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Brian Higgins Learning How to Shred

Shred Sauce, an addicting and distracting computer game often seen on the screen of Proctor Academy laptops, mostly during class. Shred Sauce is an internet ski game developed by that is sure to waste plenty of time. As students fantasize about this years ski season, Shred Sauce is the only way to ease their excitement. Although the temperature continues to drop and the snow has not yet fallen in Andover, the only skiing available for now is in the gaming world. The belief of multitasking is the reason for the popularity of Shred Sauce. Garrett Finn, Tucker Phippen and Jackson Buscher often find themselves playing Shred Sauce during class because they believe they can play and thoroughly complete their school work.

Playing Shred Sauce during class Tucker Phippen believes, “It is an easy game to listen to the teacher and play.” Lets be honest, every student at Proctor finds themselves on their computer during class looking at Facebook, checking their twitter, or skiing down a mountain. Now instead of social networking, it is an addicting ski game.

Most recently the game Shred Sauce has been the rising distraction. For students like Tucker, Garrett, and Jackson it is not a big deal, they believing the can play the game and participate in class. Tucker told me that “Class is not boring Shred Sauce is just addicting and I wanna play, its fun.” It is not the teachers fault students are playing Shred Sauce during class, it is a students belief that they can multitask during a teachers lecture and that gives reason to play. Jackson finds himself playing all time during class, “My grades are superb and so are my skills in Shred Sauce, my grades are similar to last year nothing has really changed.”

A 2009 Vanderbilt study shows the research on multitasking is clear: It is not as effective when accomplishing tasks. When performing multiple tasks at the same time, the mind tricks us into thinking we are succeeding at both tasks, when, in reality, we are doing poorly on both. Studies from Vanderbilt University found that multitasking prevents people from gaining a deep understanding of the information they are trying to learn. Shred Sauce may not have a big impact on grades at the moment, but by being distracted consistently everyday, the material will catch up and grades will become worse, Shred Sauce addicts will regret playing Shred Sauce during class.

The reason Shred Sauce could be such a distraction are the consequences. When interviewed about the consequences of playing during class there was no clear punishment. Shred Sauce is popular among everyone and when teachers are interested then it is definitely a distraction. Garrett does not see the game as a distraction, “I’m thinking about skiing all class and Shred Sauce is the closest I’m gonna get to skiing during class” , he plays because it helps him ease his excitement for the ski season. Ted Mastin recently caught me playing in Human Rights class and said, “This game is sweet, it looks hard but we have work to do so close your computer.” It is obvious that students are distracted and addicted but it seems there is no real solution for teachers, especially when their intrigued, to stopping the rise of such a simple skiing game.

Shred Sauce is a game that will continue to grow, multitasking a skill students will continue to believe in. As we play during class at Proctor Academy maybe we realize sooner than later that we should have paid a little closer attention to the lecture or lesson instead of grinding rails or hitting jumps. As kids, we love video games and Shred Sauce is a game everyone enjoys,

maybe in the winter we lose interest because skiing will become a reality. For now, Shred Sauce is the game to play.

Shred Sauce  

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