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About the Cover The cover of the Magazine is entitled as Inverted Retrograde as it depicts the trends nowadays parallel to the trends in the late 80s. The Magazine mainly focused on the lifestyle of the people in the present society and how it adapts in the modern world yet preserved the traditional trends. The cover emphasizes how trends evolve in modern spin. The old man painted in a city denotes that trends in the past could be still trend in the modern world for trends does not only evolve to make a something new, at some point it evolves retrograde.



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UP Students Fire Back to Duterte’s statement

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Books, fashions, films, music, sports, political status, like them or hate them, all of these things are influencing and evident in our present culture. Books will be out of trend, fashion will be out of style, politicians will rise and fall, music will fade. Will they affect the future generations, or maybe, they will only be remembered or laughed at just as how we do to the eighties? We are honored to give you necessary information from our contributors in promoting contemplative explanations about the role of pop culture to ourselves. We appreciate your support and thoughtfulness, and are so grateful for having you as a reader of Inverse Retrogade.

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Fashion Trends By: Christine Beatriz Velarde

Watching Stranger Things on Netflix within a 2 day span was one of my best life decisions. If you haven't watched it yet, you need to. Seriously. Now. Well, it's about time that we take all of the good fashion ideas that are getting back on trend offered by some of your favorite characters and make them into awesome, 80's inspired outfits.

NANCY If your personal style is preppy punk, Nancy is your go to style. For a preppy fall style with a little bit of the edge that Nancy has, go for a classic button down flannel paired with a high wasted skinny jeans. Nab an easy messenger bag like Nancy for the perfect school bag to tote around your notebooks, laptop.

JONathan Jonathan is pretty much the hipster; sporting layered tees, flannels, and cool jackets with dark denim jeans, graphic tee, and a high top converse.

steve Everyone pretty much hated Steve throughout most of the show, but you have to admit his fashion sense is bomb dot com. Steve's style is preppy with lots of stripes, and polo shirt. When in doubt, just dress like a rich prep school boy and you've nailed his look perfectly.

eleven Go grunge with a cute babydoll dress and an oversized jacket to complete the Eleven’s look.

Mike, dustin, lucas These kids have mastered the art of layering. I’m talking about tees layered with hoodies, layered with nylon coach jackets layered with corduroy pieces, puffer vests and collared shirts. Jackets upon jackets upon jackets. The key to pulling it off is combining different textures, colors and patterns to create something with lived in depth and retro flair.

All about films By: Ralph Adrian J. Acero Films have always been patronized by people all over the world. Film is considered to be an important art form, a source of popular entertainment, and a powerful medium for educating or indoctrinating citizens. In the Philippines, Cinema today is currently facing a drastic change, both positive and negative. And it is in this context that this article will be focusing on.

Bringing home the Bacon The recent success of filipinos in the industry of film has once again put the Philippine Filmmaking scene back in the spotlight. Lav Diaz; receiving not just the Golden Lion at the 76th Venice Film Festival for Ang Babeng Humayo but also the Silver Bear Alfred Baur Prize at the Berlin International Film Festival, for Hele Sa Hiwagang Hapis and not to mention Jaclyn Jose's best actress nod from the Cannes Film Festival for Brillante Mendoza's Ma Rosa, as well as other commendable artists and filmmakers. The Philippine

cinema which is not just the socalled mainstream film industry as we know it is presently experiencing a renaissance, a resurgence, not just in terms of awards and recognition, but also in the quaity of films, richness of subjects and the creation of interesting stories, as well as with all the new faces both young and old who are driving/directing the growth of the industry despite the problems and challenges surrounding it for a long time already.

