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ON THE PROWL FOR ADVENTURE? JOIN US FOR A GRR-EAT EVENT FUR A GOOD CAUSE The year 2010 is the Year of the Tiger and Big Cat Rescue is celebrating in a big way with the 11th annual Fur Ball on Friday October 8th, 2010. Join Big Cat Rescuers for an evening of wild fun and a feast fit for a king (of the jungle that is). Proceeds from the Fur Ball will fund both the ongoing care of more than 100 big cats that reside at the 45-acre sanctuary in Tampa, FL as well as the tiger conservation efforts of the International Tiger Coalition. Big Cat Rescue is pleased to announce that Ms. Donna Vivino, who plays Elphaba, lead character in the First National Tour of Wicked (The Emerald City Company) has been selected as recipient of the sanctuary’s 2010 “Guardian Angel” award. Donna will be the guest of honor at the sanctuary’s Annual Fur Ball Gala on Friday, October 8th at the A La Carte Pavilion in Tampa to accept her award. Ms. Vivino was selected to receive the sanctuary’s prestigious award in recognition of her advocation for animal and human welfare causes around the world.

Donna Vivino

Reserve your “SPOTS” today! Details available online at Tickets available online at: or for reservations call Jennifer Flatt at 813-323-3263. For questions email Date and Time: Friday, October 8th, 2010 6:30 PM - Midnight Location: The fabulous A La Carte Event Pavilion at 4050 Dana Shores Drive Tampa, FL 33634

Big Cat Rescue 12802 Easy Street Tampa, FL 33625 :Change Service Requested

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Attire: We call the unique Fur Ball attire “Safari Costume Formal”. This includes traditional formal attire, safari themed costume, wild cat or jungle print or any mix in between such as part formal with “wild” accessorizing. Be creative and have fun with it. Prizes will be awarded! Use your imagination and go wild! For photos of past guest BCR Founder Carole Baskin & President Jamie Veronica attire visit our website.


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Get Your Tickets Today for One Wild Party - The Fur Ball Wild Art by the Big Cats


Bid on more than a dozen one of a kind paintings created by our Big Cats. Each comes with a photo of the artist creating their art, their bio and a plaque with the artists name. Bid on this beautiful work of art by Bella the Tiger online before the Fur Ball. Visit our website for details about this pre-auction.

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First Course Grilled & Chilled Zucchini Salad with Roasted Red Pepper over Mixed Greens with Crumbled Feta Cheese and Cilantro Vinaigrette

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DRUM TO YOUR OWN BEAT South Pacific Paradise: There is no place more exotic and more exciting than Bora Bora! Your perfect retreat offers remote tranquility only dreamt of in today’s frantic world.


Ginger & Honey Soy Roasted Salmon atop a Fresh Autumn Slaw consisting of Apples, Jicama, Red & White Cabbage, Mandarin Orange and Red Onion Finished with Ginger Honey or


Roasted Red Pepper and White Bean Cake over Garlic Pan Seared Spinach with Fresh Lemon and Smoked Tomato Salsa


“Out of Africa” Experience: Explore one of the last unspoiled places in the world. Travel from Nairobi, to the Aberdees Mountains, Great Rift Valley, Lake Nakuru and its one million pink flamingos, and the Masai Mara Reserve in the heart of the Serengeti Plains. Europe’s Secret Vacation Spot: Sail the Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Minorca and Ibiza in the lap of luxury on a yacht equipped with your own captain, first mate and personal chef who will prepare delicious Mediterranean meals especially for you each day.


Third Course


COSTUME CONTEST The Need for Speed: This adventure trip takes you to Monte Carlo where you will visit the famous Casino Royale and enjoy the 2011 Grand Prix in Monaco.


Chocolate Orange Swirl Cake with Chocolate Genache and Mandarin Oranges

4-Star Isle of Capri: .Ancient summer palaces of the Roman Emperors, fascinating grottoes filled with water that glows a sapphire blue, historical ruins, and beautiful private coves are nestled against the Mediterranean Sea.


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2010 Fur Ball Sponsors

King of Beasts

Eating a lion burger or petting a lion there a difference? Take Action! Let’s take big cats off the menu An Arizona restaurant was serving lion burgers and receiving loads of publicity for it. This has also been documented in FL, IL and PA.

