Trenton Gardner 2 for 4, 2 runs scored. On Monday Mar. 6, 2012 the JV team took on the Ft. Stockton Panthers JV. The Panthers went up 2-0 in the 1st inning. In the 2nd the Owls scored 3 runs to take a 3-2 lead. The Panthers answered back with a run to tie the score at 3-3. But the Owls battled back with 3 runs to take a 6-3 lead. After two more innings of play the Owls scored 2 more runs to make the final score 8-4 in the victory. Freshman Juan Lopez and Julian Perez pitched well for the Owls. Players getting hits and scoring runs were: Zach Ramirez, Angel Aguilera, Leander Miller, BJ Avila and Mason Baggett.

Reagan County’s Trenton Gardner and Cristian Sanchez received AllTournement honors after their solid play in the Crane Tournament. Sanchez was named the tournament’s MVP while Gardner was named to the All-Tournament squad. COURTESY PHOTO

We Proudly Support the Reagan County Owls!

FISHER LEASE SERVICE “We Try Harderâ€? Gangs • Backhoes • Welders Polyethylene Pipe • Contract Pumping Big Lake, Texas (325)884-2454

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The Reagan County Owls varsity baseball team won first place this weekend in the Crane Tournament. The Owls notched wins over Ft. Stockton and Van Horn before tromping Ft. Hancock 12-2 in the championship game. The Owls will host their own tournament that begins today and will include the Reagan County JV team, McCamey, Ozona, Crane, Eldorado, Grape Creek and Kermit. Everyone is encouraged to come out and support the first annual Reagan County Baseball Tournament. COURTESY PHOTO


Mighty Owl B

1st Anual Reagan County Baseball Classic

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Reagan County RC JV Thurs 3 p.m. Gm 3

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Reagan County JV McCamey Thurs 12 p.m. Gm 2 Ozona Crane Fri 9 a.m. Gm 5 Eldorado

Sat 9 a.m. Gm 9 Fri 3 p.m. Gm 7

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NO PARKING: Limits on commercial trucks The Big Lake City Council met Tuesday and approved an ordinance that amends the city's traffic code to set limits on where and when commercial trucks can park inside Big Lake's city limits. The ordinance, numbered 12-03-06-1, states that any owner of a commercial vehicles of more than 10,500 lbs shall not park in the city limits of Big Lake on property that is not owned or leased by the owner of the vehicle. The ordinance allows for specific written permission to be granted to a commercial vehicle driver as long as it is issued by the landowner. According to the ordinance, the same restrictions apply to cleaning and changing fluid on trucks over the weight limit. Truck maintenance can only be conducted if the owner of the vehicle also owns the property, and the piece of land also contains drains/ catchments for fluids and is constructed to prevent the contamination of the property. The ordinance rounds out by prohibiting any commercial trucks over the weight limit not owned by the City of Big Lake from parking on municipal property unless it receives written authorization. The council noted that there is a list of vehicles that are exempt from the ordinance that includes service vehicles, delivery trucks and emergency vehicles. The ordinance was constructed to give local law enforcement another tool to combat parking issues that happen around Big Lake. Sheriff Jeff Garner, in a previous meeting of the city council, told council members that in the past things would have to get out of hand before his department

had the authority to have an unwanted commercial vehicle moved. The meeting was called to order at 6:15 p.m. by Mayor Cindy O'Bryan with council members Phil Pool, Paul Jones and Charlie Walker present. Councilman Cliff Miller joined the meeting in progress. The council began the meeting by approving the outright purchase of a Caterpillar backhoe for the total cost of $78,000. The backhoe will have an 18" bucket, since the city already has a 2' bucket, and comes with a 5 year 5000 hour extended warranty. City Secretary Evelyn Ammons said that the machine will be paid for through the city's general fund. The council then discussed deed restrictions and permits for RVs in Big Lake. The council placed a moratorium on the city's RV codes until December 31, 2012 during their last meeting to give them time to hold workshops to shape the city's RV policy going forward. Mayor Cindy O'Bryan said that City Attorney Melanie Spratt-Anderson could not make it to the meeting, but passed along some information to her about the deed restrictions issue. According to O'Bryan, deed restrictions are not considered the business of the city, and the city should not issue permits for deed restricted land. O'Bryan said that Anderson will bring case law to support her opinion on the subject at a future meeting. Councilman Paul Jones then raised an issue with the city's current permit application having a $50 "moving fee" for RVs. Jones said that people currently pay for the right

$7,500 Offered for Fort Worth Gang Member Roshun Traylor&id=110.

A CRIPS gang member, last seen in Fort Worth, has been added to the Texas 10 Most Wanted list, and a $7,500 cash reward is offered for tips leading to her arrest. All tips can be offered anonymously. Damesha Roshun Traylor, 33, is the first woman featured as a DPS Most Wanted fugitive in more than 10 years. Her criminal history includes Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Possession of a Controlled Substance, and 17 arrests for Prostitution. Traylor is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs about 270 pounds. She has numerous tattoos, including “Sexy D” on her outside right wrist and the same faded tattoo on her outside upper left arm. The words "Playa Made" are tattooed on the center of her lower back. She also has cut scars on the back of her neck and left forearm. In the past she has worked on farms, in restaurants and at laundry facilities. For more information, view her wanted poster at: h t t p : // w w w . t x d p s . /fugitiveDetai ls. aspx?&fugitive=Damesha

Texas Crime Stoppers, which is f u n d e d b y t h e G o v e r n o r ’s Criminal Justice Division, offers cash rewards to any person who provides information that leads to the arrest of one of the Texas 10 Most Wanted fugitives or sex offenders, http://www.txdps.state. Anyone with information can provide anonymous tips in three different ways: Call the Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-252-TIPS (8477). Text the letters DPS—followed by your tip—to 274637 (CRIMES) from your cell phone. Submit a web tip through the DPS website by selecting the fugitive you have information about, and then clicking on the link under their picture. All calls, texts or e-mails are anonymous, and tipsters will be given a tip number. You do not have to give your name. Do not attempt to apprehend these fugitives yourself; they are considered armed and dangerous.

