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How to get more traffic is an ongoing issue for most online businesses. With the low barrier to entry and versatility that the Internet offers, there are a number of ways available that can help optimize your website for generating traffic. While there are many paid methods that can quickly bring qualified visitors to websites, it takes more capital than most businesses have especially if they are just starting out. Well, you don't really have to part with a fortune in order to drive traffic to your site. You simply need the proper mindset, a lot of creativity, and time. You also must possess the drive and perseverance to do the ground work and research to increase the number of website visitors you receive. Here are a few free traffic methods you can use: Leverage Online Forums and Communities Forums and online communities normally consist of a group of individuals with the same interest in a specific topic or niche. A good example would be NASCAR race fans. This allows you to target a group or niche that fits certain demographics that match your market. You can join online communities and forums directly related to your business, product or service. Let's say for example you sell fitness equipment, you might consider becoming an active member in a weight loss forum. By doing so you can establish a reputation for your business. It's an opportunity to share your expertise and depth of knowledge about a particular subject. With that you can build trust with the people who may be potential customers. Now you can't and should not blatantly advertise but you can offer a free report or use a cleverly disguised signature file at the end of your helpful post. "What You Should Know Before Buying A Treadmill" is linking to your site for example. Make Use Of Newsletters If you create an interesting, informative and entertaining newsletter as an incentive to opt-in to your email list online more people will sign up and recommend it to others. Once they are on your list you can redirect them to your site or blog increasing your traffic. Ad Swaps For this technique all you need to do is contact webmasters with a related newsletter with a similar

sized mailing list and then do an even exchange ad swap. You agree to run the same number of ads in each other's newsletter. This will infuse your list and theirs with new members neither of you would have reached otherwise. Both websites benefit from the additional traffic. Video Marketing Create short 5-10 minute videos designed to grab the attention of people who may have an interest in your product or niche market. Make the videos informative providing little known tips and techniques they are probably not privy to. Submit your videos to top-tier video distribution sites such as YouTube, Tube Mogul and Vimeo with links back to your website. These methods should be more than enough to drive more traffic to your site for free. It takes a bit of elbow grease but you won't have to spend money for the traffic.

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