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Despite settling here, he was still compelled to explore and paddle new routes. In September 2009, he assembled a team of kayakers, dubbed “Team Beer,” and they set off to attempt a first descent of the Huallaga River in Peru. The river, which carves a deep canyon through the Andes, had rebuffed two other expeditions with its gorge sections, unknown stretches and Class V whitewater. Team Beer waited until low flow and set off with climbing rope and 12 days’ worth of food. Three days and 52 miles later, they emerged with a first descent through a dazzling canyon where cascades tumble from above and whitewater rumbles below. “We found just incredible runnable whitewater,” he said. The move got Wilson recognized by Outside magazine as a “New King of Adventure.” Friends describe him as more than that: a compassionate guide, competent partner and incredibly humble person. He’s one of those people you want on a river trip—not only because he’s a good guy, but also because of his swift-water rescue expertise. “When you’re on the river with him, you always feel really safe,” says Raley.

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The Ah Haa School for the Arts is a center for the arts in Telluride whose goal is to nurture the creative spirit. shawna moore september 16 –18

At the Ah Haa School, we believe every person harbors an artistic ability, and that everyone benefits from exploring and developing that ability.

robert lemler july 7 –10

introducing the telluride immersion art experience

Students will have a chance to immerse themselves in creativity without the day to day distractions. Whether you have a few hours, a few days or a few weeks, you will find a class that nurtures your inner artist. For a full immersion class schedule, visit our website.

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Telluride, Colorado…in the Summer?

Whether you are visiting Telluride for a ski vacation, summer festivals, or just to relax, our experienced local staff is here to serve your vacation rental, property management and real estate needs!


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