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International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) Group



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01 July 2010


Site extension

Definition of a site extension: 1. cannot achieve an independent IRIS Certificate * and 2. has a manufacturing or maintenance activity belonging to the connected certified site and 3. is included in the same scope of certification of the connected certified site and 4. is performing exclusively manufacturing or maintenance processes and 5. is included in the audit plans of the evaluation process of the connected certified site.

Application: The IRIS certificate includes a new area on the second page, where the site extensions shall be listed. In case of uncertainty, IMC will take final decision. The certification bodies shall apply this new rule when appropriate from the next scheduled audit on.

* Note: conditions for being suitable for an IRIS Certification: a. being a legal entity or belonging to a corporation and b. having an autonomous Business Management System and c. having at least one IRIS activity: manufacturing or maintenance or design and d. being eligible for one of the IRIS scopes of certification listed in the IRIS booklet, and e. being located in a single site.

Filename: DEAD0004_Advisory04_site_extension_rev02_en.doc


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