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Matt Pittman – BBQ Nerd Having EGGs with us on the competition circuit brings everyone together – we all have the same interests and everyone is having fun ...

or you can have a bunch of friends over and everyone can make their own pizza with their favorite toppings.” “I started travelling around to barbecue joints in central Texas, which I personally think has the best barbecue in the country. I met different pitmasters, ate their food and gained an appreciation for it ... and then I wanted to replicate it.” Pittman eventually decided to enter barbecue competitions, and “Meat Church BBQ” was born. “Competitions are like a big family barbecue ... you meet so many people. My brother is generally my competition help, and sometimes I bring some friends. Having EGGs with us on the competition circuit “I’ve been cooking pretty much my entire life,” remembers brings everyone together – we all have the same interests and Matt Pittman, pitmaster of Meat Church BBQ Competition everyone is having fun ... barbecue is the great uniter.” Team. “My granny in Alabama cooked these huge southern “I’m passionate about trying new things, and I like to be meals that covered the whole table, and I was always in the creative. You can cook anything on an EGG, so over time, kitchen with her trying to learn what she was doing. Everyone one EGG became two, then three, and now I have four EGGs. thought that I was going to become a chef and, while it’s not Yeah, you might say that I’m a little addicted.” something I’ve ever done professionally, I’ve always enjoyed cooking and entertaining people.” EGGmitt™ BBQ Glove “We moved to Texas when I was 13, and in Texas it’s easy to The EGGmitt BBQ Glove prevents heat from entering the soft cotton inner fall in love with barbecue pretty quickly, especially brisket. In layer. Extra long cuff for ultimate college I got into grilling, and then got curious about smoking protection. meats. I do a lot of research and am self taught ... I’m kind of a barbecue nerd.” Heat-Resistant, Super-Flexible “Shortly after I started cooking barbecue, I bought my Silicone BBQ Mitt first Big Green Egg. I heard people talk about how versatile The Silicone BBQ Mitt withstands they were, and I was intrigued with using the natural lump extreme heat and features an FDA-approved, BPA-free silicone charcoal instead of having to cook with gas,” says Matt. “To exterior and a soft, comfortable me, the essence of barbecue is very straightforward. Simple cuff and lining. ingredients and meat cooked over wood. I started out cooking pork butt on it, then chicken, brisket and ribs ... all the cuts Automatic Temperature people try at first. Then I wondered what else could I do Control BBQ Guru with my EGG, so I started baking cinnamon rolls, and I even The BBQ Guru’s microprocessor made a pecan cobbler ... people thought I was crazy. I’ve never technology enables chefs to automatically control the internal regretted buying that EGG for a single minute.” temperature of the EGG while “Eventually I tried bread and pizza ... I love pizza on the EGG. monitoring the temperature of You get the wood-fire taste, and it’s a super interactive activity the meat being cooked. Set the temperature and forget it, you can that’s fun for the whole family. I put a bunch of ingredients in relax by the pool or sleep soundly bowls and my kids can put whatever they want on their pizza, during a low and slow cook. 30


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