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TOAST TO THE ARTS 6. Drummer Insider: Steve Sidelnyk 8. Documentary: Hearing is Believing 10. Must Have Music! 20. British Hollywood History 21. Central Kentucky Theatre 22. Summer Strollin’ at DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun 26. Combat Artist Chip Beck Goes to Gettysburg 28. Artist Georges Schreiber 30. Summer Reading List

EAT, DRINK & BE MERRY 36. Beyond the Beaches in Oceanside, CA 42. Apple Pie & Wine, Oh My! 44. A Taste of San Benito County, CA 50. Idaho Wines 54. The Dumpling Trail of Richmond B.C. 58. Fruitful Flavors 62. Sassy Sauces & Scrumptious Snacks 66. Conscious Eating

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CONTENTS Continued VACATION STATION 78. Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama 88. The Oldest City in Louisiana 90. Spotlight on Yerington, Nevada 92. Coastal Norfolk, England 94. Discover the Delights of Deal, England 100. Creating Family Memories 106. Travelin’ Light

SUCCESS EXPRESS 108. Sick Leave Laws 2017 110. Office Drama! 114. Why You Need a Digital Marketing Plan 115. The Unfounded Fear Change Can Cause

QUALITY OF LIFE 116. Speak With Good Purpose 120. Why Autoimmune Diseases are a Big Deal 122. Meditation & Cardiovascular Benefit 124. The Heart & Science of Yoga 127. Meditation & Spirituality

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“Variety's the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor.” William Cowper

Front Cover Photo: Yaqui Deer Dancer Sculpture by Ettore “Ted” DeGrazia, at DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun. Photo by Lisa D. Smith. See the story on Page 22.

Have a happy, adventurous and fun summer! Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith Big Blend’s mother-daughter publishing, radio and travel team; along with Priscilla - Big Blend’s pink sock monkey travel mascot. PAGE 5

It all started in the early 1980’s when UKbased drummer, composer and programmer Steve Sidelnyk answered a local ad for a drummer needed for an act for Paul Weller’s Respond Record Label. Since then, he has toured the world and recorded with numerous talents including Madonna, Seal, The Soup Dragons, Primal Scream, Moby, and The Verve. You may have seen him play the drums for The Style Council at the seminal Live Aid concert at Wembley Stadium, for Madonna at the 2001 and 2016 Grammy awards and Al Gore’s ‘Live Earth’ event, for Seal on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’, or for The Soup Dragons on the David Letterman and Arsenio Hall TV shows. He has also mixed, programmed and composed the music and soundtracks for films such as ‘The Bourne Legacy’, ‘Unbreakable’ and ‘The Beach’.

Listen to Steve Sidelnyk on Big Blend Radio.

1. What led you to a career in the music industry? My brother was in a band and I just gravitated towards the drums, even though he was primarily a guitar player. I never thought I would've had such a long career since 1981, and also the way everything has changed means you have to constantly add more arrows to your bow and have to be a lot more flexible across various musical situations. I played in bands at school, So what does it take to be a successful moved to London at 16, and just went to drummer, composer and programmer? Listen auditions. to our Big Blend Radio conversation with Steve Sidelnyk, and read his answers to our 10 Questions about his career, including the Continued on Next Page… challenges he faces, as well as his inspirations. PAGE 6

Drummer Insider Continued‌ 2. What attributes do you have that make you a good fit for being a successful drummer, composer and programmer? Well, I will be the first to admit I'm not the greatest at anything, but I am a team player and always on time, and try and treat everyone as I expect to be treated. I think also just being in the right place at the right time, and luck have a hand in that too.

I always thought it would get easier but life just constantly throws new challenges and you have to roll with the punches to carry on working in this business. 7. What do you consider your biggest challenge? I think it's always trying to move forward and evolve as a human being and as a person and friend.......another one that just carries on throwing up surprises.

8. If you could invite any three people (alive or passed on) for a dinner party who would 3. Who or what inspires you? Dedication and they be? John Lennon, George Harrison and honesty really inspire me and there are many people I respect, but I just love the fact that Dave Adam Yauch.........that would be some band! Grohl has built this amazing empire and is 9. If you could switch careers for a day, what constantly working on projects and helping other would you choose? I always wanted to be an acts....a true legend. architect! I love mid-century and modern 4. Describe your ideal audience. I think anyone architecture. who pays to go to a show......and as long as they 10. What is the most important tip you would listen and enjoy it, then it's a job well done! pass on to another person just getting started 5. What is your pet peeve in regards to the in the world of music? This is the easiest to music industry? Short changing people. Many answer. Only get into music because you love it do much more than their job description as they and have another job/career that helps you love what they do and are lucky enough to make finance and liberates you to be able to do what a living from it, BUT exploitation of that is you love. If music takes off then great......but it's common. the non-dependence on that as your primary income that frees you as a musician. It's the 6. What personal changes have you had to same as football or any sport - you only hear of make in order to build your career? Well the success stories......multi-task! relationships, country to live in ........ Along with being a world traveler, Steve’s also an avid scuba diver. Enjoy his video (and music) from his diving trip at Cocos Island, Costa Rica.


Award-winning filmmaker Lorenzo DeStefano introduces the world to the astonishing young musician and composer, Rachel Flowers. Born 15 weeks premature, Rachel soon lost her eyesight. At two she began playing every song she heard by ear, including Bach fugues. Starting her musical education at the age of 4, it was soon clear that the child had perfect pitch.

Rachel Flowers and Dweezil Zappa, Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas

Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with composer Rachel Flowers and filmmaker Lorenzo DeStefano!

In his new non-fiction documentary HEARING IS BELIEVING, DeStefano and his team have created a dynamic and engaging portrait of two years in the life of a tight- knit American family, a single mom and her two kids, living paycheck to paycheck in Oxnard, California, with Rachel’s stunning music as the soundtrack. The film revels in Rachel’s joyous and free-flowing love of song, illuminating the bonds of family and the divine mysteries of creativity. Continued on Next Page…


Watch the trailer for Hearing Is Believing…

Hearing is Believing Continued… Among the great musicians appearing with Rachel in the film are Grammy winners Dweezil Zappa, Arturo Sandoval, and Stevie Wonder, Grammy nominated jazz pianist Taylor Eigsti, the late progressive rock icon Keith Emerson, Hawaii ukulele legend Benny Chong, and 50 members of the Santa Barbara Youth Symphony. Rachel is the recipient of many awards, distinctions, and scholarships, including a Stanford University Jazz Residency, Los Angeles Music Center Spotlight Awards, winner of the Ventura County Student Jazz competition, and private instruction in advanced improvisation through the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz.

Rachel has performed for Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Clark Terry, Herbie Hancock, Herb Alpert, and Wayne Shorter. She is a very active part of several jazz lineups in California and is currently composing original songs and works for orchestra, jazz combo, piano, and voice. HEARING IS BELIEVING is produced and directed by Lorenzo DeStefano. Executive producer is Patti Channer. Co-producers are Randell J. Brasher, Sandra Laby, Jordan Laby, and Mary Karrh. Editing by Kevin D. Wilson. Cinematography by David Pu’u and Nik Blaskovich. Music by Rachel Flowers. Visit



CRYSTAL BOWERSOX Alive Singer-songwriter Crystal Bowersox is known for many things: her soulful and distinctive voice; her ability to transcend genres across folk-pop, classic rock, soul, blues and country; and her capacity for spreading a positive message of love and light through her songwriting. Her latest adventure is Alive, recorded at the Kitchen Sink Studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Drawing on her various influences to make the kind of music that resonates with her spirit, Alive is both tender and tough, rough yet polished. It encompasses many genres without falling neatly into one category. When describing the album, Bowersox says it is the truest music she has released to date, thanks in part to the team of musicians comprising the “chosen family” she tours with, their talents spread throughout the album.

Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Crystal Bowersox!

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Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Kwame Binea!

KWAME BINEA SHAKEDOWN Roots, Rock n Universal Love Soul rocker Kwame Binea was born in West London with native origins in Ghana. He has peppered his music with a unique brand of “Roots Rock” which embodies his fertile and culturally diverse personal saga. “Universal Love” by Jimmy Cliff, a featured track on his new debut album “Roots Rock n Universal Love,” was produced by Vernon Reid of the group Living Colour who also co-wrote the tune “Love Surreal.” Of the process, Vernon says, “Kwame connected to ‘Universal Love’ immediately. He brings a fresh perspective and a renewed sense of hope to this seldom heard classic.”

“Roots Rock n Universal Love” is Kwame’s epic answer of how to inspire people while also making them dance. “My music is organic,” says Kwame, “it embodies life, love and struggles. I’m driven by my mantra of Peace, Love & Positivity so that propels and drives the messages for most of my lyrical content. It’s also party music and danceable, so if our music moves you and makes you move, that’s a great night”. Continued on Next Page…


Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Carmen Lundy!

CARMEN LUNDY Code Noir In her new album CODE NOIR, Carmen Lundy shares a multitude of messages that reflect not only the complexities of her own mindset, but the disparity of the world at large. Poignant, heartfelt, joyous, shocked, saddened and impassioned are just a few of the emotions conveyed by this wonderfully evocative singer in this highly personal musical voyage.

"Yet they also encompass the many emotions that are prevalent in this country right now. We are going through tough times with a country that is sorely divided and many of these tracks reflect the feelings that we as human beings are going through on an individual level. CODE NOIR actually refers to the first law ever written by a person in power of a sovereign nation/empire the King of France Louis XIV - the first law to "These songs encompass the musical and artistic disallow and make illegal the integration of the influences from the African diaspora and its African race into white European society." influence on jazz and other musical genres – the bossa nova, the blues, swing, funk, the Continued on Next Page‌ exploration into the avant-garde," says Carmen.


DR. E Songs for the Struggle Dr. E, an Ohio State University professor turned recording artist, has risen far beyond the streets she once walked and worked as a teenaged victim of sex trafficking. Now with her new autobiographical album, "Songs for the Struggle," and a song on the soundtrack of Fox's hottest new show, "STAR," starring Queen Latifah, Dr. E continues to beat the odds. An inspirational 'soul queen,' Dr. E's mission is to uplift everyday women and acknowledge their unsung labor and daily trials. "My music is about me finally accepting who I am," she says, "and I want that message of accepting yourself to reach everyone-especially women who have been abused. No matter your struggles or what you've experienced, you are worth something. Only when you realize that, can you empower yourself and your community.� "Songs for the Struggle" bridges jazz, funk, and R&B with Dr. E's bluesy drenched vocals as she takes the listener back along the tumultuous path of her life. Fiery determination and rockin' rhythm lace each track with defiant feminine power.

Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Dr. E!

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ELLI PERRY Little Thieves Singer-songwriter Elli Perry has spent a lifetime traveling in search of inspiration and a place to call home. Her search has seen her as a touring musician playing hundreds of shows a year, and as a recluse burned out from life on the road. Little Thieves chronicles those journeys and transformations. Above all, the album is a story about finding the strength to start again. Recorded to tape in nine days with producers Adam Landry and Justin Collins (Deer Tick, Rayland Baxter, Vanessa Carlton), Little Thieves is a sonically bold exploration of the search for light amongst the shadows. It is a ten song elegy to the dark and sometimes painful truths of wanderlust, starting with “Smoking Gun,” which finds Perry’s distinct voice telling her story of how she came to decide it was time for a break. “Love Is A Ship” and “Burn the River Down” speak of love lost, while “Rosalee” and “A Train Will Come” juxtapose longing for home with an incessant need to roam. Perry also turned over a new creative leaf on the album, employing a backing band that includes members of Deer Tick and My Morning Jacket.

Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Elli Perry!

Indie rock grit and sweeping pop melodies flesh out a sound that had previously focused on atmospheric Americana. Continued on Next Page…


Listen to the special Big Blend Radio show with all six of the Tall Men Group, plus “Spontuneous Rob”!

Featuring another tasty collection of well-crafted songs inspired by their monthly songwriting challenges, FEAST is the Tall Men Group’s third Feast album, following ‘2 Tall’ and their debut album What happens when a six-pack of tall men meet ’12 x 6’. From Jeff Kossack’s tender ‘L’ Amour’, Severin Browne’s poignant ‘Eggshells and Tears’ every month for dinner and songwriting and Jimmy Yessian’s caressing ‘Baby Sleep’, to challenge? Musical magic that explodes with Marty Axelrod’s groovin’ ‘Grandma’, John eloquent lyrics, distinctive melodies and lush Stowers’ rockin’ ‘When We Were Bad’ and Ed harmonies. Based in Southern California, and Tree’s boogalicious ‘Surf The Mississippi’, FEAST founded by consummate musician, singerserves up a full course menu of deliciously sticky songwriter and producer Jimmy Yessian (who songs complete with soulful emotion and also happens to be head chef), the Tall Men Group includes accomplished singer-songwriters delectable harmonies. Get FEAST on CD Baby and musicians Marty Axelrod, Severin Browne, Jeff Kossack, John Stowers, and Ed Tree. Continued on Next Page…



Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Ed Roman!

ED ROMAN Red Omen Award-winning singer/songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist Ed Roman's uniquely crafted songs blur the lines between pop, rock, folk, and country music genres. His last album, Letters From High Latitudes (an homage to his Ontario home) was a critically-acclaimed vehicle for Ed’s socio-political, earthly-conscious and globally-aware messages. This earthy, funky and magical mix of music has earned Ed Roman airplay chart recognition and won over legions of fans around the world, known as “Ed Heads.”

Now, Ed has returned with a brand new album, Red Omen, produced with renowned producer, Michael Jack. Recently, this Top 100 and #1 Reverbnation artist traveled to Jamaica to deliver much-needed humanitarian aid to the island, while shooting the music video for “Jamaica.” Ed is also a Heart Songs for Veterans artist, donating money to help veterans with his single and Top 10 video, "Lay One Down."


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Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Amilia K Spicer!

AMILIA K SPICER Wow and Flutter After playing an LA club on a whim, Americana songstress Amilia K Spicer was quickly on her way to a rare Mainstage Kerrville Folk Festival debut, three Kennedy Center performances, song placements in several high-profile TV shows, and quirky indie films. The new album Wow and Flutter finds Spicer teaming up with keyboardists Rami Jaffee (Wallflowers, Foo Fighters) and Mike Finnegan (Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal), as well as Woody Guthrie disciple and singer-songwriter Jimmy LaFave.

Bassist Daryl Johnson (Stones/Dylan), guitarists Tony Gilkyson (X, Lone Justice) and Gurf Morlix (Lucinda Williams) appear as special guests. Spicer adds to her piano repertoire by personally adding in guitar, banjo and lap steel. She produced the record; multi-instrumentalist Steve McCormick co-produced and engineered. For mixing, Spicer enlisted Malcolm Burn, who was seminal to many of her favorite records with Daniel Lanois. Continued on Next Page‌


BLIND LEMON PLEDGE & FRIENDS Backwoods Glance After a nearly decade long discography exploring a multitude of blues-related styles, Blind Lemon Pledge (aka James Byfield) is taking a ‘Backwoods Glance’ with a new album that explores the Americana, Folk, and Country influences that are also an important part of his musical heritage. With styles ranging from line dance swing to Appalachian folk to Cajun stomp, with detours to romantic waltz, jug band hoot and Southern Country Gospel along the way, Blind Lemon Pledge proves once again that his skills as a songwriter, musician and producer know no bounds.

Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with James Byfield!

For this recording Blind Lemon Pledge handpicked a group of musicians to round out the sound, including: Tom Cline (dobro), Jimi Edwards (keyboards, percussion), Pledge’s regular bassist Peter Grenell, world class violinist/fiddler and band member Cal Keaoola, singer Marisa Malvino (harmonies and lead vocal) and John Pearson on cajon and percussion. Backwoods Glance by Blind Lemon Pledge recently won two awards at Indie Music Channel Awards, including Best Americana song for The Hills of West Virginia, and Best Gospel Song for Give My Poor Heart Ease.


British Hollywood History Listen to Steve Schneickert recall the Hollywood History of England’s actors and filmmakers including David Niven, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Dame Judi Dench, Alfred Hitchcock, Vivien Leigh, and Sir Laurence Olivier.

Alfred Hitchcock

Vivien Leigh, and Sir Laurence Olivier


Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Eric Seale – Artistic Managing Director for Central Kentucky Theatre, and Stephanie McMillin – Executive Director of Springfield Tourism Commission.

Springfield Opera House, photo by Mark Nally

Central Kentucky Theatre The seat of Washington County, Springfield is located near the cities of Lexington and Louisville, in central Kentucky’s land of ‘Bourbon, Horses & History’.

Aside from being a fantastic film location, this historic town is also home to the Central Kentucky Theatre (CKT). For over ten years CKT has been bringing quality live performances to the historic Springfield Opera House, enriching the lives of residents as well as providing educational training opportunities for the students of Washington and surrounding counties. In addition to producing a season of Main Stage shows, CKT also produces shows in both of its educational groups; the CKT Youth Company (grades 7-12), and CKT Kids (ages 2-6). CKT is also now partnered with Mid Kentucky Arts, which produces evenings of chorus concerts featuring talented performers from across Central and Northern Kentucky. Upcoming 2017 Central Kentucky Theatre shows include: Sept. 8-17: ‘The 39 Steps’ adapted by Patrick Barlow (Main Stage); Oct. 20-29: ‘Frankenstein a New Musical’ by Mark Baron (Youth Company); Dec. 1-3: ‘Hairy Tale Rock’ – book by Charlie Lovett, music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur (Kid’s Company).

Learn more at and for more about Springfield, see PAGE 21

Take a Cool Walk through the Southwest Art & Architecture of Famous Arizona Artist, Ted DeGrazia “The gallery was designed by me. I wanted to have the feeling of the Southwest. I wanted to build it so that my paintings would feel good inside.” – Ettore “Ted” DeGrazia As summer temperatures rise in the “Old Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Pueblo”, DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun makes for a the DeGrazia Foundation’s Executive cool respite where you can enjoy a slow stroll to Director Lance Laber, and Curator Jim soak up the enchanting spirit of the southwest Jenkins, who tell the story of artist Ted through the art of famous Arizona artist Ted DeGrazia’s Yaqui Deer Dancer sculpture that DeGrazia, as well as his wife Marion’s art work. you’ll find in the center of the courtyard at Nestled in the foothills of Tucson’s Santa Catalina DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun. Mountains this 10-acre National Historic District was designed and built by Ted DeGrazia in the 1950, using traditional adobe bricks that were The coolness will welcome you as you step into crafted on-site. the gallery through the iron entry gates, which were designed after the Yuma Territorial Prison. The DeGrazia art and architectural experience starts from the minute you drive up to the Soon you’ll be moseying down a corridor of property, where you’ll see the adobe buildings vibrant art, walking upon a unique floor built out and ramadas decorated with colorful tin flowers of local cholla cactus. and stars. From saguaros to roadrunners, you’ll Continued on Next Page… see all kinds of local desert plants and birds, which all add to the Sonoran desert setting. PAGE 22

Rotating exhibitions display some of the 15,000 DeGrazia originals housed at the gallery, To get DeGrazia’s backstory, watch the Gallery’s including oils, watercolors, sketches, serigraphs, documentary about his life, which began on June lithographs, sculptures, ceramics and jewelry. 14, 1909, when he was born to Italian immigrants You can also go into DeGrazia’s art studio where who made their home in the Morenci mining you can see his easel and painting tools. A camp of Territorial Arizona. consignment room displays DeGrazia originals available for purchase, while the gift shop offers DeGrazia is most likely the most reproduced a wide selection of reproductions. artist in the world, and the Gallery showcases six Continued on Next Page… permanent collections of his paintings that trace historical events and native cultures of the Southwest. DeGrazia Continued…

Watch the Big Blend Video “60 Seconds of a #OneHourWalk at DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun”.


