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About Second Story Second Story is a non-profit writing project serving kids, schools and community organizations in Indianapolis. Our programs include in-class writing instruction at local schools, as well as after-school tutoring, creative-writing workshops, summer writing camps and other literary events. We receive support from State Farm, the Indianapolis Foundation — a Central Indiana Community Foundation affiliate — and from individual donations. Find out more at: www.secondstoryindy.org Second Story 1014 Prospect St. Indianapolis, IN 46203 (317) 408-1366

2009 Second Story Press

a collection of work by students in the Second Story/Indy Parks writing camp at Garfield Park Summer of 2009

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Three Haiku By Clara Gil Big rock solid and tough so awesome I just love it

Poor beetle, thought it was alive but now it is dead and eaten

Busy busy ants up and down a tree busy busy ants

The Second Story camp group at Garfield Park in July of 2009 included (from left to right) Meghan Karnes (Second Story intern), Jaishna Sivakumar, Jim Walker (Second Story director), Clara Gil, Betsy Shirley (Second Story instructor), Gordon McNulty, Vivien Walker, Rachel Bowling, Melissa Allen, Libby Bowling, Henok Alemayo (Second Story intern) and Aryan Mishra. Second Story thanks the Garfield Park Art Center staff for all of its help and hospitality during the camp, to John Clark for helping and to the Second Story board of directors and our donors.

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14 Lines About Dropping Ice Cream

I am a …

By Gordon McNulty

By Melissa Allen

He dropped his ice cream. The ice cream fell off the cone. His ice cream splattered to the ground. He watched as his ice cream hit the ground. He tripped and the ice cream went flying. The ice cream landed in a pile. He fell over and he lost his ice cream. It landed on the ground and slowly melted. He tripped on nothing and the ice cream flew out of his hands. It fell on the ground. The ice cream slipped. His ice cream hit the ground. The ice cream fell to the ground. His ice cream was dropped.

I am a light bulb with lots of ideas I am a s’more all soft and sweet I am a daisy all happy and bright

Ants By Melissa Allen Busy busy ants, Bustling around the stump Running in and out Never stopping to pout that another ant can’t help Carry something large So he had to barge he put his find down and started looking around

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14 Lines About Lions By Aryan Mishra I like lions. I love lions. Lions rock. Lions are my favorite. My favorite animal is a lion. When I was 7 I saw a lion. I like them because they’re furious. Lions are big. Lions are strong. Lions live in the wild and in the zoo. A lion’s roar can be heard five miles away. Lions run fast. Lions are active animals. Lions are big cats.

Field Guide Animals By Aryan Mishra squirrel minnows crayfish tadpoles water bug butterfly fish bees dragonfly spiders ladybug sweat bug pink ladybug dog ant dead caterpillar bird gray grasshopper

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Garfield Park

My Made Up Animal

By Jaishna Sivakumar

By Gordon McNulty

One day I went to a place called Garfield Park. And I went with my friend named Aryan. Then when I got there the first girl I met was Clara. Then I made friends with four adults.

Purple turtle shell Two hundred different colored eyes Two elephant trunks Short red hair Blue feathered tail Ten green feel (with built-in roller skates) Five hundred black spots Two heads Long neck Fifty sharp teeth Four horns Four antennae Two pink wings Triceratops spikes Two chicken beaks Two long, turquoise tongues One thousand yellow scales Forty one hundred orange quills Dark brown skin Blinking black fin Four neon blue ears


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Who Turned Out the Lights?


By Libby Bowling

By Libby Bowling

Who turned out the lights? The answer’s got me beat. Who blew out the candle that gave us lots of heat? Who put out the candle that gave us light to see? Who turned out the lights? Does anyone know but me?

I Like to Invent Backward pulley systems But the tree got hit bY lightning

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Look at‌ By Jaishna Sivakumar

By Clara Gil They are huge squirrels with boat engines for hearts, and black stripes. It is a cross between a kayak, a zebra, and a squirrel. They grow up to 6 feet tall. They mainly eat on squirrels, walnuts and stinky shoes. They are kind by nature, but if you cross their territory, they bite. HARD! They are found between two, large, close together, pine trees. So if you see a 6-foot tall black striped squirrels staring at you between two close together pine trees, you are not hallucinating.

Look at the robin being very very cute. Look at the squirrel eating its tasty meal. Look at the butterflies flying into the sky. Look at the robin eating their juicy worms. Look at the fish swimming in the water. Look at the water bugs swimming in the water. Look at those fish looking for food. Look at the snake taking a nap. Look at the lizard looking at us. Look at the frog gulping. Look at the blue jay flying tree to tree.

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By Rachel Bowling

By Vivien Lux Walker

At this time and place I am in a pagoda. It is big. It is very pretty. It has a top and a bottom half. It has a spiral staircase and lots of metal bars. It has lots of picnic tables.

I am a tablecloth with blue squirrels on it that is eating pie. I am a tree with orange stripes that grows bugs. I am a water bottle with an ice mountain on it. I am a forest with thousands of maple trees in it. I am a bird with black eyes and an orange beak. I am a magical forest with faeries and dragons roaming around. I am a beautiful painting with many colors.

My name is written on a bench. I love free writing.

A List of Animals I Wish Were Alive Acrostic By Rachel Bowling Raspberry pie bAking by myself Cats and other animals Hear except mine Eat Love what I bake unless it is lasagna

By Vivien Lux Walker An elephant girl with a dog tail. A catapus. A bufahorse. A blue dog. Treefringo. A donkcat. Turtle with a purple shell. A hippopotaworm. Giraffle. A humingo. Newty. A horpotamus. Monaffe. A moucan. Centepedin. A roduck. Orange beaver. A weasosour. Otter with 7,000 teeth. A penguous. Basog. A goapede. Humeaver. Newtog. Hoig. Squitter.

Profile for Big Car Collaborative

Now I Love Garfield Park  

A book written by students during summer creative writing camp at Garfield Park in Indianapolis, IN

Now I Love Garfield Park  

A book written by students during summer creative writing camp at Garfield Park in Indianapolis, IN

Profile for bigcar