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Noticias en español, páginas 6 y 7 The BIG BEND NOW

El Vol. 27 No. 8 • March 7, 2013

Noticias Breves Daylight Saving Time is here Daylight Saving Time 2013 begins at 2am Sunday to give us more daylight to enjoy our fabulous spring and summer weather and more time to fire up the barbecue and grill the perfect ribeye, brisket, shrimp and vegetables. Alas, we lose an hour of sleep. We’ll go back to Central Standard Time on Sunday, November 3.

Fire near Ruidosa currently inactive PRESIDIO, RUIDOSA - Presidio Emergency Services Director John Farrow has confirmed that there is currently no active flame or smoke seen at the site of the fire that burned 15 square miles about 23 miles from Presidio east of Ruidosa on FM 170. The latest activity of the fire was documented on Sunday, March 5. The fire did not destroy any structures as it burned.

Future Presidio community garden and upcoming “Spring Fling” PRESIDIO - Exciting new things are in store for Presidio. The Transforming Texas team is continuing its work in the community by starting a community garden and welcoming the new season with a “Spring Fling” event on Saturday, March 23. Presidio can look forward to having a public garden in the coming months. This will be a space where members of the community can grow their own fruits and vegetables, flowers, and other plants. It will be located next to the old Spencer’s store. There will be thirty 4’x8’ wooden garden boxes or “raised beds” available for anyone interested in adopting a planting space. These boxes are being built and donated by the home-building company Solitaire Homes based out of Presidio. Transforming Texas is supplying the soil and water. “This project is important because it’s community engagement,” says Liz Rohana, member of the Transforming Texas team. “It’s also good for the children because it brings them back to their agricultural roots and teaches them socializing skills.” Presidio will get a chance to experience the community garden before it opens by attending Transforming Texas’ Spring Fling event where children from the elementary school will be planting seeds in plastic gardening trays donated by the City of Presidio. Also happening at the Spring Fling will be the first farmers market or “El Mercadito” of the year – a welcoming to the new season and its harvests. Kids will have gardening activities and a moonwalk to enjoy. All of the community is invited to attend the Spring Fling at 9:30am on Saturday, March 23 next to the post office. There will be fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods, crafts, and other goodies for sale. La Frontera Publications Inc. Presidio, Presidio County, Texas $1

Candidates file for mayor, council and school board

Journalist fatally shot in downtown Ojinaga

Agence France-Presse wire story FAR WEST TEXAS – Elections, sort of, are set for a one-year unexpired term on the Marfa school OJINAGA – A journalist who for city and school board races in the Big Bend board. ran an online publication in Ojiarea. Here’s how the elections shape up: naga, Chihuahua, Mexico has While Saturday, May 11 is election day, only Presidio City been fatally shot, according to a Presidio has a full slate of candidates for school Mayor’s race posting Monday on the website, board and city council. The candidates are appointed incumbent Mayor which said the man’s body was The city of Marfa and Marfa ISD attracted only Obed Escontrias, Esperanza Carrasco and John riddled with at least 18 bullets. the incumbents, so those political subdivisions in Ferguson, the high school counselor and a former The killing late Sunday, March the coming weeks will likely cancel their elections, mayor and council member. Escontrias runs a 3, has led to a decision to shut as will Alpine ISD. trucking company, and Carrasco listed her occu- down the publication, which covOnly one of three races for the Alpine City Counered general news in Ojinaga. cil will be contested, and the deadline is Monday (Continued on page 2) “Jaime Guadalupe Gonzalez Dominguez, 38, was shot at least 18 times,” the website wrote. “This very likely is the last news reported by this site,” the posting read, adding: “This attack on journalism is a real shame.” Authorities said Gonzalez Dominguez came under fire from several gunmen in broad daylight on a street in Ojinga. Officials said the gunmen

One store closes

Jaime Guadalupe Gonzalez Domínguez made away with a camera the he was carrying at the time of the shooting. A female companion with Gonzalez Dominguez was not injured. Attacks against journalists in Mexico have increased dramatically over the past several years, particularly in states plagued by organized crime and drug trafficking.

Richard “Dick” Slack, Presidio bank founder dies Richard C. “Dick” Slack, 98, of Pecos, passed away March 1, 2013 at his home in Pecos. Viewing will be 9am-5pm Friday at the Pecos Funeral Home. Funeral service is 11am Saturday, March 9 at the First Presbyterian Church, 401 S. Plum St., Pecos with Randy Foster officiating. Burial will be in the Pioneer section of Mt. Evergreen Cemetery. The founder of the First Presidio Bank and the dean of the Texas House of Representatives in the 1980s, Mr. Slack was born (photo by DIANA AGUIRRE AREMENDÁRIZ) in Pecos on December 20, 1914 After 12 years in business, the McKeel RadioShack store in Presidio will close its doors at to Ruby Stephens and Henry month’s end. Clay Slack Jr. He was the grandson of Henry Slack, one of the contestants in the world’s first rodeo in Pecos in 1883. Slack’s parents moved to Presidio in the early 1920s and were longtime residents. His father, Clay Slack, became a prominent farmer and was the first mayor when Presidio was initially incorporated for a number of years in the 1940s Slack attended elementary school in Presidio then moved to Pecos and lived with his grandparents to attend high school. After graduating from Pecos High School in 1932, he attended Texas A&M where he earned a degree in petroleum engineering. He returned to Pecos and worked as a roughneck until he purchased the Magnolia oil distributorship in Pecos. Slack joined the Army in 1940. He served with the Texas 36th Division shipping out to North Africa less than four months after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Slack fought in North Africa, Italy (Salerno, Cassino, Anzio, and Rome), France and Germany (photo by DIANA AGUIRRE ARMENDÁRIZ Joe Monreal, left, and Rudy Zamora install the sign at the soon to open BEALLS store in during World War II. As an Army captain commanding an artillery downtown Presidio, battery, her was awarded the Bronze Star for valor during an artillery exchange on the Anzio Beachhead near Villetri, Italy in 1944. Slack returned from Europe in 1945 and reverted to Army Reserve status. He joined the Texas National Guard in 1948. Worth and Sean, who is cur- dation service to sell every item After more than 20 years of miliBy JOHN DANIEL GARCIA PRESIDIO - After 12 years rently stationed at Peterson Air of merchandise, store fixtures, tary service, Slack retired with furniture, and equipment at deep the rank of colonel. of operation, John McKeel will Force Base in Colorado. Before opening shop, McKeel, discounts. close the doors of McKeel ElecHis political aspirations began The building and property at when he was asked to run for tronics Radio Shack as he be- a fourth-generation Presidio resident, worked for the U.S. Food- 918 Erma Street, next to ALCO, Reeves County judge. He was gins the next chapter of his life. “It’s just time to retire,” said service for three years following will also be on the market for elected in 1948 and served two McKeel, adding with a laugh, “I his tenure as Food Service Di- sale or rent at the end of March. want to wake up in the morning rector at the Presidio Indepen- It’s the former Presidio post office. and enjoy a cup of coffee with no dent School District. “I thank everyone for their supThroughout the month, the stress.” McKeel, who will turn 62 McKeels and their three em- port, business and loyalty,” he in April, also looks forward to ployees are having a going out said. “It’s been a good 12 years spending time with his wife Glo- of business retirement sale with thanks to our customers.” ria and his sons, J.R. of Fort the help of a professional liqui-

Another opens

McKeel Electronics closing at month’s end

Richard “Dick” Slack terms. In 1952, he was elected state representative where he served 28 years. Slack was instrumental in the establishment of the University of Texas of the Permian Basin and the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center in Odessa. As a legislator, he was a conservative, independent thinker with a wit and charm that broke down barriers. During his freshman year in the House, Slack met Charlotte Tonroy, who was a third-year law student and legislative clerk. They married in August 1953. Slack attended St. Mary’s School of Law and was admitted to the State Bar of Texas in 1956. The Pecos Chamber of Commerce named him Citizen of the Year in 1968. He served on the Texas Ethics Commission in 1992 for 11 years, and chaired the panel for two years. Slack enjoyed big game hunting and was always happy to tell his hunting stories. A good shot, he continued shooting skeet until a few months ago. Slack is survived by wife, Charlotte; children, Anne Mackey and husband Doug of Odessa, Clay Slack and wife Ann of Austin, and Cynthia Shaw and husband Stan of Austin; grandchildren Sarah Faulkner Staley and husband Mark, Dugger Faulkner, Margaret, David and Sara Shaw, Trey and Robert Slack; and a great-granddaughter, Elizabeth Staley. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the West of the Pecos Museum, PO Box 1784, Pecos, TX 79772, or the charity of your choice.

page 2, The International, Presidio, Texas, March 7, 2013

Presidio airport gets FAA-approved weather system

¡ ask a mexican!