DeGrazia Continued… Outside the main Gallery area, the Yaqui Deer Dancer sculpture and fountain takes center stage within the shaded cactus corral and courtyard area, where there’s almost always something in bloom. The grounds also feature his original home where he lived with Marion, as well as their gravesites, and The Little Gallery which hosts visiting artists during the winter months. Sadly, DeGrazia’s beloved Mission in the Sun caught on fire in late May 2017, however, the DeGrazia Foundation is working on plans to restore it. A true Tucson treasure, DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and is included on the National Geographic Map Guide of the Sonoran Desert. It is a must-see gallery for those interested in art, architecture and southwest history; and it shares the inspiring and fascinating story of an artist who ignored boundaries and thrived on being authentic and independent in creativity. DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun is located at 6300 N Swan Tucson, AZ 85718. For more information call (520) 299-9191 or (800) 545-2185, and visit PAGE 24



Combat Artist Chip Beck National Parks Arts Foundation Artistin-Residence at Gettysburg National Military Park in Fall 2017 Chip Beck, a retired US Navy Combat Artist and editorial cartoonist, has depicted more than 20 wars on four continents from 1969 to 2011, including conflicts in Africa, Indochina, the Middle East, and Central and South America. He is a member of the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists, a past Board Member of the National Cartoonists Society, an active member of the Loudoun Sketch Club, and founder of Political Graphics Service in Arlington, Virginia. From 1986—1991, he was the staff editorial cartoonist for the Northern Virginia Sun. Continued on Next Page…

Listen to the Big Blend Radio discussion with Tanya Ortega – Photographer & Founder of National Parks Arts Foundation, and combat artist Chip Beck.


Touareg Chip Beck Continued… From 2005-2010, he was the Director of the State Department’s African peacekeeper training program (ACOTA), working with 25 African Union (AU) Troop Contributing Countries, including the AMISOM contingents in Mogadishu, and recorded historical and political events on the continent with his camera, pencils, pens, and paints. Prior to that Beck was the U.S. Navy’s official combat artist in Operation Desert Storm as well as an on-site but unofficial artistic chronicler of history in some 20-war zones from Vietnam (1969) to Iraq (2003-2005), and Haiti (2012-2013). In 2013, Beck was asked by the Zimbabwean opposition to draw 100 editorial cartoons on-site during Morgan Tsvangirai’s unsuccessful bid to oust dictator Robert Mugabe from power.

Zanzibar Merchant He completed his doctoral degree in Conflict Resolution in 2011 and used his artistic skills, paintings, and insights to promote peaceful resolutions of conflict systems in Africa and Haiti. Traveling to 140+ countries and islands, Beck has used both photography and art to capture the diversity of populations and the details of geographical locations and cultures up to and entering 2017. See The National Parks Arts Foundation presents an extensive artist-in-residence program in 2018 at Gettysburg National Military Park. Learn more at

Over the years, Beck conducted seminars to promote cultural and political understanding between Arab and Israeli (Malta, 1997), US and Cuban (Havana, 1999), and Shi’a, Sunni, and Kurdish (Baghdad, 2004) professional editorial cartoonists. Chip’s Big Blend Radio Interview cartoon. PAGE 27

Artist Georges Schreiber (1904 – 1977) By Victoria Chick, Figurative Artist and Early 19th & 20th Century Print Collector Although not well known today, Georges Schreiber was a successful painter and printmaker during the 1930s and 40s. He was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1904 of German parents, attended a German Gymnasium in Brussels for his early education and, later, studied at an Arts and Crafts School in Germany and at Academies of Fine Art in Berlin and Dusseldorf.

Listen to Victoria Chick discuss Georges Schreiber on Big Blend Radio!

During his late teens and early twenties, he did He was 10 and living in Brussels when WWI broke drawings and cartoons for German newspapers and periodicals in addition to the private fine art out. The Belgian children gave him a difficult he did in his studio. Schreiber emigrated from time. When his family returned to Germany he was 14 and the German children gave him a hard Germany to the United States in 1928, supporting himself at first by selling drawings time for “missing” the war. All of Europe had and cartoons to newspapers in New York. This been affected adversely during WWI but life in gave him time to set up his studio, continue his Germany after the war was particularly hard in serious art, and find dealers to represent him. the 1920s since Germany was the loser in the Continued on Next Page… conflict. PAGE 28

He continued to do cartoons and sketches for newspapers; he illustrated the books, “Little Man What Now”, and “Portraits and Self- Portraits”, and contributed work to “Life” and “Fortune” magazines. Schreiber preferred rural to urban subjects. His compositions frequently depicted human figures against simple landscape backgrounds. He tried to understand the people he drew. “I want to live these people…..not depict them”.

Artists Thomas Hart Benton and Georges Schreiber on the deck of the USS Dorado,

Schreiber Continued… He was attracted to American Scene painting and Regionalist ideas of what the content of American painting should be. “I don’t want to be just an American with citizenship papers”, he said. “I want to completely associate myself with America”. Toward this end, Schreiber made six trips across the United States between 1936 and 1939, observing daily life of Americans in every state, and portraying their work and leisure in painting and in lithography. An exhibition of his paintings, “Panorama of America”, based on his trips, and shown at the gallery of Associated American Artists in New York was so successful, all the paintings were sold before the exhibition opening. Now doing very well financially, he purchased a summer home in Martha’s Vineyard, where many artists lived. He became great friends with his neighbor, artist Thomas Hart Benton.

His work is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, Brooklyn Museum, LA County Museum of Art, Bibleotheque Nationale, Museum of Tel Aviv, Springfield Museum of Art, Newark Museum of Art, MIT, Library of Congress, Toledo Museum of Art, Montclair Art Museum, White House Library, and more. Victoria Chick is the founder of the Cow Trail Art Studio in southwest New Mexico. She received a B.A. in Art from the University of Missouri at Kansas City and awarded an M.F.A. in Painting from Kent State University in Ohio. Visit her website at

Schreiber and Benton worked together during WWII for the Navy on an art project depicting life aboard a submarine, Schreiber also worked for the Army as an artist and designed posters encouraging people to purchase War Bonds. His art periodically led him back to illustration. When Bruno Hauptmann was on trial for kidnapping Charles and Anne Lindbergh’s baby, Georges Schreiber was the courtroom artist. His sketches of that trial can be seen in many documentary films. PAGE 29


Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Kim Dinan!

Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Gian Sardar!



Travel blogger Kim Dinan quit her job, sold her home in Portland and convinced her husband to embark on a round-the-world travel adventure with no timeline or particular destination in mind.

In Gian Sardar’s haunting debut novel, two unforgettable love stories intertwine across decades bringing to light a dark family secret that could never remain buried.

On the eve of their departure, they received an unusual going away gift from friends…a yellow envelope with $1,000 and three simple instructions for giving it away during their travels: Rule #1: Don’t over think it! Rule #2: Share your experiences! (… if you want to). Rule #3: Don’t feel pressured to give it all away! In her new memoir “The Yellow Envelope: One Gift, Three Rules, and A Life-Changing Journey Around the World,” Kim shares how the gift traveled with her through a rickshaw race in India, volunteering at a children’s literacy and arts center in Ecuador, visiting a tiny island in Peru, trekking across Nepal, and beyond. As Kim distributes the gift to people she encounters along the way, she learns that money does not have a thing to do with the capacity to give, but that giving—of ourselves— is transformational. Kim was so inspired by the power of the yellow envelope, that she’s encouraging small acts of kindness through The Yellow Envelope Project. And every copy of her book contains a yellow envelope so readers can join in.

When a reoccurring nightmare from childhood returns, Abby Walters goes home to small-town Minnesota for the first time in fourteen years, where she reconnects with her high school crush, now a police detective on the trail of a violent criminal. When Abby tries on her grandmother's mesmerizing diamond ring, a ring she always dreamed would be hers, she discovers a cryptic note long hidden beneath the box's velvet lining. What secret was her grandmother hiding? And could this be the key to what's haunting Abby? With an ill-fated love triangle in the past, a horrifying crime in the present, and a plot full of thrilling twists that leads to a stunning finale, YOU WERE HERE is a suspenseful debut that asks if the mistakes made in past lives can ever be corrected in the future, and if some souls are meant to find one another time and time again.


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100 LOVE NOTES When Hyong Yi set out to honor his wife Catherine Zanga on November 21, 2015, which was the first anniversary of Catherine's death from ovarian cancer, he didn’t realize how many people’s lives he and his young children would touch. On that day, Yi and his children handed out 100 love notes on the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina. He wanted to remind people never to take their loved ones for granted. Yi and his children inspired people around the world. The effort received press from all over the world, was translated into at least 17 languages, and Hyong was featured on national television and in major publications throughout the U.S. Inspired by the loving reception the note cards received, Hyong commissioned 17 artists to illustrate some of the most compelling moments of his and Catherine’s marriage.

Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Hyong Yi! The art runs the gamut from watercolor, to pen and ink, mosaic and collage; from traditional paintings to digital compositions. The results are his new publications: 100 Love Notes and The #100 Love Notes Project, a Love Story (Lorimer Press). Hyong's words are beautiful, funny, heartbreaking, and most importantly, a call for all of us to let those we love know how we feel.


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Her father, John, is a Reservation doctor who afterwards raises her despite his limitations and obligations. She first meets Terrence, a Native man and a professor of climatology, at her university classes. Years later, they are drawn together by the powerful forces of their love, for the Earth, for each other, and their mutual need to seek out the broken links of their family histories. Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Deena Metzger!

A RAIN OF NIGHT BIRDS Perhaps never before in the history of humankind has the disparity between Indigenous mind and Western mind been more on the pulse of what we must pay attention to in order to insure our survival. Deena Metzger has written a novel in which two people, who are from each side of this polarity, begin a loving relationship. Sandra Birdswell is a student of climatology with an uncanny ability to sense weather events. Her mother, who died in childbirth, is a mystery to her.

Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Rhoda Orme-Johnson!


When the UN report on climate change is released in 2007, the reality of the effects of the Anthropocene era sends a shockwave through both their lives. Their relationship to each other and to the elementals they are so intimate with—lightning, thunder, rain, mountain— brings them deeply and violently into a quest to live their lives in ways that disengage from colonial mind, the same mind that brought devastation to the Native peoples, and now brings all of humanity to the brink of extinction. Through their love of and deeply felt intuitive connection to the Earth, they each go to the brink of death to find their truth, to gain strength and wisdom.

Author Rhoda Orme-Johnson details her often skeptical introduction to TM and to Maharishi and takes the reader through her years of being a TM teacher and founding faculty member of MIU, Maharishi International University (now Maharishi University of Management), and her departure from the university. When she became involved in the TM movement she and her family traveled around the world with Maharishi and then settled at MIU in Fairfield, Iowa, until her departure in 1996. Her honest, vivid, and humorous take on what was going on around her provides, in the words of her reviewers, “a riveting read”, and “a page turner.”

Rhoda Orme-Johnson’s new memoir gives a first-hand look at Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the Transcendental Meditation movement. PAGE 33

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Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Megan Edwards!

Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Stephen Hunter!



Aspiring journalist Copper Black has just found out that her boyfriend is responsible for his not-quite-ex-wife’s pregnancy. An unexpected house-sitting job at a notorious Las Vegas “party house” should provide not only a pool with a swim-up bar but also muchneeded distraction.

In G-MAN, 1934 was a pivotal year in the ongoing battle between the FBI and America's most famous outlaws--it was a year of giant personalities and huge shootouts, and it marked the deaths of John Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde, and Pretty Boy Floyd, among others.

While researching a story about an exclusive private school, Copper accidentally discovers the dead body of the school’s beloved founder. Now involved in a high-profile murder investigation, Copper turns to her brother, a civic-minded pastor who is overseeing the construction of a center for the homeless. A Paiute medicine man claims the site is a sacred burial ground, attracting hordes of protesters.

But that year, FBI agent Sam Cowley's priority was to nab the most dangerous gangster this country has ever produced, a man so violent he scared Al Capone and was booted from the Chicago mob--Baby Face Nelson. To stop him, Cowley recruited the most talented gunman of the time--Charles Swagger. Alternating between Bob’s present day search to uncover his grandfather’s legacy and Charles’s relentless pursuit for the nation’s most notorious outlaws in the 1930s Midwest, G-MAN is a thrilling, action-packed addition to Stephen Hunter’s bestselling Bob Lee Swagger series.

As she tries to solve the murder, help her brother, advance her career, and sort out her love life, Copper stirs up a world of trouble. Her escapades as she evades a sociopath, a disturbed cowgirl, and a suspicious homicide detective make Megan Edwards’ rousing debut novel Getting Off on Frank Sinatra: A Cooper Black Mystery a nonstop roller coaster of a read.

USA NETWORK has adapted his thriller Point of Impact for a new 2016 TV series, “Shooter,” featuring Ryan Phillippe as Bob Lee Swagger. The show debuted in November 2016 and was recently renewed for a second season, with Mark Wahlberg as the executive producer. Continued on Next Page…


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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS ALMANAC 2018 Did you know that two months of reading skills are LOST over the summer and that it can take up to two months from the first day of school for a student’s brain development to get back on track? Brain drain is very real and has lasting repercussions that can impact a student’s long-term academic performance. One of the most effective, easiest and affordable ways to ensure students are on track academically come September, is to make sure kids have access to books throughout the summer. As the best-selling kids almanac on the planet, the National Geographic Kids Almanac has helped millions of kids beat the summer slide. The key to getting a child to pick up a book is to find one that interests them, and the Almanac 2018 has something for everyone!

Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Jennifer Emmett, VP for Content in the Kid’s Media division at National Geographic! Featuring a shark on the cover, a shark-themed Almanac Newsmaker Challenge and packed with 10 sections of high interest topics ranging from animal life to sports to amazing destinations around the world, The National Geographic Kids Almanac 2018 is the perfect way to take a big bite out of the summer slide.


By Linda Kissam ‘Food, Wine & Shopping Diva’ Yes, you can ride the waves, swim till you turn into a prune, create magnificent sand castles, try your hand at fishing or just chill out on the sand – but trust me there is a whole other world to see taste and experience for the adult traveler off the beaches. Considered the Gateway to San Diego, Oceanside’s mild sunny climate and average temperature of 70 degrees gets this SoCal beauty rated by USA Today as the second most ideal climate in the United States, and the fifth most ideal weather in the world. That’s got to catch your attention.

Listen to Linda Kissam talk about Oceanside, CA on Big Blend Radio! Don’t expect chains, do expect unique restaurants, bars, and activities based on farm to table principals. It’s a love fest of progress worthy of your attention.

If you dislike crowds, try visiting in spring or fall. Summer is A-Mazing, but so are the crowds, just saying.

Here’s my step-by-step recommendations for an overnight stay packed with activities for two adults. On your first trip, arrange a If you haven’t been to O’side in the past couple of Thursday to Friday stay. years, you will not know it has morphed into a THURSDAY true destination of its own in terms of food, wine 1 pm. Start with a wine tasting at Beach and unique activities. It’s not that military town House Winery. Nestled up in the hills of you might have thought it was, or just a quick Oceanside (right over the line from Fallbrook) place to stop for gas off the freeway or a funky this 1500 case boutique winery is putting out place to dip your toes into the ocean. It’s all some notable wines. It’ll take you a bit of grown up baby… and continuing to improve each concentration to find this place, but it will be and every day under the watchful eye of longworth your while. time residents, invested agencies and some extremely creative business owners. Continued on Next Page… PAGE 36

Oceanside Continued… Beach House Winery. Call ahead to check hours, there is a tasting fee and bring a picnic. The 360 degree views are exceptional, the owners focused and inspired, and the wines worth trying – especially the Petite Sirah ($38) in the tasting, by the glass or buy a bottle. 3 pm. Check in to your lodging. Wyndham Oceanside Pier Resort is my recommendation. Centrally located to your day of fun, it is located across from the pier, beaches and the Thursday market. Treat yourself to a suite with a view. Affordable luxury features a Jacuzzi, separate living room, kitchen and balcony. Weekday prices are easy on the wallet in spring and fall. Be sure to indulge in the 7th floor skyroom and lounge, 2nd floor outdoor pool with hot tub with exceptional views all around and the relaxing sauna. On-site spa services are a big plus in my book. 6 pm. Head off to a speakeasy adventure at 101 Proof Speakeasy. Somehow this small beach town delivers big on this distinctive activity. Call ahead for reservations as it is small – about 35 seats. This keeps the intimate factor up and the noise levels down. Come hungry, the small plates are delicious and beautifully presented. The food is reasonably priced, the drinks carry a larger price tag, although I doubt you will care as this is Disneyland for adults.

Beach House Winery’s Award Winning Wines

Speakeasy flaming cocktails

The small intimate atmosphere features a killer cocktail line up. First time there, I suggest you sit at the bar so you can be part of the show. The bartenders are dedicated to their craft and sharing an “experience” with you. A great deal of time and effort have gone into the creation of a handsome setting showcasing flamboyant drinks that will capture your palate as well as your imagination. If you’re a “basic” kind of drinker just looking for a shot of whiskey, you’ll find that there also but try some of their ultra-premium smooth, smooth, smooth brands. Nothing like it SoCal.

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Sunset Market

Sunset Market

Oceanside Continued…

You’ll need a plan and a handful of cash to get through the market. Expect to spend about $6 -12 per booth per person. Here’s my suggestions for the gastronomic blow out tour of the year. Bites people – bites – not full dinners or you’ll be “over it” after stop two.

7:30- 9pm. Take a Sunset Market Stroll. I am going to guess this is the kick-starter activity that re-energized the area. A food heavy, 125 vendor presentation of global yum, this is a foodies paradise that can easily bring in 6,000 people. You’re going to find cuisines here that you will not see in any other market in SoCal – perhaps the nation.

Here is a list of my recommended vendors.

1. Garlic Noodles: Owner Antoine Phan. Vietnamese / French Fusion. The organizing committee gets The Smart Cookie 2. Taste of Poland: Owner Alicja Miechowski. Award for lovingly putting this activity together. Perogies – any kind. How they found so many different cuisines is 3. Belgium Street Fries: Owner Serge/ Libioulle. only half the story. How they help make them a Belgium-style fries w/ garlic Aioli. combined success week after week is the other 4. Wicked Maine Lobster: Owner Alex Howard. half. The organizers keep a watchful eye out for Maine lobster roll or taco. new entrepreneurs they can help incubate into 5. Olivia’s Kitchen: Owner Olivia Laryea. West successful businesses. The vendor comes into African / Ghana-style tamale. the market with a vision, the organizers help take 6. Flamin’ Salmon: Owner Michael Bossle. that theory into practice. So what you are Northern European Plank fresh, wild caught, fire actually watching, eating and being a part of is a roasted salmon on greens. journey to success. Continued on Next Page… PAGE 38

Oceanside Continued‌ Sunset Market 7. Awafee: Owner Amy Cao. Small cup Crème Brulee. 8. Beignet Belly: Owners Derrick & Maria Boykins. New Orleans-style Beignets. 9. Atsukos: Owners Atsuko & Larry Lavitt. Stunning Japanese-style Cakes. Note: The Sunset Market only occurs on Thursday evenings from 5 pm to around 9 pm but is held all year round.