Film festivals One of the key factors of this uprising is the prevalence of film festivals. The festivals gave way to a lot of fresh works by newbie filmmakers and established names alike to be exhibitied and recognized. Additionally, The festivals serve as a great help to newbie filmmakers in their quest to get their stories told and seen as well as in the over-all increase of new productions. It all started with the two award granting film festivals in 2005 namely the Cinemalaya Independent film Festival, and the CinemaOne Originals, a number of four other similar fests have since emerged: CineFilipino, SinagMaynila, the QCinema International Film Festival, and the newest and the most unique of them all: the ToFarm Film Festival. CinemaRehiyon of the Cinema Committee of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts or NCCA gathers the cream of the crop of regional cinema's best from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Social media sensation Social Media has and is still a key role in the world of cinema to the point that it can no longer be ignored. As an example, Jerold Tarog's Heneral Luna, which was near to being ignored and forsaken in cinemas on its first week. But thanks to the support of the public on social media, many were encouraged to watch the film, resulting to a prolonged screen time of up to nine more weeks and at the same time breaking existing records for an independent movie. Another case is Antoinette Jadaone's That Thing Called Tadhana, wherein she made use of the of the power that is Social Media to fund and

raise the necessary money to pay for the rights to a Whitney Houston song, which was a crucial element to the movie. However, Social media also has it downsides, much like how social media worked for the success of the two abovementioned films, it can also work for a film’s downfall. There are a lot of interesting films that did not last long or did not make it at all in local theaters due to the general public’s ignorance and prejudice towards films that are not mainstream.

Technological advancement Technological advancement could easily be attributed to the sudden “boom” in the Philippine movie and film-making industry, none of the award winning films would have come about if not for the rise of digital technology, which replaced the old-fashioned celluloid. The industry took a step forward as the technology became more accessible and practical at a lesser cost. This phenomenon gave opportunities to small time filmmakers who are aspiring to showcase and create their masterpiece.

Restoring the classics Another interesting topic is the release of restored classic films. It is very tragic considering that most of the Philippine cinema's productions are already considered 'lost' while many of the still existing titles available are already facing a decline. The Society of Filipino Archivists for Film or SOFIA, which is the lead AV archiving NGO in the country, states that of the 8,000 films produced since the birth of film industry, only 3,000 works have survived. Thankfully the film restoration technology, much like the digital film-making, has become more advanced despite being more accessible wherein it is now possible to scan film prints and negatives in high definition even up to 4K resolution. It is now also possible to remove dirt, scratches, molds etc. via computer software available.

The Film Development Council of the Philippines or FDCP, the lead government agency for film, has been responsible for the restoration of Lino Brocka's Maynila Sa Mga Kuko Ng Liwanag and Insiang, as well as Manuel Conde's Genghis Khan, all of which were done in partnership with Martin Scorcese's World Cinema Foundation and L'Immagine Ritrovata laboratory in Italy. Another entity that has been quite active as of late in film restoration is media giant ABS-CBN the said entity operates their own archive facility and is currently carrying out their 'Sagip Pelikula' project, so far the effort restored 100 titles including masterpieces by Ishmael Bernal, Celso Ad Castillo, Mike de Leon, and Laurice Guillen among others.

The struggle continues Still, problems and issues plague the Philippine Cinema. The issue of

malls. There are groups who call

how the major studios stick to worn-out formulas, clichés, and

for legislating the releases,

bandwagon subject matter. In his biting piece that appeared in the protectionist policies, and there Philippine Star titled “The future of Philippine cinema is not bright,”

are those who prefer the

filmmaker Erik Matti wishes that producers “make insightful,

expansion of more alternative

progressive, relevant and fresh stories” and that they “become

venues. Perhaps that is what our

impassioned enough to share good stories.”

filmmaking needs to develop a more mature, a more

Lastly, the most crucial issue facing the industry today is the

enlightened, and a more risk-

distribution, and how to ensure that local releases are given fair

taking cinema culture.

treatment at the cineplexes which are dominated by the major

Top 10

Most anticipated pop albums this year By: Katryn Cylk D. Bigcas

2017 was a good year for Pop music. From Dua Lipa’s New Rules to Harry Styles’ Sign of the Times. Clearly, pop still dominated last year’s charts. This 2018, let’s see how many flattery and exciting pop musics are waiting for us to hear. Here are some albums to look forward to this year:


Carly rae jepsen The Candian pop queen confirmed that she is going to release her fourth album early this year during a radio interview. Her last album, Emotion, was incorporated with ‘80’s pop-rock. Now on this new album, hope for an ecletic synthpop genre for her tracks.

