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Specialist emergency care unit for haematology and oncology patients Patients of our haematology and oncology departments will now have access to roundthe-clock specialist emergency care thanks to the generosity of our local community. A £350,000 investment by our charity, Northamptonshire Healthcare Charitable Trust allowed to develop the new facilities. Dr Sonia Swart said: “The opening of the new emergency assessment bay is a massive development for us in providing specialist care for our oncology and haematology patients. “We’re enormously grateful to our charity for funding the project and to every one of our employees, volunteers, patients and family members who have helped to raise funds. The generosity of our local community is second to none.”

Team NGH employees involved in the three-year project to deliver a new emergency assessment unit


Employees and fundraisers gathered for the opening of the new bay

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ur brand new emergency assessment unit opened its doors in October. The Nye Bevan Building, named by our staff in honour of the architect of the NHS, is a £12 million investment providing 60 beds, a mix of small wards and individual rooms including dedicated rooms for vulnerable patients who might need end-of-life care or who are suffering from infection. If a patient needs to stay in for further assessment for less than 24 hours, they will stay on Walter Tull Ward in the Nye Bevan Building and if they require up to 48-hour assessment or treatment, they will stay on the Esther White ward. If they need treatment that will take longer than 48 hours, they will be admitted to a ward in the main hospital. Speaking at the opening of the new unit, chief executive Dr Sonia Swart said: “We know that a good environment has a big impact on staff and a big impact on patients, and the two are related. “The principle will be that people who

really need emergency care will still be in the resus and majors section of the emergency department. People who need assessment and possibly need to come into hospital will have a slightly calmer environment up here. “The whole principle is to get assessment and care plans done quickly, avoiding unnecessary admissions to the hospital and helping patients to get back home as soon as possible.” Patients will attend following a referral by their GP, the A&E department or by ambulance admission.

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Insight Northampton Winter 2018/2019  

Insight Northampton Winter 2018/2019  

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