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Gibraltar’s First Bi-Weekly Paper Magazine.

Launch Issue April. 2010


BIG LAUNCH IN GIB When I started work on this project well over two years ago, it came from a feeling that Gibraltar needed something which made expressing our views as easy as we converse with each other in the streets. A medium that would be shaped exclusively on the basis of user interactions. A product that made maximum use of the new communication technologies by marrying the strengths of the traditional methods to the efficiencies of the new media.

users. To grow with and reflect the community it lives within. This is impossible without your participation and involvement. In page 2 you will find the content list with our main features and columns. I am indeed grateful and proud to have such a list of contributors. I believe there should be something for everybody there but I welcome your suggestion or ideas. This is the first stage in the launch of the whole project. This publication will be published bi-weekly keeping you informed and entertained. Always delivered to you at home for your convenience and absolutely free of charge.

play – where we can be as serious or flippant as we wish. I am always proud to say that I live in one of the most inclusive and diverse societies in the world. My sincere hope and aspiration for Big is that it can reflect this and become a focal point for all who live and share this wonderful place.

For our readers we aim to provide a multi-platform community service unique in Gibraltar. For our business partners an opportunity to interact with their clients and a certainty of exposure for their products and services.

Dennis Cardona, Editor.

“Of paramount importance to the project, is that the content remains real and relevant to our society and that it is truly inclusive of all our views and tendencies.”

Of paramount importance to the project, is that the content remains real and relevant to our society and that it is truly inclusive of all our views and tendencies. For that reason for example, Big will carry regular features on the items of news carried by all the main players. I am pleased to confirm that The Chronicle and Panorama have already agreed to features covering their main items of report. We will also carry features on material made public exclusively by GBC and also issues reported on by 7 days and The New People.

Within a month of this publication, we shall be In these testing times, it is imperative that advertisers launching our website, thereby completing our ensure the best marketing strategy for the placement communications platform. of their products. An essential component for these considerations is customer feedback, traditionally difficult to fine-tune in paper format products. This The third and final stage in the introduction of the stems from its “rigid” nature and from the effort whole project will follow a month after that. I shall required to achieve and maintain reader interaction. release more details of that very soon. Suffice to say The internet, particularly the social networking options, all involved are dribbling with excitement at the represent previously unimaginable possibilities and prospect of introducing the video platforms. we are only at the beginning!

The concept is to design and execute an advertising platform that enables all the new technologies to come under one relevant and fluid framework. The project comprises three elements. This is the first to be launched.

One essential ingredient however, is your I therefore encourage all to write or contact me. I participation. Big is designed to be shaped by its have created a platform where we can work and

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An introduction to the Big project

CONTENT The Spirit of the Phoenicians by Joe Caruana


“Keeping you upto date”

GONHS (Gib. Ornitholocical and Natural History Society) ESG (Environmental Safety Group)

.................................................................. International Sport : The second element in our project is the creation of the Big Social Network with all the features of the exciting and successful Facebook, Beebo, Myspace etc. This will be structured on th basis of the contents of this newspaper encouraging specific interactions on the individual subject matters. For our readers and users it means unrivalled material access and a guarantee that the contents will always be current and relevant. For our business partners direct customer interaction and exposure of their products and services in both platforms. Fresh material maintains interest, bringing the two elements together, builds on their strengths to maximise market impact. Combining the social network possibilities for customer interaction with the “fresh” content guaranteed by the paper format to ensure the highest interest levels in the project. The third element to complete the project will be Video productions. The possibilities are so powerful that the introduction of this medium was considered essential to maximise the potential of the overall project. There can be no doubt that a picture speaks more than a thousand words. “On-air” and “Oxygen” video productions will soon be introduced after the social network is in place. This format will be directed by the readership themselves to fit into the sections and groups of the newspaper and social network. You the readers will decide the subjects to be debated, the issues to be covered or the services to be spotlighted. Every element of the project will be competitive in their own market sector. Join in at the beginning, support us in the paper format and you will enjoy special deals as the project breathes and grows. + We have easily the best distribution available locally. With us you will reach all households in the major estates of Gibraltar (10,000 units). + We have a great professional team of designers waiting to help you ensure you get the best from all platforms of our project. We specialise in creating individual advertising plans to suit your specific requirements. Please do not hesitate to call us to discuss your requirements. We welcome customer feedback.

