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The cats couldn’t be here today.

But they wanted to tell you a little about themselves

So that you can be their voice.

Exotic cats don’t make good pets!

Discarded like thousands because people want to see WHITE tigers.

Rescued from an animal testing laboratory

Spent early years chained to a concrete slab by a drug dealer

Rescued with her harness imbedded into her raw skin

Abandoned by her owner. Dead if not for Big Cat Rescue

Breeders said she would make a good pet – they lied!

Sold at auction, age 5 weeks

Kept in a basement without seeing sunlight for over a year.

Should I be bred for life in a cage?

Refugees of Desert Storm

Sold at auction as a tiny cub. So sick he almost didn’t make the trip to Big Cat Rescue.

Unwanted because there are too many males for breeding

Left for dead

Bought as pet, then abandoned

Rescued from sale as a pet

Stuffed in a carrier 1st 4 mos.

Used in circus for photos with paying customers until he started biting them

Abandoned when owners divorced

Brought to Big Cat Rescue in a crab trap because he tried to kill the infant he had been raised with for the past 3 years.

Rescued from becoming a fur coat

Her owner went to prison‌ leaving her homeless

Seized in a drug raid

Retired from the circus

His owner died, leaving no provision for this cat’s life

Zoo surplus

Taken from their mother to be sold as pets that will be discarded next year

Rescued from a game farm where animals are raised to be shot for a fee

Came from a broker with broken legs from poor nutrition

Maimed for life at a drive thru safari park

Bought to impress a millionaire’s friends and discarded like yesterday’s paper

Left at our gate with no note

Cross eyed and lame she was unwanted

All White Tigers are inbred causing severe birth defects

Extinct in the wild

Has no upper lip due to the inbreeding required to make a white tiger.

Your help provides more than just food and shelter.

Hunted for sport in the U.S.

Retired from the circus

Why is the King of Beast behind bars?

Denied protected status by the U.S. that could have saved her from extinction

Kept in a corn crib for six years at a road side zoo; nothing to do but walk in circles.

Help Big Cat Rescue speak out for her.

Designed to patrol and defend 400 square miles but kept in a box. Tigers were never meant to live in cages.

People breed lions and tigers to create 800 lb “ligers� in order to circumvent laws that prohibit owning lions or tigers.

85% of the big cats abandoned were formerly pets

Most of the cats who end up abused and un wanted are tigers

In China Today Tigers are Farmed

Used for Tonics & Potions

As of 10/4/07 3,739 people have signed our electronic petition to stop tiger farming.

Please add your name today and we will add it to the petition.

There are no Federal Laws

That ban private ownership of dangerous exotic animals.

One simple law

Could prevent all of the misery

Help Big Cat Rescue save the lives of these cats

Help us to stop the causes that lead to suffering & abuse.

Learn about animal welfare laws

Each state has different laws

Many states have no laws

Learn how to motivate others

Because it takes all of us uniting as one voice to make theirs be heard

Let your friends know that it is cool to vote

You learn all about Capitol Hill Basics at

From this site you can research each state’s laws

We post all pending legislation

At the state and federal levels

Some good bills have died 6 years in a row because not enough people cared to write

We make it easy for you to connect to your congress with sample letters and a few mouse clicks

Key things that you can do:

Learn the law Sign our petition Register and VOTE Mail your legislators Tell your friends


Big Cat Laws  
Big Cat Laws  

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