Leopard Sponsors

Though the idea of this is shocking to most, what’s really going on is much deeper. The FDA, not the USDA, is charged with the responsibility of inspecting suppliers like Czimer’s Game & Sea Foods, the butcher who sold lion meat to this Arizona restaurant. “FDA inspected” may reassure you, but it shouldn’t because this butcher served 6 months in federal prison and was fined for his role in a secretive, multibilliondollar underground animal trading ring. Czimer was convicted of purchasing the carcasses of 16 federally-protected tigers, 4 lions, 2 mountain lions, and 1 liger that Cameron the lion he sold as uninspected “lion” meat. These animals were all killed while confined in trailers or cages, not farm raised and free range roaming. While a lion burger may sound like something different to try, if you eat one make no mistake - you are fueling this underground world of illegal exotic animal murder and trade. But what’s the connection between lion burgers and

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petting, holding or posing for a picture with a lion or tiger cub? Since lions are now a threatened species and have dwindled to about 20,000 left in Africa today (as opposed to 450,000 just 50 years ago), it’s doubtful that this lion meat is coming from Africa. Quite the opposite, previous investigations have shown that lion meat was being bred and raised right here in the US. When you see cute lion or tiger cubs on display to pet or take photographs with, have you thought about where they end up when they grow up and become too dangerous or expensive to house? For many reasons, we have to turn away about 50 big cats per year - and they aren’t going to accredited sanctuaries. The fear is that many, if not most, may end up as exotic game meats. With so few FDA inspectors available, it’s quite possible that tiger meat is still being passed off as unregulated lion meat. This is something we must stop! You can help put an end to this. By banning the breeding of big cats in the private sector, it would make it impossible for the dealers in the US to acquire and sell this meat. It would put an end to the horrible suffering and deaths we know are happening throughout the country everyday. Please take a moment to sign and send the pre-written letter to your federal lawmakers asking for a ban on the breeding, buying and selling of big cats in the US (other than AZA zoos). Let’s finally take these animals off the menu.

Take action today:

PAVE THE WAY AND HONOR SOMEONE SPECIAL IN YOUR LIFE The project to pave the walkways around our Trading Post with rich looking engraved bricks is under way and makes a great gift for the purrson in your life who has everything. It is also a purrr-fect way to create a permanent memorial for a family

member or beloved pet who has passed on, or just something to do for yourself. The laser engraving actually changes the brick color to create the letters deep into the brick and will never wear off. There are two sizes, 4x8 for a donation of $100 and 8x8 for a donation of $200. What a great way to support the cats and create a memory for yourself of someone else. You can order on page 10, or online at:

Chat Big Cats Online at People who love animals love to share their photos and stories. Now Big Cat Rescue has a Chat Big Cats community. U n l i m i t e d 1936 storage space Members and Counting for your photos, videos and music. Post your own blogs, or join in our forums and contests.

Keep up to date with everything at Big Cat Rescue by watching our weekly pod-cats. Visit our YouTube channel for a wild time!

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week just for their food. If you figure these three kittens will spend a year of their life in the rehabilitation program their total food bill will be almost $2,000! (You can make a donation towards their care on the order form on page 10)

Bobcat Kittens In our last issue we told you about Midnight, Rain and Storm, two female and one male bobcat kittens, respectively. Their mother had been shot and they were taken by the hunter to be raised as pets. This man took the three kittens to an animal clinic to seek guidance on how to raise them. The clinic in turn found Big Cat Rescue on the internet and we agreed to rescue the three and raise them for release back into the wild. When the kittens arrived they were about 10 days old. Their eyes were just starting to open. We estimate that they were born on or around April 15th. In order to raise these orphaned bobcat kittens with as little human contact as possible, ensuring their successful rehabilitation, Rescuers recruited a domestic cat to adopt and nurse the kittens. Thanks to Suncoast Animal League a perfect surrogate, Bobbi, was found.

After nearly three and a half months of rearing this wild brood Bobbi’s work was finished. She will now be adopted out to a loving home where she can retire from her bobcat rescuing days. Midnight, Rain, and Storm have transformed dramatically over the past four months from tiny rolly poly balls of fluff to wobbly fuzzy kittens to young sleek miniature bobcats (at about 7lbs each they are half the weight they will be once they are full grown). All three have learned how to hunt successfully thanks to the use of a special feeding system designed by Big Cat Rescuers. Each kitten eats one large rat six nights a week. At $2 per rat that’s $36 per

Bobbi spent several months with the bobcat kittens. She nursed and bathed them when they were little and as they grew she played with them and taught them how to hunt.

