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CODE OF CONDUCT General Be truthful and honest. Follow the school rules and time schedule. Exercise common sense. Ask for help when necessary. Take care of your personal belongings at all times. Listen to and follow the instructions of the teachers/supervisors. Report to the teachers/supervisors if you have a problem. Respect others property, personal space and privacy. Be polite and respectful to students and teachers. Always listen when others are talking. Play safely and show good sportsmanship. Walk, don’t run, in classrooms and hallways. On and O the school Ground Be ready and on time for class. Raise your hand before speaking. Share classroom resources and return equipment to original location a"erwards. If you need to leave the classroom, tell the teacher. Dorm and Dinning Room Keep dorm clean. Do your laundry. Good table manners. Clean up a"er you eat. Transportation Stay seated and buckle up. Take all items with you when exiting the bus.

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Delphi Summer 19  

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