to move RVs on Texas public roads by paying for license plates. City Secretary Ammons said that the fee is used as a way to keep track of where the RVs are located within the city. The council agreed that a separate form would be drafted to take care of the wording discrepancy. The council was then notified by Public Works Director Troy Kuykendall that the city has received permission to close their old waste water treatment facility. Ammons said that it is possible for the city to lease the land to be developed as long as no permanent buildings are placed on the site. She also said that the city will never be able to sell the property, but they are free to lease. The council asked Ammons to draft an advertisement for local newspapers to get the word out on the land. The council discussed allowing the closing, or filling in, of the waste water plant to be the payment for the lease. Councilmembers then approved a resolution authorizing a Sheriff Posse horse parade on March 24, 2012 on Highway 67. The council approved the city's bills and meter deposits before adjourning the meeting at 7:09 p.m.

Destiney Bauer, Yaritza Reyes, Miguel Lopez, Erika Lerma, Cassie Vargas. Front row (L-R) Stormi Browder, Veronica Perez, and Javonie Barrera. - COURTESY PHOTO

Battle of the cupcakes RCHS students prove they can ‘whip’ up a win Eight Reagan County High School Culinary students travel to Laredo on Tuesday, February 28 to compete in the South Texas High School Cupcake Battle. Reagan County was represented well at the competition. There were 30 entries submitted from six schools. There were eight individual awards given and Reagan County brought home 5 of the awards. • Erica Lerma, junior, won 3rd place and Best School Spirit for her “Owl Cupcakes” entry, • Javonie Barrera, freshman, won Best Presentation with her “Vanilla Hamburger Cupcake”,

• Veronica Perez, junior, won Best Piping for her “Chocolate Garden Cupcakes”, • Cassandra Vargas, junior, won 2nd place, Best Frosting, and Best Cake with her “Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes.” Cassandra and Erika will go on to represent Reagan County at the Texas State Cupcake. Judges rated each cupcake on overall and individual product taste, degree of difficulty (including creativity and originality) and the appearance (including color, shape and texture).

First, second and third place overall winners will compete in the state competition, where they will create cupcakes in front of a panel of judges. The state competition is a real life experience for students where they will experience the intensity of a professional kitchen and having to work in front of judges. The winner of the state competition is usually awarded a culinary arts scholarship to the culinary school of their choice. This years state competition will be held in Houston this June.

DPS advises We appreciate against Spring our readers! Break travel to Mexico CONTINUED FROM PG. 1

Mexican states, four more than 2011. The situation in Mexico today is significantly different than it was just a decade ago,” said McCraw. “Many crimes against Americans in Mexico go unpunished, and we have a responsibility to inform the public about safety and travel risks and threats. Based on the unpredictable nature of cartel violence and other criminal elements, we are urging individuals to avoid travel to Mexico at this time.” DPS acknowledges that many travel to Mexico without incident, but the risks cannot be ignored. Travelers are encouraged to carefully research any planned trips. Travelers should always check the U.S. Department of State website for the most up-to-date information related to security issues in Mexico. (See *http://travel. cis/cis_970.html.) U.S. citizens living or traveling in Mexico are urged to register with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate at ui/.

2-4 pm VFW HALL -Big Lake

on the following dates: March 11 April 15 May 13 June 10 July 15 August 12 September 16 October 14

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- Dedicated to the protection of every citizen in Reagan County Pd. Pol. Adv. by Jesse Cortez Campaign, Virginia Martinez, Treasurer Visit us at Offer valid for a limited time only at participating DQ restaurants. Blizzard, DQ and the ellipse shaped logo are trademarks of Am. D.Q. Corp., Mpls. MN ® Reg. U.S. Pat. & TM Off. Tx. D.Q. Op. Coun., © 2012. © 2012 Great Lakes Dairy Queen Owners Marketing Group, L.L.C., All Rights Reserved. OREO is a registered trademark of KF Holdings, Inc.


Fun & Games

1. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What term refers to a type of patterned sock or sweater and a region within a country? 2. LOGOS: What is the official logo of the Atlanta Braves baseball team? 3. HOLIDAYS: When was Father’s Day first celebrated officially? 4. CHEMISTRY: W hat is the color of sulfur at room temperature? 5. ANATOMY: What human organs are responsible for cleaning waste from blood? 6. HISTORY: In what year did U.S. law require cars to include turn signals? 7. FOOD & DRINK: Which vegetables are used primarily in succotash? 8. BIBLE: What is the longest book in the Old Testament? 9. U.S. G OV ER N M EN T: W hich Constitutiona l Amendment deals with selfincrimination? 10. MOV I ES: W hat new category was added to the Academy Awards in 2001?

1. Who holds the Los Angeles Dodgers record for longest hitting streak? 2. Since 1940, name the only two players to retire with a career batting average better than .335. 3. Who holds the NFL record for most consecutive games with at least one touchdown pass? 4. Name the last Wooden Award winner (top collegiate player) before Kevin Durant to go on to win an NBA season scoring title. 5. Which No. 1 overall draft pick recorded a hat trick the earliest in his NHL career? 6. Name the only two drivers to win from the pole position in NASCAR Cup’s Homestead-Miami Speedway. 7. When was the last time before 2012 that no male U.S. tennis player made the final 16 at the Australian Open?