The guayabera and the Mexican waiter look By GUSTAVO ARELLANO Dear Readers: The Mexican is currently dealing with deportation issues but will return next week once he builds his 15-foot escalera to climb over that pesky 14-foot wall. In the meanwhile, here’s some oldies-but-goodies to tide you by like yesterday’s menudo. Enjoy! Dear Mexican: It seems that whenever Chicano professors want to show off their mexicanidad, they wear a guayabera. In fact, I saw a picture of you in the Los Angeles Times donning the shirt, along with Dickies pants and Converse All Stars. How trite and bourgeois! You go to a café or bar in any university town in Mexico, and the students will think you’re totally naco. I stopped wearing the guayabera when a friend said I looked like a waiter in a Mexican restaurant. Do certain clothes determine your Mexicanness? Sexy Mexy Dear Wab: Abso-pinche-lutely. “The bigger the sombrero, the wabbier the man,” is a commandment all Mexicans learn from the Virgin of Guadalupe. But seriously, Mexican clothes correspond to social and economic status—sweaty T-shirt indicates laborer, calf-length skirt means a proper Mexican woman, and if a cobbler used the hide of an endangered reptile to fashion your cowboy boots, you’re probably a drug dealer or a Texan. The guayabera (a loose-fitting, pleated shirt common in the Mexican coastal state of Veracruz and other tropical regions of Latin America) also announces something about its owner: the güey is feeling hot and wants to look sharp. Why the hate, Sexy? Remember what Andy Warhol said: “Nothing is more bourgeois than to be afraid to look bourgeois.” Who cares if people mistake you for a waiter if you sport a guayabera? Just spit in their soup. And who cares if Mexican university students call me, you or any guayabera wearer a naco (Mexico City slang for bumpkin)? They can’t be that smart if they’re still in Mexico. Dear Mexican: Why do Mexicans call people with curly hair chinos? Most chinos I know have very straight, hard-to-curl hair. China Confundida Dear Confused Chinita: The Mexican has discussed the word chino before, as in why Mexicans call all Asians chinos (same reason gabachos call all Latinos “Mexican”). Chino is one of the more fascinating homographs (words with the same spelling but different meanings) in Spanish. Its Old World meaning specifically refers to a person of Chinese descent, but in his Dictionary of Latin American Racial and Ethnic Terminology, Rutgers linguist Thomas M. Stephens documents how chino assumed different connotations once the conquistadors pillaged the Americas—and none of those connotations was positive. Stephens’ book devotes an incredible seven pages to chino; some of its more peculiar Latin American definitions include “female servant,” “slave from Mozambique,” “concubine,” “young Indian female who served in a convent,” and, yes, “curly-haired.” Chino also was the category in the Spanish Empire’s Byzantine castas (caste) system designated for the offspring of parents with varying degrees of African and Amerindian blood. Stephens’ only sin is that he doesn’t explain why chino took on so many non-Chinese connotations, though he did write that china in Quechua signifies “female servant or animal,” while Nahuatl speakers used chinoa (“toasted”) to describe dark-skinned people. And he offers no insight into the chino-curly connection. But it doesn’t take a Ph-pinche-D to identify the common threads in chino’s various meanings: African blood and servitude. Many blacks, of course, have naturally kinky hair, so at some point over the centuries, chino became an ethnicon (a term meant to comment on an ethnic group’s prominent cultural characteristic that become popular shorthand for said characteristic) for both “black person” and “curly.” Mexicans then went on to drop the black denotation and kept the curly connection. Such linguistic amnesia isn’t unprecedented in Mexican Spanish: marrano, which many Mexicans use to call someone a “pig” or “filthy,” comes from the Inquisition-era slur used against Jews who converted to Christianity. All this wordplay is further proof that Mexico is a country with a racial problem that makes America seem like Sesame Street. The proper Spanish word for “curly,” by the way, is rizado.


Ask the Mexican at, be his fan on Facebook, follow him on Twitter @gustavoarellano or ask him a video question at!

By ALBERTO TOMAS HALPERN PRESIDIO – Pilots landing and departing from Presidio Lely International Airport now have a new tool at their disposal. The Federal Aviation Administration on February 27 inspected and commissioned an Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) at the county airfield. The weather system generates real time weather reports every minute, making those reports available to airport personnel and pilots. “Pilots and interested parties may access the data 24 hours per day via telephone or VHF radio frequency,” Presidio County Airports Manager Chase Snodgrass said this week via email. In addition, the Presidio AWOS will be linked digitally to the National Weather Service, “providing real time weather reporting for south Presidio County, and much improved weather forecasting for our area,” said Snodgrass. He added that the installation of the weather system has the potential to increase medical and tourism flight access to the airport by enabling pilots to improve their preflight planning. The move, Snodgrass said, “will enable medical life saving flights and other arrivals during times when meteorological conditions have previously prevented access using visual flight rules alone.” To hear current weather conditions in Presidio, call 432.229.4805 or tune in by VHF radio frequency 118.0. (photo by and courtesy of BRAD NEWTON)

Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) Field Service Engineer, Lucus Schultz of Vaisala Inc., tunes the broadcast antenna for the Lely International AWOS.

Lujan seeks to recall Rangra By ALBERTO TOMAS HALPERN ALPINE – Outgoing Ward 3 councilman Carlos Lujan is seeking to have Mayor Avinash Rangra recalled from his elected position. Lujan announced during a tense city council meeting last week that he planned to do so. “I’m going to recall the mayor,” Lujan said this week. “He’s somebody with no ethics.” Lujan says that Rangra uses his office to seek his personal ambitions and disregards people’s privacy, a reference to an agenda item in last week’s meeting in which Rangra sought to remove councilwoman Diana Asgeirsson from her seat for not living in her ward. It came to light that Asgeirsson was staying with a friend outside of her ward while she dealt with a personal matter. City attorney John Armstrong opined that she was not in violation of residency requirements. Lujan, whose term expires soon and is not seeking re-election, said he will wait until he vacates his seat to pursue the recall. “I don’t feel appropriate doing this while sitting on the council,” Lujan said, “I look forward to start planning on how to deal with this when I’m out of office.” He said he is currently working with a group of concerned Alpine citizens to recall the mayor. Lujan explained his reason for seeking such a redress. “We need a mayor to handle the meetings the appropriate way. A mayor who runs meetings, not control them, and that’s what he does.” Lujan also cited Rangra’s indictment years ago for violating the Texas Open Meetings Act as a reason

Candidates file (Continued from page 1) pation as office manager. Council Two full-term council positions are on the ballot, one that had been held by Escontrias before he was appointed mayor and one held by council member Butch Acosta, who isn’t seeking re-election. Candidates are John Edward Schaefer, eighthgrade principal; Grace Allie Perot, Transforming Texas grant associate; Ahmed Baeza Benavidez, teacher; Jesus Jose Chavez Garcia, no listing under occupation; Mario Vargas, commercial customs broker and retired US Customs officer; Armando Saenz-Albo, teacher; and Cruz Madrid, business owner. Presidio ISD School Board Four full-term trustee posts are on the ballot, those of board president Carlos E. Nieto, vice president Carmen Elguezabal, secretary Abelardo Franco, and trustee Marco Baeza. Nieto, Elguezabal, and Franco have filed for reelection; Baeza didn’t. Also on the ballot will be Velva I. Saenz, Kasey Taylor, Ronald A. Galliete, Helio Franco, Teodoro Escontrias, and Alfred P. Muñiz. The top four vote getters take office. Marfa City The mayor’s post and two full-term council positions are in play. Mayor Dan Dunlap filed for reelection and is unopposed. Incumbent council members David Fannin and Josie Simpson filed for re-election and are unopposed.

No one has filed for an unexpired post, open following the death last year of Corina Brijalba. Council members will discuss with their attorney at the next city meeting what their options are for filling that seat. Marfa ISD School Boad Incumbent trustees Tina Lujan, Mark Cash, and Robert Halpern all filed for re-election with no challengers. A one-year unexpired term on the school board is open following the recent resignation of Teresa Villarreal Ontiveros. The filing deadline for that post is March 11. Alpine City Terms are expiring for Ward 1 council member Angie Bermudez, Ward 3 council member Carlos Lujan, and Ward 5 council member Diana Asgeirsson. Bermudez doesn’t have a challenger, Lujan isn’t seeking re-election, and candidates for Ward 3 are Dian Raun and Jim “Fitz” Fitzgerald. Asgeirsson, who has been re-elected multiple times, is term-limited and can’t seek re-election this cycle. Michael Castelli is the only Ward 5 candidate. Alpine ISD School Board The Alpine Daily Planet reports that incumbent trustees Justin Cross filed for re-election to single member district 5 and Paul Loeffler filed for reelection in single member district 7. Neither drew an opponent, so it’s likely the school board will cancel the election.

to recall him. All charges against Rangra were ultimately dropped in that case. “The point I want to make is the way Mr. Rangra is acting right now is he is still not stopping his bad habits,” said Lujan. Speaking from Austin in between meetings with state officials, Rangra addressed the recall: “It’s up to the poeeple. They elected me by a majority. Anybody has the right to say what they want and do what they want. There’s no control over anyone from anybody else. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, which is to be fair and I’ll keep the city moving forward.”

(photo by and courtesy of BRAD NEWTON)

Max Maleev, Interim Emergency Services Medical Director John Farrow, and Captain John Razo pose for a portrait in front of the city’s new ambulance which arrived on Tuesday.

