Big Blend's Radio & TV Magazine Jul/Aug 2016

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Husband-and-wife team, Howard and Ruth Milstein, share their summer cocktail party tips and a Vodka and Cherry Brandy Cocktail Recipe, plus have another lively conversation on Big Blend Radio! Howard is a wine expert, and Ruth is the author of the Gourmand awardwinning cookbook 'Cooking with Love: Ventures into the New Israeli Cuisine.' Visit Cocktail Parties are social gatherings for friends, family and co-workers are easier than trying to mix guests, who might not feel comfortable sitting across from one another, at a dinner party. Cocktail parties can last anywhere from 2 to 3 hours. Plan your party in the backyard, around the pool, or in your living room depending on how many people you plan to invite. Cocktail Party Tips from Ruth - When informing your guests about the date, time and occasion, mention a dress code.

Howard and Ruth Milstein share their summer cocktail party tips, a recipe, and more on Big Blend Radio!

- Mini pizzas, spring rolls, filled mushrooms and eggs, and sautĂŠed or steamed vegetables are fine - All food should be finger food, made or purchased choices. Marinated olives will go wonderfully with your drinks. You can make BBQ chicken cubes. ahead of time. Prepare about 15-20 pieces per Buy various types of cheeses, and arrange on person. platters with crackers and sliced, healthy fresh breads. - Avoid mixed salads, especially if the party is outside or in the summer months. PAGE 40