Midnight, Rain, and Storm will continue purr-fecting their hunting and social skills throughout the fall and winter before their eventual release next spring. For updates on their progress and photos visit our Facebook Fan Page. Bellona the Bobcat Bellona was rescued on Thanksgiving weekend. She had been hit by a car and left for dead. Her rear leg had been so badly broken she required a complicated surgery that entailed inserting permanent pins and screws inside her leg to help the bone heal.

evaluate the healing of her bone. It was discovered that one of the pins had bent and was putting pressure on her knee cap which would explain why she was not using a leg that should have had sufficient time to heal. Another surgery to repair her knee was the only solution. This procedure was more than $1,000. (If you would like to make a donation towards the big cat medical fund fill out the order form on page 10) After her surgery Bellona spent a month in the onsite Cat Hospital and then two weeks each in rehab enclosures graduating in size from small to medium. She is now back in her former 1800 square foot rehab enclosure where Rescuers will monitor her recovery via security cameras.

Bellona had a long recovery ahead of her and as the months passed she only intermittently relied on her repaired leg for support. While she was able to get around and even catch live prey fine on three legs it was not an ideal situation. Bellona was taken back to Florida Clockwise from bottom left: Midnight, Rain, Veterinary Services, where she Midnight, Rain and Storm, Before and after x-rays received her first surgery, for x-rays to of Bellona’s pinned leg, FVS Surgical Team Luxury Line of Distinctive Gifts & Accessories Created by Barbara Krai Interior Design for Big Cat Rescue

Serengeti Tiger Bowl Set of 8 $128.00

Jungle Wild Handbag Embroidered $450.00

Leopard Tapestry Pillow w/Rose $178.00

Safari Lion Clock $250.00

H H H Many More Luxury Gifts Available at H H H Crystal Sculpture Lion $4,500.00

Hand Blown Perfume Bottle $550.00

“Lion” By Jen Barbati Giclee $365.00

Hand Painted Necklace w/Jewels $1,328.00

To view the complete line of luxury gifts and product details and to place your order Go to: Need more info? email: or call 813.891.9999 Visit for complete Interior Design Services FL Lic. #ID0004540

Clockwise from above: Windstar the Bobcat enjoys his tree house, Trick E. the Leopard Cat relaxes under a special tiki teepee, Rose the Caracal lounges in her hammock created by the Enrichment Committee

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Serval Rescued from Beach Condo “That was terrifying! I am dripping sweat!” were Big Cat Rescue President Jamie Veronica’s first words when she called in to Rescuers eagerly standing by to notify them she and the new serval were on their way home to Big Cat Rescue. Thanks to many of you who responded to the alert we sent out a few months ago, we were able to rescue this serval when her owner had been Baker acted and later died. The serval (who neighbors had reported was a lion) had been left behind in a cramped, 2 bedroom condo and Big Cat Rescue had been called in to remove her. Easier said than done.

Jamie relayed the terrors of being trapped in a hall with a VERY MAD, very large serval. Stand Up For Animals is Animal Control in Marathon, FL and they had taken a very large dog kennel in for Servie the serval to get used to. The plan was to feed her in the carrier, and shut the door... She wasn’t having any part of that plan. Instead she hunkered down in a bedroom and challenged anyone to come near her. There were just too many places in the bedroom to avoid being netted, so Jamie opted to usher her into the hall after blocking the exit with the big carrier and all of the pillows in the house. Easy

enough, right? Just quietly crowd her into the waiting darkness and luxury of the softly bedded dice. Unsure of the carrier, Servie stood her ground and refused to enter. Face to face in the tiny hallway with this wild animal Jamie stood by patiently awaiting her opportunity to capture the cat. Servie peeked her head in the door of the carrier and Jamie used the net to nudge her in, swinging the door closed with her shoe. Good thing too, as paws and claws snatched wildly at the shoe. Those skinny little

serval legs fit through the tiniest holes! It’s hard to understand why people think they can make pets out of cats like servals and Savannahs. At Big Cat Rescue, when Servie saw the huge Cat-a-tat, complete with den, bushes, trees, grass, birds and exciting neighbors you could just tell she was a little sheepish about putting up such a fuss. This was paradise by comparison! Servie has settled in nicely at Big Cat Rescue. She has a large 1,800 square foot enclosure and plenty of serval neighbors.

