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Depression can sometimes be called the invisible illness. The reason for this is because symptoms, especially in fairly mild cases of Depression could be missed altogether but they could lead to a mistaken diagnosis. There are various treatments available to treat Depression. Our purpose is to discuss Depression and vitamin supplements. Depression Symptoms In mild cases there is an air of sadness about you. You may have some fatigue but you are still able to function appropriately. In moderate to severe cases the depth of sadness is much greater. You may experience greater fatigue, lose interest in activities you once enjoyed, and have greater difficulty in daily functioning. Sleep and your appetite may change. You may begin to shy away from family and friends and have employment problems. Depression Treatments Medical procedures such as Electroconvulsive Therapy, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, and Vagal Nerve Stimulation are used primarily in severe cases. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is an experimental procedure that has the potential to be a very precise treatment for brain issues. Anti-depressants are drugs that are prescribed to balance chemicals in the brain or to allow the chemicals already present to work more efficiently. They are also used to help you control mood swings. The unfortunate thing about them though, is that they have some very serious side effects connected to them. Some of the milder side effects are that they may make you dizzy or nauseous. They could also inhibit your sex drive. The most serious side effects are thoughts and/or attempts of suicide. Herbal Supplements are a group of herbs that are known to positively affect your mood are blended in a formula with vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional substances. Herbal supplements are very effective and have far fewer if any side effects. The highest quality supplements are put through a lot of testing including the interactions of the ingredients, how the body metabolizes them at the molecular level and they should be made to pharmaceutical grade. Depression and vitamin supplements Vitamins are used to treat Depression particularly B vitamins. Riboflavin, Thiamine, and Biotin are used in supplements. Vitamins are an integral part of good health. They may however, have added benefits as in treating Depression. They are most often found in supplements with other nutritional agents.

Conclusion As difficult as it may be to treat your Depression there are treatment options including medical procedures that are usually used only in severe cases. Vitamins, especially some of the B vitamins can also treat Depression. They work best in supplemental forms.

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Understanding Anxiety Depression and Herbs.  

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