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Linda Kissam discusses Denmark on Big Blend Radio!

Right now chefs are chopping and creating exciting menus. Waiters are polishing and the sommeliers sipping. Commuters are bicycling their bums off and fisherman are casting their hooks. The tulips are partying, the art in public places is speaking to our souls and the sea is offering up well-being. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? This is the new Denmark, it welcomes you and it’s the right place to experience a different kind of vacation. I just spent a week in Denmark. It was springtime and the living was easy. I had a bi-costal vacation… city time in Copenhagen, wharf side in Esbjerg. It was two opposites of a whole. One that was memorable indeed.

Let’s start by understanding that in 2014, the international global affairs magazine Monocle named Copenhagen the world's most livable city. In the July/August issue of The Monocle, Copenhagen was ranked number one in the magazine's ‘Quality of Life Survey 2014’, making Copenhagen the first three-time winner, thanks to, in their readers opinions, an unbeatable combination of culture, tolerance, quality public transport, green space, global connectivity and clever architecture. It’s also a great place to shop, people watch and relax into a very different kind of lifestyle than most US cities offer. It’s a bonus if you also like seafood and art in public places. You do not need a car. The bus system is great. Esbjerg, the fifth largest city in Denmark is a seaside town located in Southwest Denmark. It is about 160 miles from Copenhagen. It's Denmark's most important North Sea harbor and largest fishing port in addition to being the base for Denmark's significant oil and gas exploration in the North Sea. It consists of the Viking town of Ribe, National Park Wadden Sea and the unique beaches and art of the North Sea coast. The drive from Copenhagen to Esbjerg is an easy one on wide, well maintained highways. You will need a car while you are there to discover all the different sites.


Big Blend's Radio & Tv Magazine August 2015  
Big Blend's Radio & Tv Magazine August 2015  

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