Call us for a tailor made advertising quotation Tel: 00 350 20043151 Mob. 54000826 Email:

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Regular column dealing with local

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Hallelujah for “Leonard Cohen” Hassans

An International player with local roots .................................................................. Gibraltarians abroad:


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Cliff Cardona’s Story .................................................................. Specifically for our female readers

as from the next edition “The Amazing Story of Gibraltar” by Pepe Rosado

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Regular Contributors The Spirit of the Phoenicians

The Story of a Gibraltar Family. When Joe Caruana agreed to a serialisation of his book in BIG, I felt flattered and satisfied with my project. Satisfied because I had been able to convince such an experienced and prominent Gibraltarian of its merits, and flattered because he had agreed for us to be a small part of such an important deed.

I think there can be no better way of describing what Joe is attempting to do with his book but to simply repeat the foreward written by The Hon Sir Robert John Peliza.

Joe Caruana


I could never do justice to Joe Caruana, since I know very well that whatever he has written could never match what he has done and what I have come to know about him. Ever since I met Joe forty-two years ago I came to know a man with creativeness, determination and will, I met a man who put his heart into everything he did. The years have proved this right. His book contains something for everyone; it is truly an interesting story of a family of Gibraltar typical of so many families that moved about the Mediterranean during the 1800’s. Joe has courageously opened himself in an honest way to tell us about his successes, joys as well as his sorrows and tragedies, a fearless exposure of himself that few would dare do. I have known few men who have done so much in a lifetime. I am pleasantly surprised at the many interesting things, which he reveals in his book. I had much trust in him when he served in my Government in the late 1960’s and admired his tireless dedication to his Ministries. But above all I admire the man whom as a keen businessman one day left everything behind and put his money into helping the less fortunate like drug addicts and alcoholics, I can honestly say that I know no other individual who has done this. Joe has undergone a fascinating life full of interesting episodes and he bravely travels through the period of the Phoenicians as the possible root of his ancestors, tantalisingly bringing us to his beloved Gibraltar.”

“It is not the book that needs praise or comment, rather the man who wrote it, Now if that doesn’t make you eager to start reading our book reports I don’t Joe Caruana. I have hesitated in writing this foreward simply because I felt that know what will !

The Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society (GONHS), founded in 1976, is a non-governmental, membership-based organisation committed to research into and conservation of nature in Gibraltar and the region of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Black Kite Milvus migrans JP.Acolina/GONHS

We work independently and in collaboration with other organisations and scientific or conservation institutions to achieve these aims. We are committed to environmental and biological education both through our own programme of activities and by supporting others.

GONHS has several sections dealing with our wildlife. As a society it considers all our fauna and flora as well the birds and our famous Barbary Macaques, which it is under contract to look after. It is actively involved in all aspects of its record through the efforts of its Strait of Gibraltar Bird Observatory and the Gibraltar Bird Ringing Group. It also has a Marine Section which encourages the study of marine life both on shore and in the open seas. Indeed there are sections of the society dealing with every aspect of nature and our environment from the above to our caves and cliffs GONHS will now use this column to help keep its members and Gibraltar as a whole informed on all its activities and issues as they relate to them. We are pleased to be contributing to this new and exciting project and wish all in the BIG team the very best in its endeavors.