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James D. Jepson announces candidacy for 112th District Attorney James D. Jepson, attorney from Fort Stockton, Pecos County, Texas has announced his candidacy for District Attorney in the 112th Judicial District, comprised of Crockett, Reagan, Sutton, Upton and Pecos Counties. Jepson graduated from the University of Texas Permian Basin in 1985 with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and earned a Juris Doctor in Law from Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University in December 1991. He served as an Assistant District Attorney with the 83rd and 112th Judicial Districts of Texas from November 1992 to December 1996 covering Brewster, Crockett, Jeff Davis, Pecos, Presidio, Reagan, Sutton and Upton counties. Jepson was also appointed Special Prosecutor in the 109th Judicial District of Winkler County, Texas in 1996. Jepson is a former member of the College of the State Bar and attended the Prosecutor’s course at Northwestern University in Chicago. Jepson is a former member of the Government Attorneys involved in Capital Litigation and the National Association of District Attorney’s. Jepson is currently and has been a member of the Texas County and District Attorney’s Association. His hobbies consist of hunting, fishing and cooking. He is a member of the Odessa Chuck Wagon Gang for 4 years. Prior to and during law school, Jepson spent over 16 years of employment in law enforcement. Jepson first came to Fort Stockton in 1978 as a police officer for the City of Fort Stockton. He also served as a peace officer in and around the 112th Judicial District serving as Chief Deputy Sheriff of Reagan County for over 3 years until being accepted into law school at Texas Southern University in 1989. Jepson also worked as a police officer in Houston, Texas area while attending law school and raising his sons as a single parent. Jepson is married to his lovely wife, Elma. They live in Bakersfield, Pecos County, Texas where they farm and ranch. Jepson is the father of two sons, David Paul, 28, and daughter-in-law Melanie of Midland, Texas and James Robert, (JR) Jepson,

The Blotter The Blotter is a summary summar of the previous week’s activityy by the Reagan County Sheriff’s Dept. For practical reasons of time and space, The Blotter does not include every call made to the Sheriff’s office, nor does it include routine security checks, minor traffic stops or routine patrols. Incidents of major impact will be reported separately. Subjects reported to have been arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law

ARRESTS FEBRUARY 28 • Lindsey Keiauna, 36 year old female. Arresting officer, RCSO deputy. Offense- out of county warrant, possession of Marijuana < 2 oz. Released on cash bond. MARCH 4 • Leeann Salcido, 25 year old female. Arresting officer, RCSO deputy. Offense- public intoxication. Released on citation. INCIDENTS FEBRUARY 28 - 12:48 PM • Reagan Memorial requested ambulance for transfer to San Angelo. EMS responded. 1:45 PM • Complainant reported subject almost ran them off of roadW. Hwy. 67. Officer responded. 7:03 PM • Officer responded for a locked vehicle - Maryland St. 8:37 PM • EMS responded for reverse transfer - California St. 8:39 PM • Officer assisted with stranded motorist - W. Hwy. 67. FEBRUARY 29 - 12:26 AM • Officer responded for an alarm - 2nd St. 9:30 AM • Complainant reported oil field theft - N. Reagan County. Officer responded. 4:59 PM • Complainant reported a reckless driver - E. Hwy 67. 6:35 PM • Caller reported an 18-wheeler parked on city streets - Pennsylvania St. Officer responded. 7:27 PM • Caller reported loose livestock - E. Hwy. 67 MARCH 1 - 1:31 AM • EMS responded for a female subject - Pennsylvania St. Patient transported to RMH. 7:49 PM • Complainant reported loud music - 9th St. Officer responded. 10:15 PM • Complainant reported loud music - S. Reagan St. Officer responded. 11:23 PM • Officer responded for locked vehicle - Plaza St. MARCH 2 - 8:27 AM • BLVFD re-

who is now deceased, and a grandfather of two, James Ryder (JR) and Ryleigh Denice Jepson. “I feel that I am the most qualified candidate for District Attorney for several reasons. As a parent, I know the importance of having a good community to raise our children in. I also know that it takes community strength and compassion to raise young people today. As a former peace officer, I know what it is like to spend the night working on a criminal case when one of our neighbors has become a victim of crime. As a former prosecutor, I know how important it is to be fair and just with the system. The Office of District Attorney is a very powerful position and one has to be fair, just and wise with this responsibility. Before someone is indicted and formally charged with a crime it is important to be absolutely sure that there is enough evidence to convict that person. As a man who had to work his way through law school and a single parent, I recognize the importance that to most of us place on our good name and our reputation. Before you accuse someone as a criminal, it is important to look at all the facts and evidence before you ruin his reputation”. As a former prosecutor I have been involved in well over 100 jury trials and handled directly or indirectly several thousand other criminal cases. I have been involved in cases ranging from DWI’s to Capital Murder’s. I have also been involved in cases that were in the national spotlight including the prosecution of the “Republic of Texas” militia group in Jeff Davis County and the investigation of the Marine shooting in Redford, Texas in Presidio County, Texas. I have represented the State of Texas multiple times in the Appellate Circuit Courts in El Paso and San Antonio, Texas and the Court of Criminal Appeals in Austin, Texas. I have been in private practice in Fort Stockton, Texas for the last 11 years with the majority of my practice consisting of criminal defense. I feel that this gives me the advantage of knowing both sides of criminal law. I have always taken a strong and tough position on violent crime and will continue to do so. If one of our neighbors children is shot, stabbed, murdered or sexually assaulted, it’s time to get ready for trial because I will not plea that type of case for probation. I look forward to the opportunity of serving as your next District Attorney in the 112th Judicial District. If you have any questions, comments or would just like to visit with me, please feel free to contact me at 432.652.3322.”

