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CONTENTS How different will the colour be to what I am now and why do some people look orange after a spray on tan?!


I’m a larger person, will the tan make me look fatter or does it really ‘take a few pounds off’?


I have never been overly confident with my body. Am I expected to take ALL my clothes off?!


I would love a tan for my wedding day photos But will I look different to the groom?


I am a man and would love to get that ‘beach body look’ but I’m worried about my friends thinking I look feminine!


I only ever see young people with spray tans. Isn’t this just for teenagers or would it really suit someone of my age?


Why shouldn’t I choose the solarium over a spray tan, is there not risks associated with both?


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Profile: Greta


How different will the colour be to what I am now? Why do some people look orange after a spray on tan? If I was paid a dollar for every time a new client asked the question “Will I Look Orange?” I would probably be sat in the Bahamas right now with a Pinna Colada! Contrary to popular belief the days of ‘Orange tans’ are long gone (well nearly – keep reading)... If you were to see someone today looking like an extra from a certain movie about a man and his chocolate factory it would probably have been administered by the wearer themselves and dispensed from a ‘Do It Yourself Tan’ in a can! More often than not the orange faces you may see around the shopping mall on a Saturday afternoon are caused by the misuse of make-up rather than some over enthusiastic spray tanner! With that said however, DO NOT completely relax just yet as there are still a fair few smaller salons still using old equipment, poor, untrained application techniques and a pot or two of the original 1980’s Orange! At Spray Tan Queen we use nothing other than the best equipment and the world renowned Tuscan Tan colour range. Spray tanning has moved on so much now that you can have a tan that simply gives a look of rejuvenation - rather than a darker skin tone. The Tuscan Tan range does also cater for those looking for a more ‘exotic tone’ to their skin, be it ‘lightly sun kissed’ or a ‘deep bronze’. Our revolutionary – no obligation ‘Colour Consultation’ will reveal to you a colour that suits and blends with your natural skin tones leaving you looking refreshed, revitalized and feeling terrific with friends and family wondering where and when you


I’m a larger person, will the tan make me look fatter or does it really ‘take a few pounds off’?

As you are probably aware ‘Looking fatter’ is far more of a mental thing than a physical one. You’ll understand what I mean when I ask you to think back to the last time you looked in the mirror and felt ‘really fat-’ ugly or old! -It’s OK, it happens to us all at some point – even if we actually do look fabulous! The reason? Well it all comes down to confidence and self-esteem. Our body language and our posture (the way we ‘carry ourselves’) has so much to do with how we feel that it’s no wonder so many men and woman, of all walks of life, yearn for that long awaited holiday in the sun to put some ‘glow back into their cheeks’ and have that much sought after tan dissolve the wrinkles and those unsightly bags under the eyes brought about by everyday life... OK, with that said you are probably still wondering whether a spray tan makes you look fatter! Well the simple answer is NO! In fact spray tans have been widely reported to literally take ‘years off’ the person as they look at their new golden tan for the first time and notice the positive change in their body language. As we all will know from our last ‘sun soaked’ holiday – we look and feel great, with renewed vigour and confidence after a day in the sun. The problem is that going on holiday every week isn’t an option for most people and then there is the matter of what damage those rays are doing to our skin! At the Spray Tan Queen we can SAFELY give you back that self-esteem that just makes every day feel great with a spray on tan that DOESN’T rely on the weather – or come with the risks of sun exposure involved! Our clients have all reported feelings of confidence, pride, strength and even for many people a more feminine or masculine feel in the bedroom – Let’s face it; It’s easier feeling more confident about ourselves and our bodies when naked with a sexy tan!


I have never been overly, confident about my body.