The Environmental Safety Group is very pleased to be a contributor to this new and exciting publication. Its challenging aim of reaching 8,000 households is quite remarkable and we wish the BIG team every success in pulling it off. The ESG is itself in the throes of change and improvement and we therefore welcome every opportunity of getting news and information of our campaigns out to as many people as possible. The following ESG mission statement as read by Henry Pinna at our recent AGM describes our focus very clearly: ESG Mission Statement: In this day and age no one can honestly deny or ignore the very serious manmade environmental problems that affect our world and severely impact on the health and general well-being of the world’s population. No-one is immune to this environmental degradation, which, needless to say, also affects us here in Gibraltar. Although this environmental situation affects the whole world, some areas are more affected than others, and unfortunately for us, Gibraltar and the surrounding areas are in a particularly precarious and vulnerable situation. What was once a pristine and beautiful bay is now an area where a large and highly polluting Oil Refinery and petrochemical complex have taken hold and are causing severe environmental health problems on both sides of the border. But we must not be smug and adopt a holier than thou attitude. Our neighbours polluting industries are not the only environmental hazards affecting us. We also have our own home grown problems in the shape of our generating stations, our very heavy and uncontrolled traffic, our ever increasing bunkering operations, littering and our untreated waste disposal systems (To name a few). It is regarding all these environmental hazards on both sides of the frontier that the ESG focuses its attentions and its work. Our task is not an easy one, and the solutions are difficult to grapple with, let alone to resolve. However we are committed to tackle these challenges in a resolute and a constructive way. We owe this to ourselves, to our children, and to those who are to come after us. We are entitled to live in a clean, safe and healthy environment, and those who come after us are entitled to inherit a birthplace free of the environmental degradation that affects us today Why not contact us on 200-48996/43156 or 5496000 – You can become a member – Sign up for our campaigns – Look out for our brand new website with loads of information and resources about local environmental issues: email us on:


International Sports

AFTER BAHRAIN AND AUSTRALIA : THE REDS ARE BACK! But are they? After the hype and intrigue of the driver swapping, team realignment and rule rewriting of the last season it is no surprise really that the first race seemed a bit flat. We all expected fireworks. Schumi’s back – finished in a very subdued sixth place and concluded that overtaking was essentially impossible. What!

ter to simply carry on where they left off last year.

Australia was an exciting race bringing the weather into the equation and safety cars as well. And what an event!

In my view Alonso was driver of that race beyond doubt. He comes back from virtually last after he makes an awfull start and is involved in an accident to finish fourth just behind Massa. He kept it all together under extreme pressure from redAfter all these changes - the single most ex- eyed Hamilton and home-grown Webber. Classic stuff supreme driving skill. citing driver addition to the grid - the one we Again Red Bull with reliability issues. Schumacher again had a poor performance were all expecting to come out pushing and finishing a low tenth place 50 seconds behind his team mate. shoving, says it is not possible to overtake in the world’s premier car race. I have always Such is the challenge of F1 and I absolutely love it. admired Schumacher’s devotion to the sport and his incredible ability to “dial out” speed on F1 is exciting even if there is no overtaking but to get that pleasure, like most good demand. I think that as a manifestation of the things in life, you have to work at it. You have to keep yourself informed of all concept “man/machine together as one “ Michael Schumacher is just in a class of developments, follow the intrigues, marvel at the risks and calculus used to deterhis own. That said, he has made my blood boil on many occasions squandering all mine them. This column cannot do this for you. It all moves too quickly for that, that natural ability in favour of underhand and unsporting actions. He is therefore not but I will be sharing with you everything I know after a lifetime of following the beyond making mistakes. I just hope that his return to the sport doesn’t prove to be sport. Just wait till you see our discussion platform in the Web when its launched an expensive one for him. in a month’s time. As a fan of the sport, I am grateful for the intrigue he has brought to the grid. It’s kept us almost salivating in expectation, waiting to see his performance. Waiting to see what impact he would have. It’s not that his teammate comprehensively beat him throughout the week-end, after all he only ended the race 4 seconds behind him, but this kind of pretentious statement really doesn’t fit the man that now has everything to prove. He should just get on with it. Certainly the strongest team performance came from Ferrari. Alonso eager to prove his worth from the beginning and Massa back from his horrific accident and half season layoff. Both demonstrated the pace and regularity that you see when the teams provide their drivers with strong user friendly platforms. It wasn’t as simple as the result sheets would make it appear. It has been reported after the race that Massa’s car was being nursed from the half race distance to control over heating issues. Also Fernando was told to ease off to protect his tyres. Vettel (in my view the most talented driver on a grid) was in perfect control of the race before his mechanical breakdown and in supreme driving form. For Red Bull certainly it was one of the worst possible starts to the season. They ended last year as the team with the greatest challenge that consistently failed to deliver reliability to match. This is a very dangerous and difficult position. You cannot afford to allow your team to believe in “bad luck” and reliability is difficult to get right once you have it wrong. After spending millions upon millions, with the best engineers in the world, using only the best and most exotic of materials, a humble spark plug changes a dream start to the season into a nightmare of recurrence. All the hard work over the win-