The International, Presidio, Texas, March 7, 2013 page 3

Suspect incompetent to Conspiracy indictment stand trial in “El Diablo” leads to three arrests threat case

MARFA, FORT STOCKTON - Three area men were arrested last PECOS - “You will be dead by the end of the year with the rest week in connection with a case of conspiracy to possess and disof your family,” stated an ominous e-mail sent to Midland Police De- tribute less than 500 grams of cocaine, according to federal court records. partment Sgt. Ben Chavez in November of last year. Ernesto Zubia of Marfa and formerly of Presidio, along with alThe e-mail was only one of many bizarre and violent threats directed at area law enforcement agencies through the online mes- leged co-conspirators Israel Urias Castro and Jessie Gabriel Moreno, sage board Topix and via e-mails by a man who went under the both of Fort Stockton, were the targets of DEA multi-agency raids. The DEA filed evidence to obtain an indictment on February 14. anonymous handle of “El Diablo.” The threats against Pecos, Fort Stockton, and Big Spring offi- An arrest warrant was issued for Zubia as a result of the indictment, cers and elected officials, including Sgt. Armando Garcia and Pecos as well as a federal search warrant for his residence in east Marfa. Municipal Judge Robert French, ignited fear, as El Diablo promised He was arrested at the time the search warrant was executed. According to the United States District Court indictment, Zubia, actions with large caliber projectiles, chemical weapons, and car Castro, and Moreno allegedly unlawfully, willfully, and knowingly did bombs. An investigation into the e-mails and Topix posts pointed to in- combine, conspire, confederate, and agree together, with each other, Presidio Neighborhood Center/Big Bend Community Action’s ternet service providers routing numbers connected to an internet and others to distribute and to possess with the intent to distribute transportation vehicles have a new look and there’s a new café in Juarez, Mexico and the wifi system at the Apple s at Cielo the cocaine from on or about April 9, 2011 until on or about Septemtelephone number to call for thier service. Vista Mall in El Paso, leading investigators to El Diablo: a Pecos ber 20, 2011. Zubia and Castro were denied bond in a U.S. District Court detenman named Jacob Ramos Esparza. Pecos police arrested Esparza in connection with the threats on November 27 after he was found tion hearing in Alpine on Wednesday. If convicted, the three men may face up to 20 years imprisonment sleeping in a vehicle at the Flying J Truck Stop. In a court appearance November 30 presided by U.S. Magistrate and a fine of up to $5 million. Judge Dwight Goains, who appointed Jack Meredith as Esparza’s legal aid, Homeland Security Investigator Agent Brendan Shaffer told Meredith that he had been informed by members of Esparza’s family that he had been treated for metal health issues and would often stop taking his medications. His mental health issues, according to Shaffer, began three weeks after his cancer-stricken mother committed suicide. FAR WEST TEXAS – There’s a brand new look to Big Bend ComEsparza has since undergone psychiatric evaluation and, accordmunity Action Agency public transportation vehicles and a brand new ing to the United States Attorney’s office, it has been determined toll-free telephone number. EL PASO - Due to the sequestration, the Department of State And on Thursday, March 28, many area residents may ride for that Esparza suffers from a mental disorder and was found to be must cancel “Passport Day in the USA,” which had been scheduled currently incompetent to stand trial. free in their towns during Try Trax Day. Esparza will receive psychological help to restore competency for for Saturday, March 9. The El Paso Passport Agency won’t be open You may receive at your home a door hanger qualifying you for a free ride during Try Trax Day. While Try Trax Day will only offer the a trial tentatively set for April 16. The trial may be postponed indefi- to the public on March 9. Passport Day in the USA is an annual event in which Department free rides locally, this demand-response service makes it easier and nitely depending on the outcome of his treatments. of State passport agencies and participating non-Department passThe Monahans News, and reporter John Daniel Garcia. less costly to get anywhere in Far West Texas and beyond. port application acceptance facilities nationwide open their doors for If you need to see your doctor in El Paso, the Permian Basin, or special Saturday services. Fort Stockton, try Trax. Need to do some out-of-town shopping? Try We regret that we cannot offer this service as planned. Please trax. visit or call the National Passport Information Center Transportation offices are conveniently located in Marfa, Presidio, at 1-877-487-2778 (TDD/TTY: 1-888-874-7793) for more informaAlpine and Van Horn, and local transportation is available Monday tion on how to apply at the El Paso Passport Agency. through Friday from 8am to 5pm. Some non-Department of State passport application acceptance So hop a ride on our eye-catching vehicles. facilities such as post offices and clerks of court may be open on During the next few days, we will be distributing door hangers in March 9.  Please visit to find the hours of your city. The hangers will include our toll-free number so that you operation of a passport application acceptance facility in your area. will have it handy for future reference. Some of the door hangers will include this message: Call 1-855-TRY TRAX for a free ride anywhere in your city on Thursday, March 28. You must have a “free ride” door hanger in order to receive the free ride, and it can only be used for a ride on that day. The “free ride” statement, however, won’t be included on all door hangers. For this special event, please call us no later than noon Tuesday, March 26 to assure your ride reservation. Even if you don’t receive a “free ride” door hanger, call us to reserve a ride. The cost of a one-way ride within your city is just $1 2007 JEEP WRANGLER per one-way trip and as part of our way of saying “thanks for your 2010 CHEVY HHR LT support,” we will be giving all of our passengers a small gift on Try $ UNLIMITED 4WD /mo. OR Trax Day. $ * $ /mo. OR To schedule a ride for our service, please call us 24 to 48 hours in * $ 72 mns @ 5.0% WAC advance. If a driver and vehicle are available, we may even be able 72 mns @ 5.9% WAC to accommodate you on a same-day call. You may continue to call your local office number or you may call our new toll-free number, * 1-855-TRY-TRAX (855-879-8729). We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, March 28, and throughout the years to come. 2009 GMC SIERRA SLT 2012 DODGE R-1500 SLT

Try Trax Day highlights public transportation in Far West Texas

Sequester cancels passport day

Suscribase a

EL Internacional

de Presidio Llame al


390 21,995



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Sequester is a manufactured monster


489/mo. OR $ 27,995 $


72 mns @ 5.39% WAC

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By Congressman PETE P. GALLEGO This thing we now call “the sequester” is a manufactured monster. Approximately two years ago, the 112th Congress passed extreme across-the-board cuts known as sequestration. This budget measure was designed to be so drastic that it was supposed to force a bipartisan compromise on reducing the deficit. All sides agree seem to agree that the cuts were never meant to happen. As we now know, there was no compromise. Partisan gridlock got in the way of good public policy. On March 1, 2013, sequestration took effect. It threatens the future of Texas families and the economic prosperity of our state. According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, sequestration would cut economic growth in 2013 by one-third. A report from the House Committee on Appropriations projected a loss of 2.14 million jobs, nearly half of which would come from small businesses. A 2012 George Mason University study estimated that Texas could lose almost 160,000 jobs. Data compiled by the Pew Charitable Trusts shows that in the area of defense, Texas would be among the hardest hit. Of particular importance to the 23rd Congressional District is the impact of the sequester on border security, trade, and commerce. Efforts and numerous studies over the years have been made to reduce border wait times and increase border security. Many jobs in Texas – and much of our economy are inextricably linked to international trade. Trade with Mexico represents one of our biggest economic drivers and pumps billions to our economy. Ironically, sequestration - a congressionallymandated act - is now one of the biggest threats to border security and hindrance to our ongoing trade and commerce. The 23rd Congressional District runs 800 miles of the Texas- Mexico border. It includes five Ports of Entry – in Eagle Pass, Del Rio, Presidio, Fabens, and Zaragoza-Ysleta in El Paso.

Security at these vital ports would be affected - as would trade and commerce. According to the White House, Border protection officials will be forced to slash $754 million from their budget. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will not be able to maintain current staffing levels of 21,775 Customs Officers and 21,370 Border Patrol Agents. In the near term, CBP may need to furlough CBP Officers and Border Patrol Agents between 12 and 14 days. CBP would have to reduce its work hours by the equivalent of over 5,000 border patrol agents and the equivalent of over 2,750 CBP officers, as well as reduce overtime, beginning April 1. It is not difficult to see the results of these actions. It is a matter of simple math. Funding and staffing reductions would increase wait times at ports of entry, weaken security, and slow screening and entry for those traveling into the United States. Less security. Less reliable commerce. Already, the long lines at our ports hinder economic development and harm our economy. The sequester could increase wait times at our busiest ports - up to five hours or more during peak times - bringing commerce to a virtual halt. Our nation’s doorways must be secure. And, our trade and commerce along the border - on which many small and large businesses depend - must be allowed to move efficiently. These are basic principles. Yet, the sequester undermines them both.   There is no question that we need to cut the deficit.  I am a member of the fiscally conservative Blue Dog Coalition - and I believe that the federal government - like our beloved State of Texas - should have a balanced budget.  However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.  We should do it the right way. Unfortunately, it seems that military families, along with those of us on the border, will be on the front line of many of these cuts.



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page 4, The International, Presidio, Texas, March 7, 2013

Education Presidio students get fancy calculators from SRSU Gear Up program

(staff photo by JOHN DANIEL GARCIA)

Presidio students, Adrian Carrasco, Angelica Leon, Martha Luna, and Esequiel Hernandez interview The International Presidio newspaper publishers Rosario and Robert Halpern for their contest project.

By Elia Gonzales LRFMS Parent Liaison PRESIDIO - Sul Ross Gear Up is creating a culture of college-bound students by donating 30 TI-Nspire calculators to eighth-grade students at Lucy Rede Franco Middle School. These calculators are a colorful and more engaging way to explore math and science, and (photo by ELIA GONZALES) is capable of linking with a comMonica Saenz, 8th-grade student, Esben Galindo, and Mr. puter. The Nspire can download, Ernesto Monte, 8th-grade science teacher with the SRSU Gear create, and save documents Up gifts. as well as perform a variety of mathematical operations. Mr. Monte thanks the Gear Up program for all their support, for providing the calculators, and for providing the NXT robots for the Robotic Enrichment Program.

