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Helpful Tips For Home Sellers

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Seller’s Guide Design I personally designed this seller’s guide to be easy to navigate and too the point. It is split into 3 basic sections: 1. Understanding The Current Market 2. Getting Your Home Ready 3. Accepting An Offer 4. How I Make It All Work Out For You

It is designed to be a simple tool for any basic home selling questions that you may have, but it is not going to answer everything. That is my job. I am always available to help you through your home selling process and strive to make it as smooth as possible. It is my hope that you will be so pleased with my service, that you will refer me to your friends, co-workers, and family. I strive to get most of my work from referrals, as it has been the strongest part of my business to date. So, enough about me. Let’s look at some of the important things to consider as you start to plan for you house to sell.

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Section 1 Understanding The Current Market

How Buyers Find the Home They Purchase Buyers find the home they purchase primarily by looking on the Internet and by asking real estate agents. An excellent agent with a terrific Internet marketing program is your best path to a sale. Information Sources Used in Home Search 90







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From National Association of Realtors, Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 2009

Extended Marketing Reach When you list with me, your property is marketed online 24/7 through more than 350 of the most popular search Websites.I also have exclusive rights to certain zip codes on,, and that are only give to 2 agents per zip code.

Determining Value of a Property Let’s begin with this direct statement: I am not the one who decides how much your home is worth. The market does. The market tells us exactly where to price your property to sell and how to approach the marketing of your property. Here are the factors that will affect the value in today’s market: 1.Location 2.Condition 3.Competition 4.Current Market Pricing property can be one of the hardest parts of the home buying process. It is my job to help you understand the realistic value of your home based upon what buyers are currently expecting. Statistically houses that are priced to high in the first week on the market end up staying on the market longer and eventually sell for less. I will provide an abundance of information to help you determine the market price of your house. And just to clarify, that decision is TOTALLY up to you. I fully trust my sellers to make reasonable offers after they view all the data that I provide.

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Price Right—Attract Buyers Pricing your property competitively will generate the most activity from agents and buyers. Pricing your property too high may make it necessary to drop the price below market value to compete with new, well-priced listings.

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Time on Market Works Against You If you want to compete, be competitive. • The buying market has a short attention span. • Pricing your home right the first time is key. • Proper pricing attracts buyers. • An overpriced house will not sell. • We want to generate offers before the market moves on to newer listings.

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What Sells—Right Price, Great Condition To get your home sold for the most money in the least amount of time, we have to price it “in the market.”

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My Marketing Strategies Marketing your home is the most important part of the home buying process. Without a good marketing plan, all our other efforts can be pointless. We need as many buyers as possible to view your property. 1.

Price your home strategically so you’re competitive with the current market and current price trends.


Stage your home to cast a positive light on the features most important to buyers: uncluttered rooms and closets, fresh paint, and terrific curb appeal. I am a Certified Home Marketing Specialist (only 5% of agents in Houston hold this certification).


Produce a video of your home (currently rare for agents to do), to give online home shoppers the best presence of your house possible. This is VERY effective.


Take professional photos of your home for brochures, fliers, and the internet marketing.


Place “for sale” signage, complete with an interactive voice response (IVR) system to provide free recorded information about your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each caller’s inquiry will be followed up with a personal phone call. Continue on next page….. Andrew Fortune • 404-981-HOME (4663)

My Marketing Strategies (Continued) Continued from previous page. 6.

Distribute “just listed� notices to neighbors, encouraging them to tell family and friends about your home.


Optimize your home's internet presence by posting on over 350 websites. I also have exclusive listing rights for Zillow,, & Trulia within your zip code, so your listing is always #1.


Target my marketing to active real estate agents who specialize in selling homes in your neighborhood.


Advertise your home through email campaigns and social media.


Create an open house schedule to promote your property to buyers and market those open houses, complete with comment cards and professional fliers.

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Section 2

Getting Your Home Ready

Staging Your Home Three things to remember: 1.

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.


A review of over 2,800 properties in 8 cities found that staged homes, on average, sold in half the time that non-staged homes did.


Most buyers make decisions about the property they see within the first 15 seconds of entering the home.

What Can Staging Do? Location

Cannot be changed


Difficult to change


Can be changed


Can be changed

Adding cost-effective amenities and improving the general cleanliness and condition of the home is what we call “staging.� When a seller stages their home, one of two things happens: 1. The home becomes more valuable than other comparable properties in that price

range. 2. The home gets moved up in price and becomes the lowest priced in the next

higher price bracket or category.* *Based on the national best-seller SHIFT: How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times by Gary Keller

Preparing Your Home for Sale Did you know well-placed furniture can open up rooms and make them seem larger than they are? Or that opening drapes and blinds and turning on all lights make a room seem bright and cheery? It's a fact: acquiring the highest market value and elevating your home above others in the same price range often comes down to first impressions. Here are some inexpensive ways to maximize your home's appeal: Exterior • Keep the grass freshly cut. • Remove all yard clutter. • Apply fresh paint to wooden fences. • Paint the front door. • Weed and apply fresh mulch to garden beds. • Clean windows inside and out. • Wash or paint home’s exterior. • Tighten and clean all door handles. • Ensure gutters and downspouts are firmly attached. Interior • Remove excessive wall hangings, furniture and knickknacks (consider a temporary self-storage unit). • Clean or paint walls and ceilings. • Shampoo carpets. • Clean and organize cabinets and closets. • Repair all plumbing leaks, including faucets and drain traps. • Clean all light fixtures. For Showings • Turn on all the lights. • Open drapes in the daytime. • Keep pets secured outdoors. • Play quiet background music. • Light the fireplace (if seasonally appropriate). • Infuse home with a comforting scent like apple spice or vanilla. • Vacate the property while it is being shown.

