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Food halls are popping up from right coast to left coast like wildfire. Long a tradition in Europe, the multi-faceted, typically indoor markets showcase a variety of local food vendors and artisans, generally built around a central bar or two or three. Think gourmet warehouse décor with a chic ambiance. You should know up front, it is a 21st century invitation to over indulge. Just sayin’. Food halls are a foodie's dream mall concept complete with small production vendors. Think several restaurant and specialty spaces – ranging in size from 150 to 3,000 square feet. My experience with Southern California food halls tells me you won’t find McDonalds, Yard House or any other chain in the mix. The developers are very careful to make sure “artisanal” and “unique” come to mind as visitors stroll the venue. You won’t be using your gold Starbucks card here. This is good. Try new things. Support small local businesses.


Linda Kissam discusses Food Halls on Big Blend Radio! The vendors that fill the food halls are mostly tiny restaurants, cupcake counters, spice merchants, specialty beverages and other complementary retailers. Some vendors have a big bodacious look and feel, but most are simple counter to customer outlets staffed by either the owner or passionate staffers. You will notice immediately the exception to the rule is the bar. It is big and wild and serves as the anchor to all other shops.

Welcome to a brand new upscale food and As Americans (but especially Californian’s) become beverage dining, grazing experience where no increasingly obsessed with all things culinary and eater/ drinker is left behind. Come hungry, leave where their food comes from, this kind of dining and stuffed. shopping is a life raft facility. In some ways it is a Twenty or so more food halls are poised to open return to the old-school way of food shopping by across the country, several in my hometown of visiting multiple specialized shops instead of Southern California. All good, but why now? making one big purchase at a big-box store or chain supermarket. It’s kind of a natural foodie Continued on Next Page… evolution. PAGE 24

Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine – Jan/Feb 2016  
Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine – Jan/Feb 2016  

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