THE KITTY KORNER - KIDS 4 KATS, GAMES, CONTESTS, CAMPS, AND MORE! Scout Events ’10-’11 at Big Cat Rescue! For the new

school year we are rolling out special scouting events for fun and learning. Scout events are open to all girl and boy scouts and are pre-registered directly through BCR’s education department. This year in addition to the popular Scout Family Tours, and private group tours we’ll offer two hands on workshops to include “Big Cat Toys” and a brand new topic on anatomy called “What Cat Is That?” For more information or to register contact our Education Director at or 813-323-3265




New for 2010-2011 BCR has two school buses ready to transport your class or group for an exceptional educational experience! Now the “best field trip ever” is easy to plan with our economical transportation rates and easy availability. Email or call us for scheduling and information at or 813-323-3265


to 13-year-old Bailey Arnold of Dunedin, FL for winning the Ocelot Coloring Contest!

Color the photo, fill out the info below & mail to Big Cat Rescue for a chance to win great prizes. 12802 Easy Street - Tampa, FL 33625 Name: __________________________________ Age: ________ Address: ______________________________________________ City: ______________________________ St: ___ Zip: ________ Coloring Contest: 3 top winners will win a tour for 4 at Big Cat Rescue. 10 Runner up winners will win a glossy 8x10 photo of one of the big cats!

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1992 - 2010


1992 - 2010


1997 - 2010


Big Cat Rescue was founded 17 years ago and 74 of our sanctuary residents are now over the age of 15 (90+ in cat years). It is with great sadness that we must say goodbye to these three wonderful cats. The decision to euthanize a cat does not come easy. However, in the case of two of these cats, it was the most humane action that could be taken. YOUR WINDSONG STAYS ON MY MIND - Big Cat Rescue Founder, Carole Baskin WINDSONG was in the final stages of renal failure according to her blood work. She had been diagnosed last December and treated for her advanced arthritis and given fluids, but the treatment only bought her another six months. Now she was wasting away, feeling too nauseous to eat regularly and was beginning to get mouth ulcers that come along with advanced renal failure. I could delay making this awful choice, pump her full of fluids and painkillers again and hope for a few more months, but that would only delay the inevitable. Windsong was 18 and there was no way to turn back the clock and time’s ravages on her little body. She was already asleep while we were doing the blood work, so I asked Dr. Wynn to end her life before she had to suffer even one more day of feeling awful. It was very peaceful as her spirit left her frail little “cat suit.” I have never cried so much and wondered out loud to (BCR President) Jamie as to why? I believe that we are all eternal and come into and out of form for reasons that we signed up for in advance. I believe that each of us comes here to learn and to teach and to work together for a perfect existence. I don’t miss the cats or the people I have loved who have died because I feel them in and around me all the time, so what are all these tears? Jamie responded, “Because Windsong is an icon. She is the reason that this sanctuary exists. She started all of this and now she’s gone and it feels like something bigger than life has slipped away from us.” I thought back to the first time I saw her. It was on Nov. 5, 1992 (the date we celebrate as the birth of the sanctuary) when her owner carried her into the ring of an exotic animal auction. She had her paws wrapped so tightly around his neck. Her liquid gold eyes were exaggerated in her terror at all of the loud noises and the auctioneer bellowing over the loud speakers that surrounded her. Her eyes caught mine and I began to cry. I heard a song in my head from back in the 80’s for a perfume; “I can’t seem to forget you. Your Wind Song stays on my mind.” I couldn’t quit staring through my tears into her precious little face. I heard Don bidding on her. A bobcat only had a “retail value” of about $160.00 but I heard the bidding go up over $775.00 and Don was not the latest bid. The auctioneer said,