Presidio’s William Soza Early College High School students earn 2nd place at history competition, advance Great attendance to state competition at recent LRFMS FAR WEST TEXAS - William Soza Early Col- ect by Jalen Chriesman, Mason Blackmon, Daniel PTO meeting lege High School students from Presidio ISD com- Luevano, and Michael Fuentez also took home

peted in this year’s Big Bend Regional History Fair. This year’s theme was Turning Points in History: People, Ideas, and Events. 154 students from twelve schools competed, taking home a total of $650 in prize money, medals for 1st and 2nd place, t-shirts, and $2000 in Sul Ross State University scholarships. WSECHS students Angelica Leon, Esequiel Hernandez, Martha Luna, and Adrian Carrasco came in second place in the Senior Group Documentary competition with their project, News: From Paper to Web. The students will advance to the state meet, which will be held on May 3 and 4 in Austin. The students are sponsored by Lupe Singh. Valentine High School students Rye Webb, Gabriela Tarango, Maria Borunda, and sponsor Bianca Porras will also head to Austin after they brought home a 1st place title in the Senior Website competition with their Valentine Railroad project. Alpine High School students Alayna Ramirez, and Elena Cano followed Valentine with a 2nd place standing in the same division for their project, Who Women Are: Ms. Magazine’s Feminine with their sponsor, Caroline Fox. Another Alpine team, made up of Patrick Hillery and Blake Duchatko won a 2nd place title in the Senior Group Exhibit project: Sputnik: The Launch Heard ‘Round the World. Sanderson High School beat Alpine in the competition with Harnessing the Wind: History of the Windmill. Sanderson’s proj-

Businesses, agencies to visit March 20 Sul Ross Career Fair

the Senior Exhibit Best in Show. Each student will receive a $500 scholarship to Sul Ross State University. Tierney Foster of Fort Davis High School came in first place in Individual Performance with The Irish Potato Famine: A Turning Point in History and fellow Fort Davis student Max Lannon brought a 2nd place medal home for Junior Individual Historical Paper with Power to all: The Invention of the Firearm, A Turning Point in History. 1st place in Senior Individual Documentary went to Charles Kennedy of Alpine High School with Our Life, Our Music: the Turning Point of Rock n’ Roll while Alpine Middle School students Mikey Portillo, Dustin Chopleas, Noah Wise, Christina Ballard, and Alex Rivas also came in 1st for Junior Group Documentary with their project, Operation Geronimo. Other Alpine Middle School awards went to Isaac Gallego in Junior Individual Exhibit for a projet on UTEP basketball coach Don Haskins while Taylor Hunt and Laela Michaelis came in 2nd for American Women in World War II in the Junior Group Exhibit. Sanderson Junior High Students Dylan Carrasco, Michael Shoemaker, and Jacob Cleveland came in first with Black gold: Our Nation’s Bloodline in the Junior Group Exhibit and 2nd place in Individual Exhibit went to Eduardo Gonzalez of San Vicente School for A Zip in Time: how the zipper revolutionized history.

Sul Ross closed March 13-15 for Spring Break

By Elia Gonzales LRFMS PTO parent volunteer PRESIDIO - A presentation on TTM (Think Through Math) was made by Ronald Somera, 7th-grade math teacher, at the PTO meeting last week. This program, he told parents, is proven to increase math proficiency when implemented two to three times a week or (photos by Elia Gonzales) about 90 minutes each week. Mr. Armando Saenz, technology teacher addresses parents and Students were encouraged students at the LRFMS PTO meeting. to participate in this program as they will learn more and be more successful. Also on the agenda that evening was a presentation on how to use the parent portal by Armando Saenz, technology teacher. Parents received training on how to use the parent portal to find out  what and how  their student is doing in school. It was a very successful and great evening with about 200 people in attendance. The next PTO meeting is scheduled for March 28 at 6pm in the LRFMS cafeteria.

Sfudent Ceasar Armendariz, at podium, talks about how good the TTM (Think Through Math) program is.

ALPINE - Sul Ross State ALPINE - Representatives University offices will be closed from Haliburton, Rio Grande Wednesday-Friday, March 13Electric, the National Park Ser- 15 for spring break. vice and Midland Independent No classes will be held MonSchool District are among the day-Friday, March 11-15. agencies and businesses who Classes will resume and officwill be present at the “Spring es will re-open at 8am Monday, Fling” Career Fair Wednesday, March 18. March 20 at Sul Ross State University. Sponsored by Career Services, the fair will be held in the Espino Conference Center, (photo by DIANA AGUIRRE ARMENDARIZ) Morgan University Center, from Presidio pre-school students and their teachers celebrated 10am-3pm. the 109 anniversary of Dr. Seuss passing by reading his very Representatives of business, popular stories at the Presidio Public Library. agriculture, education, hospitaliParents and students in attendance at the LRFMS PTO meeting. ty, non-profit, community service, criminal justice, park services and other fields will be present to recruit, answer questions, network and provide referral contacts. Registrants may call (432) 837-8178 to reserve space at the fair. Attendees seeking employment are urged to dress appropriately and bring copies of their resumes. The Career Fair is open to Sul Ross students, faculty, staff and alumni, as well as high school students and the DY Convenvience Store general public. Refreshments Fuel • fast food • cold beer, soda, water, juice will be served and door prizes • ice • Texas Lottery • and much more! will be awarded. Career Servic104 O’Reilly at the Y • 229.4499 • always OPEN es will also provide information 6-10 Monday-Thursday, 6-11 Friday-Saturday, 7-11 Sunday on internships and volunteer opportunities. For more information, conTODAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY FRIDAY TUESDAY tact Career Services, (432) 837• Blue Devil varsity baseball @ the • Lady Blue Devil varsity & JV • Lady Blue Devil varsity & JV 8178. Career Services is located Greenwood tourney, Midland. softball vs. Mountain View, district softball & Blue Devil varsity & JV upstairs in the University Center, games, 5pm, Presidio. baseball vs. Clint, district games, open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. TODAY • LRFMS girls & boys track & field 1pm, Clint. • PHS girls & boys varsity & JV teams @ the Buck Relays, Alpine. track & field teams @ the Buck Relays, Alpine. DY.indd 1

1/14/2009 5:19:55 PM

The International, Presidio, Texas, March 7, 2013 page 5

She was born in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 23, 1946 to George Miles and Mary Katherine (Cockerell) Green. Barbara married John Klusek in East Hampton, Connecticut on June 4, 1989. Before she became a homemaker, she was a security guard for Bank of America in Philadelphia, for the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and for a CVS warehouse in New Jersey. She and her husband moved from the Blackfeet reservation in Montana to Presidio about 10 Barbara Miles years ago and to Marfa about Miles Klusek three years ago. Barbara is survived by her husband, John Klusek of Marfa; two sons, Warren Miles and Paris Miles, both of Baltimore, Barbara Marie Miles, 67, of Maryland; also two grandchilMarfa and formerly of Presidio dren, and a host of nieces and and Ojinaga, passed away Tues- nephews. day, February 26, 2013 at MediA private graveside sercal Center Hospital in Odessa vice was the morning of Friday, after a brief battle with cancer. March 1, in Merced Cemetery in Marfa.

Miles Klusek

Sul Ross Children’s Theatre Project raises half ton of food

MARFA – More than 1,300 school children from the Region 18 area attended special matinees Feb. 28 and March 1 of the Sul Ross State University production of “Tom Sawyer and the Jackson’s Island Pirates” written and directed by Gregory M. Schwab. The matinees were part of the Sul Ross Children’s Theatre Project, begun in the Fall of 2006 and now finishing its fifth production. The project was conceived to provide an opportunity for Region 18 school children to attend live theatre and participate in charitable giving. Since its inception, more than 7,000 children have attended the special school matinees, with the price of admission a canned food item. This year’s donations will go directly to the Food Pantry of Alpine. Children and teachers from the following school districts attended the matinees and enjoyed the opportunity to give: Alpine, Big Bend National Park, Del Rio, Marfa, Kermit, Presidio, Terlingua, and Valentine. Their donations raised over 1,000 pounds of canned and boxed food. For more information regarding the Sul Ross Children’s Theatre Project, contact the Department of Fine Arts and Communication, (432) 837-8218 or email

Star party Saturday at BBRSP Texas Parks and the Big Bend Astronomers will co-host a public star party for all ages at Big Bend Ranch State Park on Saturday, March 9. We’ll first attempt to observe Comet PanSTARRS in the twilight sky, followed by telescopic and binocular observations of Jupiter and its moons, star clusters, nebulas, galaxies, and more. We’ll also be pointing out, explaining, and observing the zodiacal light, easily visible to the unaided eye from a darksky location like BBRSP.  Dress warmly! Participants will gather at the Sauceda Headquarters at 6:45 pm. Sauceda is located in the interior of BBRSP about 1.5 hours drive over a dirt/gravel road from Presidio. The park entry fee for 13 years and over is $5 per person.  All are encouraged to stay over at Sauceda to have ample time to enjoy the park. Lodging can be reserved by calling 512389-8919, and meal requests need to be made at least one (photos by TERRY NORMAN) week in advance by calling The Presidio Lady Blue Devils were victorious over the Marfa Lady Shorthorns in softball action Sauceda directly at 432-358- Tuesday with a score of 16-15, photos above and below. 4444. We look forward to sharing our Park Stars with you!

Sul Ross closed March 13-15 for Spring Break ALPINE - Sul Ross State University offices will be closed Wednesday-Friday, March 1315 for spring break. No classes will be held Monday-Friday, March 11-15. Classes will resume and offices will re-open at 8am Monday, March 18.