sponded for HazMat spill - Hwy. 67. 11:19 AM • Officer responded for locked vehicle - S. Texas St. 12:40 PM • Caller reported a minor accident - 2nd St. Officer responded. 12:59 PM • EMS responded for a male subject - Texas St. Patient transported to RMH. 3:04 PM - Officer responded for locked vehicle - Hwy. 137 5:11 PM • EMS/Deputies responded for vehicle accident - W. Hwy. 67. MARCH 3 - 1:59 AM • Caller reported vehicle driving in wrong lane - N. Hwy. 137. 3:00 AM • Caller reported vehicle trying to move an old motor home - Utah St. Officer responded. 9:34 AM • Officer responded for locked vehicle - S. Texas. 10:48 AM • Officer responded for locked vehicle - S. Texas. 2:04 PM • Caller reported livestock out - W. Hwy. 67. 5:45 PM • Complainant reported loud music - 1st St. Officer responded. 5:58 PM • Caller reported a grass fire - FM1676. BLVFD responded. MARCH 4 - 6:20 AM • Caller reported that no one would give them their keys - 6th St. Officer

responded. 6:44 AM • Officer responded for alarm - 2nd St. 9:05 AM • EMS responded for male subject - 4H Arena. Patient transported to RMH. 3:05 PM • Complainant reported loud music - Caliche St. Officer responded. 4:11 PM • Complainant reported 6:30 PM • Complainant reported damage to property - Utah St. Officer responded. 8:19 PM • Complainant reported altercation with juvenile subject Main St. Officer responded. MARCH 5 - 1:06 AM • EMS responded for female subject - Virginia Circle. Patient transported to RMH. 1:50 AM • Caller reported hearing a woman screaming. Officer responded. 6:59 AM • EMS responded for minor accident - 2nd St. 1:48 PM • Officer responded for locked vehicle - Pennsylvania St. 3:50 PM • Caller reported a verbal altercation - Utah St. Officer responded. 4:09 PM • Complainant reported subject from earlier altercation had returned to residence - Utah St. Officer responded. 6:45 PM • Officer responded for alarm - Mississippi St.

This chemical truck overturned Friday, March 2, 2012 near the intersection of U.S. Hwy. 190 and State Hwy. 163, spilling an unknown quantity of methanol which caused both roads to be closed and traffic diverted for a couple of hours. The driver, whose name has not been released, was airlifted to a San Angelo hospital where he was treated and released. The truck is owned by Southwest treatment Products of Sonora. The accident remains under investigation. COURTESY PHOTO JORDAN DE LA ROSA | Ozona Volunteer Fire Department

Chemical spill closes US 190 & SH 163 An overturned chemical truck and the resulting spill of an unknown quantity of methanol, caused U.S. Hwy. 190 and State Hwy. 163 to be closed for a couple of hours on Friday, March 2, 2012. The truck, owned by Southwest Treatment Products in Sonora, was in the area to service oil and gas wells. The wreck, occurred near the intersection of the two highways, some 34 miles west of Eldorado. The driver, whose name has yet to be released to the press, was airlifted to a San Angelo hospital where he was treated and released. Methanol is highly flammable and when it burns, it does so with an almost invisible flame. A hazardous material crew

(HAZMAT) from Big Lake was called to the scene to deal with the spill, and to determine if any other chemical products on the truck had spilled or leaked out. Multiple agencies responded to the accident including the Crockett County Sheriff’s Department, the Ozona Volunteer Fire Department,

Crockett County EMS, the Texas Department of Public Safety, Irion County Sheriff’s Department and the Texas Department of Transportation. The accident remains under investigation at press time. Melissa Perner, editor of the OZONA STOCKMAN, contributed to this story.

The City of Big Lake Animal Shelter is open Monday-Friday 8:00 am -5:00 pm After hour calls for emergency only, such as dog bites and wounded animals


RCMS Honor Roll RCHS Honor Roll “A” 6th grade – Elijah Martinez. 7th grade – Alex Garcia. 8th grade – Celeste Fraga. “A-B” 6th grade – Atalie Acosta, Kati Creech, J. R. Esquivel, Myriam Gonzalez, Alexis Goynes, Ashley Lemons, Fernanda Munoz, Shoni Scott, Justice Sweeney. 7th grade – Zach Adams, Tyler Aguero, Hannah Armstrong, Tyler Bastin, Luzzet Benitez, Eddie Cemental, Jacob Chavez, Emma DeLaRosa, Mikayla DeLaCruz, Tiffany Gonzalez, Brianna Goodloe, Sierra Guerrero, Molly Harrison, Riley Henson, Tyler Rardin, Jaelyn Reyes, Nicole Rodriguez, Samantha Sosa, Turner Stark. 8th grade – Rosanna Aguilera, Brittany Armstrong, Baylee Barton, Marcos Cervantes, Alan Jimenez, Brittany Merrill, Andy Perez, V. Perfect Attendance: 6th grade – Atalie Acosta, Alex Carbajal, Haley Cemental, Kati Creech, Angel Gallegos, Alexis Garcia, Juan Garza, Deandria Goodloe, Alexis Goynes, Isabel Holland, Esmeralda Jimenez, Elijah Martinez, Fernanda


