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“We teach more than just English, we prepare 06
 students for 07life!” 
 Delphi How to from any That is the BigByte way of education, and what makes our school different English2019 schoolCounselor in Taiwan. Communication Pack Like a Pro It is not just academics we hope to算好時差不打擾 provide to the students but also the exposure to 異異鄉的守護者 獨立,從打包開始 different cultures, values and life styles. BigByte Worldwide Education (BWE) ˙ Besides first provides students˙ with these opportunities ˙through international travel. hand experiences with art and history, students are expected to learn about personal responsibility, teamwork and leadership.







BWE provides students opportunities to grow in all perspectives of life. The joys and valuable lessons learned with BWE will promise to be filled with unforgettable Flight Info Code of Conduct Free Space memories as well as skills learned for life.

˙ ˙ ˙ 我們期許⼀位優秀的學⽣不是只要在學術科⽬表現優秀,還需要理

解不同的⽂化、不同的價值觀、不同的⽣活⽅式。 BigByte Worldwide Education (BWE, 海外教育學程)透過國際學程, 讓學⽣第⼀⼿接觸到各地⼈⽂、多元的活歷史,從中學習軟實⼒和 領導⼒。 我們相信學⽣的成長⾯向應該要是全⽅位的。學⽣將在BWE獲得喜 悅和成長。難忘的經驗和⽣活技能將伴隨他們⾛很長的路。


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Delphi Summer 19  

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