Employees of Jarrett Dirt & Paving of Fort Davis pose for a photo during a break in Presidio. They are busy working on different projects in Presidio. Pictured, from left, Jorge Aguilar, Keith Jarrett, Joel Granado and Jose Granado. Aetna BCBS Davis Vision Eyemed Medicare Superior Vision VSP

4i’s Optical

432-837-3699 Now Accepting

Tricare & Medicaid Eye Care for the Entire Family

710 E Holland Ave. #5 Alpine, TX

Iris V. Korus, D.D.S. General Dentistry

No longer accepting Medicaid or Chip Insurance

100 East California Avenue / U.S. Highway 90 downtown Valentine, Texas 432.467.2064

Presidio ISD school menus today through next Friday, March 7 - 14, 2013

BREAKFAST Today Morning roll Friday Bean burrito

4i’s Optical

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

LUNCH Spaghetti w/meat balls, garden salad, ranch dressing, svaory green beans, sliced peaches Turkey & cheese, sweet potato rounds, cucumbers, fresh seasonal fruit

Spring Break!

Milk served with all meals. Juice at breakfast. Menus subject to change.

Menu sponsored by

page 6, The International, Presidio, Texas, March 7, 2013

Int Internacional ernational Elñol

Presidio, Condado de Presidio, Tejas

El secuestro podría ser un mal presagio para los trabajadores federales de la área Por ALBERTO TOMÁS HALPERN Lejano OESTE DE TEXAS, WASHINGTON, DC – Unos recortes automáticos y generalizados de gastos federales entraron en vigor el viernes y el asunto es un mal presagio para los empleados federales, en especial los agentes de la Patrulla Fronteriza, los funcionarios de aduanas y sus compañeros de trabajo en la fuerza laboral civil. Conocido como el secuestro, una serie de recortes presupuestarios por un total de 1,2 trillones de dólares para todos los departamentos federales en la próxima década comenzaron a tener lugar la semana pasada, con el año fiscal en curso que verá una reducción de 85 mil millones de dólares en presupuestos de las agencias federales. Los republicanos y los demócratas en el Congreso, junto con la Casa Blanca, llegaron a un punto muerto en la búsqueda de una solución antes del 1 de marzo, la fecha límite. Los proyectos financiados por el gobierno federal en todo el país verán sus presupuestos reducirse como resultado del secuestro, y los trabajadores federales en el área del Big Bend podrían ver sus horas de trabajo cortadas o enfrentarse a ausencias no pagadas temporales de trabajo. Los republicanos del Congreso y el presidente Obama estaban en desacuerdo sobre cómo sustituir el secuestro. El presidente insistía en el equilibrio de los recortes de gastos federales con nuevas formas de recaudar ingresos fiscales. Los republicanos no estaban de acuerdo. Bill Brooks, portavoz del Sector del Big Bend de la Patrulla Fronteriza de los EE.UU., dijo que el sector emplea a casi 750 personas en todo el sector. Dijo que es su política no revelar el número de empleados para lugares específicos y que tampoco podía comentar sobre el efecto del secuestro a nivel local. Roger Maier, portavoz de Aduanas y Protección Fronteriza (CBP) tampoco podía soltar cualquier información, ya sea en cuanto al impacto del secuestro en el puerto de entrada de Presidio o el número de trabajadores federales que trabajan allí. Tanto Brooks como Maier citaron el testimonio dado por la secretaria de Seguridad Nacional Janet Napolitano como el punto de vista de la Patrulla Fronteriza y CBP. “El secuestro haría retroceder la seguridad fronteriza, aumentar los tiempos de espera en los puertos de entrada terrestres de nuestro país y en aeropuertos, afectaría a la seguridad aeronáutica y marítima y a la seguridad, dejaría la infraestructura crítica más vulnerable a los ataques, obstaculizaría el tiempo de respuesta a desastres y de nuestras capacidades de fuerza, y retrasaría significativamente protecciones de seguridad cibernética de infraestructura. Además, el secuestro requeriría permisos de salida de hasta 14 días para una porción significativa de nuestra personal en primera línea, y podría resultar en una reducción en la capacidad de todo el Departamento,” dijo Napolitano a un comité del Senado de EE.UU. el 14 de febrero. Frente a los importantes recortes presupuestarios, Napolitano agregó que la Patrulla Fronteriza y CBP no serían capaces de mantener los actuales niveles de dotación de personal según lo ordenado por el Congreso. “El secuestro obligaría a CBP a comenzar de inmediato a realizar ausencias no pagadas temporales de sus empleados, reducir las horas extraordinarias para las operaciones de primera línea, y disminuir su contratación para puestos de relleno. En concreto, a partir del 1 de abril, CBP tendría que reducir sus horas de trabajo por el equivalente

Presidio aumenta su infraestructura

de más de 5.000 agentes de la Patrulla Fronteriza y el equivalente de más de 2.750 oficiales de CBP,” dijo. El congresista de la zona Pete Gallego secundó la preocupación de Napolitano. “Creo que es un impacto muy significativo”, dijo Gallego hablando desde su oficina en Washington, DC. “La Patrulla Fronteriza está preparada para emitir avisos de ausencia no pagada temporal. Para el agente de la Patrulla Fronteriza que tiene una hipoteca, pagos del (foto de DIANA AGUIRRE ARMENDÁRIZ) coche, y tiene que criar hijos, se perderán una parte importante de Instalando la tablilla en la tienda BEALLS que pronto tendrá su sus ingresos.” gran abertura. Gallego dijo que los trabajadores no gubernamentales y sus familias sufrirán un impacto debido al secuestro. “Se verá una disminución marcada en personas que comen fuera y van al cine. Los ingresos discrecionales serán menos.” El congresista dijo que debido a que Texas tiene una gran presencia federal, será uno de los estados más afectados. Según la Casa Blanca, el impacto del secuestro en Texas podría incluir una pérdida de aproximadamente 67,8 millones de dólares en fondos para la educación primaria y secundaria, una medida que pondría en riesgo 930 puestos de trabajo docente y auxiliar. Podrían verse lisados los programas de protección del aire y del (foto de BRAD NEWTON) agua, la preparación militar, la finanLos Servicios Médicos de Emergencia de Presidio han recibido ciación para las agencias de la ley, los programas de asistencia para una nueva ambulancia. En la foto, de izquierda, Max Maleev, la búsqueda de empleo, el cuidado John Farrow, y John Razo. de niños, las vacunas para niños y otros programas de salud pública. “Es realmente una mala política pública”, dijo Gallego del secuestro. Criticó la manera en que el gobierno federal funcionó. “El juego de la culpa no espera. Es en la salida. Eso es una gran decepción,” dijo el congresista de primer año. Dijo que había recibido una llamada telefónica de una madre de tres hijos que trabajaba en la Base Lackland de la Fuerza Aérea, en San Antonio, preocupada por si iba a seguir trabajando y manteniendo a su familia. “¿Qué va a hacer? ¿Cómo va a alimentar a sus hijos?” preguntó Gallego respecto a las horas de trabajo perdidas. “Estas son personas reales, familias reales, no sólo números.” Durante una reciente audiencia del Comité de Servicios Armados de la Cámara de Representantes – Gallego es miembro del comité– la Junta de Jefes del Estado Mayor dio testimonio sobre el impacto del seDo your spring cleaning and come sell your items cuestro y respondió a las preguntas de los legisladores. Only $10 per table for persons wanting to sell items En respuesta a una pregunta planteada por Gallego sobre los Food – hamburgers – burritos – pastries recortes a Fort Bliss en El Paso, el jefe de estado mayor del ejército, el Call 729-4694 or 729-4895 to reserve your table. general Ray Odierno, dijo: “Habrá una reducción de los servicios a nuestros soldados y sus familias”. Proceeds to benefit Spring Queen candidate Clarissa Guevara El general Mark Welsh, jefe del estado mayor de la fuerza aérea, dijo que el personal civil y los tiempos de vuelo se reducirían en las bases, incluyendo la Base Laughlin de la Fuerza Aérea, en Del Río. Presidio County Health Services, Inc. Cerrando sus comentarios a los is proud to announce that líderes militares, Gallego dijo: “Es interesante para mí aprender hoy que es su trabajo hablarnos de las consecuencias de nuestras propias acciones, porque me parece que cada una de estas decisiones ha sido una ley aprobada por el Congreso, que nos ha puesto en el camino en el que estamos en la actualidad.” Hablando de un mantra con el que vive, la responsabilidad personal, Gallego agregó: “La idea de que tendrían que hablarnos de las consecuencias de nuestras propias acciones no parece estar en consonancia con el concepto de la responsabilidad personal”.

Celebran al popular Dr. Seuss en la biblioteca de Presidio Por DIANA AGUIRRE ARMENDARIZ PRESIDIO – Con motivo del cumpleaños número 109 del ya fallecido escritor de cuentos infantiles, Theodor Seuss Geisel, o mejor conocido como Dr. Seuss, la Biblioteca Publica de Presidio hizo un homenaje a Dr. Seuss el pasado viernes, siendo los estudiantes de la escuela primaria sus invitados. “Los niños de edad preescolar vinieron con sus maestras, Knights y Alvarado quienes disfrutaron del cuento de Green Eggs and Ham, quien fue leído por la madre de familia Tara Harring.” comentó Carmen Elguezabal, bibliotecaria y organizadora del evento. Al evento, asistieron un total de 43 invitados, los cuales pudieron disfrutar de juegos interactivos, que permitieron pasar una mañana agradable. Asimismo, los niños disfrutaron de la película titulada “Green Eggs and Ham”. “Todos los viernes tenemos este tipo de actividades, hoy tocó el turno de festejar a Dr. Seuss” dijo Elguezabal.