‘A’ Seniors: Kalie Adams, Stormi Browder, Katie Dorsey, Tony Flores, Brooke Ham, Whitney Hoffman, Charles Judd, Jessica Lawler, Larry Perez, Johnna Pullig, Sarra Settle. Juniors: Dylan Bradley, Patricia Gifford, Emily Kidder, Erica Lerma, J Riggs, Timothy Stark, Jordan Subia, Hannah Wade, Brittany Wharton. Sophomores: Trenton Gardner, Stephanie Ortiz. Freshman: Alyssa Armendarez, Mason Baggett, Javonie Barrera, Sara Modi, Miranda Rico, Irene Rios, Tania Salas, Jennifer Sanchez. ‘AB’ Seniors: Lorenzo Benitez, Katarina Blackwell, Tara Blain, Leonel Botello, Karly Clark, Rosemary Davis, Codi Dunn, Estevan Garcia, JoErica Garcia, Matt Harrison, Jasmine Hernandez, Karla Hernandez, Jose Jimenez, Jose Marquez, Julie Matthews, Erik Pena, Savannah Ramirez, Fernando Rey, Yaritza Reyes, Gynova Samples, Juanita Sanchez, Fernando Saucedo, Karisa Vargas. Juniors: Victor Carrasco, Jonathan Cervantes, Emilee Craig, Oscar Godinez, Brean Merrill, Veronica Perez, Christopher Pool, Itzayana Ramirez, Daniella Samaniego, Jonathan Samples, Norma Sanchez, Cassandra Vargas, Samuel Weatherby. Sophomores: Angel Aguilera, Sara Baucom, Destiney Bauer, Bryzeida Castellanos, Thomas Croghan, Juan Encinas, Zoe Gonzales, Anna Hernandez, Jalisa Hernandez, Telia Jimenez, Abigail Maldonado, Deyanira Marquez, Juan Marquez, Cody Ortiz, Zackary Pool, Justin Pullig, Vanessa Soto, Kevin Sweeney, Leanna Torres. Freshman: Jaime Aguilera, Brayza Castellanos, Macy DeLaRosa, Estevan DeLaCruz, Karla Esquivel, Luis Estrada, Brady Fisher, Jacqueline Hernandez, Jennifer Lopez, Leeander Miller, Julian Perez, Catherine Stout, Katie Wade.

Munoz, Justin Ortiz, Maggie Ortiz, Daniela Perez, Jodee Perez, Abel Rodriguez, Mariana Rodriguez, Andrea Veloz. 7th grade – Zach Adams, David Botello, Eddie Cemental, Jacob Chavez, Emma DeLaRosa, Chris DeHoyos, Mikayla DeLaCruz, L. J. DeLeon, Rodrigo DeLeon, Carlos Del Rio, Annalee Esquivel, Aracely Esquivel, Juan D. Esquivel, Emma Guerrero, Damian Mendoza, Sara Morales, Marcos Ortiz, Tyler Rardin, Anthony Reyes, Jaelyn Reyes, Nicole Rodriguez, Jose Salas, Samantha Sosa, Turner Stark, Kadee Warriner. 8th grade – Jacqueline Avila, Baylee Barton, Shilloh Brown, Aracelly Candela, Marcos Cervantes, Leonel Del Rio, Breanna Flores, Giselle Hernandez, Josh Hernandez, Mariah Hill, Corey Hoffman, Breauna Jaramillo, Alan Jimenez, Isidro Lopez, Raul Maldonado, Brittany Merrill, Zuleima Monsivais, Jacob Peddicord, Indira Reyes, Juli Reyes, Haley Sanchez, Juan Sanchez, Daisy Tavarez, Yanira Vaquera, Carly Wilha, Mattie Williams.

RESOLUTION 12-03-06-1 SHERIFF POSSE HORSE PARADE WHEREAS, The Sheriff Posse of Reagan County are holding a Rodeo in Reagan County and having an ‘Opening Parade’; WHEREAS, The City of Big Lake recognizes the public purpose of a parade and has traffic and safety concerns for all parties involved; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IS RESOLVED BY THE CITY OF BIG LAKE, TEXAS: The City of Big Lake, Texas will cooperate fully with the requirements of the State of Texas Department of Transportation while participating in the Traffic control on State Hwy. 67 on March 24, 2012 for the Sheriff Posse Parade.

Cindy O’Bryan - Mayor ATTEST:

Evelyn Ammons - City Secretary


Any owner of Commercial vehicles of more than 10,500 pounds shall not park in the City limits on property that is not owned or leased by the owner of said vehicles, unless specific written permission has been issued by the landowner.

Barnhart Shaw’s General Repair Inc. For All Your Electrical, Air A i Conditioning g & Heater Needs


Sheriff Posse Arena - Big Lake

Bareback Riding and other events! Cabalgata at 9:00 am Starting at Reagan/Irion County Line - Hwy. 67 East

Maintenance, cleaning and/or fluid changes on trucks over 10,500 pounds shall not be performed on any property in the City limits not owned or leased by the owner of said vehicles or property equipped for truck maintenance and/or fluid changes. Such property must contain drains/catchments for fluids and shall be constructed to prevent contamination of property. No trucks over 10,500 pounds not owned by the City shall be parked on municipal property, unless authorized by the City of Big Lake.

Contact us at Office 325-876-5000 Doyle 325-650-8572 Justin 325-226-1410

March 24, 2012 5:00 pm • Admission: $7.00/person Live Music - Brisket Plates sold All proceeds benefit the Sheriff Posse Arena For more info: Robert Galvan 325-650-1401

Passed and Adopted by the City Council this 6th day of March, 2012.

Electrical Contractors License #25767 HVAC License # TACLB00026613C

The Sheriff Posse is not responsible for accidents

Cindy O’Bryan - Mayor

PUBLIC NOTICE RAILROAD COMMISSION OF TEXAS OIL AND GAS DIVISION DISTRICT 7C DATE OF ISSUANCE: March 5, 2012 NOTICE OF PROTEST DEADLINE: 5:00 PM, Apr 16, 2012 Address: Railroad Commission of Texas ATTN: Drilling Permit Unit P.O. Box 12967 Austin, Texas 78711-2967 Fax: (512) 463-6780 Email: SWR37@RRC.STATE.TX.US