We have just touched on how amazing and sexy you can look and feel, thanks to a spray tan from the Spray Tan Queen, and we also looked at how low people can feel about the shape, size or colour of their body. But what if this is your first spray tan and being already uncomfortable with the way your body is now — the thought of having to strip naked, be you a man or a woman, in front of one of the Spray Tan Queens tanning specialists is too terrifying to bare! Do I really need to take all my clothes off I hear you say?! Underwear and all?! Well the of course not! You can keep what clothing you like on, however there really is no need to be shy. At the Spray Tan Queen we have seen it all; from drag queens to grandmas in the nude and please bear in mind that the less you wear the better the results. With that said though there really is no reason to go fully naked if you don’t want. If you feel more comfortable wearing your underwear, go ahead. The important thing to remember is that you are coming to make yourself and your body look great, to feel younger and more confident! So stop worrying and developing any unnecessary hang ups before you start! You can relax knowing you’re in safe and professional hands. A great way a lot of my clients overcome the fear of stripping down to their ‘birthday suit’ is to start their first few sprays with their underwear on, and then once they have already started to feel the benefits of the lift in self-esteem a spray tan delivers, and they have befriended the sprayer I find they like to go ahead and try an amazing ‘all over’ tan. Either way, at Spray Tan Queen we are here to make you feel as comfortable as possible. It’s all about loving the skin you’re in!


I would love a tan for my Wedding Day photos... But will I look different to the groom?! Definitely not... The Tuscan Tan formula is designed to complement your natural skin tones —NOT cover them. You can choose how deep you want to go with the colour and even bring your husband along for a spray tan too to ensure you both look radiant and at your best on your very special day. Did you know that having a spray tan done for a wedding can actually result in better, more natural photographs? You see, normally the end result will require a lot less touching up and ‘photo shopping’ afterwards due to the positive effect a tan has on hiding skin blemishes, fine lines and broken capillaries. This, more often than not, can get you a reduction in the often highly expensive processing costs involved with wedding photography. Not only can you have great looking, beautiful skin on your special day but also have that radiant beauty captured forever in your photographs and on video. (At the Spray Tan Queen, we understand that you really only get one chance at making this special day perfect and so if you are busy cramming all your beauty appointments in for the big event be sure to book well ahead for your Bridal Trial Spray Tan Appointment! That’s right; leaving nothing to chance we always like our brides to partake in a ‘trial spray’ of sorts to allow us to match and enhance your natural skin tones and allowing plenty of time to get the perfect look for you. Having sprayed hundreds upon hundreds of brides we want you to know you are in safe hands and that we’re here to give you the very best in expert advice.)  


I am a man and would love to get that ‘beach body’ but I’m worried about my friends thinking I look feminine! Now whilst on the topic of having both the bride AND GROOM looking terrific on their wedding day I find myself often asked by the guys whether a spray tan is really for them and DO GIRLS ACTUALLY LIKE A GUY WITH A TAN?! Well, girls... what do you think? OF COURSE WE DO! There really isn’t anything more attractive for a woman than a man that looks full of charisma, confidence and the embodiment of health. A spray tan can portrait that ‘look’. Every year the number of males looking to feel as great as us ladies get to feel goes up, and this year to date we have already sprayed a record number of you guys. You boys know how crazy your partner drives you when she returns from her spray tan appointment looking super sexy - and now you can return the favour by making sure you look your very best – all year round. You’ll probably already know from coming off the beach, a beautiful tan helps highlight those muscles and even helps reduce the appearance of that beer belly leaving you free to hit the town without a care in the world. Our Tuscan Tan colour range is available to suit all types of male skin – be it olive through to dark and you may need just a light spray to accentuate that charming smile and have us girls going weak at the knees. Our professional sprayers are used to dealing with males. We are happy for you to go semi naked - or the ‘Full Monty; depending on how much coverage you would like and guarantee your first tan will be such a blush free experience you won’t be able to wait to book your next one!