2010 FIA Formula One World Championship Race Calendar 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

Meanwhile, predictions? You must be joking, just watch and enjoy. I know which team I shall be supporting and I just hope that we don’t end up without fuel a lap from the end. Consider this, Australia had a 70% probability for safety cars. Now if you take into account how much fuel can be saved behind a safety car, and with that probability rating, why not take in less fuel at the beginning…mmm.. could be worth a quarter of a sec per lap! Na, not worth the risk, but… what if the others do…? Already one of the new teams for this year, Virgin, has been caught out. They have had to be given special permission by the FIA to re-design the fuel tanks as they simply cannot make it to the end. A really experienced group of people get together manage to convince Sir Richard Branson to back them with millions and then fail to take on enough petrol to see a race to the end. Legendary stuff. And when you think you have sorted it out, try to factor in the weather! This itself gives you an appreciation of just how finely they have to hone these teams. Nothing in F1 is easy. It cannot be. It represents quite simply the most finely crafted marriage of man and machine pitted against the limit of its regulations. It is much more than car and driver. Its about a full team of between 200 and 300 people all looking to find that 100th of a second that may make the difference after a full year of racing.It’s only when it all comes together, when a full team manages to engage their challenge completely, that they can edge away. Then only to become the target for all the others. I can’t wait for the next round. The Malaysian Grand Prix will be held whilst this is being printed. Excited yet..?

2010 FORMULA 1 CHINESE GRAND PRIX (Shanghai) 16 - 18 Apr FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO DE ESPANA TELEFÓNICA 2010 (Catalunya) 07 - 09 May FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO 2010 (Monte Carlo) 13 - 16 May 2010 FORMULA 1 TURKISH GRAND PRIX (Istanbul) 28 - 30 May FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DU CANADA 2010 (Montreal) 11 - 13 Jun 2010 FORMULA 1 TELEFÓNICA GRAND PRIX OF EUROPE (Valencia) 25 - 27 Jun 2010 FORMULA 1 SANTANDER BRITISH GRAND PRIX (Silverstone) 09 - 11 Jul FORMULA 1 GROSSER PREIS SANTANDER VON DEUTSCHLAND 2010 (Hockenheim) 23 - 25 Jul FORMULA 1 MAGYAR NAGYDIJ 2010 (Budapest) 30 Jul - 01 Aug 2010 FORMULA 1 BELGIAN GRAND PRIX (Spa-Francorchamps) 27 - 29 Aug FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO SANTANDER D’ITALIA 2010 (Monza) 10 - 12 Sep 2010 FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX (Singapore) 24 - 26 Sep 2010 FORMULA 1 JAPANESE GRAND PRIX (Suzuka) 08 - 10 Oct 2010 FORMULA 1 KOREAN GRAND PRIX (Yeongam) * 22 - 24 Oct FORMULA 1 GRANDE PREMIO DO BRASIL 2010 (Sao Paulo) 05 - 07 Nov 2010 FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX (Yas Marina Circuit) 2 - 14 Nov

Get involved and follow the season not a race. You will enjoy one of the most exciting forms of motor sport.



soon as possible. We aim to make this feature a must read for anyone looking for a mini break, let’s share our experiences. At the end of the season we will do a survey of our readers and select the Motoring Mini Break of the year. Big will organise a draw from among participants in this scheme and give away a package to cover all the accommodation expenses for the route selected. Some visits to racing circuits are also likely as well as special go-karting events. We are even thinking of setting up a little championship of sorts. More on this soon. We don’t expect to find a new Schumacher, though he may say the old Watching the Wheels is a lifestyle motoring feature. As a renown petrol head one still has mileage left, but we do expect to have loads of fun and sharpen our now in tenderer years, I have for a long time wanted to write on ways to enjoy driving skills. If this is your idea of a good time keep an eye out. your motoring. I am pleased to announce that Joey Martinez Living close to Andalusia as we do, we will also be contributing to this column. Joey, have an enormous opportunity and a wealth famous for riding around on his little 50cc of possibilities within our reach. All routes moped disguised as one of the best looking featured will involve no more than seven days Honda Gold Wings, will bring to the column motoring. We will make these interesting, tremendous experience and a wealth of varied in their emphasis but always laid back knowledge. Joey’s flair and colourful character and leisurely. will make his articles both entertaining and popular. I am really looking forward to this. So far so good but nothing special, all these routes are relatively well known though I am Because we depend on our machines for fun, sure to spring a few surprises on you. The once in a while I shall allow technical articles difference is that we will keep a register of and road-tests to feature. Promise to keep these your experiences through the routes. As we go to a minimum and not to steer (forgive the pun) along, we shall keep this register open so that too far away from the Lifestyle concept. we can see at a glance the best experiences our area can offer. It will cost you nothing to participate in the scheme and we What I am most looking forward to in this feature are your contributions. will guarantee total anonymity. In addition as we develop and grow we shall Anything will do, from a simple snap shot and comment to a full blown motoring negotiate discounts for Restaurants, ventas, hotels etc etc diary. Just call me, I will be pleased to assist in any way possible. Once the website is in place, within a month of this publication, more information on the scheme. For now though something for the motorist to look forward to. As always, anyone with ideas of special routes or outings should contact us as