$775.00 going once, going twice... an eternity passed, my heart stopped, I tore my gaze from her and looked at Don. He raised his card, one last time, and I could breathe again. So today, as I thought about all that she endured as a captive born bobcat, who was torn from her mother, raised as a pet, abandoned at auction to the highest bidder and who spent the last 18 years in a cage, I couldn’t help but marvel at what an indomitable little spirit she was. She inspired us to save cats like her. She inspired visitors to give up their social lives and become volunteers. She inspired an entire movement that went beyond providing sanctuary to ending the problem at its root. I only regret that I was not able to bring her the good news that we had ended the trade before she died. I can barely stand the thought of yet one more cat dying before we can celebrate that law that will end the breeding and abuse. I feel honored to have known her and shed tears of admiration for all she has taught us and inspired us to do. Every one of these cats has done the same thing. They have given of themselves and inspired us to all be better people. It hurts so bad to see them age and die and sometimes I wonder how much more I can stand. I hear our volunteers saying the same thing. Despite how much our hearts bleed with each loss, those of us who are still here and still committed to the cats can take some comfort in knowing that we have proven ourselves to be strong enough. We are their freedom fighters and we have to be strong, for those who will “stay on our minds,” for those who are still in our care, and for those yet to come to Big Cat Rescue, until we return to them the freedom of their birthright. SOPHIA was rescued in January of 2009. Thirteen years prior she had been purchased by a taxidermy sculptor to be used as a live model. She spent the next thirteen years in a coop roughly 50 square feet in size with a concrete floor. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries had been notified of the cougar and seized the cat. Sophia spent the last year and a half of her life at Big Cat Rescue where she had an enclosure that was approximately 1,800 square feet of natural surroundings with a large cave den. Keepers paid extra special attention to Sophia each and every day making her final nineteen months the best time of her life Towards the end her quality of life had suffered greatly due to her advancing arthritis and kidney failure. She was 18 years old. CATERA was born at Big Cat Rescue on 7/24/97. His parents Indian Summer and Shiloh came to the sanctuary as a bonded pair who had lived together for seven years and never reproduced. Unexpectedly Indian Summer gave birth to three kittens. Three days later she began killing her kittens. Catera was rescued just in time, but not before he sustained injuries resulting in brain damage. Catera was a special needs cat from that day on. He was a very happy bobcat and loved to chat with his keepers. Sadly, just as unexpectedly as he had come into this world, he slipped away in his sleep on August 10, 2010. Sponsor a Forever Remembered plaque in honor of one of these great cats at: To read more tributes:

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In late July Carole and I made our annual trip to Washington D.C. to attend the Taking Action or Animals conference hosted by The Humane Society of the United States. The greatest impact that people who care about animals can have is to help change the laws to end abuse. We highly recommend this conference to anyone interested in doing the most they possibly can for animals by advocating stronger laws to protect them. During the weekend of the conference we attended lectures on animal issues, current legislative efforts, and classes on how to be most effective in our advocacy of animal laws. Just being surrounded by close to 1000 people who care so much about animals is, in itself, a wonderfully recharging experience. Then, on Monday, along with hundreds of others, we visited our legislators to ask their support for current animal protection legislation. In this effort we focus on current legislation involving all animals, not just big cats, although when there are bills affecting big cats we give them special emphasis. We were delighted in our last issue of the Big Cat Times

WINS TO ROAR ABOUT! At the June 2010 Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWCC) meeting, the commissioners unanimously decided to “do the right thing” and institute a complete ban on “penning of wildlife.” Thanks to your help and support - no longer will packs of hunting dogs relentlessly chase bobcats, fox and coyotes in pens for so called training purposes. No longer will they have the opportunity to, day after day, hour after hour, run down terrified bobcats, fox and coyotes in fenced enclosures and often rip them to shreds. But, we still need your help. The details of the language used to prevent these atrocities is very important so that the bad guys can’t exploit loopholes. Find out how your letter can help here: Thanks to thousands of letters from Big Cat AdvoCats, the FWCC agreed to change the wording of their Nuisance Wildlife rules so that bobcats who are trapped as nuisance wildlife may not be killed, but rather must be relocated. While our 2,000+ letters asked that bobcats be removed from the list of nuisance wildlife, we are still thankful that the FWCC has decided to at least spare the life of bobcats who are trapped this way.

to report to you that before the conference, when we asked our Representative Kathy Castor to co-sponsor the Fur Labeling Act (H.R. 2480), she threw her support behind this bill. The bill closes a loophole that allows garments containing fur under $150 in value to go unlabeled. Without labels, fur from dogs and cats, some of whom are skinned alive, can be imported without detection, and those of us who do not want to support the “fur trade” by buying real fur have no way to know if that is what we are buying. We were thrilled when this bill passed the House on the day we were there visiting the congressional offices!

snakes that are destroying the Florida Everglades after people have released their “pets” there. H.R. 2308 banning use of exotic animals in “canned hunts” and “internet hunting”, i.e. firing a gun remotely from your computer to kill an animal that has no fair chance to evade death. A few days after our visit we were absolutely thrilled to receive an email telling us she had decided to co-sponsor ALL FOUR BILLS! Your representatives in Congress do not know you care about bills protecting animals unless you tell them. Advocating for better laws takes persistence and patience. But the only chance we have of passing betters laws is by letting our legislators know we care. For more information on what you can do to protect big cats and other animals through legislation visit www. And give some thought to attending TAFA next July – we would love to see you there!