Liam payne One Direction may be on break but every member of the band is still continuing to dominate charts. Liam already dropped three singles from his upcoming album: “Strip that Down”, “Bedroom Floor”, and a collaboration with Zedd which is entitled “Get Low”. This first solo album of Liam has been gossiped to release on the first few months of this year.



Charlie puth His second album was expected to be released in early January, but he pushed it back to May because, as he said, “the album is not perfect yet”. The two singles “Attention” and “How Long” are now already getting its well-deserved place on the charts. Maybe it is okay to wait a little if it's anywhere near as good as those songs.


Justin bieber Beliebers are hoping for a new album as Justin Bieber made appearances on the “Despacito” remix,”I’m the One”, “2U”, and “Friends”. The 24-yearold is on hiatus right now but everyone is hoping for a huge come back this year with an album.


Selena gomez Selena was supposed to release her new album in 2016. However, she needed to have a break in order for her to focus on her mental health. Despite this circumstance, she was able to release “It Ain’t Me”, “Bad Liar”, “Fetish”, and “Wolves” last year and confirmed in a radio interview with Nick Gramshaw that the new album will come out very soon this year.

Rita ora Rita Ora, one of the biggest popstars, has started her comeback by dropping three singles from her upcoming album: “Your Song”, “Lonely Together”, and “Anywhere”. And just recently, she collaborated with Liam Payne for a soundtrack in Fifty Shades Freed entitled “For You”. The album is scheduled this year and fans cannot wait to hear the rest of it.



Little mix Singing, dancing, and great personalities. Yes, we are talking about Little Mix. There are rumors that the group will be releasing their new album this November and singles could be drop around June to July.

Ariana grande Although Ariana faced an awful encounter when a terrorist attacked her concert at Manchester, England, her third album, the “Dangerous Woman”, was still a success. And Grande confirmed with a tweet that she was already done with her fourth album.  



rihanna There is still no releasing date, track list, nor title of the album that has been confirmed yet but we are all sure that this ninth album of Rihanna will again dominate the charts just like “Work”, “Needed Me”, and “Love on the Brain”, and other amazing songs of her.

Meghan trainor 2017 was the year to recuperate for Meghan Trainor after those promo and touring. But midway through last year, Meghan discussed about her upcoming third album. Hooray for a new music for Meghan!


Up students fire back to duterte’s statements By: Klent G. Pacao


ue to numerous controversies arising about the Duterte Administration, the University of the Philippines (UP) students can’t bear to keep in silence and overlook the problems. The UP students being their usual makabayan-self showed their dismay to the current administration by walking out of their classrooms and roaring the voice of the youth and the people in the rally led by some progressive groups. It was just unfortunate that most of the people worship the President see it as something negative and harboring cruel comments to these children who are just fighting for the rights of the people and for what they believe is right.

Last Thursday, February 1, 2018 President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to kick out the UP students who are protesting against the current administration and replace them with the students from lumads or cultural minorities from Mindanao. This was a reaction due to

the action of the UP Diliman students wherein they walked out of their classes to participate in the National Day of Walk-out against Tyranny and Dictatorship. The President stated in his interview, “UP…they want to walk-out. You do not go to school anymore. That’s the people’s money. I’d be happy to reconfigure the view there”. His statement was backed up many of his supporters, creating havoc in social media between supporters of President Duterte and iskolars ng bayan.

According to the National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP), the president’s statement is a manifestation of his fear towards a much bigger and wider protests against the current administration and that the president should have expected this because he had wage a political and economic war against the people. President Duterte’s Statement won’t back off the students, rather, it will fuel the students anger and determination to hit back on him and his administration flaws.