Evelyn Ammons - City Secretary

Rule 37 Case No. 0274962 Status/Permit No. 734083


NOTICE OF APPLICATION NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the PIONEER NATURAL RES. USA, INC., [RRC Operator No. 665748] has made application for a spacing exception permit under the provisions of Railroad Commission Statewide Rule 37 (16 Tex. Admin. Code section 3.37). Applicant seeks exception to the LEASE LINE requirement for the NEW DRILL permit in Sec. 24, Bk. 1, UL Survey, A-U24, SPRABERRY (TREND AREA) Field, REAGAN County, being 12.1 miles W direction from BIG LAKE, Texas. PURSUANT TO THE TERMS of Railroad Commission rules and regulations, this application may be granted WITHOUT A HEARING if no protest to the application is received within the deadline. An affected person is entitled to protest this application. Affected persons include owners of record and the operator or lessees of record of adjacent tracts and tracts nearer to the proposed well than the minimum lease line spacing distance. If a hearing is called, the applicant has the burden to prove the need for an exception. A Protestant should be prepared to establish standing as an affected person, and to appear at the hearing either in person or by qualified representative and protest the application with cross-examination or presentation of a direct case. The rules of evidence are applicable in the hearing. If you have any questions regarding the hearing procedure, please contact the Commission’s Docket Services Department at (512) 463-6848. IF YOU WISH TO REQUEST A HEARING ON THIS APPLICATION, AN INTENT TO APPEAR IN PROTEST MUST BE RECEIVED IN THE RAILROAD COMMISSION’S AUSTIN OFFICE AT THE ADDRESS, FAX NUMBER, OR E-MAIL ADDRESS SET OUT ABOVE BY Apr 11, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. IF NO PROTEST IS RECEIVED WITHIN SUCH TIME, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR RIGHT TO PROTEST AND THE REQUESTED PERMIT MAY BE GRANTED ADMINISTRATIVELY. THIS NOTICE OF APPLICATION REQUIRES PUBLICATION The location and identity of the well is as shown below: FIELD:

To place your classified ad, call 325-884-2215


Lease/Unit Name Lease/Unit Well No. Lease/Unit Acres Nearest Lease Line (ft) Nearest Well on Lease (ft)

: : : : :

UNIVERSITY ‘1-13’ 3H 491.7 153.0 1479.0

Lease Lines Survey Lines

: :

153.0 F NORTH L, 500.0 F EAST L 2495.0 F SOUTH L, 500.0 F EAST L

DISTRICT 7C DATE OF ISSUANCE: Feb 29, 2012 NOTICE OF PROTEST DEADLINE: 5:00 PM, Apr 11, 2012 Address: Railroad Commission of Texas ATTN: Drilling Permit Unit P.O. Box 12967 Austin, Texas 78711-2967 Fax: (512) 463-6780 Email: SWR37@RRC.STATE.TX.US

Rule 38 Case No. 7C-0273277 Status/Permit No. 727400

NOTICE OF APPLICATION NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the PIONEER NATURAL RES. USA, INC., [RRC Operator No. 665748] has made application for a density exception permit under the provisions of Railroad Commission Statewide Rule 38 (16 Tex. Admin. Code section 3.38). Applicant seeks exception to the DENSITY requirement of the field rules for the AMENDED NEW DRILL permit in Sec. 160, Bk. 2, T&P RR CO/TEAGARDEN, J M Survey, A-441, SPRABERRY (TREND AREA) Field, REAGAN County, being 25.5 miles NE direction from BIG LAKE, Texas. PURSUANT TO THE TERMS of Railroad Commission rules and regulations, this application may be granted WITHOUT A HEARING if no protest to the application is received within the deadline. An affected person is entitled to protest this application. Affected persons include owners of record and the operator or lessees of record of adjacent tracts and tracts nearer to the proposed well than the minimum lease line spacing distance. If a hearing is called, the applicant has the burden to prove the need for an exception. A Protestant should be prepared to establish standing as an affected person, and to appear at the hearing either in person or by qualified representative and protest the application with cross-examination or presentation of a direct case. The rules of evidence are applicable in the hearing. If you have any questions regarding the hearing procedure, please contact the Commission’s Docket Services Department at (512) 463-6848. IF YOU WISH TO REQUEST A HEARING ON THIS APPLICATION, AN INTENT TO APPEAR IN PROTEST MUST BE RECEIVED IN THE RAILROAD COMMISSION’S AUSTIN OFFICE AT THE ADDRESS, FAX NUMBER, OR E-MAIL ADDRESS SET OUT ABOVE BY Apr 11, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. IF NO PROTEST IS RECEIVED WITHIN SUCH TIME, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR RIGHT TO PROTEST AND THE REQUESTED PERMIT MAY BE GRANTED ADMINISTRATIVELY. THIS NOTICE OF APPLICATION REQUIRES PUBLICATION

Wellbore Profile(s) : Horizontal Lateral : TH1 Penetration Point Location Lease Lines: 153.0 F NORTH L 500.0 F EAST L Termination Location BH County : REAGAN Section : 13 Block: 1 Abstract: Survey: UNIVERSITY LANDS Lease Lines: 476.0 F SOUTH L 500.0 F EAST L Survey Lines: 476.0 F SOUTH L 500.0 F EAST L

The location and identity of the well is as shown below: FIELD:


Lease/Unit Name Lease/Unit Well No. Lease/Unit Acres Nearest Lease Line (ft) Nearest Well on Lease (ft)

: : : : :

VON GONTEN 7 322.5 467.0 1515.0

Lease Lines Survey Lines

: :

577.0 F SOUTH L, 467.0 F EAST L 2073.0 F NORTH L, 467.0 F EAST L

Field Rules for ALL fields on the permit application are as follows: SPRABERRY (TREND AREA)


Special Rules 467/660, 80.0 acres

Field Rules for ALL fields on the permit application are as follows:

This well is to be drilled to an approximate depth of 9000 feet.


If you have questions regarding this application, please contact the Applicant’s representative, MECHELLE TESTA, at (972) 969-4088.


Special Rules 467/660, 80.0 acres

This well is to be drilled to an approximate depth of 8200 feet. If you have questions regarding this application, please contact the Applicant’s representative, MANDY HEDGPETH, at (972) 969-3873.



