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VCT 420 Week 2 Team Assignment Baderman Island Multimedia Project Outline (UOP Course) Click Here to Buy the Tutorial -Team-Assignment-Baderman-Island-Multimedia-Project-Outline-(UOP-Co urse) For more course tutorials visit

Tutorial Purchased: 4 Times, Rating: A Begin work on the Baderman Island Multimedia Project due in Week Five. Identify all the businesses or attractions that would be included in a multimedia presentation to promote Baderman Island. Develop a basic message upon which to base the multimedia presentation. This basic message should be a short phrase or sentence and may take an entire meeting to distill. The BSIT/VC basic message is that it is the intersection of business, technology, and communication. The BSIT/VC tagline is “Make a Creative Impact.� The basic message and any tagline should be repeated in the tour, the commercial, and the splash screen.

Your submission for the points: Please submit a status report on the project. This should include what each team member has done this week and a plan to complete the rest of the assignment.

Vct 420 week 2 team assignment baderman island mul