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Section 3

Accepting An Offer

Accepting An Offer Once an offer is submitted, I will contact you immediately to let you know. Most offers are not accepted on the first take, so having an agent who is a strong negotiator is very valuable. I personally enjoy the negotiation process and feel very good after I have honestly and firmly represented my clients needs. Once an offer is accepted and we have signed a contract with the seller, this usually begins an options period, where the seller works with their mortgage lender and inspector to get all their paperwork in order and make sure that the deal will work out. Once the option period is over (usually around 7 to 10 days), the contract is finalized and a closing date is set.

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Closing 101 The closing process finalizes the sale of your home and makes everything official. Also known as settlement, the closing is when you get paid and the buyer receives the deed to your home. Here are a few things to bring to the closing: • House keys • Garage door opener(s) • A picture ID What can you expect? The closing agent will look over the purchase contract and identify what payments are owed and by whom; prepare documents for the closing; conduct the closing; make sure taxes, title searches, real estate commissions and other closing costs are paid; ensure that the buyer's title is recorded; and ensure that you receive any monies due to you. Continue on next page…..

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Closing 101 (Continued) What are your costs? Sellers commonly pay the following at closing: • Mortgage balance and prepayment penalties, if applicable • Other claims against your property, such as unpaid property taxes • Unpaid special assessments on your property • Document stamps (or taxes) on the deed • Real estate commission • Legal fee or title insurance premium After the closing, make sure you keep the following for tax purposes: • Copies of all closing documents • All home improvement receipts on the home you sold

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Moving Checklist New Telephone Number: ____________________________________________ New Address: _____________________________________________________ Before you move, you should contact the following companies and service providers: Utilities: ______Electric ______Telephone ______Water ______Cable ______Gas

Insurance Companies: ______Accidental ______Auto ______Health ______Home ______Life ______Renters

Professional Services: ______Broker ______Accountant ______Doctor ______Dentist ______Lawyer Government: ______Internal Revenue Service ______Post Office ______Schools ______State Licensing ______Library ______Veterans Administration Clubs: ______Health and Fitness ______Country Club

Business Accounts: ______Banks ______Cellular Phones ______Department Stores ______Finance Companies/Credit Cards Subscriptions: ______Magazines ______Newspapers Miscellaneous: ______Business Associates ______House of Worship ______Drugstore ______Dry Cleaner ______Hairstylist

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Section 4 How I Make It All Work For You!

How I Will Be Working For You Communication One of my main goals as an agent is to really get to know my clients needs and always be available when they need me. I will commit to always return phone calls and emails as fast as possible so that you never feel forgotten. Lack of communication is the #1 complaint that consumers have against realtors and I will make sure that it doesn’t happen to you. Teamwork Keller Williams Realty has a very large network of realtors who are on the cutting edge of real estate today. We team up together to help strategize weekly on different methods to best serve our buyers. This is a great asset to you. I would advice you to research Keller Williams to find out just how impressive we really are. Technology My experience with technology has served me well as a realtor. I will make sure that you are getting daily emails from the MLS to update you EVERYDAY on any new properties in your market, so that you are aware of your competition. I’ll also provide you with the best web presence and digital marketing materials available. Negotiation One of my favorite things about being a realtor is negotiating terms for my clients. When I am on your side, you will never get pushed around by any other agents. I make every effort to represent my clients in the most fair and honorable way possible. It is my goal to make you feel proud to recommend me to your friends and family.

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What I Offer That Most Do Not Keeping Up With Current Technology Trends I have watched technology change over the years and have always enjoyed keeping up with it. I’ve worked with agents who still don’t know how to text message and are really discouraged by all the rapid changes in technology. Whether you are “tech savvy”, or not, I am confident that you want an agent who is. The image below is a QR Code. You can scan this image with a QR App on your phone and it will take you directly to my website.

This technology is becoming very popular. I can create a QR Code that will go directly to a video of my listed property, so a potential home buyer could pull up to your sign, scan the code, and see a wonderful video on your property. Their information will be recorded and I can follow up with them to get them to visit the home. These kinds of ideas are evolving and changing daily. I am constantly discovering and creating new ways to use technology to change the Real Estate business.

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My Attitude As Your Agent My real estate business has been built around one guiding principle: IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!

Your needs Your dreams Your concerns Your questions Your finances Your time Your life My focus is on your complete satisfaction. In fact, I work to get the job done so well, you will want to tell your friends and associates about it. I strive to get most of my business from referrals from past clients. Good service speaks for itself. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to earn your referrals too!

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Staying Connected Communication makes all the difference. You’ll always know what’s going on behind the scenes while your property is listed. I will solicit feedback from each consumer and agent who views your property, passing their comments on to you. You’ll receive regular progress reports and updates, delivered as frequently as you request. Whether you prefer a phone call, an email, or a text message that’s what you’ll get. You have my promise that you will never feel forgotten or left out.  

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Homework: Questions For You Your answers to these questions will guide me in how to best serve you. We’ll discuss them at our listing meeting:

•What is the most important thing you are looking for in your listing agent? •What prior real estate transaction experiences have you had?? •How would you like to be communicated with? (please circle) Email




Other (explain)

•How frequently would you like an update on marketing and showings? Weekly

Twice a month

After each showin

Other (explain)

Please list what you are most concerned about in the marketing and selling process (buyer qualifications, commission, showing procedures, open house, possession, pricing, negotiations, other issues.)

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Andrew Fortune's Sellers Guide  

This is a guide for people in the Houston and surrounding areas to help them through their home selling process.

Andrew Fortune's Sellers Guide  

This is a guide for people in the Houston and surrounding areas to help them through their home selling process.