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Employment Opportunities OPEN POSITIONS INCLUDE: Ward Clerk/Nurse Aide – Part-time - Hospital CNAs – all shifts - Full & part-time - Care Center LVN - part-time, mileage reimbursement - Care Center Dietary Worker – Part-time RN-12 hr. night shift. Full -time, mileage reimbursement - Hospital LVN - full-time, nights - Hospital HOUSEKEEPING - Full time & Part-time *Excellent benefit package for full-time employment Applications may be obtained from the RMH-Administration Office or RC Care Center Business Office, 805 N. Main, Big Lake, TX 76932. Resumes may be faxed to 325-884-2891. Reagan Hospital District is an EOE.


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Reagan Hospital District is now accepting applications for a full time Radiology Technician. Q uali f ic ati o ns in clu d e an Associate Degree in Radiology and current ARRT registration. CT experience is preferred, ultrasound experience a plus. Duties include ER, inpatient, and outpatient procedures. We offer flexible scheduling, on-call compensation, and an excellent compensation package commensurate with experience. Please contact Amy Wireman in the Administration Office at 805 N Main, Big Lake, Texas 76932, (325) 884-2561 Ext. 736, or email for a full position description, to obtain an application, or to submit a resume. Reagan Hospital District is now accepting applications for a full time entry level Accountant with the goal of promotion to Chief Financial Officer. Qualifications include an Associate or Baccalaureate degree in accounting or a related field. Duties include general ledger reconciliation, bookkeeping related activities, and simple accounting processes. We offer an excellent compensation package commensurate with experience. Please contact Amy Wireman in the Administration Office at 805 N Main, Big Lake, Texas 76932, (325) 884-2561 Ext. 736, or email for a full position description, to obtain an application, or to submit a resume.

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Paul Musslewhite Trucking is now hiring Experienced DRIVERS for the following p o s i t i o n s : D i s p a t c h e r, Mechanics, Vacuum Trucks, Pump Trucks & Hot Oilers. Must be able to pass drug/ background screening, must have CDL. Day & night shifts. Apply in person at 159 Santa Rita Rd, Big Lake

BID PROPOSAL Reagan County Commissioners are taking Sealed Bids for the following items:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Load King Finish Roller 1 Overhead Fuel Tank 4 – 500 Gallon Fuel Tanks 1 – Water Tank Scrap Metal & Misc. Old John Deere Riding Mower Scrap Tires

For info call the Reagan County Auditor at 325-884-2233 or items may be seen at the Reagan County Road Dept. at 308 W US HWY 67, Big Lake, TX. 76932. Sealed competitive bids are accepted until 8:45AM on Monday, March 12, 2012 at the office of the County Clerk in the Courthouse, P.O.Box 100, Big Lake, TX 76932. Sealed Bids shall be marked as Lots numbered above or all Lots. Sealed Bids will be opened at 9:15 A.M. on March 12, 2012 in Reagan County Commissioners Court at 300 North Plaza Street, Big Lake, TX 76932.


BTA Oil Producers LLC, 104 S. Pecos, Midland, TX 79701 is applying to the Railroad Commission of Texas for a permit to inject fluid into a formation which is productive of oil and gas. The applicant proposes to inject fluid into the Spraberry formation, Texaco Lease Well No. 4. The proposed injection well is located approximately 11 miles north of Big Lake in the Spraberry (Trend Area) Field in Reagan County. Fluid will be injected into strata in the subsurface depth interval from 5574 to 6674 feet. LEGAL AUTHORITY: Chapter 27 of the Texas Water Code, as amended, Title 3 of the Texas Natural Resources Code, as amended, and the Statewide Rules of the Oil and Gas Division of the Railroad Commission of Texas. Requests for a public hearing from persons who can show they are adversely affected or requests for further information concerning any aspect of the application should be submitted in writing, within fifteen days of publication, to the Environmental Services Section, Oil and Gas Division, Railroad Commission of Texas, P. O. Box 12967, Capitol Station, Austin, TX 78711. (Telephone 512-463-6760).

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Team tennis takes #1 in regionals The Reagan County Varsity Team played in the Regional Team Tennis Tournament last weekend. On Friday the Varsity traveled to Crane where they met Kermit for their first match. Regan County defeated the Kermit Yellow jackets 19-0. The Owls traveled back to Big Lake to take on their second round opponent

which was the Ozona Lions. The Owls advanced after a quick 18-1 win over the Lions. In the final match of the evening the Owls squared off with a very good Forsan team. Reagan County played great tennis and carried a 5-2 advantage after the doubles. The Owls capped off their 13-6 team victory with


for all submissions Monday’s at 5:00 pm

a strong showing in singles after a long day of tennis. On Saturday morning the Owls were again at home as they hosted Crane in a 9:00 a.m. match. Reagan County defeated Crane 18-1 to move into the finals against the Wink Wildcats. Reagan County once again boarded the bus traveling to Crane to take on Wink. The match got underway at 2:30 pm with Wink taking a slight edge over Reagan County after the doubles leading 4-3. The Owls proved their mental toughness as all of the Owl team members played hard and took the lead as the momentum began to swing.

Chad Elkins for Reagan County Attorney Pol. Adv. paid for by Chad Elkins, PO Box 279, Big Lake, TX 76932. Chad Elkins Treasurer

Trivia test

Steve M. Sessom, D.D.S.

General Dentistry

ANSWERS 1. Argyle (sock and sweater) and the Argyll region in western Scotland 2. A tomahawk 3. 1910 4. Yellow 5. Kidneys 6. 1954 7. Corn and lima beans 8. Psalms, with 150 chapters 9. The Fifth 10. Best Animated Feature

304 Ave. D Hwy. 277 N. Eldorado, TX Ozona, TX 76943

(325) 853-2534 (325) 392-2575


1. Willie Davis hit in 31 consecutive games in 1969. 2. Ted Williams (.344) and Tony Gwynn (.338). 3. Johnny Unitas, 1956-60. 4. David Robinson, in the 1993-94 season. (Durant’s came in the 2009-10 season.) 5. In 2011, Edmonton’s Ryan Nugent-Hopkins had three goals in this third NHL game. 6. Bill Elliott (2001) and Kurt Busch (2002). 7. It was 1973.