Polish Perogie Bites Belgian Fries

Fire Roasted Salmon on Greens


Japanese Cake Slices PAGE 39

Cyclops Farm Pocket Garden

Oceanside Pier Oceanside Continued… FRIDAY Get up for Breakfast at Petite Madeline. Just a two block easy stroll from your hotel, your choices include mouth-watering pastries or full breakfast menu in a coffee shop atmosphere. It’s all good and affordable, seriously. I had the crepes. To-die-for. Enough said. Don’t forget to stroll the Pier after breakfast on your way back to the hotel. Just steps from your hotel, it’s was built in 1888 and has gone through numerous re-builds. The concrete approach to the present pier was built in 1925; the wooden portion in 1988. At 1,954 feet, it is the longest wooden pier on the west coast.

10 am. Take a Cyclops Farm Tour. Owner Luke Girling has created a 2-acre pocket garden in the middle of an Oceanside neighborhood on a lot he leased by knocking on a door and asking to create an empty view lot into a garden that would come to supply local chefs and consumers. It’s Americana at its best and reminds all of us where our food actually comes from. Call for a guided tour that will inspire and strengthen your inner farm to table commitment.

Half way down the well-maintained pier are restrooms and a bait and tackle shop, with snacks, postcards and drinks for sale. At the end is a restaurant – Ruby’s Diner. You’ll see many people fishing (no permit required) and get an expansive view of the surfers, beach and coastline with the mountains as a backdrop. On a clear day, you’ll be able to see La Jolla, the Coronado Islands, and Catalina Island. PAGE 40

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Lobby at Wyndham Hotel

Hummus Plate at The Millers

Oceanside Continued… Noon. Try a Lunch Time Dine-Around. Rather than sit in one place for two hours, try a lunch crawl. Have a small menu item at each of these places. It’s a wonderful way to get to know the trendy O’side restaurant scene. - Stop 1: The Millers Table: A drop in sport with a community attitude. Focusing on unique wines, beers, lemonades, flavors and sandwiches you will absolutely not find anywhere else, this small eatery is a true local find. - Stop 2: Local Tap House (LTH): A fun tap house atmosphere housed in a former butchers shop. The food is beautifully chef driven and the brews are far reaching. Hard not to want to linger…but move on. - Stop 3: 608: A great place to wind up your mini vacay. This is where pure food indulgence lives. Expect the unexpected in internationally and seasonally inspired small plates. Lots of different foods creates a locally Asian fusion driven menu all its own. This is one of those places you have to taste to understand just how brilliant it is. 3pm. Depart.

Crab Cake at 608

Chef Willy at 608

Linda Kissam 'Food, Wine & Shopping Diva' is a professional travel, food, and wine writer based out of Southern California, who specializes in easy, breezy destination stories sharing her favorite things about the places she visits. Visit PAGE 41

Just an hour northeast of San Diego, Julian is a popular Southern California mountain hamlet known for its gold rush history; apple, peach and pear orchards; wineries, breweries and cider mills, farm-to-table fare and delicious apple pie! The historic downtown district of Julian, along with its surrounding communities of Wynola and Santa Ysabel all make for a wonderful shopping, wine tasting and culinary adventure.

The area’s dining options range from bakeries and pie shops to an olde-fashioned soda fountain, as well as American and Italian restaurants, and farm-to-table fare. In the late summer and early fall, you can purchase fresh fruit from farmstands or enjoy a u-pick experience at one of the local orchards. Picnics at Lake Cuyamaca and surrounding park areas are another fun way to enjoy the region’s local foods, produce and libations.

Get a Taste of Julian at these Seasonal Festivities For up-to-date event information call (760) 7651857 July 29: Julian Apple Pie Grand Prix - Vintage sports car show and parade on Main Street, and a festival at Menghini Winery with music, food, beer, wine and fun. Aug. 5: 3rd Annual ‘Sip of Julian’ - Celebrate Julian’s growers and producers of wine, craft beer, delicious hard cider, and mead! Sept. 2: 21st Annual Julian Grape Stomp Festa – Annual festival at Menghini Winery featuring local wineries, food and shopping, live Italian music with Roman Holiday, Bocce Ball Court, a “Lucy Look-Alike” contest, grape stomping, and more! Sept. 23-24: Julian Apple Days Festival – Music and dancing, antique tractor display, children’s games, gold panning, a beer and wine garden, food and vendors, contests, and, of course, apple pie! Held at Menghini Winery. PAGE 42


In Julian, San Diego’s Four-Season Mountain & Back-Country Destination Fresh, Seasonal & Outstanding Farm-to-Table Cuisine prepared by Executive Chef Jeremy Manley Seasonal Menu & Favorites Steak, Seafood, Burgers, Salads, Sandwiches Desserts & After Dinner Beverages Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten-Free Options Open Daily for Lunch & Dinner Indoor, Fireside & Patio Dining Live Music on Weekends Wine & Beer Pairing Dinners Private Banquet Rooms Catering & Group Events for all Occasions

Wine Bar featuring Local & Regional Wines & Champagne Micro-Brews & Specialty Beers PAGE 43

Less than 2 hours from San Francisco, San Benito County is the eastern gateway destination of Pinnacles National Park, and a popular getaway for nature lovers, outdoor adventurers and history buffs. However, with its scenic wine tasting trail, fresh farm-totable fare and multitude of dining options, San Benito County is steadily growing into a destination for food and wine enthusiasts.

Sit back and relax with your favorite libation, and get a virtual taste of San Benito County’s delicious bounty, by watching our new Big Blend Video and listening to the three Big Blend Radio interviews. Learn more at Continued on Next Page… Fisher’s Restaurant

A temperate climate complete with a true central California setting of rolling hills, vast ranch country, farmlands and vineyards, it’s a beautiful area to explore, and have a picnic with local foods and wines. And, there are plenty of food and wine festivals to attend throughout the year.


San Benito Continued…

Chef Mike Fisher – Fisher’s Restaurant

FARM-TO-TABLE GOODNESS Swank Farms & Fisher’s Restaurant Listen to the Big Blend Radio conversation about the area’s locally grown produce, wines and farm-table dining experience, with Chef Mike Fisher – Fisher’s Restaurant, Dick & Bonnie Swank – Swank Farms, and Juli Vieira - President & CEO of San Benito County Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau.

Dick & Bonnie Swank – Swank Farms

Chef Mike Fisher’s motto defines the style…”keep it fresh, and keep it local”. Located in historic downtown Hollister, Fisher’s offers new American style cuisine with a menu that changes according to the season, and what the local farmers and vendors provide the restaurant. Delectable and authentic farm-to-table fare paired with locally produced wines and brews, along with a relaxed ambiance where you can dine indoors or out on the patio, makes Fisher’s a refreshing dining experience. The Swank Farm home ranch has been in the family since 1928. Today, Swank Farms grows a variety of fruits, vegetables and ornamentals on over 100 acres in Hollister, with almost half of the acreage certified organic. You can find their fresh produce at most local farmers markets, grocery stores, and restaurants such as Fisher’s. They are also known for Bonnie’s homemade fudge and homemade heirloom salsa. This fall, they enter their 18th season of welcoming folks to their corn maze and pumpkin patch, offering a fun glimpse into the world of farming.

Fisher’s Restaurant

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San Benito Continued…

SHOP LOCAL GOURMET GIFTS San Benito Bene Listen to the Big Blend Radio conversation with Kathina Szeto, owner of San Benito Bene, who discusses the region’s agriculture and diverse variety of locally produced gourmet gifts.

Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Kathina Szeto!

Along with award-winning wines, fresh organic produce and grass-fed beef, San Benito County is home to quite a number of world-class culinary gems including olive oils, sweet Blenheim Apricot syrups and preserves, savory spices, mustards and rubs, and decadent chocolate. Collaborating with the area’s talented and innovative artisans, San Benito Bene is a gourmet and gift shop located in historic downtown Hollister known for their selection of locally produced gifts. Visit the store to sample award winning local goodies and create tasty pairings with olive oils and flavored balsamics. They also create custom gourmet gift baskets. Continued on Next Page… PAGE 46

San Benito Continued…

BELLY UP AT “THE BIRTHPLACE OF THE AMERICAN BIKER” Johnny’s Bar & Grill Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Charisse Tyson who talks about the biker history and dining experience at Johnny's Bar & Grill, a famous and historic biker bar that along with the annual Hollister Rally, put Hollister, California on the map as "The Birthplace of the American Biker".

This supposed rowdy happening caught the attention of Life Magazine, who apparently gave an exaggerated impression in an article that later inspired the movie ‘The Wild Ones’ with Marlon Brando and Lee Marvin. Known as ‘The Friendliest Little Bar in Town’, Johnny’s continues to be Hollister’s go-to establishment for juicy hamburgers, cold beer and great camaraderie!

Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Charisse Tyson!

Originally called The New Deal, Johnny Matalich changed the name to Johnny’s Bar & Grill when he purchased the joint in 1946. In 1947, Wino Willie and his Boozefighters motorcycle group came to Hollister for the 4th of July Gypsy Tour Races. It’s said that things got a little wild and one of the bikers drove his motorcycle through Johnny’s Bar & Grill. PAGE 47

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San Benito Continued…

SUMMER EVENTS IN SAN BENITO COUNTY Visit San Benito County, California, Gateway to Pinnacles National Park and Home to Historic Hollister, San Juan Bautista, Tres Pinos and Paicines! For up-to-date event information and to plan your San Benito County adventure, please contact the San Benito County Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau at (831) 6375315 or visit Downtown Hollister Certified Farmers’ Market: Wednesdays from 3pm-7:30pm, May 3 –September 27, 2017. Tel: (831) 636-8406 Living History Days: Every 1st Saturday of the month. San Juan Bautista State Historic Park. Tel: (831) 623-4881 June 30-July 2: Hollister Independence Rally: Info: Randy Burke of Roadshows, Inc. at (775) 690-2035

Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Don Pidd who talks about the upcoming Civil War Days & Bluegrass Festival at San Benito County Historical Park in Tres Pinos! July 21-29: California Gymkahana – State Finals: Bolado Park Event Center, Tres Pinos. Tel: (831) 628-3421 July 30: Farm-to-Table Benefit for the Arts with Chef Mike Fisher! San Benito County Arts Council. Tel: (831) 636-2787 Aug. 11-13: Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival: San Benito County Historical Park, Tres Pinos. Tel: (831) 635-0335 Aug. 13: 52nd Annual Antique & Collectibles Fair: Downtown San Juan Bautista. Sept. 8-10: Civil War Days: San Benito County Historical Park, Tres Pinos. Tel: (831) 635-0335

July 15: 31st Annual Street Festival & Classic Car Show: Downtown Hollister. Sept. 28-Oct. 1: San Benito County Fair: Bolado Tel: (831) 636-8406 Park Event Center, Tres Pinos. Tel: (831) 628-3421 PAGE 48


By Cori Solomon 3 Horse Ranch Vineyards For many wine enthusiasts, the thought of wine being produced in Idaho seems farfetched. For those who know about Idaho wine, it is a misnomer. The high elevation makes for some extraordinary wine. Most people think of Idaho as a potato-growing region but that is actually a misconception. The fertile soils are good for many different types of crops including grapes. On a recent visit, I discovered ten wineries and explored Boise, the hub to the Snake River Valley. Boise has become a very vibrant city, reminding me of San Louis Obispo. Although a smaller town with a large Basque population, Boise is expanding its culinary horizons as the farm to table movement, known as Live Eat Local and wine industry grows. This concept applies to Idaho’s grapes and wine. The expression farm to glass aptly promotes how Idahoans envision their wine industry because most wine produced stays in Idaho. Idaho’s wine industry began in 1863. The first wineries in the Pacific Northwest were located in the Northern Clearwater Region of Idaho. Unfortunately Prohibition put a halt to wine production. Interest in growing grapes in Idaho did not return until 1970.

Listen to Cori Solomon discuss Idaho Wines on Big Blend Radio! In 2007 the Snake River Valley became Idaho’s first AVA. Idaho now consists of three appellations Snake River Valley, the southwestern region, Lewis Clark Valley; also known as the northern region and Eagle Foothills. All three regions lie between the Rocky Mountains and the Snake River. Idaho’s wine industry is fast growing. In 2002 there were 11 wineries; today there are 52. What makes the region different from California, Oregon and Washington is the vinifera/wine grapes that thrive in the four-season climate of Idaho. The cold winters allow the vines to go dormant; conserving carbohydrates for the coming season while simultaneously ridding the plants of bugs and discourage disease. In the summer, cold nights and warm days assist in balancing grape acids and sugars. Continued on Next Page…


Idaho Wines Continued… The sugar remains high due to the amount of sunshine and the acid levels are maintained by the cool nights. In addition, the Snake River Valley’s lack of rainfall helps mitigate mold and rot. The high desert keeps the acidic levels balanced. The soils are a combination of sediments from an ancient lake and volcanoes. One finds red cinder in the soils. There is a wide range of varietals grown in this region including Riesling, Chardonnay, Muscato, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Roussanne and Gewürztraminer in the whites. The red varietals are Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Grenache, Syrah, Petite Sirah, Tempranillo, Mourvedre, Nebiola, Sangiovese, Cinsault and Barbera. The growing conditions make this an ideal area to produce Ice Wine, the dessert wine made from frozen grapes. Many winemakers have worked at top-notch wineries in California or Washington but chose to relocate to Idaho. Others wanted a lifestyle change. Most impressive is the consistency and balance of the majority of wines.

Bitner’s Menopause Merlot honors women who have hit that stage in life. Continued on Next Page…

My visit exploring the Snake River Valley with the Idaho Wine Commission took me to the following wineries: Bitner Vineyards: Ron Bitner’s career in entomology/bees enabled him to spend time in Australia where he was influenced by their wines. Bitner is one of the few wineries in Idaho to be Live Certified, which means the vineyards are chemical free and beneficial to insects. On the humorous side, Bitner’s Menopause Merlot honors women who have hit that stage in life; making it is a must try.

Gregg Huston and Mary Alger established Huston Vineyards in 2006.

Huston Vineyards: Gregg Huston and Mary Alger established Huston Vineyards in 2006. The volcanic soils and long sunny days create ideal conditions for growing the grapes for their signature wines. Gregg feels wine is an extension of food. PAGE 51

Idaho Wines Continued… Huston’s mission is to be a farmer first and winemaker second, thereby bringing the best of both together. Huston’s flagship wine, Chicken Dinner White showcases a sweet yet savory quality. It goes without saying; the wine pairs excellently with chicken. Ste. Chapelle and Sawtooth Wineries: One of three women winemakers that I met in Idaho, Meredith Smith was an accountant before changing occupations. She is the winemaker of both Ste. Chapelle and Sawtooth. Unique to Ste. Chapelle is the Chateau Series Soft Huckleberry. This wine combines Huckleberries with Riesling. Coiled Wines: The story of Leslie Preston, winemaker/owner of Coiled Wines is an analogy to the winding path of the Snake River’s flow through Idaho’s AVA and Leslie’s property. Leslie started what she calls the “Riesling Revolution”. Leslie created Idaho’s first sparkling wine, a sparkling Riesling called Rizza. Discover more about Coiled Wines on

Ste. Chapelle Winery - Soft Huckleberry

Hat Ranch Winery/Vale Wine Co.: Owners Tim and Helen Harless named their winery after Tim’s great grandfather’s homestead. They also own Vale Wine Co. As a commercial airline pilot based out of Los Angeles, Tim’s engineering background and technical skills plays a role in the wine making process. Their goal is offering artisan blends, lesser known wine varietals, and hand-produced small lot wines. Koenig Vineyards: This winery is the biggest and grandest. Greg Koenig was the first to make Nebbiolo in Idaho. Currently his pet project is Zinfandel. Greg is also winemaker at Bitner and consulting winemaker at 3 Horse Ranch. Most impressive are Koenig’s Ice Wines, especially Cabernet Sauvignon Ice Wine, which is different from the usual Riesling based Ice Wine.

Continued on Next Page…

Coiled Winery - Sparkling Reisling PAGE 52

Idaho Wines Continued… Telaya Wine Co.: The name Telaya combines owner/winemaker Earl and Carrie Sullivan’s two favorite places, the Tetons and La Playa. Specializing in Rhones, their wine symbolizes a journey and a meeting place. Split Rail Winery/Strange Folk Wines: This winery has a more whimsical fun take on wines. Jed Glavin’s philosophy is to be unconventional. Jed also sells wine in a can called Strange Folks and has a program where you bring your growler back for wine refills. Cinder Wines: The winery’s name pays tribute to the Snake River Valley volcanic cinder soils. Winemaker/owner Melanie Kraus’ vibrant terroir approach to making wine is quite evident. 3 Horse Ranch Vineyards: Considered the highest elevation and located in the Eagle Foothills, this winery has the most spectacular view and topography reminiscent of the Wild West. Owner/winemaker Gary Cunningham creates wines in a more traditional style. Today’s wineries of the Snake River Valley are pioneers paving the way to establishing a name worldwide for Idaho Wines. They are the appellation’s river that coils like a snake weaving along the soils of lava rock and lake sediment bringing its unique terroir to the grapes they grow. Their destiny deserves merit, as you discover the wines of Idaho. To plan your Idaho Wine Adventure, visit Cori Solomon is a freelance writer/photographer residing in Los Angeles, California. Cori is well versed in travel, art, food and wine as she has done extensive traveling and has collected wine since the 1980s. Cori looks for the story that is behind the restaurant, chef, winery, winemaker or artist. As Cori often travels with her dogs, four Salukis, some of her travel articles deal with pet-friendly hotels and locations. Cori is a member of the International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association. Learn more at PAGE 53

Koenig Vineyards - Ice Wine Split Rail Winery - Strange Folks Wine

By Linda Kissam ‘Food, Wine & Shopping Diva’

Dim Sum Brunch at Empire Seafood

Crispy, chewy, pan fired, boiled, vegetarian, floating in soup, prepared as a dessert or sizzling on a hot cast iron skillet…the most authentic dumplings in North America can be found in Richmond, B.C. I spent two days recently on The Dumpling Trail in Richmond B.C. , visiting six of the best dumpling houses in Richmond, eating over 50+ Listen to Linda Kissam discuss kinds of dumplings, getting a foot massage, The Dumpling Trail on Big Blend Radio! finding out about facial masks and taking a quick spin around the historic canning town of Tourism Richmond has gathered the best of the Steveston. I’ll tell you how to do that and share a best in Asian dumpling dining into a beginner’s dumpling recipe with you in a moment. guide to boiled, deep-fried, steamed, pleated, knotted, open top, thick-skinned, thin-skinned, The brand-new Dumpling Trail, which Tourism wheat, tapioca or rice pastry dumplings, with Richmond officially launched in late August, regional variations. 2016, showcases a carefully chosen list of Doing a bit of research before I went dumpling restaurants serving varying styles of dumplings, diving, I found that for many Chinese, eating not just hailing from China, but from elsewhere dumplings is a kind of celebratory occasion in Asia as well. where hope, peace and a sense of completeness The Dumpling Trail comes with its own website comes to the dinner table. In China, ji o zi, and take-along (dumplings), are eaten during the Spring Festival brochure and map designed to give newbie to usher in the Lunar New Year, marking new visitors an access point into the city’s thriving beginnings. The dumplings are each shaped like and very crowded restaurant scene. Since a crescent moon with ridged designs embedded travelers make meals a key part of their travel across their skins. experience, what could be better? Continued on Next Page… PAGE 54

Fried dumplings at Samsoonie Dumpling Trail Continued… In Chinese culture the moon is symbolic of promising abundance and brightness. Eat dumplings, you are eating harmony and prosperity. Who wouldn’t want to participate in that? Dumplings like siu mai typify good financial fortune. Eat dumplings, eat your way to riches and an affluent new beginning. Eating Chinese dumplings is often a meal where you share. In Chinese culture, teamwork rises above individuality; sharing is honorable. Sure, you can order a whole plate of dumplings and have it all to yourself, but sharing is caring…besides there are only so many dumplings you can eat. Who knew one could become an honorable being just by sharing dumplings?