Julian Hinchcliff FCCA, LLB, (Hons.) Is a qualified accountant with over 10 years experience. He has a thriving practice in Gibraltar and will be writing on the confusing and sometimes mysterious world of accountancy. A must read column for all businessmen in Gibraltar. Lets face it, we have all found ourselves lost at one point or another in the quagmires of forms required to maintain a business legal. Julian is the consummate accountant and will endevour through his colum to make your life easier and answer any queries that you may have .

Tel: (+350) 20079500 E-mail: 11, John Mackintosh Square Gibraltar

Music & Arts



by Joe Moss

Trick question. Can stealing from a person produce a great benefit to humanity? Yes, when it involves resurrecting the career of Leonard Cohen. The resulting artistic activity has resulted in a reappraisal of one of the most interesting characters thrown up by the fringes of the pop and rock scene. Cohen, now a grand old man of 74, first registered in the late fifties as a poet in his native Canada who turned to novels then made the move – in the wake of other troubadours such as Dylan – to contemporary music. Fighting off stage-fright and his natural tendency towards depression with a kaleidoscopic variety of drugs – prescription and otherwise – the recitation of Cohen put together what was arguably the finest band of his career, with the which list during his recent tour provided one of many moments of mirth. stand-out performers being Spanish guitarist Javier Mas “on the banduria and archilaud” and multi-instrumentalist Dino Soldo “on the instruments of wind”. When Cohen supplemented his Judaism with Buddhist and became a monk on His songs have lost none of their wit and mordant humour, too subtle for some Mount Baldy less and less was heard of him and few thought they’d get the who thought him depressive and humourless, but they have now blossomed into chance to see him perform live. But then in stepped the villainous manager and profound statements on life, love and spiritual yearning. ex-lover Kelly and filched the poor old poet’s pension fund. Cohen himself was as much master of ceremonies as performer, giving numerOne would have thought the old bard would have curled up n a little ball but ous solos to the musicians whilst gazing at them, hat humbly in hand, telling the he showed an exemplary fighting spirit in opting to do what he hadn’t done in odd joke or funny story here and there which got no less funny with repetition nearly two decades – go on a world tour which has now spilt onto it’s third year if you had the good fortune to attend more than one concert. and become, by some distance, the biggest tour of his life. U2’s Bono described Cohen as “our Shakespeare” or Byron – some may accuse Aided by an unlikely bandwagon led by the irresistible rise of his song “Hal- the excitable Irishman of hyperbole, but those who have followed his career and lelujah” (no this song wasn’t written for X Factor and in fact the version sang witnessed the concerts were in no doubt they had shared a moment with one by Alexandra Burke is one of the least interesting I’ve heard) which was beauti- whom centuries to come may well see as one of the all-time greats. fully sang by the sadly departed Jeff Buckley and also featured on Shrek sang by Rufus Wainwright,,,,suddenly the old roue, the beautiful loser par excellence A chance meeting at Manchester Airport proved him to be the courteous gentlewas for the first time in his life almost fashionable! man of legend, and as he slept open-mouthed on the flight one could not help but send a silent benediction in the direction of one who has channelled his The tour has been part celebration, part religious event with musical virtuos- life’s experiences to teach us about ourselves, but is now at peace with his inner ity sprinkled by moments of light humour as audiences new and old flocked in demons. larger numbers than ever to create an arena artist out of someone who had been an acquired taste, a love him or loathe him artiste. Hallelujah for Leonard Cohen!!!