Dr. Adrian Billings will be joining our family on April 12, 2013 To schedule appointments call: Marfa Community Health Clinic 406 S. Summer St., Marfa, TX 79843 432.729.1800 or Presidio County Medical Clinic 501 E. O’Reilly, Presidio, TX 79845 432.229.3030

Por DIANA AGUIRRE ARMENDARIZ PRESIDIO –Actualmente, la compañía Cadence Commercial Real State, agencia de bienes raíces ha iniciado un proyecto de tres locales en la ciudad de Presidio, dentro de las cuales se encuentra la tienda de ropa Melrose, la cuál cambiará su ubicación hacia el nuevo proyecto. “Estamos buscando inquilinos para rentar los nuevos locales que estaremos construyendo, aunque ya contamos con la empresa Melrose,”, comentó David Katz Agente de Bienes y Raíces de Cadence Comercial Real State. El próximo centro comercial estará ubicado cerca del Puerto de Entrada, por la calle principal O’Reilly como referencia la conocida tienda Dollar General. “Tenemos contemplado abrir mas locales, por lo pronto estos tres locales estarán terminados aproximadamente para el mes de julio” comentó Katz. Asimismo, la llegada de nuevas agencias a la ciudad fronteriza tendrá un impacto positivo no sólo para los consumidores sino para los propietarios de alguna empresa. “El proyecto esta divido en dos partes, la primera es la de los tres locales y la otra dependerá de los inquilinos interesados en alquilar otros locales” dijo Katz.

Dr. Adrian Billings regretfully announces the end of his practice with Cactus Health Services and the Pearce Clinic. His last day to see patients at Cactus Health Services clinics will be April 11, 2013. Medical records will be maintained by Cactus Health Services and may be transferred to a physician of your choice upon your written request. Thank you for the opportunity and honor of taking care of you.



Presidio, TX



Assistant Managers (part-time) Sales Associates (part-time) Custodian/Receiving Associates (part-time) WE OFFER ALL ASSOCIATES:

20% Merchandise Discount Competitive Wages 401 (k) Savings Plan (with matching feature)

OPEN INTERVIEWS Tuesday, March 19, 2013

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM LOCATION:

Presidio Activities Center 1400 East Oreilly Street Presidio, TX 79845

(Located next to the Presidio Library) Interviews Conducted On Site We are an equal opportunity employer and promote a drug-free workplace.

The International, Presidio, Texas, March 7, 2013 page 7

Int Internacional ernational Elñol

Presidio, Condado de Presidio, Tejas

Futuro jardín comunitario y próximo Mercadito de Presidio

Las camionetas de TRAX.

El Día de Prueba Trax resalta el transporte público


Asesinan a periodista en Ojinaga en plena calle

La primavera trae consigo buenas vibras para Presidio. El equipo de TransforDe mando Tejas continúa su trabajo en la comunidad con un jardín comunitario y un OJINAGA – El periodista Jaievento de bienvenida a la primavera el 23 de marzo. me Guadalupe Domínguez, diPresidio podrá disfrutar de un jardín comunitario muy pronto. Éste será un es- rector del portal www.ojinaganopacio público donde se podrá sembrar frutas y verduras, flores, y otras plantas., fue asesinado el Estará colocado a un lado de la antigüa tienda Spencer’s. domingo, 3 de marzo, en OjinaHabrá treinta cajas jardineras de madera con dimensiones de 4x8 pies disga, informó la Fiscalía General ponibles para cualquier persona interesada. Las cajas están siendo construídas y donadas por la compañia Solitaire Homes basada en Presidio. Transformando Te- del Estado (FGE). El vocero de la dependencia jas proporcionará la tierra y el agua para el mantenimiento de las sembrías. “Este proyecto es importante porque es una actividad productiva para la comu- Carlos González señaló que el nidad,” dice Liz Rohana, integrante del equipo de Transformando Tejas. “Tambien comunicólogo recibió 17 impaces bueno para los ninos porque le tos de bala de calibre 5.7 x 28, La comunidad tendrá la oportunidad de conocer más a fondo el jardín comuni- de las armas conocidas como tario durante el evento de bienvenida a la primavera “Spring Fling” donde los niños “matapolicías”. de la primaria estarán sembrando varias plantitas en maceteros donados por la El hecho se registró aproximciudad de Presidio. adamente a las 18:30 horas, las El “Spring Fling” será el primer Mercadito del año – dándole la bienvenida a la primavera y sus frutos. Se venderá fruta y verdura fresca, comida casera, manuali- calles Trasviña y Retes y 13va, dades, y otras cositas deliciosas. Habrá un brinca-brinca para el entretenimiento cuando el periodista de 38 años de edad se encontraba en un de los niños. Se le invita a toda la comunidad a participar en el “Spring Fling” el 23 de marzo puesto de comida, en el Centro. a las 9:30 a.m. enseguida del correo. No falten. Al parecer, los atacantes se

Jaime Guadalupe Gonzalez Domínguez

publiquen. “Ejecutan al reportero-director de este medio. Muy probablemente esta sea nuestra última Nota”, señaló el portal. llevaron la cámara fotográfica LEJANO OESTE DE TEXAS – Los vehículos de transporte pú“Con esta noticia muy posibleque llevaba consigo Jaime Gua- mente esta sea la última nota de blico de la Agencia de Acción Comunitaria del Big Bend tienen un dalupe Gonzalez Domínguez, este medio, es una verdadera aspecto nuevo y un nuevo número gratuito de teléfono. Y el jueves, quien estaba acompañado por lástima este atentado contra del 28 de marzo, usted puede viajar gratis durante nuestro Día Pruebe una mujer que resultó ilesa. Trax. periodismo”, indicó. Luego del homicidio, www. Si usted necesita ver a su médico en El Paso, el Permian Basin o EXAMPLE Al final de la nota, acompaPECOS - “Usted estará muerto antes de final del año junto con el resto informó ñarero se destaca la frase: “Desen Fort Stockton, pruebe Trax. de su familia,” rezaba un siniestro email enviado en noviembre del año sobre los hechos la mañana de canse en Paz Jaime Guadalupe ¿Necesita hacer algunas compras fuera de la ciudad? Pruebe pasado al Sargento Ben Chávez del Departamento de Policía de Midland. El correo electrónico era una de las muchas amenazas extrañas y vio- este lunes y anunció que proba- González Domínguez”. Trax. de blemente la última que Aunque el Día Pruebe Trax sólo ofrecerá viajes gratuitos a nivel lentas dirigidas a las agencias de la ley de la zona a través del tableroPublicación ensea Algún Otronota Sitio en el Periódico: local, este servicio de respuesta a la demanda hace que sea más mensaje online Topix y a través de emails escritos por un hombre que fácil y menos costoso desplazarse por cualquier lugar del Lejano usaba el apodo anónimo de “El Diablo.” Las amenazas contra agentes y funcionarios elegidos de Pecos, Fort Oeste de Texas y más allá. Stockton y Big Spring, incluyendo al sargento Armando García y al juez Las oficinas de transporte están cómodamente situadas en Mar- municipal de Pecos Robert French, causaron miedo, ya que El Diablo proA TODAS LAS PERSONAS Y PARTES fa, Presidio, Alpine y Van Horn y el transporte local está disponible metió realizar actos con proyectiles de gran calibre, armas químicas y code lunes a viernes desde las 8 a.m. hasta las 5 p.m. INTERESADAS: ches bomba. Así que suba a uno de nuestros llamativos vehículos. Una investigación de los emails y los correos en Topix señalaron a provDurante los próximos días, distribuiremos colgadores para puer- eedores de servicios de internet que enviaban números conectados con un Hoover Energy Texas LLC ha solicitado a la Comisión de tas en su ciudad. Los colgadores incluirán nuestro número gratuito café de internet en Ciudad Juárez, México, y al sistema wifi de Apples en el centro comercial de Cielo Vista, en El Paso, conduciendo a los investipara que lo tenga a mano para futuras referencias. Algunos de los Calidad Ambiental de Texas (TCEQ) la RENOVACIÓN colgadores incluirán este mensaje: LLAME AL 1-855-TRY TRAX gadores a El Diablo: un hombre de Pecos llamado Jacob Ramos Esparza. del Permiso Num. 46 para Calidad Atmosférica, que PARA UN VIAJE GRATUITO A CUALQUIER PARTE DE SU CIU- La policía de Pecos arrestó a Esparza en conexión con las amenazas el 27 de noviembre tras encontrarle durmiendo en un vehículo aparcado en autoriza la continua operación de Instalaciones Gómez de DAD EL JUEVES, 28 DE MARZO. Flying J Truck Stop. Usted debe tener un colgador de “viaje gratuito/free ride” para Tratamiento de Gas ubicada en el 3238 West Gomez Road, En una aparición en el tribunal el 30 de noviembre presidida por el juez poder recibir un viaje gratuito y sólo se podrá usar para un viaje re- magistrado de Estados Unidos Dwight Goains, que nombró a Jack MereFort Stockton, Condado de Pecos, Texas. En la sección de alizado el jueves, 28 de marzo de 2013. No obstante, la declaración dith como abogado de oficio de Esparza, el agente Brendan Shaffer, invesavisos PÚBLICOS de este periódico se encuentra de “viaje gratuito/free ride” no estará incluida en todos los colga- tigador de Seguridad Nacional, dijo a Meredith que familiares de Esparza dores. le habían informado de que lo habían tratado por temas relacionados con información adicional de esta solicitud. Para este acontecimiento especial, por favor no llame más tarde la salud mental y que a menudo dejaba de tomar su medicación. Según del mediodía del martes, 26 de marzo, para asegurar la reserva de Shaffer, sus problemas de salud mental empezaron tres semanas después de que su madre, enferma de cáncer, se suicidara. su viaje. Desde entonces Esparza ha reciAunque no reciba un colgador de “viaje gratuito/free ride”, llámenos para reservar un viaje. El precio de un viaje sólo de ida dentro bido evaluación psiquiátrica y, según la oficina del Fiscal de Estados UniÚNASE AL COMITÉ DE de su ciudad es sólo de 1$ por cada viaje de ida y nuestra manera dos, se ha determinado que Esparza de decir “gracias por su apoyo” será regalar a todos nuestros pasa- sufre un trastorno mental y fue deBIG BEND COMMUNITY ACTION PARA CELEBRAR jeros un pequeño obsequio el día de PRUEBE TRAX. clarado incompetente para enfrenPara programar un viaje con nuestro servicio, por favor llámenos tarse actualmente a juicio. entre 24 y 49 horas de antelación. Si están disponibles un conducEsparza recibirá ayuda psicológitor y un vehículo, puede que le podamos programar un viaje para ca para restaurar su competencia el mismo día que llame. Usted puede seguir llamando al número para un juicio que está provisionalde su oficina local o puede llamar a nuestro nuevo número gratuito mente fijado para el 16 de abril. El juicio puede ser postergado indefini1-855-TRY-TRAX (855-879-8729). damente dependiendo del resultado Esperamos verle el jueves, 28 de marzo, y a lo largo de los años de sus tratamientos. venideros. The Monahans News y el report-

“El Diablo” es declarado incompetente para enfrentarse a un juicio

ero John Daniel Garcia.