On that day we had a wonderful visit with staff at Congresswoman Castor’s office to discuss current bills For now though, we just want to thank our own we hoped she would support. These were, in brief: Congresswoman Kathy Castor for being a true advocate for animal welfare in Washington! If you would like to H.R. 503 to end the transport of horses out of the U.S. to help us thank her, please take just a moment to email her at Thank you! be slaughtered for meat. H.R. 5434 to combat horrible conditions in “puppy mills”. Photo at left: BCR Founder Carole Baskin on Capitol Hill H.R. 2811 the companion bill to Senator’s Nelson’s bill to place greater restrictions on owning the large, dangerous

After animal advocates gathered 1000’s of signatures for a proposed ballot initiative to put an end to animal abuse in Ohio, a deal was struck between The Humane Society of the United States, Ohio agriculture leaders and Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland that will lead to major animal welfare improvements in Ohio on a raft of issues protecting exotic, domestic and farmed animals. The agreement includes recommendations from all of the parties for the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Care Board, the Legislature, and the Governor to ban the acquisition of dangerous exotic animals as pets, such as primates, bears, lions, tigers, large constricting and venomous snakes, crocodiles and alligators. Ohio is now on track to go from having some of the weakest animal welfare laws in the nation to being a state with much stronger protection for animals, thanks to the signature gathering efforts of advocates through the country. The Truth in Fur Labeling Act passed the House, but is stalled in the Senate. Ask your Senator to co-sponsor S1076 here:

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The Big Cat Trading Post - SHOPPING GUIDE

Gifts that keep on giving. By purchasing the gifts on these pages not only will you be giving a truly unique gift, but the proceeds help us care for all of the big cats living at Big Cat Rescue. Order these gift items using the order form on page 10. S & H within the United States as well as tax has already been included in the price. You can also upgrade your shipping to Priority for just $3 for your entire order. For luxury cat themed gift items visit

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Palm Brush Animals - Fair Trade Item 4” Kitty Ornaments Cats $10.56 each Lion or Tiger $ 11.63 each Choose: Calico, Siamese, Black, Lion, Marmalade, or Tiger Mini Safari Plate Choose Giraffe, Cheetah, Leopard or Tiger $10.49 ea.

wild gifts

BCR Ribbon $8.35 BCR Patch $5.28 BCR Pin $5.28 Lion Art Handmade in Zimbabwe by Artisans from Metal. Fair Trade Item. Large 12” $40.25 Small 8” $24.40

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12” Lion Sitting $26.54 12” Tiger $24.40 12” Lion Laying $26.54

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3.5” Etched & Burned Gourd Trinket Bowls Choose Tiger or Lion $15.91

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Snow Leopard Trust Handmade Felt Toy Mice. A purr-fect toy for your cat. $7.35 ea.

BCR Camp Fire 16 oz. Mug Choose White or Yellow $13.70

Photo Luggage Tags Choose Bobcat, Tiger, Sand Cat, Cougars, Snow Leopard, Lion, Cougar, or White Tiger $4.50 each

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Gift Items with Metal BCR Logo 3.5x5” Frame with Lion Scene & Snow Globe $16.91

Golf Club Cover $25.47 BCR Golf Ball $6.28

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toys & GAMES Tiger Flip Book As You Flip the Pages You Will Get a 3 Dimensional Look Inside a Bengal Tiger $21.80

Themed Monopoly Board Games Choose Animalopoly, Earthopoly, or Catopoly $28.54

White BCR Photo Wrap Mug $13.70 Shere Khan Shot Glass $7.82 Animal Print Logo Thermos $13.70

BCR Stencil 15 oz. Mug Choose Orange or Blue $13.70

Metal Magnets Choose Tiger, Cougar, Lioness, Lion, Snow Leopard, Black Leopard, Ocelot, Serval, or Bobcat $5.14

toys & GAMES

toys & GAMES

Travel Around The World 10” travel case with world map, stickers, choose tiger or lion flopsie $17.98

