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Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Michel Pascal, meditation teacher and author Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Cyndee Rae Lutz, author of “When Your Heart of “Meditation for Daily Stress: 10 Practices Belongs to an Addict: A Healing Perspective”, for Immediate Well-being.” that weaves the painful account of her son’s drug addiction with the healing strategies “Meditation for Daily Stress” is more than just an and spiritual wisdom that transformed her exploration of why we experience stress; it is a life—and can transform others. guide to a revolutionary meditative technique for finding peace, quiet, mindfulness, centeredness Cyndee Rae Lutz has experienced the pain and and simplicity in our daily lives. A true authority powerlessness of watching someone she loved in meditation, Michel Pascal introduces readers get lost in addiction. In When Your Heart Belongs to the power of meditation as the best solution to an Addict, Lutz shows how her struggles with for daily stress, anxiety, and depression. He an addicted son have taught her about the prescribes a series of one minute visualization addictions and afflictions we all confront—about and breathing practices and techniques that can individual frailties and the various ways we try to be used throughout the day ― whether in the manage the unmanageable. workplace, while commuting, or at home ― to unplug in the moment, before stress takes hold Her fusion of powerful ideas, concrete steps and (or after if necessary). pertinent examples result in a book that both liberates and empowers the often-beleaguered Meditation for Daily Stress is an essential read for family member or friend to reclaim their life. And busy people looking for an approach to this just might be the best thing they can do for meditation that will allow them to start a daily their loved one. Often, when they get better, practice right away in order to live a healthier, their loved one gets better too. happier life. Visit Visit PAGE 128