Hassans an International player with local community roots. Hassans celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2009. Although for much of the last decade it has marketed itself as an “International Law Firm”, its roots remain firmly local, following the tradition established by the firm’s founder and former Chief Minister of Gibraltar, Sir Joshua Hassan. One of the many ways in which Hassans maintains its local presence very much alive is through its involvement in community events and sponsorship of local sporting events. Basketball has long been a beneficiary of Hassans’ sponsorship initiatives. The sport has very good friends within the firm’s partnership- Managing Partner Javier Chincotta is the Gibraltar Amateur Basketball Association’s Vice-President, whilst Partner Ian Felice is a former GABBA player and currently one of Gibraltar’s three FIBA international referees. It is therefore little surprise that Hassans’ blue ‘H’ should have been proudly on display as sponsors  at international events such as the Islands Basketball Tournament in 2005 and the European ‘C’ Division Under-16 championship in 2008. But perhaps of greater satisfaction is the firm’s involvement at the grass roots level of the sport. Ian Felice Hassans has, for the past five years, sponsored two teams in the mini-basket competitions held every Saturday morning at the TCH under the watchful (and incredibly patient) eye of Kirsty Neale. It also sponsors the cost of the medals distributed to all participants at the annual mini-basket Easter Tournament. This year’s tournament concluded last Saturday and saw the usual displays of talent, energy and enthusiasm which so characterizes the immense desire of hundreds of 8-12 year olds to put in practice what they have been learning over the past year. Gibraltar’s future basketball stars were on show at the tournament, and Hassans remains proud to be involved in their development as an international firm very much in touch with its local roots.

Gibraltarians Abroad


Their Story So Far.

roads came into their path. Immigration laws in Japan are severe and they mean business over there. When a visa runs out you get out, simple as that. We want to make this feature a window into the lives Your circumstance is largely irrelevant. How much of Gibraltarians that have gone abroad. All have an extension would mean is of no consequence. left behind a whole life, full of friends, relatives and These are the rules, period. memories. What motivated them? Where are they now? Where are they going? Some may simply want When Cliff’s working holiday visa ran out in May to reconnect with old friends, so spread the word! 2007, they faced a huge challenge. Could the Tell them we want to know about them. Tell them we relationship survive this? care about their story. When and how would they This is Cliff’s story...

meet again?

Kanae then made what was undoubtedly one of the biggest decisions of her life. Just as Cliff had done before, she left her job, her friends, her country and pretty much everything she knew behind. She agreed to come back to What bigger challenge for someone who’s never Gibraltar with Cliff in July lived away from The Rock than to go to a far away 2007 to see where life country for a year to live? Different people, different would take them. culture, different way of life, a completely new experience. No agenda, just enjoy life and see where Once again, he faced the it takes you. prospect of having to Cliff Cardona landed in Japan in May 2006 in search of adventure. Life in Gibraltar was comfortable for him, but a little aimless. He was at a point in his life where he felt that he needed a big challenge. A sense that he was growing up, rather than just waiting to get old.

He went to Japan, the land of the rising sun. A place he’d previously been to on holiday and loved.

look for a job whilst at the same time providing support for Kanae. She didn’t speak much English, let alone “llanito”. However, such was her strength of character and determination that she somehow managed to find her place.