Una acusación de conspiración conduce a tres arrestos


Leticia Lujan y Travis Melott, engaragdo de la tienda McKeel Electronics & RadioShack de Presidio. Desde el día 28 de febrero inició la gran barata la cual se tiene contemplada concluya este próximo 15 de marzo

McKeel Electronics cerrará a final del mes PRESIDIO – Después de 12 años, John McKeel cerrará las puertas de McKeeo Electronics Radio Shack a medida que comience el próximo capítulo de su vida. “Simplemente es hora de jubilarme,” dijo McKeel, añadiendo con una risa, “Quiero despertarme por la mañana y disfrutar de una taza de café sin estrés.” McKeel, que cumplirá 62 años en abril, también tiene ganas de pasar tiempo con su mujer, Gloria, y sus hijos, J.R., de Fort Worth, y Sean, que actualmente está destinado en la Base de Peterson de la Fuerza Aérea, en Colorado. Antes de abrir la tienda, McKeel, residente de Presidio de cuarta generación, había trabajado para el Servicio de Alimentación de Estados Unidos durante tres

años tras su tenencia como Director del Servicio de Alimentación en el Distrito Independiente Escolar de Presidio. A lo largo del mes, los McKeel y sus tres empleados celebrarán unas rebajas por el cierre por jubilación con la ayuda de un servicio profesional de liquidación para vender cada artículo de mercancía, equipamientos de tienda, muebles y material a grandes descuentos. El edificio y la propiedad, situados en el número 918 de la calle Erma, al lado de ALCO, también estarán en proceso de venta o de alquiler a finales de marzo. Era el antiguo edificio de correos de Presidio. “Doy gracias a todo el mundo por su apoyo, negocio y lealtad,” dijo. “Han sido 12 buenos años gracias a nuestros clientes.”

MARFA, FORT STOCKTON – Tres hombres de la zona fueron arrestados la semana pasada en conexión con un caso de conspiración por poseer y distribuir menos de 500 gramos de cocaína, según dicen los informes de un tribunal federal. Ernesto Zubia, de Marfa y anteriormente de Presidio, junto con los supuestos co-conspiradores Israel Urias Castro y Jessie Gabriel Moreno, ambos de Fort Stockton, fueron los objetivos de unas redadas llevadas a cabo por varias agencias bajo la DEA. La DEA entregó pruebas para obtener una acusación el 14 de febrero. Una orden de arresto fue emitida para Zubia como resultado de la acusación, así como una orden federal de registro domiciliario para su residencia en el este de Marfa. Fue detenido en el momento en que realizaron la orden de registro. Según la acusación del Tribunal de Distrito de Estados Unidos, Zubia, Castro y Moreno supuestamente se asociaron, conspiraron, se confederaron y accedieron entre ellos y otras personas de manera ilegal, voluntaria y adrede a distribuir y poseer con la intención de distribuir la cocaína a partir o alrededor del 9 de abril de 2011 hasta o alrededor del 20 de septiembre de 2011. En caso de ser condenados, los tres hombres podrían enfrentarse a hasta 20 años de encarcelamiento y una multa de hasta 5 millones de dólares.


Jueves, 28 de marzo de 2013 9:00 a.m. a 4:00 p.m. Experimente un viaje en uno de nuestros buses recién envueltos; ¡reciba un pequeño regalo de agradecimiento y venga a conocernos!

Puede que reciba una tarjeta en su puerta válida para un viaje gratuito de ida y vuelta para el DÍA DE PRUEBA DE TRAX o puede viajar con nosotros por sólo 1.00$ a cualquier lugar dentro de su pueblo. LLAME AHORA PARA RESERVAR SU VIAJE AL: 1-855-TRY-TRAX (1-855-879-8729)

(No llame más tarde de las 12:00 del mediodía el martes, 26 de marzo)

EL COMITÉ DE TRANSPORTE (TRAX) DE BIG BEND COMMUNITY ACTION SIRVE A: Los Condados de Brewster, Culberson, Jeff Davis, Hudspeth y Presidio Para asegurarse un viaje: LLAME AL MENOS CON 24-48 HORAS DE ANTELACIÓN

page 8, The International, Presidio, Texas, March 7, 2013

This template is a starting point to assist you with meeting alternative language requirements. Please ensure the translation is consistent with the English template that has been provided to PUBLIC NOTICES PUBLIC you by the TCEQ. The applicant is responsible for the final translation. The applicant should ensure the correct template is used and/or proper translation is performed.

Comisión de Calidad Ambiental del Estado de Texas AVISO DE RECEPCIÓN DE SOLICITUD E INTENCIÓN DE OBTENER RENOVACIÓN DE PERMISO ATMOSFÉRICO PERMISO NÚM. 46 SOLICITUD Hoover Energy Texas LLC, ha solicitado a la Comisión de Calidad Ambiental del Estado de Texas (TCEQ por sus siglas en ingles) renovación del Permiso Num. 46 de Calidad Atmosférica el cual autorizaría la operación continua de Instalaciones Gómez de Tratamiento de Gas ubicada en el 3238 West Gomez Road, Fort Stockton, Condado de Pecos, Texas 79735. Este enlace a un mapa electrónico de la ubicación general del sitio o de la instalación es proporcionado como una cortesía y no es parte de la solicitud o del aviso. Para la ubicación exacta, consulte la solicitud. La planta existente tiene la autorización de emitir los siguientes contaminantes atmosféricos: Compuestos orgánicos, óxidos de nitrógeno, monóxido de carbono, dióxido de azufre, sulfuro de hidrógeno y material particulado con diámetros de 10 micras o menos y de 2.5 micras o menos. Esta solicitud se le presentó a TCEQ el 2 de enero 2013. La solicitud estárán disponibles para ser revisados y copiados en la Oficina central de TCEQ, para revisarla y sacarle copia, en la oficina regional de TCEQ en Midland, Texas y en la Biblioteca Publica de Fort Stockton ubicada en el 500 North Water Stree, en la ciudad de Fort Stockton, Condado de Pecos, Texas empezando el primer dia de la publicación de este aviso. El expediente de cumplimiento de la planta, si existe alguno, esta disponible para su revisión en la oficina regional de TCEQ en Midland, Texas. El director ejecutivo de TCEQ ha determinado que la solicitud está administrativamente completa y llevará a cabo una revisión técnica de la solicitud. La información que se incluye en la solicitud indica que esta renovación del permiso no resultaría en un aumento de emisiones permisibles y no resultaría en la emisión de un contaminante atmosférico que no hubiera emitido anteriormente. TCEQ puede actuar en esta solicitud sin buscar comentarios públicos adicionales o dar la oportunidad para una audiencia de caso impugnado si se cumple con ciertos criterios. COMENTARIOS PÚBLICOS Usted puede presentar comentarios públicos, o solicitar una audiencia de caso impugnado a la Oficina del Funcionario Jefe al domicilio a continuación. TCEQ tomará en cuenta todos los comentarios públicos en la decisión final de la solicitud. La fecha límite para presentar comentarios públicos es 15 días después de que se publique el aviso en el periódico. Después de la fecha límite para comentarios públicos, el director ejecutivo preparará una respuesta para todos los comentarios públicos pertinentes y materiales o importantes. Valor de la propiedad, ruido, seguridad de tráfico y zonificación se encuentran fuera de la jurisdicción de TCEQ para abordar en el proceso del permiso. Después de que se concluya la revisión técnica de la solicitud, el director ejecutivo tomará en cuenta los comentarios y preparará una respuesta para todos los comentarios públicos pertinentes y materiales o significativos. Si solo se reciben comentarios, la respuesta a los comentarios, junto con la decisión del director ejecutivo con respecto a la solicitud se enviaran por correo a todas aquellas personas que presentaron comentarios públicos o que se encuentran en la lista de correos para esta solicitud, a no ser que la solicitud se refiera directamente a una audiencia de caso impugnado. OPORTUNIDAD PARA UNA AUDIENCIA DE CASO IMPUGNADO Usted puede solicitar una audiencia de caso impugnado. El solicitante o el director ejecutivo también pueden presentar una petición para que la solicitud haga referencia directamente a una audiencia de caso impugnado después de la revisión técnica de la solicitud. Una audiencia de caso impugnado es un proceso legal similar a un juicio civil en el tribunal de distrito del estado. A menos que se presente una solicitud para una audiencia de caso impugnado dentro de 15 días de esta notificación, el director ejecutivo puede autorizar la solicitud. Si no se recibe una solicitud para audiencia dentro de 15 días, no se dará otra oportunidad para una audiencia. De acuerdo a la Ley del Aire Limpio del Estado de Texas § 382.056(o) solo se puede conceder una audiencia de caso impugnado si el historial de cumplimiento del solicitante se encuentra en la clasificación mas baja de acuerdo a los requisitos de historial de cumplimiento que aplican y si la petición para audiencia está basada en cuestiones debatibles de hecho que son pertinentes y materiales para la decisión de la Comisión con respecto a la solicitud. Además, la Comisión solo concederá una audiencia sobre cuestiones que se presenten durante el período de comentarios públicos y no se retiran Una persona que puede estar afectada por contaminantes de emisiones atmosféricas de una planta tiene derecho a solicitar una audiencia. Si se solicita una audiencia de caso impugnado, debe presentar lo siguiente: (1) su nombre (o para un grupo o asociación, un representante oficial), dirección, número de teléfono y número de facsímile si lo tiene; (2) el nombre del solicitante y número de permiso; (3) la declaración “[yo/nosotros] solicito una audiencia de un caso impugnado”; (4) una descripción específica de como se vería adversamente afectado por la solicitud y emisiones atmosféricas de la planta de manera que no es común para el publico en general; (5) la ubicación y distancia de su propiedad con relación a la planta; y (6) una Descripción de como emplea la propiedad la cual puede ser impactada por la planta. Si la petición la hace un grupo o asociación, el miembro o miembros que tienen derecho a solicitar una audiencia y los intereses que el grupo o la asociación busca proteger, también se deben identificar. También puede presentar los