Dumplings on a sizzling hot cast iron plate at Pepper Lunch

Swedish (Pitepalt, a meat-filled potato dumpling). Russian dumplings (Pelmeni stuffed with anything from meat to mushrooms to cheese). Ravioli now looks a lot like a dumpling to me. From gyozas to empanadas there are countless versions of the dumpling. On this Dumpling Trail you are most likely to find a variety of Chinese, Korean and Japanese dumplings.

No matter how they taste, there’s always an air of excitement when it comes to eating dumplings. The cost for a group of 5 will likely be around $50 which should make everyone happy. Dumpling tasting is like a game of tasty chance, picking up tiny morsels from plates in front of you with chopsticks (or in my case – a fork. No judging please) in hope of finding the “one” that will stick in your mind forever. No matter who we are or who we are with, Chinese dumplings from My misconception that all dumplings are distinctively Chinese was dashed during my visit. Richmond, B.C. make up incalculable physical They aren’t. There are Polish dumplings (Pierogi). and emotional connections that go from meal to experience. German dumplings (Kartoffelknoedel, or potato filled). Continued on Next Page… PAGE 55

Dessert style dumplings in soup at Su Hang Dumpling Trail Continued… If you have two – three days to find the best – try the following. And hey – don’t be afraid to go off the trail for a moment or two to discover new things! Here are my favorite stops for your consideration. 1. Stay at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel. It is located (despite the name) in the middle of the Dumpling Trail, thus making it possible to walk to many of the suggested dumpling places.

Sizzling Pepper Steak entree at Pepper Lunch 4. Empire Seafood Restaurant for Siu Mai and Dim Sum (#13 on the map). If I could only do one stop, this would be it. Big, bold, beautiful brunch served daily 9 am – 2 pm. Reservations! 5. Pepper Lunch for beef & chicken Gyozas (#14 on the map). The most unlikely dumpling looking place, think fast food “look” but a beautiful slow food soul. The owner is VERY serious about fresh and good. Try everything they have – most served sizzling hot on a cast iron plate. 6. Xi’An Cuisine at the Richmond Public Market for Spicy wontons in spicy sauce to die for (#19 on the map). On my last visit to Richmond (Hole in the Wall foodie Tour), I learned some of THE best Chinese cuisine can be found in malls and public markets. If you’re looking for spicy, you’ve found it. Most of us were drinking the sauce by the end of the meal.

2. Samsoonie Noodle & Rice for Mandu dumplings (#17 on the map) A true mom and pop stop. They’ll smother you with love and appreciation for stopping by. 3. Su Hang Restaurant for Xiao Long Bao dumplings (#12 on the map). A modern interior welcomes you, but the Shanghai style cuisine will bring you back.

Continued on Next Page… Try this favorite dumpling recipe of mine, courtesy of Chef Fraker and Melissa's/World Variety Produce.


Rose Lovers dumplings at Shanghai Station Dumpling Trail Continued… 7. Plan on going a little early to the next stop so you can shop in the Asian Market in the same strip mall. Lots of beautiful fruits, vegetables, condiments, canned goods and personal collapsible stainless steel chopsticks in a tiny lipstick sized travel case. This was also my intro to shopping for unique beauty items. The most fascinating among the offerings were the facial mask sheets. A very trendy item in the states, but a bit hard to find off line. Here, there are lots of choices. Everything from collagen masks, brightening masks, essence of snail secretion masks, and the ever fun moisturizing masks that actually go on as an animal mask- Koala, tiger, bunny, etc. They’re affordable – about $3.00 a mask or less. They are great for rehydrating your skin when traveling or scaring your travel partner when you flounce out of the bathroom wearing a Panda mask slathered on your face. Just sayin’.

Dumplings in spicy chile sauce at Ni'An 9. Take a break and try a reflexology foot treatment at Shangri-La Food Spa which includes a vigorous back massage. I did this as a “lark” and ended up a long-term fan. For under $25, relax and go with the flow. Much like what I found when I was in Asia, the experience was memorable. The staff speaks English and tips are appropriate. 10. Golden Sichuan Restaurant for Sichuan style spicy water boiled dumplings (#3 on the map). A great final dinner place. Many dishes like the pork strips hung from a bamboo trellis and fish in chile peppers – are mind blowing in their presentation.

11. Steveston. Before you head off, take a short 30 minute drive to the port town of Steveston. It’s an old salmon canning town, now turned into a thriving coastal attraction. Many of you will know it from TV. It’s the backdrop for the small town of Storybrooke in the ABC hit TV series Once Upon a Time. The real attractions are The Gulf of Georgia Cannery, a National Historic Site operated by Parks Canada which offers a 8. Shanghai Station for Guo Tie pot-stickers (#7 fascinating glimpse into the past. Take a long on the map). Southern style pot stickers will have stroll or bike around the Steveston dikes where you drooling, but the Rose Lover dumplings will you’ll experience quiet, rural landscapes with bring tears to your eyes. Gorgeous, romantic seasonal fields of strawberries, cabbage and dumplings not to be missed. pumpkins to the north and beautiful views of the Fraser River, Ladner and Mt. Baker to the south. Linda Kissam 'Food, Wine & Shopping Diva' is a professional travel, food, and wine writer based out of Southern California, who specializes in easy, breezy destination stories sharing her favorite things about the places she visits. Visit PAGE 57

SAUTÉED NECTARINES This delicious recipe is from Chef Jeremy Manley “San Diego’s Sustainable Chef”, known for preparing and serving fresh farm-to-table fare at Jeremy’s on the Hill California Style Bistro in Julian, California. See more of Chef Manley’s recipes at 2 nectarines 2 tablespoons of sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 tablespoons of butter 2 scoops of vanilla bean ice cream 2 sprigs of lavender Toasted coconut for garnish Slice each nectarine into nine even segments. Place the butter in your sauté pan and turn the flame to medium. Slowly and gently add your nectarines, without breaking them apart.

Gently place the nectarines fanned out in the same direction inside your serving bowl. Place your scoop of vanilla bean ice cream right in the middle. Drizzle the remaining pan sauce over the top of the ice cream and garnish with lavender. Enjoy!

Cook for 30 seconds to a minute before adding your sugar and vanilla extract.

Using a pair of tongs, gently flip the nectarines over and continue to cook for another minute until caramelization begins to happen. Turn off the flame and leave the nectarines in the sauté pan. PAGE 58

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Fruit Desserts Continued…

GRILLED FRUIT This recipe is from Ruth Milstein, author of the Gourmand award-winning recipe book, “Cooking with Love: Ventures Into the New Israeli Cuisine”. Listen to Ruth & Howard Milstein discuss grilled fruit and wine pairings on Big Blend Radio! See more of Ruth’s recipes at It’s time to put some fresh fruit on the grill after all that delicious meat. We can use our fruit as a main dish or as a dessert. The aromas and taste of fresh fruit on the barbeque is quite appetizing; especially in the summer months. This is the time when you have an abundance of fresh fruit in the marketplace. I have chosen a recipe for barbecued fresh fruits. The fruits must be ripe and firm. A good choice may be peaches, nectarines, strawberries, kiwi, pineapple and blueberries. You can also broil the fruits in your oven with the cut side facing up for 5-6 minutes or in your skillet over a medium flame until golden brown. Do not peel the fruit! Makes 8 servings. Listen to Ruth & Howard Milstein on Big Blend Radio!

8 large peaches 8 large nectarines 4 kiwis 16 strawberries 1/4 fresh pineapple ½ cup blueberry

Continued on Next Page… Wash the fruit and then peel only the pineapple. Cut the peaches, nectarines, kiwi and pineapples into 1-1/2 inch cubes. Use a skewer and alternate the fruits for grilling. Set the fruit skewers onto the barbeque grill with the cut side down. Grill the fruit for 5-7 minutes until it turns golden. Sauce: (if desired) 8 oz. sour cream 4 tablespoons of honey or 3 packs of substitute sugar. Serve alongside a plate of hard white cheese; blue cheese or feta are good choices. Serve a good, fresh bread and toast. PAGE 59

Fruit Desserts Continued…

THREE RIVERS B&B BLACKBERRY COBBLER This summer recipe is from Leah Launey, innkeeper of Three Rivers Bed & Breakfast in California’s Sequoia Country. Makes 3-4 servings. Listen to Leah’s Big Blend Radio interview where she shares her cobbler recipe tips, discusses using local produce, and more.

Cobbler (makes 3-4 servings) 1/2 cup unbleached flour Sugar to taste (try 1/8 to 1/4 cup) 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 cup nonfat evaporated milk Method Drop by soup spoonful’s on simmering fruit. When soft biscuits form, stir to break them up. Spoon fruit and biscuits into individual custard cups or ramekins, place on a stoneware saucer, and slide into a warm oven to give the fruit flavor a chance to intensify and the biscuit a chance to set. If you skip this step, and just eat the cobbler as soon as you have stirred the soft biscuit, you can really tell the difference. Blackberry Mixture (makes 3-4 servings) You can prepare your blackberry mixture ahead of time, and store in glass jars in the freezer or refrigerator, or simply make the mixture fresh as needed. 2 cups Three Rivers wild blackberries, with their own liquid Sugar to taste (try 1/8 to 1/4 cup, or more if the berries are really tangy) 1 cup distilled water (for a cleaner taste)


Listen to Leah Launey on Big Blend Radio!


BRAZI BITES & KAM’S CHILI SAUCE Meet our new favorite snack that’s perfect for summer gatherings - Brazi Bites Brazilian Cheese Bread dipped into Kam’s Kettle Cooked Chili Sauce! And besides the super tasty flavor combination and how easy it is to prepare and serve, we’re thrilled that both products do not have high levels of sugar or sodium, are glutenfree, and do not contain high fructose corn syrup or artificial preservatives, colors, sweeteners or flavors. They are the real deal when it comes to being all-natural.

Handcrafted and kettle cooked, Kam's Chili Sauce follows a family recipe that is available in two flavors – Sweet & Spicy, and Hot. A mouth-watering blend of vine-ripened tomatoes, sweet onions and chili peppers make up these rock star sauces that will flavor up just about any dish, from a breakfast scramble to burgers and hot dogs, seafood, soups and sandwiches.

Big Blend food and travel writer Eva Eldridge used the sauces as a base to make her own barbeque sauce: “The Sweet & Spicy is the perfect balance for a fruity, spicy sauce that Crispy on the outside with a deliciously light works great with chicken and pork. Just add a cheesy center, Brazi Bites are available in four little orange juice and zest with some chipotle sumptuous flavors: Cheddar & Parmesan, 3 and you’ve got a bright flavorful sauce with a Cheese Pizza, Garlic Asiago, and Zesty Pepper kick. I added a couple of different types of chili Jack. Derived from a family recipe and made powder to the Hot version and created a great from quality ingredients – tapioca flour, milk, sauce for beef. Whether on their own or used as eggs and cheese - these delectable bread balls of a base to make your own saucy creation, they goodness are light compared to other breadare great tasting sauces!” centric snacks. Besides being gluten-free, they are also sugar free, soy free, and trans-fat free. Kam's Kettle Cooked Chili Sauces are available Brazi Bites are easy to prepare too - just open online at the bag, bake them for 20 minutes, and serve! Continued on Next Page… You’ll find them in the frozen food section of most grocery stores – visit to find the location closest to you. PAGE 62

Listen to Chef Ivan Flowers discuss Pistou on Big Blend Radio!

Sassy Sauces Continued…

PASS THE PISTOU! 5-Star Chef Ivan Flowers kicks this French inspired and basil infused pesto sauce up a couple of notches by adding a little jalapeno and sweet chili. For more of Chef Ivan’s recipes, including his tasty Whiskey BBQ Sauce, visit is expert page on

SNACK SMART WITH RISE BUDDY Made from 100% whole grain brown rice, Rise Buddy is the “Smart Snack” approved healthy alternative to potato chips and other junk food snacks. Besides being gluten-free and trans-fat free, these crispy wonders are oven-baked instead of fried. The best part is that kids love them (so do adults). Not only do they look like a potato chip, but they come in four kid-approved flavors - BBQ, Pizza, Sour Cream & Onion, and Sea Salt. Available on in a case of 36 bags and case of 12 bags, these tasty guiltfree snacks are perfect for road trips, picnics and family or school outings.

1 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 Clove Garlic, minced 2 Cups Fresh Basil 1 Cup Fresh Spinach ½ Jalapeno, finely diced and seeds removed ½ Tsp. Sweet Chili Juice of 1 Lemon Put all ingredients into a blender and pulse until desired consistency. Serves 4. PAGE 63

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Sauces Continued…



This summer, Terri Bailey from Bailey’s Palomar Resort, a Southern California mountain glamping destination, wants us all to go beyond the typical ketchup and yellow mustard when it comes to dressing up our hot dogs! Check out her “Dog Star” suggestions below, and see more of her recipes and tips at

#1. The Bratwurst Dog: Top with grilled onion, maple mustard and pickled cabbage. Serve on a Kaiser bun.

Try mixing up classic condiments like Mayo and Old Bay seasoning, katsup and sun-dried tomato paste, maple syrup mustard, BBQ sauce and hot sauce, sweet and sour relish - the combos are endless! Or, how about grilled veggies for toppings, like: corn (grill and remove from cob), jalapeno and bell peppers, tomatoes, purple onions, mushrooms, and squash. When it comes to veggies as toppings, one of my favorites is “The Crunch” with carrots (plain or pickled), cabbage, sweet and sour dill pickles, lettuce, and scallions.

#2. The Sweet & Sour Dog: Top with chipotle sauce, sweet dill pickle relish and grilled corn. Serve on a whole-wheat bun.

#3. The Down to Earth Dog: Top with Old Bay Mayo, pickled carrots, grilled peppers and squash. Serve on a white bun.

#4. The Hot Diggity Dog: Top with sun-dried tomato katsup or paste, scallions and grilled peppers. Serve on a French roll.

#5. The Take Me Out to the Ball Game Dog: Top with Old Bay Mayo, maple mustard, and grilled onion. Serve on a white bun


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195 S. 4th Avenue, Yuma, Arizona Tel: (928) 782-7427 PAGE 65

THE REDUCETARIAN SOLUTION: How the Surprisingly Simple Act of Reducing the Amount of Meat in Your Diet Can Transform Your Health and the Planet

Listen to Brian Kateman on Big Blend Radio!

Edited by Brian Kateman, with a Foreword by Mark Bittman Did you know that eating meat can contribute to global warming? A study conducted by the University of Minnesota calculated that eating more plant-based proteins could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 55%. In addition, eating less meat and more whole, plant-based foods is a key lifestyle habit that unites the people living to 100 and beyond in regions called Blue Zones, hotspots of longevity. So to save the planet and ourselves, should everyone become vegan? The solution needn’t be so black and white.

Click Here for the Buffalo Cauliflower Recipe by Pat Crocker! As featured in ‘The Reducetarian Solution’, it’s a tasty way to replace chicken wings!

In THE REDUCETARIAN SOLUTION, Brian Kateman introduces the term reducetarian as someone who is simply committed to eating less meat and who is proactively reducing their consumption. This new book is a compilation of more than seventy essays from thought leaders across many disciplines on the concept of reducetarianism, edited and curated by Kateman, co-founder of The Reducetarian Foundation, with a foreword by New York Timesbestselling author Mark Bittman. The essays focus on how our food choices affect our minds, bodies and the planet in profound ways. THE REDUCETARIAN SOLUTION also features forty easy and delicious vegan, vegetarian, and reduced-meat recipes from international awardwinning cookbook writer and renowned chef Pat Crocker. Becoming a reducetarian will help reduce both our chances of heart disease and also reduce our carbon footprint. All proceeds from the book’s sale are going to The Reducetarian Foundation. Learn more at


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PURE & SIMPLE A Natural Food Way of Life By Pascale Naessens, Belgian bestselling culinary author, former international model, and accomplished ceramic artist. In Pure & Simple, Pascale Naessens celebrates delicious meals, pleasure, and health with passion. Her method for staying happy, healthy and slim will help readers acquire new, conscious eating habits and freedom from carbohydrate addiction. With more than 60 recipes and a new up-to-date approach to eating, Pure & Simple creates a culinary movement. Naessens' approach is building a lifestyle that embraces only natural, unprocessed foods that will leave you satisfied and with more energy.

Listen to Pascale Naessens on Big Blend Radio!

She is well versed in a wide array of health practices, including tai chi and shiatsu massage. Naessens also is a qualified restaurateur.

At its core Pure & Simple focuses on food combinations, demystifying this nutritional philosophy by providing a simple food Pure & Simple shares delicious, simple recipes combining chart with a simple philosophy: with a romantic flair that are designed to be replace bread and potatoes with vegetables and shared with friends and family. More than a fruit at every meal. This is her only rule — cookbook, it is chock-full of the latest nutritional concentrated carbohydrates should not be eaten insights, helpful tips, and inspiration for healthy with concentrated protein. The basic series of eating. Mouthwatering recipes for appetizers, food combinations in her meals include meat or mains, and desserts make adopting this eating fish + vegetables, carbohydrates + vegetables, or style entirely uncomplicated. dairy + vegetables. And she doesn't fear fat. Pascale's very easy and simple recipes to Naessens emphasizes that what you eat is just as prepare are more satiating than the classic high important as how you eat; creating a pleasurable carb meals. eating experience is not only simple to achieve but something to savor as well. Naessens came to this realization after experiencing an eating disorder as a model, then delving into the world Click Here for Pascale Naessens’ of health and nutrition and soon becoming a Fluffy Blueberry Cake Recipe, as featured in qualified health consultant specializing in her book ‘Pure & Simple’! traditional Chinese medicine. PAGE 67

By Lisa D. Smith and Nancy J. Reid The 110-acre West Wetlands Park runs along the beautiful lower Colorado River, and is a wonderful year-round destination for bird watching, fishing, boating and kayaking, family gatherings and picnics, and nature walks that lead you through gardens and areas restored with local native trees, grasses, flowers and shrubs. Follow the paths through the Ed Pastor Hummingbird Garden and enjoy the vibrant scent of blossoming southwestern desert flora.

