Big Blend's Radio & TV Magazine Jul/Aug 2016

Page 64

By Hilarie Larson CSW, FWS

The Spanish region of Catalonia (or Catalunya) is an incredible kaleidoscope of history, geographic beauty and color, all laced together with the ever-present bubbles of its glorious signature wine, Cava. Located in the northeastern corner of Spain, the area is bordered by France and the Pyrenees Mountains to the north, and Valencia to the south, with the Mediterranean Sea lapping upon its eastern shoreline. It’s home to one of the world’s busiest cities, Barcelona, as well as charming beach resorts of the Costa Brava, ancient Roman ruins and medieval cities that seem to be frozen in time.

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And everywhere you look, there is color: the blue of the sea and sky, the lush and varied greens of the pine trees and grape vines, the vibrant hues of food stalls in the famed Boqueria market in the heart of old Barcelona. It’s the many shades you see in the soils of the vineyards and the walls of the village homes and the brilliant golden yellow and red of the Catalan flags that festoon the windows and balconies of these fiercely independent people. Although most everyone speaks Spanish, the official language is Catalan, an ancient tongue whose origin goes back to the Middle Ages.


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