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Quality Improvement Award:

Ashley Wilsdon

Ashley has worked to help our patients return home sooner and improve the efficiency of the weekly lung cancer multidisciplinary team meeting. During the past six months the improvements made by Ashley have meant that information about patients is readily available which improves the efficiency of the meeting and patient care. “It was lovely to see the great and the good all come together with every level of staff sitting as equals to celebrate the work that everyone does at the hospital. It was a huge shock to win the quality improvement award as it is traditionally not an admin related award but I’m very happy to have won.”

Clinical Educator Award:

Ashley Gayton

When we have problems Ashley guides us and allows us to reflect and learn from our problems rather than solving them for us. Ashley supports us to keep going and helps us embed the nursing associate role into the NGH family. He ensures we practice safely and are happy in our role by visiting us weekly on placement. “Being nominated for the award was an amazing feeling but I must say I was in shock when my name was announced as winner, it just didn’t register in my brain. I am so grateful for the recognition, especially as so many of my colleagues work above and beyond everyday alongside me.”


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Insight Northampton Winter 2018/2019  

Insight Northampton Winter 2018/2019  

Profile for bigcub