You’ll see fairy dusters, honeysuckle, bottlebrush, bird of paradise, chaste, and a variety of sage, yucca and cactus species, not to mention the spring and summer blooms from the mesquite, acacia, palo verde and desert willow trees who provide shade and shelter to the numerous birds that call the wetlands their home. Hummingbirds zoom all over the place in a territorial frenzy, while butterflies float along with the cool morning and late afternoon breezes. Continued on Next Page…

Enjoy our new Big Blend Video “60 Seconds of a #OneHourWalk in West Wetlands Park”


Garden Walk Continued… Look out for bunnies and lizards, as well as the abundant birdlife that range from vermillion flycatchers and warblers, to mockingbirds, woodpeckers, roadrunners, quail, thrashers, hawks, warblers and wading birds. Follow the path further to the Butterfly Garden that features all kinds of sage and flowering shrubs. Here you’ll see a statue honoring the Mormon Battalion, a nod to Yuma’s rich history of being the crossing grounds for a number of explorers and expeditions, including the Juan Bautista de Anza expedition from Mexico to San Francisco. Other highlights include a boat launch and the boat trailer parking area at Centennial Beach, a 15ft stocked fishing pond, picnic ramadas, the Stewart Vincent Wolfe Creative Playground – also known as Castle Park, Arizona Public Service Solar Demonstration Garden, as well as a myriad of walking trails that include a tree-shaded pathway along the banks of the Colorado River. As one stands amid the colorful flowers and lively birdlife, and soak in the views of the lush green spaces and the tranquil ripples of the Colorado River, it’s hard to believe this oasis was once the local landfill! A wonderful story of restoration and community beautification.


DON’T MISS THESE SUMMER EVENTS IN YUMA For up-to-date event information visit or see the Yuma Events Page on! July 4: 31st Annual Independence Day Flag Raising Ceremony: Yuma Armed Forces Park July 4: 4th of July All American BBQ & Fireworks Spectacular: Desert Sun Stadium! July 8: Full Moon Kayaking Trip: Tel: (928) 3735200 July 15: Girls Night Out: Historic Yuma Theatre, Tel: (928) 373-5202 Aug. 5: Sunrise Kayaking Trip: Tel: (928) 3735200. Aug. 18: Celebrate the Heat! Festival on Main Street. Tel: (928) 373-5028 Aug. 26: Party Expo! Yuma Civic Center. Tel: (928) 373-5040. Sept. 1-4: 2017 USA Softball Men’s Western Class E Slow Pitch National Championship: Pacific Avenue Athletic Complex. Tel: 928-373-5200. Oct. 7: YumaCon: Yuma Civic Center. Tel: (928) 373-5200. PAGE 70

Historic Coronado Motor Hotel Yuma's Destination Hotel Celebrating Over 75 Years of Tradition Where The Past Makes History

Ideal Location Close to Shopping, Restaurants, Attractions & Activities Over 120 Clean & Comfortable Guest Rooms Full Cooked Breakfast at Yuma Landing Bar & Grill Free Hi-Speed Internet & WiFi ~ Work Desk Flat Screen TV & DVD Player Fridge ~ Microwave ~ Coffee Maker Iron & Ironing Board ~ Hair Dryer ~ In-Room Safe Two Swimming Pools ~ 1 Fitness Center 2 Business Centers ~ Guest Laundry Facilities On-Site Meeting Room for up to 50 People. Free Parking for Cars, Boats, Buses, RVs & Trucks Group Rates & Government Per Diem Rates

233 4th Avenue, Yuma, AZ 85364 Toll Free: (877) 234-5567 Local: (928) 783-4453 Subscribe to our Captain’s log e-Newsletter for specials! PAGE 71

Take a Colorful #OneHourWalk through Fruit Trees & Flowers

A perfect place to enjoy a garden stroll, there is a 1.2 mile trail that is wheelchair accessible, and has benches for visitors to sit and relax in the By Lisa D. Smith and Nancy J. Reid flower-filled tranquility, and soak up the color of Located in Woodlake, in the heart of California’s all the vibrant blossoms. Along with all the Sequoia Country, Bravo Lake Botanical Garden is vegetation and its lakeside location, the Garden is a super spot for picnics, as well as bird and a gorgeous garden destination complete with a wildlife watching. backdrop of the picturesque Sierra Nevada mountain range. Open since 2003, Bravo Lake Botanical Garden got its start from Woodlake Pride, a volunteer From banana to avocado trees, berries to program started by Manuel Jimenez, and his wife grapevines, and sunflowers to zinnias, this 13Olga to get local youth to work on community acre garden features a wide variety of fruits, and beautification projects. vegetables and flowers – including over 3500 Continued on Next Page… roses! Watch the 60 Second Spotlight of a #OneHourWalk in Bravo Lake Botanical Garden video.


Bravo Lake Continued‌ The Garden is open during the summer from June through September, and admission is free. Just 10 miles from the communities of Exeter and Three Rivers, Bravo Lake Botanical Garden is located at 342 E. Naranjo Blvd., just east of Hwy 245, Woodlake, CA 93286. For hours and more information, call (559) 280-2483. Continued on Next Page‌


Don’t Miss These Summer Events in California’s Sequoia Country! From art exhibits to music festivals, fireworks to star parties, check out these upcoming Tulare County summer events. For up-to-date event and travel information, visit

Leah Launey, Innkeeper of Three Rivers B&B, talks with Big Blend Radio about Summer Fun in Three Rivers and Sequoia National Park. Blues, Brews & BBQ: July 5, Aug. 4, Sept. 8 in Downtown Visalia. Tel: (559) 334-0141 July 4: Exeter 4th of July & Fireworks Show: Tel: (559) 592-5262.

Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Alicia Embrey - Sequoia National Forest, Donnette Silva Carter – Sequoia Tourism Council & Tulare Chamber of Commerce, and Suzanne Bianco - Visalia Convention & Visitors Bureau, who discuss summer in Sequoia National Forest and Tulare County!

July 4: 4th of July Fireworks Extravaganza: Groppetti Stadium, Visalia. Tel: (559) 334-0141 July 8: Hot Dog Festival: Three Rivers Historical Society Museum. Tel: (559) 561-2707

July 21-23: 2017 Dark Sky Festival: Events hosted by Sequoia Parks Conservancy, Three Rivers and Sequoia & Kings Canyon National 1st Saturday Three Rivers Art Day: Enjoy a day Parks. of food, fun, and fabulous art in Three Rivers. Sept. 9: Visalia’s 2nd Annual Brew Fest: Downtown Visalia. Tel: (800) 524-0303 Movies in the Park: July 12, 19 and 26, in Exeter. Porterville Art Walk: 1st Friday, downtown Porterville. Tel: (559) 776-7675

Sept. 21: Waiter’s Race: Downtown Visalia. Tel: (800) 524-0303

th Music on Main Street: Fridays, Centennial Park, Sept. 22-24: 16 Annual Visalia Home Expo: Visalia Convention Center. Tel: (800) 700-7469 Porterville. Tel: (559) 784-7502 PAGE 74


Listen to Walker Well, Senior VP of Programs at Global Green, on Big Blend Radio!

Listen to Adam Roberts, the ‘Compassionate Conservationist’ on Big Blend Radio!



Global Green USA is a national leader in advancing smart solutions to climate change by creating transformative model projects and advancing new policies that build sustainable and resilient communities and affordable housing. Primarily focused on stemming global climate change by creating green buildings and cities, the organization helps local governments, schools, and public agencies integrate sustainable design, clean energy, and water reduction measures, and also helps people reduce waste, live better, and act more sustainably today–and in the future.

With the increase of urban sprawl, bird and wildlife habitats are diminishing across the country, creating a bigger need to create backyard habitats, where birds, insects and wildlife can not only survive, but thrive. This means we need to learn how to garden humanely by planting native plants, and also refrain from the use of harmful chemical-ridden fertilizers and pesticides.

Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Walker Wells, Senior VP of Programs at Global Green USA, who talks about the organization’s Green Urbanism Programs, creating sustainable neighborhoods and communities, and the various ways that cities and regions are addressing climate change.

Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Adam M. Roberts “The Compassionate Conservationist” who discusses the need for humans and wildlife to coexist and the importance of growing an environmentally sustainable garden that acts as a backyard oasis for birds and beneficial insects, as well as local wildlife like deer and raccoons.


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Greening the Homefront Continued… COMPOSTING TO REDUCE FOOD WASTE Over 34 million tons of food waste is generated in the US each year. Less than 5% of this food waste is currently recovered. A main project that Global Green USA is working on, is to bring food waste reduction and composting to multi-family dwellings. This model has been used in other cities, and involves people in the community signing up as “ecoambassadors” to help bring composting to their apartment buildings and support the program once it’s in place. Additionally, Global Green USA is looking to work with residents on food waste reduction education programs for any buildings where there is strong interest regardless of geography.

Watch the video and listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Matt de la Houssaye, Director of Global Green USA’s NYC Office and Coalition for Resource Recovery, who talks about Global Green USA’s Food Waste Recovery Programs, especially focusing on Compost! Please contact Global Green USA at if you live in an apartment building and you’re interested in serving as an “eco-ambassador” and to see if your building and property manager can serve as one of the pioneering leaders to start the program in your neighborhood.

Listen to Matt de la Houssaye, Director of Global Green USA’s NYC Office and Coalition for Resource Recovery,


One minute I was a very sane, controlled woman watching a parade. Then, before I knew it, I had joined the masses of men, women and children jumping up and down screaming for beads. Yes, beads! And oh, did I want them. As beads were tossed and thrown in spectacular fashion by the revelers on the floats, I eagerly grabbed these colorful strands. And when they dropped to the ground, I scrambled to scoop them up. I confess I became a bit competitive in my desire to acquire as many beads as possible. By the end of the parade, my neck was weighted down with necklaces of all hues and sizes. I wore them like a badge of honor. I had come to Mobile, Alabama to celebrate Mardi Gras.

Listen to Debbie Stone talk about Mardi Gras in Mobile, on Big Blend Radio! It may be a surprise for many folks to learn that it’s the city of Mobile, not New Orleans that has bragging rights when it comes to being the oldest annual Carnival festival in the U.S. And mind you, Mobilians take ownership of Mardi Gras very seriously. They consider it one of the three major seasons; the other two being football and hurricane.

Photo Above: The tiger is a famous float for the Mystic Stripers Society. PAGE 78

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Mobile, Alabama Continued…. We have Frenchman Nicholas Langlois to thank for bringing Mardi Gras to our country. The festival began as a French Catholic tradition back in 1703, when Mobile was the first capital of French Louisiana, fifteen years before New Orleans was founded. In Mobile, the holiday has now evolved into a multi-month season of celebrations that start in November and continue through the latter part of February. The final week of Mardi Gras is the biggest with the most elaborate and largest parades taking place the days leading up to the finale on Fat Tuesday. There are a total of thirtyseven parades and seventy-seven balls, one for each krewe or mystic society, that occur during the season.

Photo: Floats are elaborate constructions, often taking months of preparation to design and build. There are also open membership krewes that even welcome visitors. The societies typically operate under a business structure where members pay participation dues. Many of the newer societies actively recruit prospective members; whereas, some of the older orders have restricted membership with waiting lists. The oldest parading society in the city is the Order of Myths, founded in 1867, and known for its emblem consisting of “Folly” chasing “Death” around the broken pillar of life, a famous symbol of Mardi Gras in Mobile. Other notable mystic societies include the Knights of Revelry, Mystics of Time, Crewe of Columbus, Mystic Stripers Society and Infant Mystics. The Order of Polka Dots is the oldest and largest of the Mobile ladies’ societies.

Krewes are often made up of affiliated groups, and there’s a krewe for everyone, whether you’re male, female, married, single, black, white, gay, etc. PAGE 79

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Mobile, Alabama Continued… If the complex nature of the Carnival scene is a bit befuddling, stop in at the Mobile Carnival Museum for some clarity. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in the rich history and traditions of Mardi Gras and see firsthand the intricate designs and artistry of all the majestic crowns, scepters and robes of the royalty over the years. There are also videos of past parades and balls, along with historical photographs dating back to 1886. You can even experience a behind-the-mask view of the street party by climbing aboard a rocking float.

Vernadean, the fire breathing dragon, is a crowd favorite. The floats are typically multilevel, and sturdily built to withstand a good rocking by its riders. Some of Mobile’s most famous floats are the Mystics of Time’s Vernadean, a giant, rolling, fire and smoke-breathing dragon; the Crewe of Columbus’ three ships - the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria; and Mystic Stripers Society’s ferocious Tiger and sleek Zebra.

Floats are well-equipped with “throws,” or small gifts, that riders toss to the eager masses. Plastic beads are the most popular, followed by In Mobile, perhaps unlike New Orleans, Mardi Moonpies, individually wrapped snacks Gras is all about family. consisting of two round graham cracker cookies with marshmallow filling in the center, dipped in Locals view Carnival as a time of family traditions a flavored coating. The confection is often and you’ll see many parents with their young associated with the American South, where they children gathered along the parade routes in are traditionally accompanied by an RC Cola. downtown. People line the streets hours in During Mardi Gras, 3.1 million Moonpies and 51 advance to stake out their spots. You’ll know million strands of beads are used as throws. when the festivities are about to begin because Other items include doubloon coins, decorated the noise level in the crowd ratchets way up in plastic cups, stuffed animals, Frisbees, foam volume, as the police take their positions. Then footballs, whistles and assorted small toys. Most you’ll hear the music getting louder and it’s treasured and sought after among revelers are lights, cameras, action! the limited edition doubloon coins and the Floats follow one after another, interspersed by larger, more elaborate bead necklaces with high school marching bands and dance teams. figures of animals, people or other objects. Each float is preceded by a sign with its name. Continued on Next Page… PAGE 80

Moonpies and RC Cola are traditionally associated with the American South. Mobile, Alabama Continued… About 1.7 million people of all ages watch the parades each year, which includes nearly 800,000 visitors who flock to the city to take part in the festivities. As a visitor, you can participate in Carnival in a number of ways, outside of being a bystander. Le Crewe de Bienville, for example, will let you ride in their float during the parade or attend their ball, for a fee. Balls are formal affairs, often with thousands of attendees. The dress code for invitees is formal: long gowns (floor or ankle length) for women and white tie and tails for men. Members typically wear costumes and masks, allowing them to celebrate with abandon. Some of the societies still protect the identities of their members in this fashion. Additionally, each society has some type of royalty, either a king or queen or a leading lady, selected for their dedication and time given to the society by their family over the years.

Chief Slac poses before getting ready to lead the People’s Parade. This society’s royalty is Father Time and his Queen (an unmarried female relative of Father Time), who hold court throughout the event. There’s music, dancing, processions and food and drinks galore, with attendees in their fancy duds making merry until the wee hours of the morning. Visitors can also watch the coronation of a king and queen. The Mobile Area Mardi Gras Association (MAMGA), the carnival body for the African American community, has its own royalty. The coronation is open to the public, and it’s a beautiful, respectful event comprised of decades-old societies who love their traditions.

I was privy to being invited to the Mystics of Time’s ball, one of the largest of its kind, which was held at the Mobile Civic Center. It was a night to remember with much pomp and circumstance, including a full bagpipe assembly. PAGE 81

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Mobile, Alabama Continued… For those who want to walk in a parade, locals and visitors alike, there’s the People’s Parade. Held on Joe Cain Day, the Sunday before Fat Tuesday, the People’s Parade is for everyone and there are no private mystic societies or Royal Courts involved. Joe Cain is credited with resurrecting the parade tradition in Mobile following the end of the Civil War. He is said to have paraded through the streets of Mobile, dressed in costume depicting a fictional Chickasaw chief named Slacabamorinico. Story has it the choice was meant to be an insult to the Union forces in that the Chickasaw tribe had never been defeated in war. Six other confederate veterans joined Cain as he rode in a decorated coal wagon. Today, the man who portrays “Chief Slac” on Joe Cain Day is historian and pastor, Bennett Wayne Dean Sr. He recently celebrated his thirty-second year in this role.

Each of the widows has a make-believe name inscribed on a nameplate atop her veil. The women stay in character all day long. Their identities are the best-kept secret of the Carnival season. As Mobile’s great Excelsior Band plays “funeral” jazz, the widows scream at one another, accusing each other of killing Joe by all sorts of bizarre methods. Before long, they start tossing their beads and black roses to the crowds who are planted on and beyond the walls of the graveyard. Then they board their bus again and head to Cain’s original home, where here, for decades, each owner of the home has invited the ladies in for cocktails. Throngs of onlookers crowd the street to get a glimpse of the women and to try and catch their throws, which are among the most coveted of Carnival. When the People’s Parade begins midafternoon, Chief Slac and the widows will be there, along with another group of women, the Merry Mistresses of Joe Cain. They, too, are attired in 19th century funeral clothing with heavy veiling, but their dresses are cut to just above the knee and they are clad head to toe in fire-engine red. They carry dozens of red roses, which they toss to the expectant crowds. The widows and mistresses will occasionally get into it with one another, staging catfights and various forms of street theater to the delight of onlookers. A slew of floats follow that have been created by school and church groups, local businesses, friends and families.

Leading up to the People’s Parade are a few other unique events that occur on this day, beginning with the arrival of Joe Cain’s Merry Widows at the Church Street Graveyard. The widows are transported via bus, and are accompanied by their chosen male escorts, who are dressed in white tie and tails. The women, garbed in full 19th century black funeral attire with full black veils, proceed through the gated entrance to Cain’s gravesite while wailing and faking fainting spells. PAGE 82

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Panini Pete’s beignets are heavenly!

Mr. Willie Brown is a fixture at Wintzell’s Oyster House, where he has made shucking oysters an art.

Mobile, Alabama Continued… The parade lasts all afternoon due to is massive size. Marching in it is an experience that everyone should have once in their lives. Who would have known that tossing strands of plastic beads and Moonpies at the frenzied multitudes would give me such joy and exhilaration? The only downside was that I didn’t pace myself, which meant that halfway through the parade I’d run out of throws! Lesson learned. All of this festival activity will work up an appetite. Not to worry. Mobile has got you covered when it comes to food. There are so many great restaurants and cafes to choose from, and of course, plenty of watering holes to quench your thirst and enjoy some live music in the evenings. The culinary scene ranges from downhome Southern style cooking to finger lickin’ BBQ and fresh seafood prepared in all manner of ways.

Moonpie banana pudding at Spot of Tea is a dish meant to be shared! Some of my favorites include Mama’s with its soul food specialties like fried green tomatoes, red beans and rice, black-eyed peas and crawfish; the Blind Mule with its award-winning shrimp and grits; Kitchen on George with its tempura-battered fried okra and its famed bacon, lettuce and fried green tomato sandwich; and oysters served “fried, stewed and nude” at Wintzell’s Oyster House. Nearly 10,000 oysters are shucked and enjoyed each week at this restaurant’s flagship location on Dauphin Street; many, by longtime employee Willie Brown, who has been at the job for fortysix years and made shucking an art. Continued on Next Page…


The Bragg Mitchell Mansion is one of the most photographed historic homes in Mobile.