4” Wild Piggy Banks Choose Orange Leopard Purple Jungle Animals Magic Color Tiger Pink Leopard or Green Tiger Each Comes with a Mini Book $8.42 Cute Gift Box $13.70 each

Magnetic Clingers Choose Cougar, Lion, Lynx, or Tiger $8.42

Soft & Cuddly 20” Snow Leopard Plush $25.00

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Tubby Wubby the Lion 12” Plush Toy $13.70

My Big Book of Wild Animals a Photo Book $24.40

400 Reusable Animal Sticker Book $11.63

Encyclopedia Sticker Book Over 600 Stickers $19.60

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clothing & accessories

Big Cat Rescue Ribbon/Tiger Tee Available in White or Blue S, M, L, XL $19.05 2X $21.19

V-neck Ladies Tank with BCR logo Blue on Black S, M, L, XL $24.40

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Visor, Logo, Adjustable, Khaki $15.84 Flex-Fit Cap, Logo Olive or Pink $24.40 Adjustable Cap, Logo, Navy $24.40 Baseball Cap, Logo, Black $17.98 (not shown) Orange/White Tiger Baby Creeper BCR on Front XS, S, M & L $13.70

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Kids Tour Tour Times: Saturday & Sunday 9 AM Children of all ages, and their parents can learn about the big cats on this guided tour of the sanctuary. This tour is given on a child’s educational level. Reservations not required. Tour is 1 hr. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Admission: $15 per child under 10 years $25 per child 10 years & older and per adult. Day Tour Tour Times: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri 3 PM Sat & Sun 10 AM & 1 PM Guided tour of the sanctuary. Learn about the big cats and the threats they face both in the wild as well as in captivity. Hear their personal stories of how they were rescued. Tour is 1.5 hrs. No children under 10 years of age. Reservations are not required. Admission: $25 per person.

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This is a gift, please make card TO: _________________________ FROM: __________________________ Brief message to say: ______________________________________________________________________ Automatic Giving Program - join the sustaining donor society Big Cat Rescue makes it easy and convenient to donate monthly with no worry. You can do this either by credit card or by direct debit to a checking account for as little as $5/month. For credit card donations, just fill in the highlighted line on the order form above and provide your credit card information. For checking account direct debit visit, email, or leave a message for Howard at 813-920-4130. This is a G-R-R-eat way to spread out your donations and provide steady support that is so meaningful for the cats. Big Cat Rescue is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization, FEID 59-3330495. Our Florida registration number is CH11409. A COPY OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE DIVISION OF CONSUMER SERVICES BY CALLING 1-800-HELP-FLA TOLL-FREE WITHIN THE STATE. REGISTRATION DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT, APPROVAL, OR RECOMMENDATION BY THE STATE. Big Cat Rescue does not utilize the services of professional solicitors so 100% of all contributions go directly to Big Cat Rescue Corp.

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feeding tour Tour Times: Wed, Fri, Sat 4:30 PM (Reservations Required) Follow a keeper as they feed the big cats. Observe the big cats eating and learn about the their nutritional needs in captivity. Tour is 1 hr. No children under 10 years of age. For reservations 813-426-5948. Admission: $50 per person. Big Cat Keeper Tour Tour Times: Fri & Sat 2 PM (Reservations Required) This tour takes you behind the scenes. Enjoy making enrichment (treats and food puzzles) for the big cats and watch as the keepers hand out the enrichment you made. You will also observe operant training sessions with the big cats. Tour is 2 hrs. No children under 10 years of age. For reservations 813-426-5948. Admission: $100 per person. Wild Eyes At Night Tour Tour Times: Last Friday of the month (Reservations Required) Night Tours are the best way to see the animals come alive! As you journey through the sanctuary you will be stalked and pounced at from the shadows! No worries though, all the animals will be safely in their enclosures. This is an adventure that’s sure to please! Tour is 1.5 hrs. No children under 10 years of age. For reservations 813-426-5948. Admission: $50 per person. Also offered - Weddings, Parties, Volunteer & INTERN programs and Gift Certificates are available for all of our programs and make the perfect gift for that person who has everything! Prices and availability for all tours are subject to changes.

