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I have the twenty-two inch leash which keeps Sera close to me when people or other dogs are around. Once distractions are removed I can easily reconfigure the leash using the clip and D-rings and slide the leash over Sera’s head instead of letting it drag on the ground. I think this is a perfect solution to keep the leash from getting snagged, or worse, and Sera doesn’t mind because the leash isn’t dragging between her legs. It’s also easy for me to grab and reconfigure when I need to.

THE LEISURE LEASH Sera is a determined seventy-five pound mix breed dog who loves to go—anywhere. She wants to sniff out the current doggie news. However, in her eagerness to meet new friends, she doesn’t realize how intimidating she can be. For that reason, I use a slip collar along with her regular collar when I walk her. I was quite pleased when my Leisure Leash came equipped with a nylon slip collar.

My leash is purple which coordinates with her current collar and it comes in other colors like aqua, red, pink, and black. I had to read the instructions the first time I used the leash, but once I set up the slip collar and clipped everything together, I realized how well the leash is designed. With the D-rings and carabineer type clip, you can use the leash as a short lead for heeling, or extend it to allow a little more wander room. You could add a second leash to let the dog have even more length. When you want to let the dog loose, just clip a D-ring back onto the carabineer and slip the leash over the dog’s head. There are instructions on their website and photos of happy dogs at Sera approves and can’t wait until I slip the Leisure Leash over her head again!


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