Each dish is a work of art at Dauphin’s. Mobile, Alabama Continued… Forget cereal when it comes to breakfast. This is a meal that Southerners take very seriously. You’ll want to snag a table at Spot of Tea, where you’ll waddle out after eating the Eggs Cathedral and Bananas Foster French Toast. Another must is Panini Pete’s, which has, hands down, the best beignets ever! Pete’s version involve a wet process as opposed to dry (the New Orleans style), and he recommends serving them right from the oven with a squeeze of lemon on top. They’re melt-in-the-mouth heavenly! And although I don’t normally have dessert for breakfast, I made an exception at Cream and Sugar in order to try the homemade cake balls with such special Mardi Gras flavors like Banana Moonpie, Joe Cain’s Red Velvet and Krewe de Key Lime. When you want to have a “sky’s the limit” dining experience, get dressed to impress and head up to Dauphin’s, one of Mobile’s top restaurants. From the 34th floor of the restored Trustmark Bank Building, Dauphin’s has the highest waterfront view anywhere from Texas to the Florida Everglades. The panoramic vista almost upstages the restaurant’s remarkable menu. Described as “classic coastal cuisine with hints of Caribbean and Creole soul,” Dauphin’s focus is locally-sourced products and foods.

Executive Chef/Partner Steve Zucker takes pride in preparing innovative dishes as Gumbo Z’herb, one of “Alabama’s 100 Dishes to Eat Before You Die,” marinated Ono Island tuna, crawfish and crabmeat cakes and pecan-crusted fish of the day. Save room for Leslie’s Passion, a tableside flambé of assorted berries in a Chambord Grand Marnier sauce over vanilla ice cream. Mobile is also home to several noted historic properties. If you get a chance, visit a few for a glimpse of life in the Old South. The stately Bragg-Mitchell Mansion is a lovely example of Greek Revival architecture and one of the most photographed buildings in the city. Canopied by a grove of ancient oaks and furnished with fine antiques and crystal chandeliers, the house reminds guests of a time when gracious hospitality was a way of life. The Oakleigh House is another one of Mobile’s oldest and grandest homes. A tour of this plantation’s authentic period rooms takes you back in time through many of the events that took place during the city’s often turbulent history, from King Cotton days and urban slavery to the railroad expansion, deadly epidemics, the Civil War and emancipation. Continued on Next Page…


Crowds gather early along the parade route in front of Mobile’s historical Battle House Hotel. Mobile, Alabama Continued… You can even bunk down in an historic hotel during your stay. The Battle House has been the center of Mobile’s Mardi Gras festivities since opening in 1852. It was established on the site of Andrew Jackson’s military headquarters back in the War of 1812. Tents and barracks were eventually replaced with luxury accommodations. The property has been graced by American presidents, Mobile debutantes and titans of industry for decades. Today, it offers all the amenities, including a world-class spa, rooftop pool, fine and casual dining options and more. Plus, the prime downtown location is a plus. Look for Mr. George, the hotel’s historian. He’ll gladly bend your ear with some wonderful stories.

It’s just a short drive to the charming enclave of Fairhope, which also boasts its own Mardi Gras festivities, including a parade of a women’s only krewe, the Order of the Mystic Magnolias. Though not on the grand scale of those in Mobile, this parade is a shining example of small town spirit in the South. While you’re in the area, experience coastal Alabama by taking an eco-boat tour of the Mobile Tensaw Delta at Five Rivers with WildNative. This delta is considered America’s Amazon with its number one rating in aquatic biodiversity in the nation. During your naturalistled excursion, you’ll have the opportunity to spy osprey, pelican, heron, egret, cormorant and a number of the other hundreds of species of birds that the region attracts. And if you’re lucky, a gator or two will make an appearance. Continued on Next Page…


The community of Fairhope celebrates Mardi Gras with small town spirit. It’s “flip-flop dining” brought to you by the talented Chef Chris Sherrill, who will wow you with his Greek Shrimp Nachos, Chicken Pontchartrain, Blackened Gulf Grouper and Sesame-Soy Braised Turnip Greens with Seared Mobile Delta Duck Breast, among other tasty dishes. For dessert, order the Beignet Fries with Chocolate Ganache. It’s impossible to eat just one!

You can buy all things Mardi Gras on every street corner. Mobile, Alabama Continued… Then make your way to Gulf Shores to get your beach fix. With thirty-two miles of sugary white sand beaches, there’s plenty of space to stroll along this town’s picturesque coastline and collect seashells or stretch out and bask in the sun. Grab a bite and a libation at LuLu’s, where you’ll probably see vivacious owner Lucy Buffett, sister of noted musician Jimmy Buffett, greeting diners. The family-friendly place is known for great margaritas and its extensive allergy menu, as well as daily live music. During Mardi Gras, it’s the best spot to watch the town’s boat parade….and collect more beads! Continue along the waterfront to the Flora-Bama Yacht Club, an open air restaurant in Perdido Key. This Gulf Coast establishment offers a chefto-table experience in an upscale roadhouse environment.

End the night across the street at the FloraBama, one of the last great roadhouses in the country. Started as a home straddling the Alabama-Florida line, when the Alabama side was dry and the Florida side wet, the enterprising owners would sell booze out of the window on the Florida side. Over the years, the place has expanded and become a happening juke joint where you can make merry and dance on the beach to live music. If you go, visit these websites:,, and

Deborah Stone is a travel and lifestyle writer, who explores the globe in search of unique destinations and experiences to share with her readers. She’s an avid adventurer who welcomes new opportunities to increase awareness and enthusiasm for travel and crosscultural connections. Her travels have taken her to all seven continents, over 65 countries and 45 U.S. states.


Boats get into the Carnival scene during the boat parade in Gulf Shores.

Boogie down at the Flora-Bama, one of the last great roadhouses in the country.


Celebrate the area’s vibrant blend of French, Spanish, African, Native American and Creole cultures; and explore the downtown Natchitoches National Historic Landmark District, Cane River Creole National Historical Park, Cane River National Heritage Area, and more! To learn The Cane River National Heritage Area more about the area and to plan your encompasses the charming downtown Natchitoches National Historic Landmark District, Natchitoches getaway, visit Cane River Creole National Historical Park, Melrose Plantation, as well as the Cane River National Heritage Trail, a Louisiana Scenic Byway which runs along Cane River Lake and links to the Isle Brevelle Trail and El Camino Real de los Tejas National Historic Trail, with Longleaf Trail and Kisatchie National Forest on the outskirts. Founded in 1714 by Louis Juchereau de St. Denis, Natchitoches (pronounced Nack-a-tish) is Louisiana’s original French Colony and oldest city in the state.

The downtown National Historic Landmark District runs along the banks of Cane River Lake, and features historic sites and buildings, museums, art galleries, specialty boutique shops, restaurants and Bed & Breakfast Inns. Of movie history interest, Robert Harling grew up in Natchitoches, and lost his sister to diabetes in 1985. He turned that experience into the iconic stage play ‘Steel Magnolias’. The 1989 film adaption directed by Herbert Ross was filmed in and around Natchitoches.


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South of Reno and east of Yosemite National Park, Yerington is located in western Nevada, just off the Pony Express National Historic Trail and California National Historic Trail. Two must-see local sites on these historic trails include Fort Churchill State Historic Park which was built as a U.S. Army fort in 1861, and historic Buckland Station, which was once a supply center and boarding house.

The surrounding Mason Valley and Smith Valley areas are beautiful with lush farm lands that stretch out to natural areas complete with rugged high desert hillsides and desert shrub lands, wetland ponds and meadows active with birdlife, and wind carved canyons that dip down to cool running waters. Home to Mason Valley Wildlife Management Area, Walker River, Walker Lake and Wilson Canyon, the greater Yerington region is a nature lover, birder, geocacher and outdoor enthusiast’s paradise!

Yerington’s historic downtown district is charming with shops, restaurants and casinos, and is home to the Yerington Theatre for the Arts and Lyon County Museum.

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The Bakery Gallery Popular destination offering a delicious variety of cakes, pies, cookies, cupcakes, muffins, Danish pastries, coffee cakes, biscotti, chocolate truffles, desserts, and breads. They serve coffee and espresso and pre-fixe to-go dinners. 215 W. Goldfield Ave., Yerington, NV 89447 Tel: (775) 463-4070,


In England, we are so lucky. None of us are very far from the sea. My friend Vicky, who lives in Leicester (pronounced Lester), is slap bang in the middle of England and yet, she is only a couple of hours from the beach. I am in a very fortunate place, in the centre of Norfolk and I have a choice of many beaches within 45 minutes from my home.

The coast of East Anglia has extremely diverse natural habitats, from marshlands, cliffs, rocks, pebbles, golden sands, mudflats and even some areas which are man-made harbours. Our wildlife reflects this and many of our reserves are some of the most popular places for avid birders and nature lovers to visit all year long. We have many very rare species and the area is a haven for migrating birds.

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Nature is amazing but there are many other attractions around our coast. As the sea was always the most important way to transport goods and people, we have ancient sites all around us. From Bronze Age Forts, Roman Towns, Medieval Churches, Fishing Villages, Ports and many other important places to visit. To It isn’t just birds which find our coast attractive, walk along a Roman road, standing in a Saxon whales have been spotted here too and we often graveyard or standing beside a Medieval ruin have sperm whales beaching themselves when while looking out to sea has a great connection they get off course. A very popular sight in the to the past and the present. One of the most winter, are the seals. We went to see the pups amazing things, is to stand on a pebble beach, and they are amazing. We were wrapped up with the tide coming in. The noise of the water against the cold and yet, there they were, laying rolling the pebbles up and down the shore has to around on the sand and swimming around in the be heard to be believed. freezing cold! Thank God for blubber! Continued on Next PAGE 92

Coastal Norfolk Continued‌ A few years ago, an almost complete skeleton of a mammoth was discovered in the cliffs near Cromer. Very recently, the earliest preserved human footprints outside of Africa, were discovered in Happisburgh (pronounced Haysburra) and they were dated to between 850,000 and 950,000 years old. One can imagine that people have stood there, in awe of the strength of nature for thousands of years and that we, with all of our progress, are still at the mercy of the wind and water, does tend to put mankind in its place! Glynn Burrows is the owner of Norfolk Tours in England. For help or advice about tracing your family history, or if you are thinking about taking a vacation to England visit


Standing amidst the bustle of St. Pancras Station puts you in the pulsating heart of London. Throngs hustle their way from train to work or onwards towards the Eurostar to propel their way beneath the channel to Paris. Heads are down, thumbs and fingers dashing madly over tiny keyboards, they’re oblivious to this awe-inspiring Victorian behemoth that once echoed the progress of a great multi-continent empire. Continued on Next Page…

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Sculpture on the Pier

Tombstone from the 1700s

It’s hard to imagine that a short, 90 minute highspeed train ride can transport you to a world where modern England seems to have taken a bit of a break, but still kept up in the nicest way conceivable.

Victorian Architecture

Deal, UK Continued…

Where you might swill a pint in a 18th century public house or sip your way through a selection of organic wines at an upscale, yet cozy wine bar. Or have a ‘full English’ for breakfast and new-age English farm to table cuisine for dinner.

Deal, is such a place. Located on the Kentish coast, with the English Channel lapping upon its shingle stone beaches, Deal is a mere 8 miles northeast of the famous and historic port of Dover and 25 miles from France. But this seemingly quiet town has a captivating history of its own, complete with a Roman emperor, Tudor kings, as well as heroes and villains of the seafaring kind.

The area’s first famous visitor was none other than Julius Caesar, who landed just south of the town in 55 AD. Deal is mentioned in the Doomsday Book of 1086 and was chosen as a ‘limb’ of the ‘Cinque Ports’ – a group of five towns and their environs, located along the coasts of Kent and Sussex, established in 1155, (Deal was added in 1278). Located close to France, these areas were given generous freedoms and were allowed to import goods without duty in exchange for defending the coastline and supplying the Crown with men and ships when called upon. Henry VIII built a fortress here, in the shape of Tudor Rose, to defend the realm from the threats across the Channel.


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Fishing Boats

Deal, UK Continued…

The story of Deal is indelibly linked with the sea. Six miles off the coast lies the infamous ‘Goodwin Sands’, a natural sandbar 10 miles long and 4 miles wide. When the tide is low, it afforded ships a safe anchorage while they waited for favorable winds to continue their journeys through the narrow shipping lanes to Dover or up the coast to the Thames Estuary and on to London. When the waters of the channel rose, that same haven became a quagmire and the graveyard of over 2000 shipwrecks. The Goodwin Sands also fostered institutions that forged the town’s identity: the Royal and Merchant Navies and the Deal Boatmen. The Sands proved to be a perfect wartime shelter for the Navy and by 1672 a Naval supply yard was established. Deal prospered as it became the launching point for supplies and ships during the French Revolution (1789-99), and the Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815), and hosted such famous names as Lord Nelson (and of course Lady Hamilton) and in 1771 welcomed home Captain James Cook upon return from his first voyage to Australia.

Crab Traps and Fishing Shacks Some viewed the Deal Boatmen as heroes of the sea while others thought them reprobates, thieves and cons. Essentially, they performed a variety of much needed tasks such as ferrying sailors to and from their ships anchored on the sands, and rescuing those shipwrecked. They also salvaged cargo and equipment from those ships, registering it with the local Salvage Commission and insurance companies. There was, however, a less ‘valiant’ side. Continued on Next Page…


Green Grocers on High Street

Deal, UK Continued…

In the 18th century, Deal was considered seedy and notorious.

Narrow streets

The dark, narrow streets of the village were built right up to the shore line – a winding warren of small courtyards and hidden passages, perfect for smuggling. Many boatmen would stash treasures like tobacco, spirits, tea, lace or silks in their hats, boots or specially designed trousers. More elaborate schemes would land boats on the beach in the cover of night, spiriting their ‘booty’ away through a labyrinth of tunnels and underground hiding spots. By 1815, Deal was in a downturn. The boom years of war were over and steamships had replaced the sail. Charles Dickens attended the dedication of the new Railway Station in 1847. The Boatmen’s services were no longer in such high demand and by 1861 the Navy was all but gone. The dilapidated remnants of the Naval Yard were demolished in 1864 to make way for modern Victorian homes and hotels. Deal was to be promoted as a tourist getaway from the noise and stale air of the big city. Where once derelict smuggler’s shacks lined the seafront, a new wide street and fashionable ‘promenade’ appeared.

After WWII, many of the Georgian buildings in the original town were slated for demolition, deemed slums and a health hazard. Well-known local figures such as playwright/composer Noel Coward (who lived in nearby St. Margaret’s at Cliffe), classical composer John Ireland, journalist Nathaniel Gubbins, joined with preservationists to launch a successful campaign to save these outstanding examples of a bygone age. Deal’s history was to be respected and the Deal Preservation Society was formed. The next challenge came during the ‘modernization’ movement of the 1960s when the government, once again, thought the people of Deal should demolish the old and adopt a shiny new civic center complete with housing towers. The citizens protested and won, Middle Street and its surrounding lanes became the very first conservation area in Kent.


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The Port of Arms Deal, UK Continued… Many of these Georgian era cottages are being lovingly restored, by Londoners, as summer homes. New shops and restaurants, wine bars and galleries are joining the ranks of the local ‘chippy’ and classic pubs. Music is almost as integral to Deal as the sea and you’ll find it everywhere. Many artists live or visit, finding the anonymity, character and tranquility of the town an inspiration. Chances are, you’ll feel the same.

Music lovers can enjoy an espresso or a pint while perusing the ever-changing vinyl selection at ‘Smugglers Records’ – also a great place to learn more about the local music scene and the ‘Canterbury Sound.’ Continued on Next Page…

See and Do: Deal is small which makes it perfect for wandering. Beach Street will take you along the seafront past an array of Georgian and Victorian architecture. Deal Pier will be 60 this year so celebrate by walking all 1026 feet of the last fully intact leisure pier in Kent. There’s a charming restaurant, ‘Jasins’, waiting for you at the end. Enjoy a cuppa with your ‘Full English’ and, if the weather’s clear, you just might see France. You’ll find small boutiques, restaurants and grocers on the High Street, voted best in Britain by the readers of The Daily Telegraph in 2013. Follow the ‘Blue Plaque Trail” (booklet online) to discover some of Deal’s notable residents or stroll aimlessly down Middle Street and soak in the history. Revel in Tudor history when visiting Original doors including an antique,'pull chain' Deal Castle. doorbell PAGE 98

The Ship Inn Deal, UK Continued… Eat & Drink: If you want to visit every pub in town, plan an extended visit for there are many. ‘The Lighthouse’ is a hip, music driven venue, ‘The Saracen’s Head’ exudes neighborhood Victoriana and the ‘Ship’, in the heart of Middle Street (circa 1764) is a classic Free House. Ask them about their ‘Happy Half Hour’. Deal Castle Wine is well represented at the cozy ‘De Bär’, always lively ‘Bloody Mary’s’ and Le Pinardier’ (French for wine merchant) where you can choose organic vino by the glass or bottle, grab a seat at one of the long tables, listen to music and make new friends. When you’re hungry, try the catch of the day at ‘Middle Street Fish Bar’ or, if you fancy a curry, follow your nose down the road to Malaad Tandori. Treat yourself to classic British cuisine that’s fresh and modern – not a mushy veg in sight - at ‘The Frog and Scott’, ‘Victuals & Co’ or ‘The Bohemian’. And if you crave a late night snack ‘Dial a Pizza’ is there for you. Where to stay: Be like Lord Nelson and enjoy the seaside accommodation of the Royal Hotel or check out the many AirBnB options and live like a local.

Hilarie Larson’s passion for wine began in the 1970’s while in the European hospitality industry. In 2003 she began her wine career in earnest in her native British Columbia, Canada, working at several Okanagan Valley wineries. Along the way, she acquired her certificate from the Court of Master Sommelier, worked for an international wine broker and as ‘Resident Sommelier’ for wineries in Washington State and California. Hilarie’s greatest joy is spreading the gospel of wine, food and travel. In addition to her own blogs at, she contributes articles to a number of online publications. She was honored to be awarded the 2013 Emerging Writer Scholarship from the International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association, for whom she is now the Administrative Director.


Although I do not remember my first trip, I was told it was on a TWA Airlines transcontinental flight in the late 1950’s from New Jersey to sunny Southern California. This was a time known as the Golden Age of Flying, where passengers actually dressed up for a flight. I likely was dressed in pajamas. This was my family’s first multi-generational trip, with my parents, siblings, and grandmother joining me on the plane.

Throughout my childhood, memories of family trips always included several layers of my family. As I started my own family, our family trips still include my parents (who are now grandparents), and with my husband and kids in tow, the multigenerational travel tradition continues. My family finds numerous benefits of multigenerational travel, most importantly being able to collectively spend quality time together. Whether it was road tripping to the Great Salt Lake in Utah, where we all bobbed and floated together in the salty lake, snorkeling in the cool clear waters of Lover’s Cove in Catalina, or cruising to Alaska and ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ together as we caught our first glance of the calving of a glacier; the experiences with parents and grandparents are forever deposited in the memory banks of my family.

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Multigenerational travel is generally described as three or more generations traveling together, including grandparents/parents, living-at-home or grown children, and grand or great grandchildren. More recently, extended family, including aunts/uncles, cousins and nieces/nephews are added to this mix. On my family’s last trip together, a cruise to Alaska, there were 16 multigenerational family members, from three family units!