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Christmas in June THANKS TO WelchAllyn® Veterinary Products - Beth Kamhi, BCR Education Director

While preparing for lifesaving veterinary care for Chloe the Snow Leopard, Dr. Liz Wynn, our veterinarian was trying to revive some ancient equipment she would need for this and other procedures. Our obsolete WelchAllyn® examination equipment needed parts, so we set out on a search. After internet searches and shopping turned up few options, an email to WelchAllyn® corporate headquarters went out asking their advice on getting parts to repair these items. It is not an uncommon experience for an email to a big company to just get lost in cyberspace, right? Not this time!

BIG CAT VET CARE - A GROUP OF WILD PATIENTS Ear Surgery on Purr-fection the Ocelot

When Purr-fection the Ocelot developed a hemotoma (a localized swelling filled with blood) on her ear the size of a grape she needed an emergency procedure to alleviate the swelling. It had been raining for days on end and we didn’t want her to suffer so Big Cat Rescuers Jamie Veronica, Gale Ingham, Jennifer Flatt and Carole Baskin braved the weather to capture and transport her to the onsite West Boensch Cat Hospital. Thanks to Dr. Wynn she received the veterinary care she needed and was back out in the comforts of her enclosure the very next day. When you operate a sanctuary for big cats it is a non stop commitment. That means feeding, cleaning, enriching and providing top notch vet care no Hematoma in the ear Drainage holes & stitches matter how miserable the weather.

Portable X-ray Used on Freckles the Liger A couple of weeks later a response came from Dorothy Rizzo, Senior Account Rep for Specialty Markets offering to help. Model numbers were few and far between on the equipment, so Ms. Rizzo requested pictures to help identify what we had, so we took those and sent them along. The reply came quickly and said “thank you this should help - please be patient as I won’t be able to look at all of this until next week sometime, but will get to it and see what we can come up with for you! Stay tuned!” Imagine our surprise two weeks later when we got a very nice package in the mail from WelchAllyn® Veterinary division. Instead of parts to revive our obsolete exam tools they sent us over $2,000 worth of brand new equipment. Enclosed was a kind letter signed by Ms. Rizzo, “Hopefully these items will assist you and your team with the rescue and rehabilitation of animals. Congratulations to you, your staff, and volunteers of the organization for the work that you all do! “ It is a wonderful thing to experience the gift of inspiration to keep doing the work of Big Cat Rescue, along with material items or technical assistance. Sometimes kindness arrives in the most unexpected ways. Our heartfelt thanks are extended to Ms. Rizzo for going “above and beyond” in her customer service, and to WelchAllyn® for donating valuable and needed care for the cats. Dr. Liz Wynn examines Tonga the White Serval

Freckles the Liger was having trouble walking, but at 435 lbs we can’t take her to a regular vet clinic for X-rays. Just getting her into a transport, loading her into a truck or trailer and getting her in to a horse clinic is a huge undertaking since the only carrier we have that is big enough for her is a circus wagon. Special custom made transports could help, but what would really help out is to have our own portable, digital X-ray machine. ($125,000.) That way cats like Freckles never have to leave the safety and security of their Cat-a-Tat and we can find out what is going on with them under the skin.

Dr. Wynn performs a sonogram

Herculean efforts of nearly a dozen Rescuers made the transport of a sedated Freckles from her enclosure to the onsite Cat Hospital a smooth operation. Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Megan Meyers, DVM of the Odessa Equine Clinic we were able, through the use of her equipment and expertise to get X-rays of Freckles back legs and spine. A very special thank you to Dr. Meyers who came on a moment’s notice for donating her time to help Freckles and to the Odessa Equine Clinic for donating the use of their equipment.

Dr. Meyers X-rays Freckles the Liger

Freckles has responded well to a regimen of medications prescribed by Dr. Wynn and she continues to be under observation although back in her enclosure. Alachua Bobcat Has Bad Tooth Pulled Big Cat Rescuer Marie Schoubert was recently surprised to find that Alachua the bobcat had broken one of his canines. His jaw was swollen and the tip of the canine was broken off. There is no way to know how he sustained this injury. He needed emergency care for this broken tooth which was most likely quite painful. Dr. Wynn extracts Alachua’s bad tooth Alachua was taken to Ehrlich Animal Hospital where his bad tooth was extracted. After a short recovery in the onsite Cat Hospital he was back out in his enclosure and feeling much better. You can make these procedures possible by donationg to our Veterinary Care Program on page 10

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