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greenbytes The program funnels those extra dimes and quarters into a fund that is used for new green energy projects or making its transmission system more efficient. According to SMPA, the program should cost members less than $7 a year, but certainly no more than $12. If all of SMPA’s 9,600 members stay enrolled, the co-op estimates that Green Cents could raise up to $70,000 every year. —Katie Klingsporn


Measuring “Kill A Watts” In the home, energy-guzzling culprits—the old fridge, the space heater—can sit quietly on shelves or in corners or closets, gulping electricity without even being noticed. But thanks to a joint effort of San Miguel Power Association and the Wilkinson Public Library, people can now

detect energy hogs in their homes or apartments. SMPA donated portable energy tracking devices to the Wilkinson Public Library—as well as all the other public libraries within its service territory—as part of its Watch-A-Watt initiative. The gizmos, called “Kill A Watts,” can be used to measure the electricity consumption of various home appliances. They are small and easy to use and can be checked out, just like a library book. Plug it into the wall, then plug an appliance into it, and it’ll measure things like voltage, watts and kilowatt-hours—which is the same measurement used by SMPA in electricity bills. SMPA General Manager Kevin Ritter said the power co-op wants to help its members identify exactly what is using energy in their homes. For those engaged in the great race to shrink carbon footprints, the Kill A Watt can help root out the bigger consumers of energy. —Katie Klingsporn

Being green isn’t always easy, but we’re helping make it more affordable and convenient for you to make clean energy choices. • Our rebates help reduce the cost of purchasing and installing your own renewable energy system. • Our green power program lets you buy renewable energy to power your home or business at a price that’s easy on your wallet. • Our green cents program lets you invest in local renewable and energy efficiency programs. • Our energy efficiency programs and information will help you learn how to use your green energy wisely.

Call us today and take advantage of the green energy choices that fit your lifestyle and budget.

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