There are often challenges in planning a multigenerational trip including selecting a destination and date family members will agree on, creating an itinerary that will ensure everyone has a great time and making sure everyone gets along before and during the trip! These are lofty goals for a family, for sure! Continued on Next Page… PAGE 100

Creating Family Memories Continued… Resources to help with multigenerational travel include Travel Specialists and Destination Management Organizations who are tapping into where traveling families are visiting. The top five destinations for multi-generational travel, according to Luxury Travel Advisor Trends and Recommendations for 2017 are Europe, Canada, Mexico, Florida (specifically Orlando theme parks including Walt Disney World and Universal City), and Hawaii. Regardless of where you choose to take a family trip, careful planning is the key to a successful multigenerational travel experience. Here are 5 tips to consider when planning family travel:

Additional considerations to explore include the cost, level of activity and adventure that will be included in the trip. Give kids of all ages a chance to chime in the discussion. A recent HomeAway Kidfluencer Survey found “Kidfluence” is a major trend with over 87% of parents in the U.S. and Europe giving kids a say in family vacation destination planning. Get ready for the Millennials and Gen Z’s opinions, as these generations are expert researchers and communicators, both on and offline!!

3. Select a variety of activities for the varied generations. Depending on the type and location of family 1. Select a family member to plan the trip. travel, there should be varying activities the One night over a holiday dinner, my dad casually family can enjoy together. Not everyone should mentioned his interest in a family cruise. It didn’t be expected to partake in every activity, and take long to narrow the conversation to several having a selection available during the family trip locations and dates. Asking family members is a good idea in order for most of the family to where they have the interest to go and when enjoy some time together. Consider the span of they are available is as important as designating ages represented on a family trip when planning a family member to be the family trip planner activities, and realize not everyone will be able to (often this is the individual who will pay for the participate. trip), as it is easier to have a single point of contact for trip planning. There are various online resources, and a simple Google search will net numerous sites that will Getting upfront buy-in from everyone and help in the planning. Travel Specialists who allowing all family voices to be heard helps to understand the type of family travel you are create a consensus on the family trip. planning are wonderful sources of information for vacation activities. Continued on Next Page… PAGE 101

Creating Family Memories Continued…

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2. Consider mobility and other aging issues. A recent trip with my then 90-year old dad on a Pacific Coast cruise reinforced the consideration of the type of future trips our family would take together after rough seas created mobility issues for my dad navigating through the ship’s hallways. Although it was too late for the cruise we were on, we found out we could have rented a scooter through the cruise line prior to our departure. Families should also consider the ease of travel to get to the vacation location, as elderly grandparents or family members with young children may find airport travel too cumbersome and difficult. If it is necessary to fly to the destination, ensure there is a non-stop flight option available and wheelchair assistance at the boarding area on both departure and arrival. Consider the type of lodging the family will use on the trip. If a timeshare or Airbnb is being considered, verify there are first floor bedrooms and bathrooms available for family with mobility issues. PAGE 102

Creating Family Memories Continued… 4. Communicate financial expectations. It is not always easy to discuss the topic of money with others, especially with family. Yet, in combination with deciding where to go on a family vacation, the cost of what will be covered and the individual family member’s financial responsibility should be discussed in the early part of the decision process. Today, it is more often a grandparent or parent who is picking up the bulk of family travel costs, yet this is not always the case, so a frank and transparent discussion of who will pay for what on the trip is absolutely necessary. Often there are additional travel expenses, even if a specific family member is paying for the majority of the trip. Airfare, transfers, taxi/Uber, hotel incidentals, meals, daily excursions; all of these items can add up and it’s important to consider everyone’s financial situation, given there could be family members who will want to participate, but who have limited funds. Plan plenty of lead time to provide for each family member the opportunity to budget appropriately. If airline travel is required for a trip, make sure to give eight months to a year lead time for family members to budget their contribution for the trip. Continued on Next Page… PAGE 103

Look for a Travel Specialist who deals primarily in family gatherings, and ask for suggestions on the various alternatives for family travel. Keep an 5. Ensure plenty of advance planning time. Armed with suggestions from family members of open mind to a trip that the entire family can where the next trip should be is a good start, but enjoy. Examples include cruises, dude ranches, RV/camping, theme parks, adventure tours, then the real work begins by the family planner to pull the trip together. Often, this is a daunting international destinations, and national parks. task, requiring advance planning time and help Your family may not remember all of the trip from a qualified and knowledgeable travel planning and arranging, but eventually they will expert. come to understand the immense value of a multigenerational family trip. Isn’t it time to According to a recent Roger Brooks International deposit a travel experience in your family’s Study, “Travel agencies are tailoring tourism to the needs of families traveling with younger and memory bank? older relatives, given multigenerational travel Jan M. Smith has been involved in the hospitality, trends.” It makes perfect sense to use a Travel travel, tourism, and destination management Specialist versus trying to plan a family trip on industry for over thirty years. Her career has offered your own. the opportunity to experience and objectively The outcome is generally better in the end, from evaluate and write about travel regions, lodging, a cost and time perspective, as the family may be dining, and winery properties. Jan is an enthusiastic traveler who has the opportunity to visit able to obtain group rates through a Travel international and regional areas, and believes Specialist and tap into their knowledge of the region the family is interested in visiting. Using a travel is a never-ending source of inspiration through the people, culture, food, and wine specialist will make the family planner’s job encountered, and is a great story waiting to be easier, as a specialist will likely have experience written. Jan is member of the International Food, managing family travel, often including the Wine and Travel Writers Association. See her articles logistics involved in gathering multiple families at coming from various locations. Creating Family Travel Continued…

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TRAVELIN’ LIGHT Two Innovative Travel Must-Haves for Folks On-The-Go Compiled by Lisa D. Smith and Nancy J. Reid Whether you’re on a global adventure, a summer backpacking trip, or catching a plane across the country for an important business meeting, traveling light is essential to having a less stressful journey. We’ve found two innovative must-haves to help you get around without lugging that heavy jacket, or those bulging bottles of personal care products. MiiSTS Ultra Slim Personal Care Sprays From lens cleaner to a natural hand sanitizer, rose water facial spray, stain remover spray and even SPF50 sunscreen, MiiSTS are ultra-slim personal care sprays that are in a true travel size. They’re so slim, they’ll fit in your back pocket! Perfect for parents, outdoor enthusiasts and road warriors, MiiSTS are American made using natural ingredients, and the spray bottle is recyclable once you remove the pump.

Sprigs®’ JakRak™ Hands-Free Coat Carrier Whether you’re exploring New York City or hiking Rocky Mountain National Park, JakRak™ is the ingenious hands-free solution to lugging your coat or jacket around. It’s made up of a slick system of adjustable cords and sturdy clips that fit comfortably over your shoulders (or even just one shoulder), and can even be hidden inside your jacket. From leather jackets to parkas, JakRak™ can carry a variety of jacket sizes, styles and weights, and is available in various colors.

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UNPAID SICK LEAVE Many state laws and the federal law require unpaid sick leave for qualifying employees who work for covered employers. The main federal sick leave law is The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). It requires employers who have 50 or more employees within a 75-mile radius to provide employees with unpaid sick leave who have worked at least 1250 hours in the preceding 12 months and have worked for at least 12 months for the employer. The employer must also have 50 or more employees working each work day during 20 weeks in the present or preceding year. A qualifying employee may take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave during a work year for a “serious health condition”, serious health condition of a family member, birth and bonding of/with a child, or placement of a foster child. Family member is defined as parent, spouse, or child. California has a similar unpaid sick leave law called the California Family Rights Act (CFRA). The qualifications for covered employers and eligible employees are the same as the FMLA. It bestows some additional rights and has broader definitions of use in some cases. California and other states have other leave laws too but most are not strictly related to sick leave. Those laws generally cover other reasons for unpaid leave from work.

Listen to Ward Heinrichs discuss Sick Leave Laws on Big Blend Radio! PAID SICK LEAVE Paid sick leave is a new trend in the United States. The U.S. has no comprehensive, federally mandated, paid sick leave law covering employees. However, in 2015, President Obama signed an order giving employees of government contractors up to seven days of paid sick leave. On the other hand, some states and Cities now require mandatory paid sick leave.

Connecticut, Vermont, Illinois, Massachusetts, and California have paid sick leave laws. California has the most employee friendly law. In addition, many cities outside of those states require paid sick leave, such as, Washington D.C., Seattle, Portland, New York City, Philadelphia, several New Jersey cities, etc. Some cities within California, such as San Diego, have even more generous paid sick leave than the state law. Continued on Next Page… PAGE 108

Sick Leave Continued… California Virtually all employers must give employees who work for them in California paid sick leave, if the employee has worked at least 30 days within the employment year. The sick leave accrues at the rate of 1 hour for every 30 hours worked. The employer may provide only 24 hours (3 days) of sick leave per year if the employer offers its employees 3 sick days at the beginning of the employment year and allows newly hired employees to use all 24 hours after 120 days of employment. Otherwise, employees may accumulate up to 6 days of sick leave per year, but employers may limit the use of sick leave to only 3 days per year. In that case, any unused balance may be carried over to the next year. Employees can begin to use accrued sick leave after 90 days of employment. Employers must keep track of paid sick leave accumulation and use on wage statements or separate sick leave statements and must keep the records that track the accumulation and use of sick leave for a period of 3 years. However, if an employer elects to give 3 days of sick leave at First, employers may limit the maximum the beginning of the year, the employee need not track accumulation of paid sick leave, only an accumulated paid sick leave to 80 hours (10 days). Second, employers may cap the amount employee’s use of it. of accrued sick leave that its employees may use Sick leave may be used for an employee’s health to 40 hours (5 days) per year, but unused sick leave will carry over to the next year. condition or for the health condition of a family member of an employee. An employee may also Alternatively, employers may give 40 hours of sick leave each year and unused amounts will use it for preventative care. Family is defined very broadly: Child, Parent, Spouse or Registered not carry over. Third, employees are eligible for Domestic Partner, Grandparent, Grandchild, and sick leave if they have worked at least two hours during one week for the same employer. Of Sibling. An employee can also use sick leave if course, employees only accrue sick leave under that employee becomes a victim of domestic the ordinance at 1 hour for every 30 hours violence, sexual assault, or stalking. Employers worked, so an employee who only worked 2 may face lawsuits, penalties, or fines if they improperly deny the use of sick leave or retaliate hours during one week in an entire year would normally not have sick leave to use. against employees for properly using it. San Diego The City of San Diego has its own sick leave law, as do some other cities in California. Most of the San Diego paid sick leave ordinance mirrors the California paid sick leave law, with a few notable exceptions that are more generous than the California law.

Based in San Diego, California the Employment Law Office of Ward Heinrichs represents both employers and employees in almost all areas of labor law. He and his firm litigate cases that have been filed in many different parts of California.

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Mahalia is furious. She met the boss coming into work this morning and he said, “Hey, take a look at Reggie’s new report. I love it.” Mahalia created the report. Slow burn. What to do? There is nothing like discovering a difficult colleague at work. Unfortunately, they exist. Maybe yours always has to be right, or doesn’t listen or neglects meeting commitments. Or constantly criticizes anything that wasn’t their idea or, like Reggie, competes with you to take credit for your work. Maybe you haven’t expected competition and are suddenly realizing that your professionalism is being undermined. What to do? Don’t ignore it. It is real. Working through these steps can help remedy some difficult relationships.

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Now list how you are different from who you were in the past. Consider that what triggered a reaction in your “past self” need not trigger one in the person you’ve become.

After taking a deep breath and letting go of her anger, Mahalia identified that Reggie was FIRST, pause. Take a deep breath. Is this the intimidating. He had greater longevity and kind of person that usually rubs you the wrong knowledge and had oriented her to the job. As way? Who do they remind you of? There may be she thought about it, Mahalia realized that out of someone in your past who did the same kind of loyalty she had deferred to Reggie about how the thing. Are you reacting from that experience? reports were developed. She had delayed creating the improvement fearing his reaction. If your colleague does remind you of someone in your past, make a list of how they are similar. Continued on Next Page… PAGE 110

Office Drama Continued… Mahalia realized that he was like her brother who acted as if he wanted to play but who would pout and refuse to play again if he lost. She identified how Reggie was similar. He seemed to take lots of things personally and enjoyed being in charge. He had appeared to be happy about her improved report but then called it his. Now, Mahalia recognized that she was no longer a child and that she wasn’t afraid of Reggie. While she was disappointed in him, what was important here was the report, productivity in the job, and the work relationship, in that order. SECOND, identify the behavior of your difficult person in terms of words or actions. This can be challenging because you probably have some drama around your reactions. If you ever want to talk to your colleague, you want to be logical, even neutral in your description of what they do. Take time, write it down, leave out the negative comments you are tempted to use like deliberately mean, sneaky or manipulative. Here, Mahalia was willing to take the indignation out of her reaction, to identify that Reggie had told the boss that the new report was solely his creation. PAGE 111

Continued on Next Page…

Office Drama Continued… THIRD, identify the impact of the behavior. Be professional. It’s not that their behavior hurts your feelings but it does damage your working relationship if they don’t perform with integrity and live up to commitments. It hurts the team when someone is constantly negative, hurts productivity and thus hurts the customer. Mahalia was very clear that any team rapport had evaporated since she learned of Reggie’s actions. She no longer trusted him. She feared that she would have to start double-checking to make sure he wasn’t trying to sabotage her which would slow down productivity and waste time. FOURTH, find a trusted friend for support. Describe your experience and ask for feedback. Ask for help in making sure your description of the behavior is without emotion. Practice having a conversation with the difficult person. Start with something like “Do you know that you do this?” Possibly they don’t. Then point out the impact. “When this behavior occurs, it has this impact. Is that what you want?” This question is very important. Your difficult person will be defensive no matter how kind you are. Nobody likes to feel criticized or judged. Have your role player erupt, say everything they can think of to make it hard for you to stay balanced. Listen, maintain eye contact, don’t get diverted, and remind them that it isn’t personal. You have noticed this behavior and its impact and you wonder if they realize it. Is this the impact they want? This often requires repetition.

It helps me think of things I hadn’t considered.” “I respect you for your longevity and knowledge here.” Mahalia and I practiced her response to Reggie’s denial and anger until she felt she could respond calmly to his negative reaction and stay focused on her message. FIFTH, ask for a private meeting because it may feel like negative criticism. Explain you need thirty to forty minutes for help with a work problem. Thank them for coming and start the conversation. It doesn’t matter why they do what they do. What matters is the impact and their awareness of it. Is that what they want? Be kind. Be patient. Don’t react. Listen to any responses. Acknowledge their feelings. Remind them of the behavior and the impact and that it isn’t personal. It may not be what they want to project. Are they willing to consider a change? Essentially, you are negotiating with your colleague to speed productivity and improve customer relations. Keep that in mind and hang in there.

Mahalia invited Reggie to lunch and said that Be positive. Mention what you value in the other while she admired his work and respected his person. For example, try, “I value your attention longevity and knowledge, she became upset to detail. It’s an important trait but when you when she learned he had claimed her work as continue to do this, it slows down everything. Do his. She had been excited about her report and you realize it? Is it what you want?” You may have proudly shared it with him. It hadn’t occurred to to dig for something to value. For example: “I her that he would claim the credit. admire your creativity.” “I like it when you ask so Continued on Next Page… many questions. PAGE 112

Office Drama Continued… He denied it. Mahalia calmly described how the boss had met her the other morning. When Reggie sneered that he had taught her everything she knew and deserved the praise, Mahalia had a response ready. Because she had practiced the conversation, she knew what she wanted to say even though inside she was a little hot. “Reggie, I’ve learned a lot from you, true. And I thought we worked well together but you have damaged that relationship now. I’d like to work this out. I don’t care why you did it but I need you to make it right. I want to be able to work with you. Do you realize that I may not trust you now? Did you want that? I’ll be less apt to share new ideas and it will slow us down. We’ll lose our reputation for being such a quick-turnaround-department; is that what you want?” Reggie was silent and Mahalia was too. She had practiced and she waited. He grudgingly admitted that he had hoped to get a raise and didn’t think she’d find out. She repeated that she didn’t trust him now and asked if that was what he wanted? He acknowledged that he hadn’t thought about how it would affect their working together. He didn’t want to lose the reputation for speed and agreed that he would tell the boss that she had created the report. They weren’t pals but they were able to continue working together effectively. SIX, follow up with a conversation after a short time. If the behavior is lessened, thank your colleague. If it hasn’t, ask if there is something you can do to help them remember. One supervisor I know agreed on a signal that she used when her colleague was becoming overly critical. The problem disappeared. You can become the peacemaker if possible, always looking for a solution. Mahalia eliminated the problem by sharing her innovations with a supervisor before implementing and sharing them with Reggie. She was still able to work with him in wary cordiality.

SEVEN, if the behavior persists, you have some options. One is to keep track of the behavior and talk to colleagues who have the same issue. It’s possible that a group approach to the boss or the individual will have success. You can do what you can to limit your contact with the individual or transfer to a different department and if all else fails, look for another job. It isn’t giving up. It’s a matter of your peace of mind and finding a team and a boss that is a better fit. Using these steps for having a conversation rather than a confrontation has eased many difficult work relationships. Sarah H. Elliston is the author of “Lessons from a Difficult Person – How to Deal With People Like Us”. She is a faculty member of the William Glasser Institute and is a workshop leader and trainer who is certified in Values Realization, Parent Effectiveness Training and Reality Therapy.

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Listen to Lori King-Kocsis discuss Digital Marketing on Big Blend Radio! Your website and social media marketing are two of the most cost-effective means of promoting your business to boost brand awareness, build customer relationships and increase sales. From search engine optimization to content management, Lori King-Kocsis of SafeHouse Web, talks with Big Blend Radio about the importance of having a digital marketing plan that aligns with your business plan, and why consistency in marketing matters.

SafeHouse Web identifies priorities and provides targeted services along with a full range of core capabilities that include website design, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), website management, content development, and graphic design and advertising. Based in Hollister, California, this team-based company works collaboratively to bring the best work forward to its growing list of clients in Silicon Valley, the San Francisco Bay Area and across the country.

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After over forty years of studying change, one thing is crystal clear. When it comes to change we only have two choices. One is to embrace change with all of the issues that it seems to bring or we can live in denial of the truth that change is always going on and suffer through our denial. Living in a fantasy world of denial can cost us our happiness and often our business or job. As we say here in East Tennessee those are “Hard Sayings”. Here is another one, Most of us will not change until the pain of not changing is worse than the pain of changing. When I first read that years ago it caused a major shock to my way of thinking. I have been guilty of making that mistake time and time again. The problem with that kind of timing is by then it is already too late to keep significant damage from occurring to ourselves or our company. There is always damage when you live in the denial that change is constant. Yes change is constant and I submit that the only choices you have are: l. Embrace Change. 2. Deny that change is constant. It is true that both will cause some pain. However, if you chose to embrace change you can control the direction of the change and that can be very beneficial to you and your organization. It does seem to be a simple and obvious choice.

Listen to Ralph Masengill Jr. discuss Fear & Change on Big Blend Radio! However, without the experience of working with controlling change and the pain it brings most folks do not end up setting up change to their advantage. Why? Because of the pain all change both good and bad change brings with it. However, denial of change also brings pain and often disaster along for the ride. Here is what most of us must understand and accept as truth. We are going to have pain either way. So let us choose to embrace change and control the outcome and control some of the pain.

Ralph Masengill Jr. is a best-selling author and award-winning advisor, coach, marketing expert, business consultant and public relations strategist. His latest, and ‘must-read’ book is “Conquer Change and Win: An Easy-to-Read Fun Book on the Serious Subject of Change.”