Despite Presidents Duterte’s threat to kick them out, the UP students remained unfazed by the threat of the President. According to the Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in UP (STAND UP), a political party in UP Diliman, they are unshaken by the statement of the President and that they will stand firm and hold a bigger protest on February 23 to condemn the political status and policies of the current administration. In their interview, they stated, “if there is anyone who needs to give up his slot, it is none than Rodrigo Duterte himself. He and his allies can only expect bigger and bigger protest. Source:

Must read! By: Cherbyl Kathleen B. Almazan

Centuries ago, a Greek philosopher once quoted, “Reading can seriously damage one’s ignorance”. A few lapse later when the Romans dominated, writings were made more accessible using olive papers embedded in hard-bound flip books. It has always been here for many centuries, without it, our knowledge about our past particularly the cultures, traditions, ancestors and even civilizations would have been impossible. At present, here we are: reading electronically printed literary crafts. It is evident nowadays that most readers prefer entertainment over learning. Books are being dominated by the internet, while the mass media is overpowering substantial newspapers and magazines. We cannot blame them, can we? Facts, dates, names, details, name it — we all tend to forget those. But how it felt? That’s what we’ll never forget. That is one of the best things about reading. It makes you feel a lot of things, all at the same time. This is the information overload era. It’s all given. Global warming’s going to melt the ice caps soon, new diseases and new cure and vice versa, nuclear threats, terrorist attacks and the list goes on. What we need is some sort of escape from all of these problems which we cannot solve and can’t even relate to in the first place. And the answer? Read and understand and you’ll know what to do. This article hopes to show you options as what the bandwagon suggests. Hoping to help you damage not just the ignorance, but also to enlighten the gloominess of this messy fiasco called the human society.

Adamson pep squad triumph uaap cdc 2017 By: Carlo M. Salcedo The Falcons soared atop the leader board as they finished the top three last year and closing as champions this year. The NU Pep Squad went with an underwater concept aiming to pull off higher degree of difficulty routines. However, their hard works haven’t been enough as they fall off top three. Tailing Adamson is the UST SDT with 638.50 points for their tiger-inspired performance showcasing their dedication to the UST community and the Growling tigers as they took second place in the competition. Rising from the east, the UE Pep Squad’s phoenix inspired bagged them the third spot as they went inside top three since 2002. The deposed champions NU Pep Squad came fourth with 610.50 points tied with the FEU Cheering Squad. The returning UP pep squad showing a story of Iskolar ng Bayan came sixth with 575.50 points. At the tail is the DLSU Animo Squad at seventh and Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion at eighth.

Photo taken by: Efigenio Toledo IV

Reigo N.L.B.(2017, December) Adamson Pep crowned UAAP Cheer Dance champion for first time, ABS-CBN Sports,

Photo taken by: Alecs Ongcal/Rappler

Photo taken by: Alecs Ongcal/Rappler

Here are some trivia you might not now about the 23 year-old competition as retrieved Philstar.

UP have the most podium finishes in the competition. UP Pep squad holds the record for the most podium finishes with 20.

Photo taken by: Alecs Ongcal/Rappler

UP is currently leveled with the UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe for the most first place finishes with eight. They are also runner ups six times and third place six times as well.

The longest dynasty of champions are held by the UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe UST proved their CDC supremacy after finishing as Champions for five straight years from 2002-2006. NU had been close to matching UST’s dominion but was tragically shut down after winning their fourth. UST also holds the highest score in history. The Tigers hold the record for the highest score garnering 94.96 points with their win in 2006, completing their five-year championship streak. The closest competition occurred between UP and UST in the 2005 edition. UP nearly shut off the fourth straight win of SDT with a nail-biting 0.22 score margin with UST scoring 90.98 and UP closing in with 90.76 points. NU holds the record for having the highest point margin. NU’s Arabian themed performance turned off UP’s hopes for their fourth streak championship with a massive difference of 9.54 points with during the 2013 edition with NU leading at 87.06 points and UP is in second place with 77.52 points. The 2015 edition had been the most attended UAAP Event. With 25,388 paying audiences, the 2015 UAAP CDC which occurred in SM Mall of Asia Arena broke the record of UAAP men’s basketball finals between FEU Tamaraws and UST Growling Tigers with 23,124 attendants. Only five schools have managed to bring home the CDC crown. After concluding the 2017 edition, only five schools won the championship title. It includes the veterans UP, FEU, UST and NU, and the recently crowned champions Adamson.

References: Sykioco (2017, December) Facts and Figures: UAAP Cheerdance Competition,, retrieved from Retrieved from

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