I only ever see young people with spray tans. Isn’t this just for teenagers or would it really suit someone of my age? Beauty does not discriminate against maturity and neither do we! I am often asked by potential clients and people I meet if spray tans are only for ‘the youngsters’? Supposedly they are the only ones who seem to be spray tanned! What I usually find these people are actually saying is they only ever see that ‘stereotypical spray tan look’ on the late teens/ early adults and have never been able to really see a more mature person with the same streaky, orange skin colour. It is here that I have to remind them that a Tuscan Tan from us is not that stereotypical ‘streaky’ sort of tan at all! The younger people (as we covered in chapter one) walking around with orange faces are victims of their own wrong doings bless them – be it from a DIY spray in a can or too much make-up! If a lady or man was to approach you after having a Spray Tan Queen Tuscan Tan it probably wouldn’t even dawn on you that they had been sprayed. Instead you might find yourself wondering where they had been on holiday or why, despite them both being in their ‘senior years’ they both look so fantastic?! These people are the sort of people that walk past you in the high street and you can’t help but turn and look. They catch your eye. These people have that look of confidence and character that makes you stare in a restaurant – and even though you know they aren’t on the television you can’t help but wonder if they are ‘famous celebrities’ somewhere! Our tans get you compliments, welcome glances and help build a younger appearance through the camouflaging and reduction of fine lines, raised veins and broken capillaries. Our spray tans help you to regain that look of youth and vitality – whatever your age.


Why shouldn’t I choose the Solarium over a spray tan, isn’t it Safer ?

Absolutely not! The spray tan process is safe, simple and time efficient. Our custom fanned spray booths are fully ventilated allowing for a particle free environment, meaning you can relax whilst our sprayers apply the Tuscan Tan product to your skin. Tuscan Tan is 100% safe, irritation free and unlike other methods of deepening skin colour — free from the risk of ageing skin, getting burnt or even worse — developing SKIN and EYE CANCER! Research shows that using a solarium increases your risk of skin cancer and contributes to the premature ageing of your skin;

“Using a solarium before the age of 35 could increase your risk of melanoma by between 75 and 92 per cent.” Source: The Australian Better Health Channel (

“No solarium can provide a safe tan”

Source: National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Sun tanning parlours, solaria, home tanning equipment (position statement-revised). NHMRC

With the number of skin cancer related cases rising yearly, more and more people are swapping the beaches and ‘sun bed’ solariums for the safety of a spray tan. The sun and solariums combined cause hospitals the largest amount of burn victims and so we highly recommend you swap the goggles and ‘blue tubes’ for a visit to the Spray Tan Queen.


SERVICE GUARANTEE Spray Tan Queen offers a 7 days service guarantee for all services without question. In the unlikely event that you are not totally delighted with your Tuscan Spray-On Tan, your new Bio Sculpture Gel Nails/ Toes, or your Eyelash Extensions, then please contact us for a reservice at no charge within 7 days.


PROFILE: GRETA Having enrolled for a nail care course over 8 years ago, Greta fell head over heels in love with the beauty industry and started on a journey that would eventually lead her to become one of Australia’s most highly respected spray tanners; Greta had never imaged she would one day become known throughout the industry as the Spray Tan Queen! From humble beginnings managing a solarium in Brighton, Victoria, Greta took her passion for business and customer service and applied it to her salon to ensure her clients got the very best in expert advice and service. Before long Greta was running one of Brighton’s leading Solarium tan providers. At this point, already feeling a pull towards the spray tan industry, Greta began to embark upon a learning, attending various courses and beginning an intense study regime as she began to perfect the spray tan application method. Greta soon found that her spray tans, with their perfect coverage and natural look, made her an overnight success with her clients as they left her salon feeling fabulous! Finally Greta had realized her true potential. Just four short years ago Greta took her ‘industry given’ nickname — the Spray Tan Queen and turned it into a business of her own. Today, in 2010, Greta has seen her success soar and having already applied over 5000 tans to both men and women. Greta is also an accredited Bio Sculpture nail artist as well as an Eyelash Extensions expert.


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