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Compiled by Nancy J. Reid & Lisa D. Smith Words are powerful! They have the power to uplift and enlighten or put down and depress. A few cutting words spoken in a moment of anger can affect us for a long time, perhaps even a lifetime. On the other hand, a few kind words can make a very positive difference in how we feel about ourselves … sometimes for a lifetime. What we say to others—and to ourselves—can have a huge impact. Speaking with good purpose is about always considering the intention of our words. It’s about communicating directly, clearly, honestly, and with a positive purpose. The first step is awareness. If we always think before we speak instead of just blurting out whatever comes to mind, we can learn to consider the reason for our words and make sure we are speaking with good purpose … will our words build someone up or put them down? We all sometimes have negative thoughts, but we don’t have to say everything we think.

Listen to the Big Blend Radio discussion with Bobbi DePorter, focusing on noteworthy people who exemplify the 3rd Key of Excellence - “Speak with Good Purpose: Speak Honestly & Kindly”. It also includes a special Hollywood History segment by Steve Schneickert.

As part of The Excellence Effect, a movement to build excellence in the lives of 50 million young people worldwide through the 8 Keys of Excellence, we’re taking a virtual walk down the Excellence Hall of Fame, to reflect upon some of the wise words written and There will be times when we need to share spoken by eight leaders and spokespeople, critical thoughts. At these times, if our purpose and how we phrase our words is considered first, who exemplify the Speak With Good Purpose Key of Excellence! sharing honest and direct feedback can be very positive and powerful, and build trust. Speaking with good purpose is the cornerstone of healthy Continued on Next Page… relationships. It fosters a positive emotional environment where people are happier, more productive, and more likely to succeed. PAGE 116

MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. - Baptist minister, Civil Rights Movement activist, leader and spokesperson

ROBBY NOVAK – Online & TV Personality “Kid President” “Be Somebody who makes Everybody feel like a Somebody”

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Speak With Good Purpose Continued…

MAYA ANGELOU – Poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist ABRAHAM LINCOLN - 16th President of the United States, lawyer and politician “When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That's my religion.”

“You can't forgive without loving. And I don't mean sentimentality. I don't mean mush. I mean having enough courage to stand up and say, 'I forgive. I'm finished with it.'”

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ANNA ELEANOR ROOSEVELT Politician, diplomat, activist, and First Lady of the United States “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

GLORIA STEINEM - Feminist, journalist, social and political activist "When unique voices are united in a common cause, they make history."

Speak With Good Purpose Continued…

DAME JANE MORRIS GOODALL DBE primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist, UN Messenger of Peace “Change happens by listening and then starting a dialogue with the people who are doing something you don't believe is right.”

HENRY LOUIS "BUSTER" GEHRIG Baseball first baseman for the New York Yankees “There is no room in baseball for discrimination. It is our national pastime and a game for all.”

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Speak With Good Purpose Continued‌

Created by Bobbi DePorter, Co-Founder of SuperCamp and President of Quantum Learning Network, the 8 Keys of Excellence character education program guides young people toward a positive future full of confidence, motivation, creativity, team work, leadership and valuable life principles. Join The Excellence Effect, a movement to build excellence in the lives of 50 million young people worldwide through the 8 Keys of Excellence family and school character programs. Visit

Take a Virtual Walk through the Excellence Hall of Fame on, featuring 8 Leaders in Conservation and Preservation, who Exemplify the Commitment Key of Excellence! PAGE 119

WHY AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES ARE A BIG DEAL It’s Time to Learn About the Better, Safer, Less Expensive Treatment Most Doctors Won’t Prescribe By Julia Schopick, author of “Honest Medicine” This incidence of autoimmune disease is skyrocketing, so now is a great time to learn about a treatment that is more effective, less risky, and costs less than many other treatments that doctors prescribe. It’s called LDN — Low Dose Naltrexone — and you may even have heard of it. Yet try asking your doctor for it, and you’ll likely get a no. Welcome to one of the most vexing problems in medicine today, where what you don’t know could seriously affect your life, or the life of a loved one. Nearly all of us know someone suffering from an autoimmune disease — 50 million Americans are living and coping with one. And many people suffer from more than one autoimmune disease. Millions could benefit from this extremely important drug. LDN has been proven effective in treating a whole range of autoimmune diseases, including multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and Crohn's—also Parkinson's disease and chronic fatigue syndrome. It’s been studied for years — and some research was underwritten by patients themselves, tired of being denied the help they need.

Listen to Julia Schopick on Big Blend Radio!

Here’s a crash course in what it is, and why most doctors either don't know about LDN, or won't tell their patients about it. LDN is a clear case of knowledge as power, so here are 6 key facts to start with: 50 Million Americans and Counting There are more than 100 known autoimmune diseases, including multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, and lupus, according to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA). The cost of having 50 million Americans afflicted tops $100 billion in direct health care costs every year — and it’s skyrocketing. More than 75 percent of those suffering are women: it’s among the top 10 leading causes of death of women under the age of 65. If there’s a drug that’s been proven effective and would help save tens of millions of people, and save billions of dollars, why is it so hard to find? Continued on Next Page…

Julia Schopick is a patient advocate, health writer, and creator of the award-winning blog The author of the Amazon bestselling book, “Honest Medicine: Effective, Time-Tested, Inexpensive Treatments for Life Threatening Diseases,” Schopick coaches patients on how to approach their doctors about treatments they don't know about. PAGE 120

Autoimmune Diseases Continued… A Medical Misunderstanding Most of the medical community believes that ADs are caused by an overactive immune system, and that the best way to treat them is by suppressing the immune system. Pharmaceutical companies have developed hundreds of drugs to treat autoimmune diseases, since for each autoimmune disease, there are often several available drugs. (One symptom or disease = one drug.) But many of these drugs not only don’t work well, but also put patients at risk to develop horrendous side effects and complications. Some of the drugs for autoimmune diseases can even cause cancer. And when these drugs don’t work, doctors often turn to toxic chemotherapy drugs in an effort to further suppress the immune system, causing patients to develop deadly infections. A Breakthrough One physician, Dr. Bernard Bihari, disagreed with this commonly held belief about autoimmune diseases. In the mid-1980s, this Harvardeducated neurologist/psychiatrist developed an effective, non-toxic, low-cost treatment that acts in a totally different way. He pioneered the effective, off-label, low dose use of a generic drug, naltrexone — which he named Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN). Instead of suppressing the immune system, LDN raises the body’s natural endorphin levels and “modulates” (Dr. Bihari’s term) the immune system, causing it to stop attacking itself and to act correctly, thereby stopping the progression of these diseases. In some cases, LDN reverses them; in other cases, it stops the progression — and has been helping many thousands of people throughout the world for thirty years.

But the drug companies can’t promote a drug for off-label uses. Further, LDN isn’t made by drug companies. It’s prepared by compounding pharmacies — and most doctors are not comfortable with prescribing something that’s not made and marketed by a drug company. A Catch-22 In order for the FDA to approve a drug for use, it needs to have been the subject of big, blockbuster studies. Costing millions if not billions, these are usually underwritten by the only industry that can afford them: the pharmaceutical companies. But there’s another kind of study: reputable, smaller studies by established institutions. And LDN has been the subject of some of the most successful of these for decades, including cutting-edge research at Stanford, the University of California, and Penn State. In at least one case, the patients themselves have sponsored these. They’re tired of waiting for a cure they already know works. The Good News There are now active online networks of AD patients all around the world, sharing their stories and working together to get the treatment they need. I offer personal coaching sessions on how to advocate for the treatment, and I cover LDN and other treatments like it in my book Honest Medicine. Having been involved in talking about this on hundreds of talk shows, I can honestly say that more and more, there are doctors out there who do know about this “miracle drug,” and will listen to your request.

There’s a groundswell happening, as people become more aware that autoimmune diseases can be helped greatly by this inexpensive, effective, off-label drug. So reach out, and do your homework: when you ask for LDN, it should A Byzantine System We’re in the dark due to a byzantine system that be as part of a well-researched and documented case that I, and others, can help you with. Here, keeps doctors and some of the most effective and safe medicine available apart. While doctors education is not only empowerment. If you are now allowed to prescribe “off-label” drugs, suffer from an autoimmune disease, it could they need to know about them first. And, like any save your life. product, drugs are promoted by their manufacturers — you may have seen pharmaceutical company reps in your doctor’s office. PAGE 121

By Jacqueline A. Eubany, MD, FACC FHRS, author of ‘Women & Heart Disease: The Real Story’

Meditation has been shown to lower your risk for heart disease. Meditation is defined as engagement in mental exercise (for example concentrating on one’s breathing or repetition of a mantra) for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness. There are several forms of meditation available. These include transcendental meditation, mindful meditation, Qigong meditation, and devotional meditation. Each method strives in its own way to bring you into the present moment and ultimately results in a reduced stress level. In the 1970’s, medical researchers at Harvard university reported that the act of meditation causes the body to go into a deeper restful state than what is experienced with sleep, resulting in stress reduction. Stress, over a long period of time can be very damaging to your body. When you are under stress, your body produces a hormone called adrenalin. This is innate in all animals and is responsible for the “fight” or “flight” response experienced when faced with imminent danger.

Listen to Dr. Jackie discuss the Benefits of Meditation, on Big Blend Radio! This increase in adrenalin causes increase in blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rates, which is helpful in the short term when attempting to get out of an impending dangerous situation. Long term exposure to this hormone, as we experience with the stress of everyday life can increase your risk for heart disease. For those who are already at high risk for heart disease, chronic exposure to these hormones can cause a sudden cardiac event that can potentially be lethal. Meditation can help decrease the stress in your life, provide a more restful sleep and help save your life. Continued on Next Page…

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Although meditation has been shown to decrease your risk for heart disease, you should remember that it should not be used to replace lifestyle modification habits like increasing physical activity, maintaining a healthy weight, eating a heart healthy diet and/or quitting smoking. It should be used in addition to these lifestyle changes.

Meditation Continued… Of the different forms of meditations, transcendental meditation has been shown to lower your risk for heart attack and stroke as seen in a recent study published in 2012. The study showed a 48% reduction in risk in those who participated in meditation compared to those who did not.

Namaste. To meditate, you should find a quiet place in your home where you will not be disturbed. Doing a minimum of 20 minutes a day has beneficial health effects. If you can fit it into your schedule twice a day it is even better. You can make it the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning, and the last thing you do before you go to bed at night.

Dr. Jacqueline Eubany is a board certified cardiologist and electrophysiologist based out of Orange County, California. She is the author of ‘Women and Heart Disease: The Real Story’, and a Big Blend Radio expert contributor. Learn more at

Think of it as time to relax and rejuvenate your body mind and spirit. You are investing time into a healthier YOU.

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THE HEART & SCIENCE OF YOGA Yoga Science Teaches Us How to Transform Energy By Leonard Perlmutter, author of “The Heart and Science of Yoga” You learned in grade school science class that energy can appear in either the potential or kinetic form. The electricity in the wiring of your home is available for any use you choose. When you turn a light switch to the "on" position, energy appears in the form of light. This is the kinetic state because the energy is being used or expended. However, when you turn the light switch to the "off" position, the energy remains in the potential state--ready to be used at the flick of a switch.

Listen to Leonard Perlmutter discuss Yoga Science, Meditation & Consciousness on Big Blend Radio!

The inherent power of fear, anger and self-willed desire can also be stored potentially or expended kinetically, and it is your personal attention that determines in which state the Such emotions as fear, anger and greed are not energy resides. If the mind's conscience, known inherently bad or negative, for if they're handled as buddhi in Sanskrit, defines a particular skillfully, they can become helpful resources. If thought as a form of energy that will enable you the conscience (buddhi) recognizes them as to fulfill the purpose of your life (a shreya), it is merely an ego or sense gratification that conflicts suggesting that you transform the state of that with your own Inner Wisdom, (known as preya), thought energy from the potential into the you are being asked to renounce your kinetic by taking some appropriate action. In attachment to them so that their intrinsic power other words, you are encouraged to think about can be transformed and stored for your future the shreya, speak in service to the shreya, and use. take some physical action in service to the Continued on Next Page… shreya. PAGE 124

Yoga Continued‌ The laws of physical science state that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but it can be transformed. Viewing Yoga as a sister science, the ancients experimented with controlling, conserving and transforming the energy of thought. Through trial and error they realized that when they renounced a single preya desirewhat could be seen as a momentary temptation or a negative thought -- the energy of that desire manifested in a different form. Recognizing this process, imagine what would happen if, instead of gasoline, twenty gallons of crude oil directly from the fields of Saudi Arabia were pumped into your car's gas tank. It would wreck your engine. Crude oil is simply of no use in a combustion engine. To become an appropriate fuel for your automobile, the raw oil must first be refined.

This refinement process is accomplished by consciously and willingly renouncing your attachment to the preya. Remember, in every moment, the buddhi is always present to advise you that it's not in your best long-term interest to give the preya your continued attention. If you consciously or unconsciously choose to serve the preya in thought, word or deed, you will experience some form of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual dis-ease. Every thought, word and deed is a means for spiritual unfoldment. Recognizing that desire is the fuel for human action, the ancient sages conceived a scientific formula that might well be called the spiritual equivalent of Albert Einstein's E=MC2. The formula they discerned was D = E + W + c. Continued on Next Page‌

Each of us has the capacity to employ a refining process that can transform the raw, inherent power of every thought, desire and emotion. When the mind's conscience, the buddhi, intuitively advises that the unusable, destructive and constrictive power of a particular fear, anger or self-willed desire is appearing in your awareness in the form of preya, you, as a Yoga scientist, have access to a mechanism for capturing and transforming that power. PAGE 125

Yoga Continued… Every desire is composed of three basic components: energy, will power and creativity (consciousness). When you align every thought, word and action with the wise and good counsel of the buddhi by serving the shreya, you'll be led for your highest and greatest good. When you willingly and consciously surrender your attachment to the merely pleasant, comfortable, familiar and attractive preya, you really give up nothing of value. The intrinsic power of the preya is not lost to you. Instead, your voluntary act of sacrifice automatically transforms the preya into internal reserves of energy and will power, and opens the doorway to the superconscious mind-your access to the Divine source of intuitive wisdom and creativity. Conversely, when you go against the advice of the mind's conscience (buddhi) by serving the ego or sense gratification that conflicts with Inner Wisdom in thought, word and deed, your internal strategic reserves of energy, will power and creativity are diminished.

The more these reserves are depleted, the more frequent and severe the tension, stress, anxiety, burnout and pain. As in banking, our personal balance sheet always reflects whether deposits or withdrawals have been made. The choice of solvency or bankruptcy is up to each individual. In modern life, you need plentiful reserves of energy, will power and creativity to fulfill your many duties and responsibilities. You have obligations to yourself, your family, friends, business associates, society, the animal kingdom and the good earth Herself. Yoga Science teaches that everything you need for a happy, healthy and secure life is always available in the form of your thoughts, desires and emotions. A ready supply of power arises within you daily in the form of fear, anger and selfish desires. If you do not expend this power kinetically in the present moment, you can consciously conserve and transform it for use at another time.

Yoga Science offers a systematic, practical method for conserving and transforming energy. The major crisis of our culture today is not one of It's very simple, and all it takes is knowing how to IQ--intelligence quotient. Rather, the problem we direct your attention appropriately, based on the intuitive wisdom already within you. face individually and collectively is one of WQ-will quotient. In twenty-first century America, Leonard Perlmutter, founder of the American countless people possess the intellectual capacity to make brilliant decisions, but because Meditation Institute (AMI), is the author of the acclaimed book “The Heart and Science of Yoga: they are habituated to serving the limited The American Meditation Institute's perspective of the ego, senses and unconscious Empowering Self-Care Program for a Happy, mind, their reserves of will power have become Healthy, Joyful Life,” an encyclopedic guide to bankrupt. Without sufficient will power to exercise discrimination, their reserves of energy meditation and the Yoga Science that supports it. and creativity are similarly diminished. PAGE 126

MEDITATION & SPIRITUALITY 4 Expert Author Interviews & Books to Peruse

THE INFINITE VIEW From deep meditation to third eye perception, internationally revered clairvoyant counselor and best-selling author Ellen Tadd talks with Big Blend Radio about the lessons covered in her new book “THE INFINITE VIEW: A Guidebook for Life on Earth”.

Listen to Ellen Tadd on Big Blend Radio!

In this insightful title, Tadd advises readers that, instead of relying on intellect or instinct, they should learn to perceive their circumstances through an objective lens—what she refers to as our “third eye.” Drawing on the counsel from her spiritual guides, Tadd provides practical advice for those seeking to approach life in a more balanced, spiritually informed manner.

Lessons feature instructions on: Developing the skills of deep focus and deep listening; Tuning into others in order to understand their perspectives and needs; Integrating spiritual practice with chores and other daily tasks; Sustaining genuine positivity in order to protect ourselves from negative surroundings; Nurturing an attitude of “newness” in order to clear away our distorted perceptions. Visit

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Listen to Michel Pascal on Big Blend Radio!


Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Michel Pascal, meditation teacher and author Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Cyndee Rae Lutz, author of “When Your Heart of “Meditation for Daily Stress: 10 Practices Belongs to an Addict: A Healing Perspective”, for Immediate Well-being.” that weaves the painful account of her son’s drug addiction with the healing strategies “Meditation for Daily Stress” is more than just an and spiritual wisdom that transformed her exploration of why we experience stress; it is a life—and can transform others. guide to a revolutionary meditative technique for finding peace, quiet, mindfulness, centeredness Cyndee Rae Lutz has experienced the pain and and simplicity in our daily lives. A true authority powerlessness of watching someone she loved in meditation, Michel Pascal introduces readers get lost in addiction. In When Your Heart Belongs to the power of meditation as the best solution to an Addict, Lutz shows how her struggles with for daily stress, anxiety, and depression. He an addicted son have taught her about the prescribes a series of one minute visualization addictions and afflictions we all confront—about and breathing practices and techniques that can individual frailties and the various ways we try to be used throughout the day ― whether in the manage the unmanageable. workplace, while commuting, or at home ― to unplug in the moment, before stress takes hold Her fusion of powerful ideas, concrete steps and (or after if necessary). pertinent examples result in a book that both liberates and empowers the often-beleaguered Meditation for Daily Stress is an essential read for family member or friend to reclaim their life. And busy people looking for an approach to this just might be the best thing they can do for meditation that will allow them to start a daily their loved one. Often, when they get better, practice right away in order to live a healthier, their loved one gets better too. happier life. Visit Visit PAGE 128

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The challenge? To explore and expand the boundaries of your imagination. You’ll be encouraged to create, make art (don't worry, you don't have to be DaVinci), or write yourself a love letter. Just have fun!

Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with author/illustrator Judy Clement Wall, who talks about self-love and her new book “Find Your Awesome: A 30-Day Challenge to Fall in Love with Your Playful, Imaginative & Colorful The best part? There are no rules. No expectations. No judgments. Just 'you' time, to Self”. let your mind go wild and create. Let your freak In today's fast-paced world, filled with deadlines, flag fly! Readers will enjoy original art with full color and space to play and journal. The portable to-do lists and obligations, it's no wonder we've been neglecting the very states of our well-being. size is also perfect for bedside table, pocketbook, In Find Your Awesome, Judy Clement Wall delivers or travel. an illustrated journal filled with fun designed to Visit guide you to a more relaxed, playful, more lovable you.

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