Moving sale! EMPLOYMENT Saturday, March 16 OPPORTUNITY 620 N. Summer Street, Marfa City of Presidio, Senior CitiThe Presidio Independent 10am – 4pm zen Center, Food Service DirecSchool District is accepting Half off after 1pm! tor. sealed proposals for the selecMark your calendars! Apply at: City of Presidio, 507 tion of the depository bank for For more information, call W. O’Reilly St., Presidio, Texas the district for the 2013-2015 bi79845. ennium. Bids will be received in 432-295-2233. 3/7,14p Position open until filled. the office of the Business ManThe City of Presidio is an ager of the District, 701 East Equal Opportunity Employer. Market Street, P.O. Box 1401, 3/7,14 Presidio, Texas 79845 until 9:00 a.m. on April 9, 2013. All bids must be sealed and clearly Need a ride to a medical appointment, shopping, or visit family marked on the outside “Deposimembers out of town? Need a ride to and from your work site, tory Services”. The appropriate or to Sul Ross State University? bid form must be used. Bids will be reviewed at the regular Board of Trustees meeting which will be held on April 16, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. The Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Offices to call: 2/28, 3,7 Travel destinations:

Public and Medical Transportation

Provided by Big Bend Community Action

Marfa 432-729-1992 Alpine 432-837-9139 Presidio 432-229-4917 Van Horn 432-283-1159

Marfa, Fort Davis, Alpine, Marathon, Terlingua, Lajitas, Study Butte, Big Bend National Park, Presidio, Pecos, Candelaria, Redford, Shafter, Valentine, Odessa, Fort Stockton, Midland, Van Horn, Sierra Blanca, Dell City, Fabens, Fort Hancock, El paso.



ajustes que propone hacer a la solicitud/permiso que pueden satisfacer sus preocupaciones. Las peticiones para una audiencia de caso impugnado se deben presentar por escrito dentro de 15 día después de aviso, a la Oficina del Funcionario Jefe a la dirección a continuación. Si se registra oportunamente una petición para audiencia de caso impugnado, el director ejecutivo enviará la solicitud y cualquier petición para una audiencia de caso impugnado a los comisionados de TCEQ para su consideración durante la reunión programada de la Comisión. Excepto si la solicitud se refiere directamente a una audiencia de caso impugnado, el director ejecutivo enviará por correo la respuesta a los comentarios junto con la notificación de la reunión de la Comisión a todas aquella personas que hayan hecho comentarios o si se encuentran en la lista de correspondencia para esta solicitud. Si se concede la audiencia, el tema de la audiencia estará limitado a casos debatibles de hecho relacionados a intereses pertinentes y materiales de calidad atmosférica que se hayan presentado durante el período de comentarios. Cuestiones tales como valor de la propiedad, ruido, seguridad de tráfico y zonificación no están dentro de la jurisdicción de la Comisión para abordarse en este proceso judicial. LISTA DE CORRESPONDENCIA Aparte de presentar comentarios públicos, puede solicitar que lo/la incluyan en la lista de correos para recibir en el futuro avisos públicos para esta solicitud específica que envía por correo la Oficina del Funcionario Jefe enviando una petición por escrito a la Oficina del Funcionario Jefe de TCEQ a la dirección a continuación. INFORMACIÓN Los comentarios públicos o peticiones para una reunión pública o audiencia de caso impugnado se debe presentar a la Oficina del Funcionario Jefe, MC-105, TCEQ, P.O. Box 13087, Austin, Texas 78711-3087, o por el Internet al Para mayor información acerca de esta solicitud para permiso o el proceso para permisos, favor de llamar a la Oficina de Asistencia al Público, al 1-800-687-4040. Si requiere información general de TCEQ dirigirse al portal electrónico Se puede obtener información adicional de Hoover Energy Texas LLC, 333 Clay Street, Suite 3650, Houston, Texas 77002-4174 o al llamar a Mark Martelli, Flatrock Engineering & Environmental, Ltd at telefono 214-320-8804. Fecha de Expedición: 14 de febrero, 2013



Now Hiring MAINTENANCE WORKERS Maintenance Workers needed to perform a variety of general maintenance repairs and services at our greenhouse located in Marfa. Experience requirements: basic carpentry, use of common hand and power tools, general electric and plumbing. Ability to read, write and understand verbal and written instructions. Village Farms offers a competitive salary and benefits package. Interested candidates should email or fax resume to (432)729-5010 aanderson@, applications are also available at Village Farms Security Station 3 Miles N. Hwy 17 Marfa, TX GREENHOUSE WORKERS Full-time & Part-time Positions Village Farms is recruiting individuals for crop work, harvesting and packing tomatoes. New hire rate now $10 / hour with an opportunity to earn up to $16 per hour based on productivity. We offer a competitive benefits package. Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment, stand for long periods and work Saturdays as needed. To pick up an application, please stop by our facilities located north of Marfa or south of FT. Davis on Hwy 17 or call 432-386-7488 for more information. TRABAJADORES DE INVERNADERO Posiciones a Tiempo Completo y Tiempo Parcial Village Farms está contratando trabajadores para la cosecha y empaque de tomate. Nuevo sueldo inicial ahora es $10 por hora con una oportunidad de ganar hasta $16 por hora basado en productividad. Ofrecemos un paquete de beneficios competitivo. Debe ser capaz de trabajar en un entorno de ritmo rápido, estar de pie durante largos periodos y trabajar los sábados si es necesario. Para obtener una solicitud, por favor pase por nuestras instalaciones localizadas al norte de Marfa o al sur de FT. Davis en la carretera 17 o llame al 432-386-7488 para más información. 2/28-3/14


REAL ESTATE For Sale – House in Presidio, everything brand new-Saltillo floors throughout, ceilings, cedar vigas and beams, all windows, lime plaster and paint, all kitchen cabinets, cast iron sink, stainless-steel gas range and refrigerator, four-piece bathroom with talavera tile, wood burning stove, light fixtures, heating and air-conditioning, electric, washer and dryer, large walk-in closet... It is a two-to-three bedroom, one bath, adobe in the Utopia community. For info please call 325338-2926. tfn Se venden 2 lotes residenciales, miden un total de 100’ x 100’ ubicados en la esquina de calles Monique y Frank Spencer. Par mas informes favor de llamar al 830-765-6023. 2/14-28b


A-1 Homes Odessa All applications are approved to buy your new or used home. Call us today at 432.363.0881. RBI35740

Casa usada urge venderla! 432.362.1577. RBI35740 Travel trailers and used mobile homes, must sell now! Call and get yours today. 432.366.1124. RBI35740

Get the employee discount today. Almost 2,000 square feet. Three bedroom, two bath, two living areas that must go! Only two left. Call 432.363.7100. RBI35740

Casa usada a pagar a corto plazo! Todas las aplicaciones son aprovadas. Llame hoy, 432.363.0881. RBI35740


El Diana Aguirre Maria Elvira Hermosillo Laura Madrid Alberto Tomas Halpern John Daniel Garcia Miriam Halpern Cardona Rosario Salgado Halpern Sterry Butcher Robert Louis Halpern Rosario Salgado Halpern Jesu Salgado, David Dominguez

Presidio Reporter/Photographer Presidio Reporter/Photographer Presidio distribution Photography, reporting, website Reporting, website Translations Production design Knight Fellow, reporter emeritus Editor & Publisher Chief Financial Officer additional distribution

office: Market @ Ralph England St, Presidio, Texas address: PO Box P, Marfa, TX 79843 telephone: 432-729-4342 The International Presidio Paper (USPS 003-592) is published weekly, on Thursdays, 50 times a year by La Frontera Publications Inc., Drawer P, Marfa, TX 79843. Annual subscription rates are $42 in Presidio, Brewster & Jeff Davis counties, $44 in Texas, and $47 elsewhere in the United States. Special rates apply abroad. Periodicals class postage paid at Marfa, Texas 79843. Postmaster: Send address changes to Box P, Marfa, TX 79843.

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