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One Shot, One-Point Win

Okmulgee Times, Friday, December 22, 2017


Lady Eagles defeat Okay Lady Mustangs, 42-41

By Kaitlyn Dillard Times Sports Writer

Morris-Morris High School’s Lady Eagles improved their season record, defeating the Okay Lady Mustangs at home Tuesday night, 42-41. The Lady Eagles fought hard to earn their lead and made sure to hold onto it till the very end. The first quarter started the Lady Eagles ahead of the Lady Mustangs, 8-5. The Lady Eagles were able to pull ahead with two shots completed behind the three point line by Junior Guard Kyzia Whisenhunt and Freshman Guard Emily Wallace. After completing their shots, both players were fouled by the Lady Mustangs, providing them another opportunity to earn points. Emily Wallace and Whisenhunt completed a free throw each. Losing momentum in the second quarter, earning a total of four points, the Lady Eagles began to trail behind the Lady Mustangs. Sophomore Guard Sydnee Lewis was the first Lady Eagle to get on the scoreboard in the second quarter, earning two points for her team from the foul line. While Morris was stalling with just 10 points on the scoreboard, the Lady Mustangs were racking up the points, making sure to put distance between the Lady Eagles and their lead. The Lady Mustangs were able to tally up 13 by the end of the quarter with one player earning five baskets. The Lady Eagles were able to edge out one more basket in the second quarter completed by Sophomore Guard Sydnee Lewis.

Down 18-12 going in the third quarter, the Lady Eagles only had a few shots standing in between them and taking the Lady Mustang’s lead. The Lady Eagles offense kicked it into two pointer gear with five players having successful shots at the goal. Freshman Forward Charlie Barnett led the team in shots completed in the quarter earning two baskets. Emily Wallace, Whisenhunt and Pinkston all three earned their second shots of the night with completed two pointers, while Kamarie Wallace joined her teammates on the scoreboard with a two pointer of her own. The Lady Eagles offense’s high scoring quarter was accompanied by their defense preventing the Lady Mustangs from making any headway, earning only four points to the Lady Eagles 15. Going into the fourth quarter the Lady Eagles had a fast hold on a 27-22 lead, and they made sure that they had possession of the lead until the buzzer sounded. The Lady Eagles had another high point quarter earning 15 points with the combined efforts of Senior Madyson Lewis and Whisenhunt. Lewis had an astounding quarter, earning a three pointer towards the beginning of the quarter, setting the stage for the Lady Eagles eventual win. It was as if a switch had been turned on and the Lady Mustangs went into foul earning overdrive. Lewis’ three pointer resulted in two fouls for her and a combined five fouls for her teammates. The Lady Eagles took advantage of the fouls,

earning six points from the free throw line. Barnett, Kamarie Wallace, and Whisenhunt continued their shooting streak with two pointers each. Despite having a good last quarter, the Lady Eagles had to defend their lead till the very end with the Lady Mustangs earning 19 points in the last quarter. However, the Lady Mustangs defense bucked the rules, which led to their demise. The Lady Eagles held onto their lead by one point, earned from a free throw shot by Lewis, when the buzzer sounded. With the miraculous 42-41 win against the Okay Lady Mustangs, the Lady Eagles improved their season record to 5-3.

Going Up? Lady Eagle Kyzia Whisenhunt, pictured above, goes up for a shot during Tuesday’s game against the Okay Lady Mustangs.

Morris to face Ironheads, Demons

The Lady Eagles are scheduled to meet the OSSAA ranked Beggs Lady Demons on Beggs’ court Tuesday, Jan. 9, starting at 6 p.m. The Lady Demons started the season late with only one game under their belt; however, their season record puts them in the eighth spot in Class 3A. Beggs is currently 1-0 with a 40-36 win against Eufaula who is currently ranked 20th. The Lady Eagles were previously defeated twice by the Lady Demons in the previous season, suffering from a 54-47 loss and a 65-30 loss. After meeting the Lady Demons on the court, the Lady Eagles are scheduled to meet the Eufaula Lady Ironheads Friday, Jan. 12, at 6:30 p.m. The Lady Ironheads are currently 3-2, and the Lady Eagles have previously defeated the Lady Ironheads during last season, earning a 62-56 overtime win and a 41-39 win. The Eagles are not scheduled to meet the Golden Demons on the court just yet. The next scheduled game for the Eagles is the Eufaula Ironheads on Jan. 12 at 8 p.m. Currently the Eagles are standing with a 5-3 season record, while the Ironheads have a 1-4 season record. During last season, the Eagles won their first game against the Ironheads 55-51 but could not defeat them a second time, losing by just two points, 22-20.

(Left) Madyson Lewis, senior gaurd, makes her way past a Lady Mustang defender to make a shot. Lewis made the free throw shot that would gain the Eagles the title of victors. (Kaitlyn Dillard, Times staff)

Eagles trail behind Mustangs Record now at 5-3 By Kaitlyn Dillard Times Sports Writer

Aiming High

Junior Forward Dillion Mattingly aims high going up for a shot agianst the Mustangs Tuesday night. Mattingly earned a total of seven points throughout the game, shooting twp buckets and completing a three point shot. (Kaitlyn Dillard, Times staff)

Morris High School’s boys basketball team met the Okay Mustangs on the court Tuesday night. Trailing behind the Mustangs by eight points, the Eagles faced their third defeat of the season, 54-46. The Eagles put up a fight in the first quarter following closely behind the Mustangs, 12-10. Sophomore Guard Trenton Kelley started the night off with a three point shot for Morris, putting them immediately on the scoreboard. The Eagles started off well in the first quarter with Kelley’s three point shot and Sophomore Center Joe McBride earning two buckets, but the Mustangs were able to earn just one basket over the Eagles, 12-10. Try as they might, the Eagles could not overturn the Mustangs small lead in the second quarter, matching the Mustang offense point for point. The Eagles offense, depsite having a good quarter, trailed behind the Mustangs lead in the second quarrter, 23-21. The third quarter was the shining moment for the Eagles, usurping the Mustangs’ two quarter,

two point lead. McBride led the resurgence in the third quarter, along with teammate Senior Forward Brett Beard, earning three buckets, while Beard was able to complete not only a two point shot but also a three pointer. Two free throws would put the Eagles just barely ahead of the Mustangs, 36-35. Unable to keep up with the Mustangs’ high scoring offense, the Eagles saw their lead slip away. The Eagles offense tried to reclaim their lead but they fell short despite hard efforts made by McBride, Beard and Mattingly. Mattingly made a reappearance with a two pointer shot, while McBride earned his sixth bucket of the night. Beard earned the last shot of the night for the Eagles, earning his second three pointer. A foul would put him at the free throw line, completing one shot but it wasn’t enough to stop the Mustangs. The Eagles walked off the court with their third loss of the season, making their record for the season 5-3. McBride had a good night earning the top scorer spot for the Eagles with 14 points earned throughout the entire game. Beard trailed behind McBride just barely with 12 points.

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