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Reagan County went on to defeat Wink in a hard fought match that went down to the final matches being played for a 11-8 victory. The first place regional team tennis victory advanced the Owls to the 2-A and under State Team Tennis tournament that will be held in the Round Rock area. Sixteen teams from across Texas will be

competing on Friday and Saturday for a State Championship. State Team members include Fernando Rey, Katie Dorsey, Lorenzo Benetiz, Karla Hernandez, Jordan Subia, Karly Clark, Juan Marquez, Anna Hernandez, Timothy Stark, Whitney Hoffman, Jonathon Samples, Katie Blackwell, David Garcia, Veronica Perez, Joey Marquez, Jessica Lawler, Dylan Bradley,

Tara Blain, Eddie Ortiz, Gynova Samples, Charles Judd, Vanessa Soto, JR. Perez, Erica Portales, Pancho Sosa, Itzy Ramirez, and Kalie Adams. We would like to congratulate all of our Owl Tennis players on their Regional Championship and wish them the best of luck as they compete in the State Team Tennis Tournament this weekend.


Texas monthly Oil and Gas Stats JANUARY PERMITS TO DRILL The Commission issued a total of 1,581 original drilling permits in January 2012 compared to 1,484 in January 2011. The January total included 1,442 permits to drill new oil and gas wells, 32 to re-enter existing well bores, and 107 for re-completions. Permits issued in January 2012 included 470 oil, 165 gas, 883 oil and gas, 54 injection, two service and seven other permits. DECEMBER CRUDE OIL PRODUCTION Texas preliminary December 2011 crude oil production averaged 1,045,816 barrels daily, up from the 942,114 barrels daily average of December 2010. The preliminary Texas crude oil production figure for December 2011 is 32,420,281 barrels, up from 29,205,524 barrels reported during December 2010. JANUARY OIL AND GAS COMPLETIONS In January 2012, operators reported 765 oil, 234 gas, 18 injection and three other completions compared to 368 oil, 286 gas, 27 injection and zero other completions in January 2011. Total well completions for 2012 year to date are 1,020 up from 681 recorded during the same period in 2011. Operators reported 800 holes plugged and zero dry holes in January 2012 compared to 600 holes plugged and two dry holes in January 2011. DECEMBER NATURAL GAS PRODUCTION Texas oil and gas wells produced 530,873,658 Mcf (thousand cubic feet) of gas based upon preliminary production figures for December 2011 down from the December 2010 preliminary gas production total of 559,443,990 Mcf. Texas production in December 2011 came from 135,328 oil wells and 87,372 gas wells. JANUARY TEXAS OIL AND GAS DRILLING PERMITS AND COMPLETIONS BY DISTRICT

RRC District: (1) SAN ANTONIO AREA Permits To Drill Oil/Gas Holes: 241 Oil Completions: 86 Gas Completions: 15

RRC District: (8) MIDLAND Permits To Drill Oil/Gas Holes: 493 Oil Completions: 394 Gas Completions: 2

RRC District: (2) REFUGIO AREA Permits To Drill Oil/Gas Holes: 73 Oil Completions: 91 Gas Completions: 25

RRC District: (8A) LUBBOCK AREA Permits To Drill Oil/Gas Holes: 82 Oil Completions: 12 Gas Completions: 0

RRC District: (3) SOUTHEAST TEXAS Permits To Drill Oil/Gas Holes: 83 Oil Completions: 30 Gas Completions: 0

RRC District: (9) NORTH TEXAS Permits To Drill Oil/Gas Holes: 155 Oil Completions: 41 Gas Completions: 68

RRC District: (4) DEEP SOUTH TEXAS Permits To Drill Oil/Gas Holes: 49 Oil Completions: 9 Gas Completions: 38

RRC District: (10) PANHANDLE Permits To Drill Oil/Gas Holes: 93 Oil Completions: 4 Gas Completions: 19

RRC District: (5) EAST CENTRAL TEXAS Permits To Drill Oil/Gas Holes: 21 Oil Completions: 0 Gas Completions: 7

DECEMBER TEXAS TOP TEN OIL PRODUCING COUNTIES RANKED BY PRELIMINARY PRODUCTION COUNTY - CRUDE OIL (BBLS) 1. ANDREWS - 2,294,495 2. GAINES - 2,124,264 3. YOAKUM - 1,805,359 4. ECTOR - 1,729,837 5. UPTON - 1,627,093 6. MIDLAND - 1,570,326 7. MARTIN - 1,317,633 8. HOCKLEY- 1,300,638 9. SCURRY - 1,178,243 10. KARNES - 1,073,665 ****** DECEMBER TEXAS TOP TEN GAS PRODUCING COUNTIES RANKED BY PRELIMINARY PRODUCTION COUNTY - TOTAL GAS (MCF) 1. TARRANT - 64,790,483 2. JOHNSON - 39,560,807 3. PECOS - 21,803,699 4. WEBB - 21,586,240 5. DENTON - 19,892,140 6. PANOLA - 18,767,485 7. WISE - 17,956,051 8. FREESTONE - 17,373,069 9. ZAPATA - 13,362,709 10. ROBERTSON - 13,265,560

RRC District: (6) EAST TEXAS Permits To Drill Oil/Gas Holes: 43 Oil Completions: 3 Gas Completions: 33 RRC District: (7B) WEST CENTRAL TEXAS Permits To Drill Oil/Gas Holes: 82 Oil Completions: 42 Gas Completions: 9 RRC District: (7C) SAN ANGELO AREA Permits To Drill Oil/Gas Holes: 166 Oil Completions: 53 Gas Completions: 18


for all submissions Monday’s at 5:00 pm

General Excellence for March  

General Excellence for March

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