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What You Do Not Know About Self –Storage and Should The Little Things That Matter The first issue to address is that most, if not all self-storage businesses are franchised. This translates into each facility, although operating under similar names will have a different management team in place. This affects the quality of customer service and the overall appearances of each facility. At the same time the security and safety of each may vary, mainly because of the location, but more importantly the maintenance and upkeep of a facility are directly connected to the management’s attitude for this aspect of the business.

Location, Location, Location What we need to make clear is that not all franchise owners are created equal. The first rule in any business is the rule of finding a good location. This is because, location is a direct correlation to how profitable a business may become. In this same instance, the safety and security, mentioned above, are also affected by a facility's location along with the appearance. With this aspect in mind, the number one reason to pick a self-storage facility is the convenience. This means that the accessibility to the rented space should be easy and risk free from any type of adverse condition. In other words, when renting from a storage place, it is best that is on or near a well-traveled road with plenty of lighting and a security gate for only the tenants to enter. For an example, let us look at the convenient location of the Big Box Storage facility in Chula Vista California. It is near the airport and next to a main thoroughfare with easy access for traffic entering and leaving the facility.

Historically Speaking Any business location does in fact affect its services. One way to check this out is by contacting the local branch of the better business bureau to find out the businesses rating. This rating is a direct reflection of the management team. The factors that lead to this rating are how they handle their customers, services, and the overall conduct of the business within their community. If a business has complaints or judgments against them, these factors will lower their ratings. Because some businesses are not registered with the BBB, it does not mean they are a questionable operation. This is just one way to check out a business. Another reliable way is through word of mouth. It never hurts to ask around or even ask the facility management. We must consider also the appearance of a self-storage facility. If the place resembles the home of the Adams family, the home of the Munster’s or event the Bates Motel it may be advisable to pass on any inspection of the property.

That stated, the one thing no one wants is their stuff that they put into storage to become damaged in any fashion. If the outside of a building looks questionable, then it is most certain the inside is in similar condition. However, this is not always the case. The owners might be in a position of addressing the structural issues because of storm damages or age of the buildings. The phrase “never judge a book by its cover� translates into a plethora of situations, this being one of them.

What you do not know about self  

things to look for when choosing a self-storage facility in San Diego CA

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