He researched as much as he possibly could on the internet, saved almost every penny he made from his job as a layout designer at Panorama, and studied Japanese in his spare time. He became more and more determined as his confidence grew. Committing to the challenge already made a difference to his life. He had an adventure waiting for him, and he was making it happen! He found a job he enjoyed with Image Graphics, and His year in Japan proved to be everything he could the couple’s relationship have possibly imagined. “Settling down” (finding quickly blossomed. They made maximum use of accommodation, a job and making friends) proved their time in Gibraltar, visiting all the sites, engaging to be less of a challenge than he thought, and he soon family and friends and making the most of what found himself regularly socialising with friends he Spain has to offer. In short, they lived their lives to had made at his English teaching job in downtown the full and truly made the most of their situation. Tokyo. Their relationship continued to blossom, but where His Japanese was still terrible, though. Brave but would their future together be? The plan was to return terrible. to Japan. They both missed the lifestyle and felt that they would be happier people in that environment. An encounter with a petite, young Japanese girl on one of his nights out would change his life forever. She Then came one of the happiest days of their lives didn’t speak any English, so verbal communication together. On 30th Novermber 2008 Olivia Cardona was next to impossible in the beginning, but the blessed their relationship with her birth. A quite relationship became magnetic. simply beautiful child, glowing with life and blessed with the most enchanting and endearing smiles ever. There was obviously something special about her. Something intrigued him about this shy, unassuming Obviously plans changed, but the paths they had girl, and it made him want to pick up those Japanese chosen for their lives remained firm, and their textbooks again and study even harder so he could determination resolute. delve deeper into this persona. True enough, the more he was able to speak to young Kanae, the more things they found they had in common. The greater their ability to communicate, the more pleasurable their time together became, and the stronger their bond. However, it wasn’t long before one of life’s cross-

One year after Olivia made their lives fuller and more meaningful, they are living in Tokyo. Cliff is working as editor/designer of lifestyle magazine “J Select” and established restaurant guidebook “Wining and Dining in Tokyo.” He is getting to grips with this responsibility, meeting deadlines and following a publisher’s path.

He loathes rush hour and the city summer. He loves weekends and okonomiyaki. He plans to start his own magazine one day and become filthy rich. Who are we to doubt him?

The “B” Magazine Column




People mistakenly believe that if their stomach is rumbling it’s a good sign that their diet’s working. In actual fact, letting yourself get hungry just makes you How do you lose weight without cutting back? Simple – just change how you more likely to splurge when you do eat - it’s a basic survival instinct. The trick eat, not what you eat. is to munch at regular intervals so you don’t get ravenous in the first place. Whether that’s five small meals throughout the day or a snack mid-morning and 1. GO LEFT- HANDED afternoon, you’ll find you naturally eat less. If you bolt down dinner and still feel hungry five minutes later, there’s a good reason. It takes 20 minutes for your brain to register your stomach is full. That’s 8. STOP LOOKING AT FOOD one of the reasons toddlers never finish anything - they eat so slowly, they feel Turns out it’s not our bottomless bellies that are to blame for our penchant for full halfway through. So next time you fancy a slice of cheesecake, eat it with second helpings, but our eyes. Vision is a huge appetite stimulant. Studies your left hand (if you’re right-handed, obviously) to slow you down. You’ll feel show we eat 50 per cent more if food is left within our field of vision. So next stuffed long before you’ve finished your portion. time you have a Chinese takeaway, dish up your plate in the kitchen rather than leaving containers in tantalising view on the table in your dining room.


Remember when your mum told you not to slouch at the table? It could be one of the best weight-loss mantras ever. Sitting upright at the table allows food to reach your stomach more quickly. This means your brain will register that you’re full more quickly than if you sit hunched over your plate, saving you valuable calories.


At last, the secret to not inhaling whole bars of Dairy Milk in one go: The more you stimulate your senses when you eat, the fuller you’ll feel. Next time you need a chocolate fix, hold your nose and place a piece on your tongue. Explore the taste and texture for a full 30 seconds before you chew and swallow. As the chocolate melts in the mouth, you’ll be hit with an intense aroma and flavour that will leave you feeling satisfied after just one or two pieces. This trick should work with all your favourite foods - try it with ice cream, too


There’s no such thing as ‘bad’ foods, just bad portions. The trick is to get the balance right - so turn your favourite meals on their heads. When you’re eating spaghetti Bolognese, for example, instead of piling up your plate with two thirds pasta and a third Bolognese, do it the other way round, so you have more protein-rich sauce than stodgy carbs. Do the same with curry and rice, or chilli and jacket potato. You’ll feel fuller for longer and consume fewer calories. Genius!


Drink before you eat. Women who drink six to eight glasses of water a day consume 194 fewer calories, regardless of what they eat. Water distends the stomach, leaving you feeling full and less likely to overeat. In other words, knock back a glass of H2O 15 minutes before you tuck into your pizza and you might even leave a few slices!


If you want to shed pounds, don’t have salad on the side - make it your starter. Starting your meal with a plate of salad helps take the edge off your hunger. So when you do get to your main course, you’ll probably feel full after a smaller portion.

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